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The pour spout from the last two bottles of Wisk 2X Ultra HE Laundry Detergent has fallen into the bottle, and I can't get it out (this is the blue bottle). The number on the bottle is 60A1056. Thank you for your help.


I tried Wisk detergent with Bleaching Action/ColorHold for the first time and as a result had 2 new pairs of pants (a $79.00 value from Abercrombie and Fitch) ruined by color bleaching out.

My daughter is very upset as she is leaving for college tomorrow and was counting on having this clothing to wear at school. Also, it will be a financial hardship to replace the clothing (worth $79.00).


My complaint may not seem like a lot, but if millions of people are using this product they have to be experiencing some discoloration to their clothing. My complaint concerns Surf with Active Oxygen Laundry Detergent. I have been washing clothes for the last 25 years and have had several problems with the detergent containing active oxygen.

This detergent has ruined several pieces of clothing from new to items that have been washed numerous times. I am almost afraid to wash any of our clothing in this detergent. My husband received a new navy v-necked shirt that is totally ruined, old pants and shorts that are totally discolored. My work shirts have been discolored as well. They look as though you have used liquid bleach on them.

The economic loss comes from purchasing a product that you have been using for year and they upgrade the product trying to make it better. I have monetarily lost $150.00 or more.


I purchased 100 fl oz of All Detergent with stain lifters and used a capful to wash a load of my clothing and towels in warm water. The label on the back of the container specifically states that All is specially formulated with Stainlifters, cleaning ingrediants designed to remove stubborn dirt and stains without damaging the color and fabric underneath.

I did not pretreat any of the clothes prior to putting them in the wash. The detergent was poured in after the tub was full of water and the agitator was turning. The majority of the clothes had discolorations on them after I removed them from the washer. I used no other products in the wash. I have used other brands of detergents on these items prior to using the All that I bought and I never had anything like this occur. This product is clearly defective.
How I happened upon your site is I was searching the internet for the Lever Brothers website so I could email a request for a damages form and receive compensation for the ruined laundry. Your site came up interestingly with another persons account of their clothes ruined by All Free.

The value of the clothing and towels I estimate to be approximately $150.00 to replace. All of the items were in very good condition prior to putting them in the wash with the All. I have saved the ruined items and the detegent container. It occurs to me that this must have happened to thousands of other people, if not tens of thousands. How can this happen without any accountability on the part of Lever Brothers?


I have tried new Dove anit-persperant invisible solid, not once, but twice only to find that both times about 4-5 days into using it, it crumbles. After giving it the benefit of the doubt a second time, I'm going back to my previous product.

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I used a product made by Lever Brothers called All Free Clear with Stain Lifters. I pre-treated my clothing with the detergent and it bleached out spots on my clothing. When I called to complain I was told that this product was made for clothing made in the USA. When I pointed out that 90% of our clothing is being produced in 3rd world countries I was met with silence.

I then asked them how could they possibly justify making a product that was virtually of no use according to their justifying why it bleached out my clothing. They gave me some load of bull about how certain countries don't use color brighteners when manufacturing their clothing. I again reiterated the uselessness of their product and also pointed out that nowhere on the product package did they state that All was for use only on clothing made in the USA. I stated that I expected reimbursement for my damaged clothing (which were brand new by the way).

They asked me about the care lables on the clothing. I normally cut out the tags due to the fact they itch and drive my children crazy. I did go back to the store and purchased more of the exact same clothing. I called back with the care label information (which did not caution against pre-treating -- it was the typical wash in warm water, tumble dry, etc.) I received no response. I did receive in the mail a ridiculous letter from Lever Brothers with how to wash clothing (give me a break, I have been washing clothes for 25 years and never has this happened) and coupons to purchase more of their product!

The economic damage consisted of about $80.00 of unwearable clothing.

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