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I am absolutely livid at this business. I have cancelled my account 1 year ago and all of a sudden have received a call from a debt collector about owing this money for books I have not received. To top it off the phone numbers are disconnected and they have not replied to my emails. I don't know what to do, but am distraught amongst most things. I'm sure this is illegal activity.

I had originally responded to an insert in my husband's Publisher's Clearing House stuff for a "free" Wildlife Explorer packet from International Masters Publishers. The packet included a binder, dividers, and the first set(s) of fold-out cards for the binder. It looked like something his grandkids might enjoy and I was very pleased when the stuff first arrived so I tried to keep up with the many packets they kept sending. I ended up giving all the binders (there ended up being like 5) to my niece and nephew instead since they were older and would be using it for school projects, etc.

All was well until I got behind on the payments (carpentry work dried up for my husband late in 2014 and the IMP bills were not a priority for me next to the mortgage, etc.). Suffice to say I did get my payments cleared up (after being turned into a collection agency by IMP for non-payment) and was told that I'd start receiving the rest of the Wildlife Explorer packets.

As of now I have yet to receive any of them and now they tell me the Wildlife Explorer series has been discontinued! I was close to the end of getting a complete set and now it looks like I won't have one. (I also had no idea how large this set would end up being... but I was hooked on getting it completed for my niece and nephew.) If I had visited this site or done any research on IMP I wouldn't have even responded to the insert I received! It also sounds like IMP has gotten many complaints just like this going back to 2007 and have yet to make good on any of them!!!

This company makes business through lies and deception. I subscribed to the Ancient Civilization collection and after almost completing the first part of the collection, they held the last of videos from the first part to keep me buying. I said to myself, well okay I really like the videos, but all of the sudden "they are discontinuing the product" all that without warning. Results: A worthless incomplete collection. Also, I paid my for my videos through their online "convenient" payment form. They never credited many of my payments, still fighting with credit collectors and my credit card about some of these charges. My advice: STAY AWAY from IMP!

Years ago I subscribed to "Gardening Made Easy" and was delighted with the quality. However, I was appalled after calculating what it would cost to pay for 91 insert packs to fill my 3-ring binder. I cancelled, but more came and were billed. My US Post Office branch advised me that if a vendor had been given a cancellation notice, then any unauthorized shipment of product thereafter could be considered a gift. I told that to IMP and recommended they send a prepaid return shipping box if they wanted their product back. More inserts came, but no return box... I ignored their bills and placed a statement of fraud against them into the 3 credit report agencies. Shipping and billing stopped.

I received a bill from this company about 6 months ago saying that I owed them money for books that I never received. I rang them & explained what the situation was, they said that they would cancel my account. I have received a letter from a collection company saying that I have 7 days to pay. I have been getting letter, emails & phone calls pushing me to pay the money owed. I have explained the situation over & over again, they haven't listened.

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I returned products like 2 years ago and am still getting billed and collection notices about the returned products. I have repeatedly contacted IMP, and have been told they have no record of my returns. Their customer service is terrible and I'm tired of being harassed about items I return 2 years ago. Ridiculous!

When I received my Gardening Made Easy shipment on June 10, 2014 there was a notification that IMP was no longer offering the series & offered me a discount of 30% to complete my collection in a single purchase. There was a zero balance due on the enclosed invoice. As I pay my bills automatically every month, I had already scheduled my usual monthly payment in advance. I attempted to stop the payment with my bank but it was ready being processed. I then notified IMP of the overpayment & requested a refund.

Multiple calls to IMP have yet to resulted in my receiving a refund. I have been given several different dates that my refund was mailed and twice told that it was credited to my credit card. IMP does not have my credit card information on file. I have always paid with my bank by mail account. Additionally, I had another account for their Great American Baking. In June, I received notice that this collection too was being discontinued with an offer for me to complete my collection at the reduced rate of 30% off. I truly believe that this company is offering collections to customers and then once they're hooked discontinuing the collections. I just want my overpayment refunded. I would not recommend doing business with this company. Buyer beware!

I have purchased several of their products and have thoroughly enjoyed them and up until now have had good experiences with IMP. I started subscribing to Ancient Civilizations a couple of years ago. I have been receiving requests from IMP to sign up for their best value program to get 3 DVDs in one shipment which I have not responded to. In my shipment today, I received a notification that they are discontinuing the series and I could purchase missing ones for my collection in bulk at a discount. I called to order as I wanted to complete the series and was told that only some of them are available so I was not able to take advantage of their best bulk offer. I am very disappointed that they would not reserve the entire collection for current subscribers. I think IMP needs to make good for current subscribers and make the complete series available.

I have been a subscriber to IMP's Great American Home Baking for several months now. Everything was ok until last month when their website would not show credit for my payments (by American Express) and I received an email saying I still owed them money. I had to send several emails and fax a copy of my credit card statement to them before they finally updated my account. On Jun 8 I made another payment for $56.20 shown on the website. Last week I received an email saying I still owed them $84+!

I called the customer service number and had to explain the problem several times before the representative checked and said yes, they had a record of my payment, and the remaining $28.10 was for a shipment they had just sent out. She told me the website would be updated within a few hours. Yesterday it was still showing the incorrect balance. I sent an email telling them to fix the problem or I would cancel my account. I never received a reply other than standard email thanking me for contacting them. I received another email today telling me I was behind on my payment and still owed them the $84+. I have sent a email to them to cancel my subscription immediately. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

I have spent the morning attempting to cancel my account (Elmo's Learning Adventure books). My kids are too little to enjoy the books and I don't want to continue. First call: the rep claimed she couldn't hear me and hung up. Second call: disconnected before I could talk to a rep. Third call: finally spoke to a rep who offered me to postpone cancelling 6 times before finally agreeing to process the cancellation. While getting the confirmation code, the phone mysteriously cut out again and I have no idea if this actually was processed. I went to their email form online and attempted twice to send an email asking if the confirmation occurred. Neither email went through. If you indefinitely want your order sent monthly, this will work for you. However, if you decide to cancel, they will not process your cancellation and will make it incredibly difficult to do so.

I received an unsolicited telephone call by a very pushy sales person who said that he got my contact details from an "online survey", and would not take no for an answer until he got a sale. After some heated discussion, where he unsuccessfully tried to get my credit card details, he said that he would send the first installment of the Weapons of War series to me on approval only for the cost of the postage. I refused to pay the postage costs using my credit card as I did not feel comfortable with the company knowing my credit card details. As he already had my name and address details, the item duly arrived in the mail.

Having not agreed to this purchase, I did not open the item, as I waited to be contacted by the company in due course. Subsequent items arrived, a total of four items before a representative from the company contacted me by phone demanding payment in full for all the previous items. This was the first time I was contacted, since the initial sales contact. I explained to the person that I never expressed an interest in the product, yet they saw fit to send these items to me and then demand payment for something that I had not requested.

After a number of telephone conversations, a compromise was reluctantly reached, where a discounted price was settled upon. I requested that for my records, the company bill me for the new agreed price, and that payment would be made when this arrived. To my surprise, the bill arrived for the agreed amount plus a surcharge for overdue payment. This company uses dubious marketing techniques to supply their product, and prey on the unwary consumer to extort payments for their highly overpriced products. Beware!

I answered a call from the collections department that the series was finished and there was an invoice from 8/9 months ago that was outstanding. She threatened to send it straight to a debt collection agency if I didn't pay immediately by credit card. I immediately went to check the series and there are 18 plus pages missing so I rang the customer service line and said, "If I emailed through the missing pages, could they check against the outstanding invoice," and she said she would advise the people who checked the emails that I would be sending an email through. Which I did immediately.

I didn't hear back so rang and asked for the outstanding invoice to be sent out. They mailed a statement saying everything had been paid but the one 9 months earlier. I rang again and they said just pay on an old invoice. No interest in my missing pages. If it was one or two pages that would be okay but 18 plus pages... I went and paid because I didn't want to deal with the debt collection agency. I rang the customer service line and emailed to say I had paid. The delightful lady in the debt collection section rang me straight back to ask for the receipt number. Not only do I pay for something I did not receive but I have to do her accounts work for her as well.

She sent me 2 more warning invoices threatening to send it to the debt collection agency. Not only that but on one of the letters she had said I had also not paid for the last 2 invoices!!!!!! Lucky they sent me the statement then or she would be trying to get more money from me. So I got my partner to ring the customer service line and the gentleman said the account was cleared.

I went to the disputes Tribunal in New Zealand but because the company name on the letterhead does not exist in the NZ Company's office, this Company has no physical address and the person named on the invoices may or may not be true I could not proceed. (They won't let you talk to anyone in charge.) So this company now owes me the $40 or so I paid for this unsuccessful service plus the $500 plus I spent on a private investigator to find out this information which he could not help me with.

I have an incomplete series by 18 plus pages. I was robbed of 50 plus dollars plus the time spent trying to get assistance or rather not get any assistance by this company. If anyone knows the NZ Company's office name for this Company, its physical address in New Zealand and the Manager's name I would greatly appreciate it. Worst company ever. If you think by sending me a letter saying I forgot to pay and that the matter is now closed you are sadly mistaken. This matter is not closed.

My seven year old daughter received a box full of junk from Wildlife Explorers. Apparently she had sent in for it on her own in response to an advertisement directed at kids, offering free items. A contract by a minor is void or voidable by the minor - so no contract was established and no obligation arose for us to make payments. Subsequently shipments of materials started to arrive with invoices. I paid a few of them and on each one indicated in writing that I wanted to cancel the account. The account was never cancelled, I eventually stopped making payments and then started to receive threatening letters to pay for things we didn't order but which were shipped to us. Our account was sent to a collections agency. This company preys on children, entices them with visions of free trinkets and induces them to enter into illegal contracts, obligating their parents for payment.

I called them because I wanted to return product. I had been out of the country helping my mother who is 89 years old. When I got home I called to return product. They said I was pad the timeline for returning product and would be responsible for the amount on my account and that I could pay it off through small payments in the next 2 months. There products are ridiculously expensive and I could have bought 4 gardening books for what I paid for a partial one from them.

I tried a trial period of both Great American Recipes and Home Baking. Both came with a 30-day trial period. I called and canceled both trials well within the trial period and told them I did not want anything else from them and I was cancelling. I received 2 cancellation numbers for my 2 programs. About 3 weeks later, I found that they charged my bank account for canceled services and doubled charged at that causing $144 in overdraft fees. Their response to the charges was that even though I canceled, they still sent out the next shipment. I asked them why I would want another shipment when I canceled and said I didn't want them. I told them I was contacting the Atty General, which I still am, the bank, media, and filing a police report for fraud and theft as well as BBB. They state they are refunding the charges but will not pay the fees that they caused unless I take the 6 weeks to dispute. I will never try them again. My bank was nice enough to credit the fees even though it is not their policy or their fault. I hope nobody ever uses their services again!!!!!

Right, I just got a call from IMP telling me I can receive a free gardening tool kit and cards. I was like "hmm, okay"... blah, blah. Okay, she says "I just need your credit card information" blah, blah. I was like, "Okay, can you call me back in 10 mins?" She said okay. So I did my research pretty much. Once you give your credit card information, you only have to pay for posting. But aha, you actually subscribe to receive a whole lot of stuff and they charge you... So she calls back. She's like, "Okay, so what's your card number and exp date?" ahahaha I was like, "Okay, I've just been on customer affairs and Google" blah, blah. "So you actually going to send me a whole lot of stuff." She replies, "Ah, o aaa yes, you have 10 days to cancel subscription after receiving the first package..." lol... Me... "Okay, why didn't you tell me this before trying to weasel my credit card information out of me?" Again... "Ah ooo aa ,that's why I'm telling you now" = me ahaha no. What a joke. So guys don't even bother lol. What a joke (scam of a company). LoL epic fail LoL.

I ordered cooking cards from International Masters Publishers. When the cards came, I was out of town and did not get my order for about a month after they were shipped to me. When I returned home, I opened the cards and looked at them. I was not satisfied with the cards so I sent them back. Well, I get a call from International Masters Publishers billing me for the cards. I told them I sent the cards back to them because I was not satisfied with them. Well, they tell me that I did not send them back in the time allowed and I still owed for the cards. I said, "No, I do not because I returned them to you and I am not paying for them." Well, about 4 months ago, I started receiving harassing calls from a collection agency for the money I owed International Masters Publishers. I told them I did not owe them any money because I had sent the merchandise back to the company.

Now this was almost 3 years ago and I just started receiving harassing calls from a collection agency. I asked the collection agency for the address for International Masters Publishers and they could not give that to me nor could they contact them for me and tell them I said, "Send me the cards back and I would pay for them." I told the collection agency I was not paying for something I had returned to the company almost 3 years ago. I asked to speak with her supervisor but she told me that they could not let any clients speak with the supervisor nor could she give me the address of International Master Publisher. I do not know what to do!! I sent the merchandise back about 3 years ago and I do not owe this bill!!

I was ambushed into getting the free introductory offer as long as I paid the $6 postage and handling fee. It was made clear to me that this is all that I would be paying for, and that I did not want to make any ongoing purchases. About three weeks after the introductory package arrived, another two books arrived. We were in the middle of moving house so I didn't do anything about it until we moved. And by that time I was told that it was too late to cancel any orders. CANCEL ANY ORDERS???? I didn't order anything!!!!

So from that date I had apparently cancelled my orders, but to my surprise they sent two more books!! I was furious!!! To this day after phone calls and emails backward and forward, I am now told that if I ring, they will arrange a payment plan for me to pay off the balance owing, and only then after they receive payment will they cancel my account. I have told them that I would send them a new car, and then invoice them for the amount. Because they are doing the same thing to me and other people out there. They disagree that they are misleading anyone, "Because International Masters Publishers is a member of New Zealand Marketing Association and fully complies with its Code of Practice. This means that we make our offers clear and easy to understand, that we send exactly what you order."

I never ordered any more books, so how can I be liable for the charges in the first place????? I have told them that I am not happy with the outcome, that I am not paying them, and that I will take this matter further. I am just scared that they will take me to a collection agency, and that if I don't pay what's owing now, that they will add collections costs and other fees onto the amount.

I ordered the Ancient Civilization series as a gift for my granddaughter after receiving a demo DVD/book/set in the mail. According to the advertising, each set would include a DVD in a mini book with 6 special reference cards. I was also sent a notebook for the cards and a cover case to the the mini books. Of course, the series was not sent in a numerical order (that would make it to easy to cancel). After receiving and paying for the 52 and last DVD, I assembled the notebooks and found that there were actually 42 cards missing. So 7 DVDs came without their cards. I contacted the company once through the email system and twice by phone. I gave them the exact number and subset titles for the 12 cards that I could determine were missing.

I was told that the last 5 DVD sets (47-52) did not come with cards although I paid the same amount for those sets as I did the others. I was very clear in telling the customer service rep. exactly which cards in the series were missing. I have received 2 identical additional sets of 2 DVDs that are supposed to contain the missing cards, but don't. The last time I spoke with a rep. He assured me I would receive the missing cards in 2--6 weeks. That was over 2 months ago.

This may seem petty but we have paid over $1,000 for this set and would like to be able to complete it especially since it is a gift. I don't want my money back - just the cards. It seems to me that International Masters is engaging in both false advertising (since not all of the sets come with cards as stated in their advertising) as well as mail fraud since the transaction is carried on through the postal service. Then this company calls and says that since we are valued customers, they are sending us an introduction package to their Wildlife series. I told them no way did we want anything else from them - just our missing cards. The sales rep suggested I call customer service a 4th time and talk to a supervisor. I might but I doubt that it will do any good.

After receiving a few shipments of Elmo books (Elmo's Learning Adventure), my son was no longer interested so I called to cancel. It was difficult to contact a live person because of the limited hours they are open. In the meantime, 2 sales people contacted me to buy more stuff. I said, "No, I actually wanted to cancel," but they couldn't help and offered a phone number. I finally got through to a live person on May 6th and canceled. The woman said they only cancel orders at the end of the month so I would get 1 more shipment. I agreed but thought it was ridiculous since they can take a sale any day but can only cancel at the end of the month.

I was then charged twice since my cancellation on May 6. I called back on June 12 and was told I would be credited in 10 to 12 days for the 2nd charge and to keep the stuff. The 10 to 12 days went by and I was not credited. I called back. The man I spoke to said there was no record of this and I was not to be credited and that he would go back and listen to the phone call recording and call me back. He never called back. I called again the next week, spoke to another woman and she said there was no record of either of those calls and that the charges are applied 21 days after the shipments so something about both shipments were processed before I canceled but not charged so I still had to pay for them. She had me speak to a manager who said she was glad that I finally understood why I was being charged. Absolutely ridiculous. I do not understand how they get away with such shady billing practices that they are able to send you 2 more shipments after you cancel and lie to you over and over again on the phone. I wasted hours talking to them. So disgusted.

I had paid off my accounts (Ancient Civilizations & Wildlife Explorer) in March 2012. I received nasty letters from a collection agency (Retrieval-Masters Creditors Bureau/RMCB) demanding payment for Wildlife Explorer (~ $100). It took three phone calls and one letter to get IMP to fix my accounts. The IMP CS employee, unfortunately, was incompetent and did not do as requested. She mixed up my accounts and now, 13 months later, I received ANOTHER demand for additional money, this time for Ancient Civilizations (~ $100). This new collection agency (Allied Interstate, LLC) called me 19 TIMES, and my father (who lives in another state!) 3 TIMES. I called IMP to get it straightened out. Well, the CS employee must also be woefully incompetent; despite him stating my accounts would be fixed within 24-48 hours by his supervisor, I still received 12 phone calls from the lousy collection agency!

I looked up IMP for some info on the company and found that their practices are in violation of a judicial order in 1987. On June 10, 1997, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission filed a COMPLAINT FOR CIVIL PENALTIES against IMP - United States of America v. International Masters Publishers, Inc. (District of Connecticut). I have already filed a complaint with the FTC about the collection agencies IMP sold my PAID accounts to, for second payments. Next, I'll find out how to stick it to IMP. Karma...

My daughter and her family suffered a fire in their home on March 12, 2013 and lost everything. My grandson's room was the worst and everything was lost. I have been ordering the Wildlife collection since Nov. 2012. Every time I call them, I have been given the runaround. Whatever happened to customer service? The price to replace what was lost is under $200 and I cannot believe that a company the size of IMP is not willing to replace this. Please google Cosgrove and you will see the story.

I was on the computer one day and just reading, when I saw a survey for what interests you have. I just clicked on gardening and forgot about it. Then I received a phone call stating that I had wanted articles on gardening - they were sending me an introductory gift, etc. for the cost of $6.99. Then the man commented that he thought I would really love the articles and if I agreed, they would send me more. I never agreed, but they sent it anyway. When I phoned about it (after an invoice for $150.87), I stated to the lady who answered that I never agreed to the rest of the inserts for the folder. I even asked her to review any tapes they had made of the conversation to verify what I was saying.

She then told me that the account would now be $80. I agreed to this because I felt that if I didn't pay, they would charge me interest and the cost would blow out. She then asked why I was not happy with the product, and I told her that I already had lots of books on gardening; and if I need any more information, I could google it. She then asked if I was interested in any of their other products. I asked her if she was kidding. Do I have to pay the $80? It is a rip-off considering what they sent wasn't much.

They sent a fraudulent advertisement in the US Mail. They sent sample recipe cards on chicken mostly. They never said that the collection would be 90 sets of recipe cards, which would cost me over $750.00 for a recipe book? Also, when I filled the first binder and asked if the collection was done, I was told no and that there were two more binders of recipe card sets. So, I stopped my shipments and asked for a refund. They also have scams in between orders, like if I start another collection of things like The Wild Wild West DVD collection, old used coin sets worth nothing, DVD collection of WW II with Hitler, or DVD collection of how the solar system began and things like that, I would save one dollar shipping of my recipe cards if I start a new collection. Their address is 948 Plaza Drive, Montoursville, PA 17754 with contact number 1800-661-1995 and email add I want my $220.00 refunded and to return their recipe cards to these fraudulent liars.

Both customer care/customer service numbers I called (1-866-341-6943, 1-800-444-9270) did not work, and when I went to the website of Wildlife Explorer, I got this message, "You attempted to reach **, but instead you actually reached a server identifying itself as **. This may be caused by a misconfiguration on the server or by something more serious. An attacker on your network could be trying to get you to visit a fake (and potentially harmful) version of **. You should not proceed". I need to cancel this ASAP. So how do I call them to cancel?

They sent tapes I do not want and have not ordered. I will be taking them to court soon.

These guys started sending me unsolicited DVDs from out-of-the-blue. I have never heard of this company. There does not appear to be any easy way to just take these back to the post office to return--as there is no return address.

I ordered a kit called Mind Body Spirit, consisting of four binders, numerous cards that fill these books, dividers for the books, a kit of different items, i.e.: essential oils, crystals, tarot cards, runes stones and cards astrology cards and other items. I started this kit in January 2008. It should have been completed in April 2010. I have called the company on numerous occasions advising them that this kit is not complete and gave them all the various items that I am still missing. I still have not received the items that I am missing. The company keeps sending me things that I have no use for. I asked to speak with a manager and I am told there are no managers there.

I told them that I now want this kit picked up and I want my money refunded since they can not complete their obligations. I am just told that they are sending the items I am missing. Also, they advised me that one of the cards that are for the books is not available at all. It is in the index for these books. I just don't understand except that they can not fulfill their obligation then they should pick up their kit and refund money. I hope that you can help me as I spent a lot of money over a $1000 on this kit. I have an incomplete kit set of books and kit that I have paid a lot of money for.

I cancelled my account with them for their product "IMP Natural Killers" on 6/1/07. I have since then received two more packages from them and both of them were refused and sent back. I was charges for them and never issued any refunds. There are two charges for $34.26 on my credit card. I have informed them they no longer have any authorization to charge my card, but they are still charging it.

Even though the packages were sent back I was told by a man named Keith that customers had to call to request refunds. No where on any paperwork I received from them did they state this. This is bad business practice and I am wondering how many more customers this has happened to. This company is a nightmare when it comes to cancelling accounts and getting refunds.

I odered The Complete Guide to natural Healing, Ithought i was getting a book or two for about $300.00. It's $25.10 Every week or every other week. I hadn't really paid attention till yesterday I recieved my 5th notebook inserts (for $25.10) When does it end? How much more money, and how many more notebooks? I'm going to try to call tomaorrow.I have had to have payed $600.00 by now or more.

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