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During a recent housing discrimination complaint I filed twice with the Florida Commission on Human Relations, the investigator acted with gross negligence by failing to consider the any of the 24 documents of evidence that include court injunctions, dockets, and more supplied by myself and my attorney, nor did the investigation at any time attempt to consult or retrieve statements from any of my 3 witnesses each with firsthand knowledge of all Events, but also admitted into evidence forged fraudulent documents the Hillsborough County Sheriff Department had previously determined falsified and forged.

Finally, the investigator even crops/edits my testimony to reverse intent. Both my attorneys were appalled with the decision of no cause as well as appalled but not surprised by the mishandling actions of the FCHR investigator. However, my initial lawyers work for a non-profit organization that offers legal representation to the disabled and low income such as myself. The organization regretfully lack funding additional pursuant of justice on my behalf.

Due to the complete ineffective and inefficient handling of my charge, even accepting forged fraudulent forms, I wish to file a formal complaint of Gross Negligence against the commission. Not only does the original evidence and testimony of myself and witnesses I repeatedly prove housing discrimination and retaliatory actions perpetrated against me but also show subsequent violations of my civil rights. In addition, a lawsuit in FL Federal District court will be filed against the ex-landlord respondent. Any interested civil rights attorneys should contact me.


After carefully reviewing the Final Order of Dismissal of Petition for Relief from a discrimination complaint, it has materialized that the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR) representatives, and respondents are unconcerned and have disrespected the petitioner's “Civil and Constitutional Rights” with gross negligence, of public policies/laws, and public trust.

These shocking violations that came to light, by the petitioners, after the Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR), blocked Petitioner's rebuttals from the FCHR final investigation, ( FCHR No.: 2011H0172 and HUD NO.: 04110220) including emails, Diary of Events (39) exhibits and the 27 page Rebuttal response.

During the preliminary investigation, the FCHR, did not address the facts surrounding the blocking of our 27 page rebuttal response that was sent to Florida Commission on Human Relations employees and representatives, January 12, 2011, by their requested deadline date, by fax and email.

The Official AOL Postmaster receipt confirmed the Petitioners' blocked emails which were returned as undelivered, from FCHR, two email addresses given to petitioners initially to submit requested documents for due process. Petitioners filed a formal complaint with the FCHR, recently.

The Florida Commission on Human Relations (FCHR) excluded petitioner's evidential documents, witness statements and other exhibits in its findings, misinformed and misled the petitioners during the investigation proceedings, in concert with the Respondents, actions, resulted in the warped- broadsided investigation findings.

These actions of fraud, hampered, impeded, hindered and demerited the investigation process of petitioner's housing complaint, resulted in obstruction of justice and violations of federal constitutional and civil rights. (Refer to Exhibit (A) AOL Postmaster Electronic Email and Faxed Receipts, presented by the petitioners, during FCHR, investigation process.

These matters of grave concerns are currently pending before the U.S. Department of Justice for investigation and review. These are crimes against the petitioner's family and there is no statue of limitations when fraud is involved. Petitioners have not been a part of the affordable homes program as stated by State employee.

As a result, the petitioners have exhausted all of the administrative mechanism available for the processing of the Petitioners Housing Complaint. Pursuant to The Fair Housing Act 42 U.S.C. 3613, within the two year statue of the alleged discriminatory act, the Petitioners have elected to initiate the legal action in the U.S. Federal court, under advisement and/or suggestion of the U.S. Civil Enforcement office, U.S. Department of Justice.

All statements herein are true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.

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