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Copenhagen wintergreen long cut is the worlds corrupt dip. I spend $5 a can and half of it is missing. The tobacco is also very dry and disgusting and yet these idiots are upping the price and tax. I will never buy another Copenhagen product. I will switch to Longhorn. You might as well chew on some Lipton teabags at least they got flavor. "America is corrupt."

I have been dipping Cope for 40+ years and not only has the quality fallen off sharply but the cans are only half full when purchased. This is a shame. Now I am looking for another brand or to quit for good.

I have used Copenhagen long cut for many years. I purchase two rolls about every ten days, and I use the same convenience store. The price has been the same for approximately two years... the total cost has been 31.73 that includes tax. The last purchase came to 47.54... I can no longer afford this increase.

This is about the 4th time I get cheated out of tobacco! Buy in a sleeve - 5 cans, opened it up & 1/2 the tobacco IS MISSING!!! For the price of this tobacco, should receive a FULL CAN!!! Like to know what you can do about this! Been a long time customer & recently price goes up & can is HALF FULL OF TOBACCO!!!

I have been a longtime customer of Copenhagen and have used the same product (Long Cut) for a number of those years. Up until the last 6 months it has always been as good as expected. Now, it seems like every other can I get has nearly zero moisture in it. I don't know if you have cut back on the packaging costs by thinning the cardboard or what, but it has changed significantly. I pay Copenhagen $5.59 every day for a can. I expect a quality product for that price. That is over $2,000 dollars annually. I made a monthly mortgage payment for the C.E.O. You guys need to figure it out and quick or I'll be looking at other products.

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I was an American soldier deployed to other countries at a short notice. I had been dipping snuff for awhile even before the military. On a deployment to the Middle East when Iraq war started, I sent Copenhagen a letter!!! It read "I am a soldier. I'm in a disclosed location and can't buy snuff. Could you help me?" Within a month I received 4 gigantic boxes of all the product Copenhagen makes. They sent it free with an appreciation letter thanking all those who serve. I will always "thank" them for doing what they did for me. The whole year I was over there I never had to worry about my snuff. Again, thanks Copenhagen.

I have always thought about doing this but hate to complain. But let's start with price. I started chewing when a can cost 0.43. Yes that's right 43 cents. The other day I paid over 7.00 for 2 cans. This is just robbery. The price of making this product cannot be this high. This is just too much. After 45 years of chewing you might want to consider going up on your price again because I'm going to get help to quit now so a lost customer due to needing to pay for your million dollar home and toys. Now for as far as quality I'll say it. What's the word? Oh, it just plain sucks. Nothing further is needed.

The cardboard is getting too thin. Doesn't hold up like it did. Product freshness doesn't last. Within a day cardboard is falling apart.

The drop in quality has made me start purchasing Grizzly. Copenhagen has become very dry and the quantity in the can has gone down. I have been using this product (Copenhagen snuff) for 25 years and I have officially quit by going to Grizzly.

I have been a Copenhagen Snuff consumer for many, many years. I, too, have noticed the quality of this product has really slipped. It now is dry and the can seems to be missing some dip. The price has also skyrocketed. Copenhagen is now a big disappointment. Does anyone know what has happened to this product?

I completely agree that tobacco in any form is no good, just not healthy! But the quality of Copenhagen has taken a huge dive in recent years. It's old when you get it, or dry, out of a very strong ammonia odor. Bet the packaging is becoming so cheap, labels falling off. Therefore making the can susceptible to early drying or making the best before no longer useful. I remember Copenhagen once stating that the shelf life was no more than a month in the best environment, but should for freshness be used within two weeks. The stuff we or I receive note is usually dryer or dry, of bad or horrible taste.

To top it off most of the time there are white paper like flecks in my Copenhagen?! Is that filler, poison, taint! Yes you could try to go with another brand to stick it to them but they own the market. Plus in Canada you don't have the luxury. Hell you can call the hotline but you won't get any coupons here... Even this last can now the packaging is even thinner. I guess someone found a way to save another cent per can to line the pockets of corporate greed!

Sick and tired of paying 5 dollars and 30 cents for a can of Copenhagen that hasn't been fresh since the way they date stamp their product. The producer keeps going up and up on the price. I have had enough of this BS. Dipping since 1986, I deserve better. And the coupons they send from their website is an absolute joke. Either they drop the price or start giving better discounts. I am very angry right now. Decrease your prices or you're going to wish you did. You have no right to increase your prices for Copenhagen snuff every other week. I am fed up. Tired of being taken advantage of... LOWER YOUR PRICES NOW!!!

Every time I get a can of Cop straight there are at least two dips missing out of it and I'm fed up w/ it. I enjoy Copenhagen very much but the quantity is a joke.

About every other week I get tins of cope that burn my mouth. It's as if there is a high concentration of one chemical or another they must use in making the product. I understand I am taking a risk using tobacco but I feel like these "hot lots" I'm calling them have got to be a 100x worse for me. Is anyone else experiencing this?

I am an avid Copenhagen user for many years. I have refused to use any other product, until now! All of the Copenhagen Pouches that are delivered to the local stores are expired or will expire within several days of delivery for sale. I purchased a roll this morning, opened a can, and it was completely dry. I then looked at the date and it was expired by 2 weeks. I asked the store what the issue was. They advised me that was part of the new weekly delivery from the vendor. I have voiced my concern with all the local stores on a daily basis, while in search of a can that is not dry and expired. This is a weekly issue that is never resolved. I am not quite sure who the local distributor in Beckley, WV area, but I am extremely disappointed.

For the past year or more I have tried to make several complaints with Copenhagen, but have never actually been able to speak with a person. I just keep leaving complaint messages. They guarantee Freshcope, but in Beckley WV, it is expired. How is a distributor able to get away with delivering an expired product for resale to consumers, and not fix or try to fix this problem. If anyone can direct me to someone who can fix this issue, or who the distributor would be in the Beckley WV area, I would greatly appreciate your help. I am even open to advise on how to go about getting this issue solved. Thank you.

I have used Copenhagen products for a long time and have been very satisfied until recently. I switched to Copenhagen wintergreen long cut. The last month or two, I have found large toothpick sized sticks in the can. I really like this product so I hope it’s not going to become something that’s in every can. Please try to go back to how they were. Thanks.

I purchased a can of Copenhagen Smokeless tobacco around March 8, 2010. I had used 25% of the product when I noticed something white in the can. I examined the object and I believed it to be wax or glue. I called the company and told them about my discovery. Their solution was to send the can back and they would refund my money. I explained to the representative of Quality Control that this glue or wax can make people ill who use the product.

I then purchased another can of Copenhagen smokeless tobacco on March 11, 2010. Keep in mind both cans have different month dates at which they were made. I also found wax or glue in the new can on March 13, 2010. I called Copenhagen Smokeless Tobacco back and told them that I had also found glue or wax in the new can as well. They told me to send the product back and they would send me coupons for new cans of the product.

My problem is that the company is selling smokeless tobacco product that is tainted with wax or glue and this has the potential to make its users very ill. They need to recall the product and stop selling it until the problem is fixed and they are selling a good quality product. What is going to happen if they cause someone's death from using the product? I would like to stop someone else from getting a tainted product that Copenhagen is not taking the consumer seriously.

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