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I tried so hard to get on this website to no avail because I was on the receiving end. It's definitely how it works with these places; however, I tried signing up to donate a car and had no problem at all. They right away said on the website they would contact me in 24 to 48 hours. Now we'll see what happens.


My mother registered in this website ****. She was awarded a car in November, a 1999 Nissan Altima. We were very excited that she was chosen and we were so grateful for an organization like this. Well, on the day we received the car from Firestone, we had to pick it up, there was an inspection done on the vehicle, there were multiple problems, and it turned out to be costly to be repaired. After dealing with the first person at Charity Cars, Reggie advised that we need to have the car picked up and they would be replacing it with another car. Finally, in January, we were told that we have a 2001 Saturn SL1. Now, this car we picked up at a dealership and no inspection report was handed over with the car. But when I got into the drive away, I felt a jolt when I had the car in reverse.

I immediately called Reggie with Charity Cars and I explained the situation. He then told me to bring it to my local Firestone and have them look at the transmission. Firestone informed me they do not do transmissions but they will look it over. The following day, I was called and I was told to pick up the vehicle and that nothing was wrong. I picked it up on Friday and that night, the transmission went out on the car. I then called and brought it to the nearest Firestone to where I was. I was told that this car has a transmission problem and it needs to go to a transmission replacement. I contacted Reggie at Charity Cars, I was given an attitude, and he told there is nothing they can do but fax the invoice anyway.

I researched what the cost for a new transmission would be. I sent an email to the company explaining my outrage to the situation of getting two cars that had major problems. I expected them to help in this situation. I explained the cost I incurred with DMV for titles and registration and I received a very nasty phone call from the president, so I believe, Brian **** who clearly stated that I have no right to assume that they would knowingly give faulty cars and that he would replace the car. When I asked will the next car have a transmission and breaks, he then yelled, “Keep the car!” and hung up. This car was to be donated to a woman who is awaiting a lung transplant. These people were told this and they sent her documentation showing this. For them to give us a car that can’t be driven and expect us to have thousands of dollars to fix it, is outrageous!

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