I have used the talking MediPendant for about 2 years now. It took some real adjustment and time to get used to its larger size and weight compared to a regular alert. But, the slight inconvenience was significantly outweighed by having my life saved several times using it. My house is an "L" design. Using the standard alert pendant time after time when I needed urgent assistance by a neighbor or friend I would push the button and the dispatcher couldn't hear me from the one base station, and would call 911.

This alert has almost maybe a half block of range outside even though they say two football fields of coverage from the base. It works anywhere inside or outside around my house. If I'm in the master bedroom or farther in the bedroom's bathroom with the door closed, they can still talk with me. It is water-resistant and I hang it at shower in case of a fall. I find the pendant is a little heavy and clunky around my neck so I wear it attached to my underwear facing out. This way I always can push the button through my pants but no one knows I'm wearing it. Each time I have spoke with their EMT operators, they were friendly and knowledgeable. I have changed the battery once over approximately two years since I have had the unit. I don't know what is average.