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My mother Died July 13. I called and cancelled the service and sent the equipment back in the box that I received it in. They continued to bill me for the service from Sept to Dec 2016. I contacted my bank and wrote a letter to stop payment. They have the equipment and I cancelled the service and they objected. Now they threaten my credit and you CANNOT get anyone to answer the phone or call you back. They will NOT cancel even if the patient is DEAD! It is hard enough to handle my mother dying and now this company makes it even worse. DO NOT GET THIS SERVICE BECAUSE YOU CANNOT CANCEL IT and your credit will be hurt.

Satisfaction Rating

I am rating my experience with Connect America solely on the resolution of a billing issue. It's a long story, but I received a collection notice for an account we had had for my father with Medical Guardian. I was told they are the sister company of Connect America. I was incredibly frustrated and had had a variety of issues leading up to the collection notice. However, once I spoke to Anna in customer service, the problem was immediately resolved. She said that they had made an error and apologized. I received a confirmation email within minutes. Anna handled the matter professionally and quickly.

Satisfaction Rating

My husband needed protection and we chose Connect America. It went well for about 1 year and then they changed systems or something. They did not notify us of account number change or address change. Our payments were sent automatically from our bank. For nearly 3 months they claimed they did not receive the payment and the bank had to send them a fax of the canceled check. Sometimes they called twice a day or several times a week. After the matter was finally settled, I received a notice that our account was past due. That was the final straw I thought. We changed to a much better company, better service and better fees. I returned the equipment and send payment for the final month. It has been 8 days.

Now they claim they did not receive their equipment and I needed to provide a tracking number which is now not available. Before I mailed the package I called them to get the correct return address. It will be interesting to see how aggressively they pursue this new harassment because I will contact the attorney general and report them as extremely unable to handle elderly people and understand their circumstances. Their system has segmented business practices where no one knows what the next person says or does. No two people can tell you the same thing. This company does not deserve a penny for or from the elderly of our country.

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My grandmother passed away a few months ago. She had medical alert. A neighbor told me that Medical Alert contacted them to collect on a past due bill. So, I called Medical Alert and was able to locate my grandmother's account. I informed them she was deceased a few months ago and as the executor of her will and estate, I'm attempting to close all her accounts. Well, they said I would have to pay the balance that was due since her passing because the services are not free. If I don't pay the balance, then they said they would send it to collections and they would come after me and my credit. They are trying to continue to take advantage of my grandmother, after her death. This behavior, along with the high prices of the service, is immoral and disgusting. Medical Alert is making money by preying and scamming on the elderly.

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Customer service staff are either extremely poorly trained or this company has a policy of stonewalling about refunds. First, the return label for the unit could only be sent to my mother's address, which had to be forwarded to me and delayed return till I could get back to her house two months later. Then they claimed they hadn't received the unit, but found it. They said I would get a refund of the balance of $89.85 within 30 days. When I called on the 30th day they said they were "behind" and would expedite the check. I then got a check for $59.90. When I called to complain that the amount was wrong the person hung up on me. I called back, went through voice mail jail again and had someone say, "I don't know who told you you had $89.85 coming, but you're not going to get it." The profit to grief ratio for fighting over this $30 is not good, so this time they win. I'd just like to warn people against them.

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Satisfaction Rating

My mother died in June and I called to cancel the service. I mailed the equipment back as requested and the company continues to charge my account without my permission. After being charged twice and called by me they continue to charge my account claiming they never received the equipment. My father died two months after my mother so things at my house are pretty scattered. I am not able to find the receipt and now have been told that they are keeping the money. This was after I told on two different occasions that it was in the process of being refunded! Do not give your bank info to this company.

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After almost a year of being a customer I asked them if they had a fall detection button. My mother had not needed one prior to this time. I was very happy when they said they did and would send it to me. Over a week later it had not arrived. I had to call again. This time they sent it and when it arrived in their own booklet of instructions it says 'Do not wear your fall detection pendant while sleeping. Please wear your alternate button or keep it nearby your bed'.

I then called to double check that this was accurate, one person had no idea how it worked, another said yes that was true. I then asked them what I need to do to cancel. They told me to call customer relations when I wanted to cancel and they would send a pre-paid FedEx label to send the equipment back. Because we needed a pendant that could be worn at night, we decided to go with another company that has a fall detection pendant that you can wear all day and also to bed. No switching pendants or putting on a table by your bed.

I called them to cancel and again was sent to someone different than their customer service rep who answered the phone. By the way the person who answered the phone asked why I was cancelling. I explained about how my mother was not able to wear the pendant at night and would have to switch pendants etc, she said "you need to tell them that is the reason." She also said she didn't know that was how it worked.

I was transferred to Shane from customer relations, he was not happy I was cancelling. Again I explained why. He said "you can wear it to bed." I told him it literally said in their printed material you could not and we had already decided to go with another company. I also told Shane I had called their company and someone verified what was printed, that you cannot wear it to bed. If you do it will take getting into bed as a fall and you will get false alarms.

I asked for a prepaid FedEx label to be sent. Shane told me they do not do pre-paid labels and I had to pay to send the unit back. I mailed it back and will be watching the account for additional charges. I am hoping they do not continue to charge the account, if so I will have to add to this review. Bottom line: Every time you call you get a different person, different people tell you different things. They directly contradict what is written in their instruction booklet, and when you want to cancel they are very rude. I would NOT recommend them.

Satisfaction Rating

I am disappointed and disgusted at what happened to my mother on 1/26/15 when she fell in the bathroom. She laid on the floor for 2 hours because after she pressed the button the first time the "professional" did call 911 but did NOT tell them where the key was, her age or the dogs barking would not hurt them. This was just updated several months ago. The EMTs left!!!! She then rang again. I did not have my cell phone on the floor where I worked and when I got back to the office I had 2 messages. I did not know at that time if she was dead or alive. I left to get home.

On the way I did get a 3rd notice and met the EMTs at my house. WE found my mother on the floor in the bathroom. They were very upset that no one from this company told them about where the key was. I called your company and the first person said they had no information on where the key was. I asked for a supervisor who said she had that information and didn't know why the 1st operator did not have it. From that point on my mother's condition got worse. She passed away 2/10/15.

Now I get all these instructions on cancelling her account. Why should I pay to send it back? Why do I have to pay for a service that was worthless to us until they get the equipment back? I called again and waited 15 minutes with the tracking number and was told by a rude operator that it would take another 10 days to cancel once they get the equipment?? Are you kidding me. I would NEVER recommend this company. It is unacceptable that someone who counts on your company to help with falls would not know where the key was. What a waste of money. It's bad enough to have such a bad experience but then to go through all this hassle to send equipment back is again unacceptable.

Expert Review

Shelley WebbSenior Products Contributing Editor

Shelley Webb is a registered nurse, geriatric care manager and freelance writer who concentrates on the subjects of eldercare and health.    More about Shelley→

Connect America offers medical alert services for older adults who want to continue to live independently. This service is recommended by Good Housekeeping and has contracted with major pharmacy chains like CVS to sell its system.

  • They have a direct communication system: Users communicate directly with an operator who can connect them with medical personnel using this system, so in the event of an emergency, they can get help quickly.
  • Their system is waterproof: The alert system can be worn in the shower or bath, which is one of the most dangerous places for older Americans because of the risk of falling.
  • The system includes a medical information card: The system is programmed with the user's unique medical needs and profile so that users can get the best help possible during any medical emergency.
  • Batteries are replaced free and automatically: When the system's backup battery is getting low, Connect America replaces it free of charge and without being asked.
  • Best for Seniors living alone, persons who have recently retired, persons with newly diagnosed or uncontrolled epilepsy, persons with uncontrolled diabetes and caregivers.

Question and Answers - Connect America

What sets Connect America apart from the competition?

Connect America offers U.S., native English speaking emergency monitoring operators. Our products are recommended by the Arthritis Foundation and Good Housekeeping Magazine. We offer multiple monthly payment options, free equipment, no long-term commitment and no activation or cancellation fees.

How does Connect America measure success?

We measure success through actively monitoring accounts and we have a very strong referral program. Connect America aims for 100% customer satisfaction and A+ customer care.

How has Connect America changed in the last 5 to 10 years?

We've grown at an exponential rate, and have implemented new technologies to help with growing demand.

Has your business received any awards or recognition?

Connect America was awarded “Ease of Use” by the Arthritis Foundation.

How has your company grown or evolved?

Connect America has made many improvements in technology and online accessibility for customer responses.

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