Wyoming Lemon Law Summary

  • Eligibility: 3 unsuccessful repairs or 30 business days out of service within 1 year.
  • Resolution Attempt: Direct written notice + opportunity to repair to manufacturer.
  • (Manufacturer's informal arbitrations process serves as prerequisite to consumer refund or replacement.)


Wyoming is famous for its picturesque Yellowstone National Park and beautiful scenery surrounding every inch of the state. But it’s probably not a day in the park for you if you’re a Wyoming resident with a lemon car. If you find yourself saying “That’s me”, then it’s time to explore Wyoming’s lemon laws for what you can do.

There are a few characteristics that must be present for it to be considered a lemon. An advisor with the state’s Attorney General’s office clarified what a lemon is.

“There must be substantial impairment to the use, value, and safety of the vehicle,” he said.

In addition with new vehicles, motorcycles and leased cars less than 10,000 pounds are specifically covered under this law, while used cars fall under a different statute. There is no mileage factor within this statute that would affect the eligibility of a lemon, just age.

The advisor explained that there is no clear cut answer on how to pursue your lemon law claim, however there are many options available, and the lemon law court system makes every option possible.

“Well, it all depends. Not all lawyers know how lemon law cases work. Not all consumers are sophisticated enough to pull it off,” he said. “Is it a user-friendly process? Absolutely. The overriding law on all lemon law cases regardless of the state is Magnusson-Moss Warranty Act. And that’s really the rule that determines the playing field that everyone goes by.”

To find out more information about the lemon law, you can contact the Wyoming Attorney General’s office at (307) 777-7841.