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Wisconsin Lemon Law Summary

  • Eligibility: 4 unsuccessful repairs or 30 calendar days out of service within shorter of 1 year or warranty.
  • Resolution Attempt: Written notice to manufacturer or dealer. Law specifically applies to leased vehicles.
  • Note: Consumer should receive replacement or refund within 30 calendar days after offer to return title.


Who wants to miss a Packers game because their car broke down…again? That’s what I thought. Not exactly the most appealing way to spend a Sunday, or the first year of owning your car! If you think you have a lemon, Wisconsin’s lemon laws may help you get the justice you deserve.

An advisor with the Wisconsin Attorney General’s office clarified what characteristics must be present for the state to consider it as a lemon.

“If the vehicle is up to a year old, if it has been in the shop more than 4 tries and the dealership can’t fix it, it is termed as a lemon,” she said. “It is also termed as a lemon if it has 1 or more defects that prevents you from using it within 30 days or more.”

Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and motor homes that were bought or leased in Wisconsin are all items that can be eligible for the lemon law, even if they are registered in another state.

Referring to legal options, the advisor explained that while going to court or seeking an attorney is optional, they may also contact the Department of Transportation.

“I would definitely encourage a consumer who is having trouble with a car that they bought from a dealership to talk to the Department of Transportation and file a complaint with them because that’s who would work with them on that,” she added.

To get further information, you can contact the Department of Transportation at (608) 266-1425.