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New Hampshire Lemon Law Summary

  • Eligibility: 3 unsuccessful repairs by same dealer or 30 business days out of service within warranty.
  • Resolution Attempt: Written notice to manufacturer, distributor, agent or dealer (on forms provided by manufacturer) + final opportunity to repair before arbitration.
  • State-run arbitration mechanism available. Law specifically applies to leased vehicles.

As a resident in the Granite State, having a dud of a car equates to being up the Piscataqua River without a paddle. There are laws set in place, however, to protect your rights as a consumer in the state of New Hampshire. And the good news is, you might not ever have to hire your own attorney.

A representative at the Department of Motor Vehicles explained the basic characteristics a vehicle must have to be termed a lemon.

“It has to be within the manufacturer’s warranty period,” she said. “It has to be 3 repair attempts of the same defect within a calendar year.”

As long as it’s under the manufacturer warranty period, the advisor said it doesn’t matter if the vehicle is new, used, leased, or even a motorcycle.

The arbitration process of pursuing a lemon law claim involves that the consumer submit paperwork and receipts indicating that they meet the lemon requirements, there’s a hearing where both the consumer and manufacturer can present their information, and then the board makes a decision.

The advisor added that the process in pursuing a lemon law is flexible and very-consumer friendly.

“They can do it [without counsel], that’s kind of the beauty of it,” she said. “They don’t have to get legal counsel, or they can, but the law is really pretty cut and dry.”

There are numerous benefits should you win your claim, including options like reimbursement from any cost incurred with the vehicle, and even replacement.

To find out more information, or the next steps you can take to get rid of your lemon, you can contact the Motor Vehicle Arbitration Board at (603) 227-4385.