Missouri Lemon Law Summary

  • Eligibility: 4 unsuccessful repairs or 30 business days out of service within shorter of 1 year or warranty.

  • Resolution Attempt: Written notice to manufacturer who has 10 calendar days to repair after delivery to designated dealer.

Missouri residents, if you have just realized you got stuck with a lemon, there could be a solution for you. The bad news is that Missouri’s lemon laws only deal with new vehicles under manufacturer warranty, not used cars. The good news, if your vehicle meets those requirements, you might not even have to go to court.

An advisor at the Missouri Attorney General’s office explained the details that surround the law. She explained that for most issues, manufacturers get a chance to fix the situation for the consumer.

“For example, let’s say I purchase a brand new vehicle, take it off the lot and my brake falls off later on,” she said. “They are allowed a set amount of time to try and correct the issue, and if they don’t correct it by then, you can take the case to the Arbitration Board.”

She went on to say that the Arbitration Board’s contact information is actually found within the owner’s manual of Missouri-purchased vehicles.

The advisor recommends calling (573) 751-3321 or visiting the Consumer Protection department on Missouri’s Attorney General’s website at ago.mo.gov for more information.