Colorado Lemon Law Summary

  • Eligibility: 4 unsuccessful repairs or 30 business days within shorter of 1 year or warranty.
  • Resolution Attempt: Prior certified mail notice for each defect occurrence + opportunity to repair for manufacturer.

There’s plenty to do around Colorado – skiing, mountain biking, hiking – the list goes on. But even though you don’t need a car to navigate the slopes, having an unreliable vehicle can hinder a lot of your day to day productivity.

Colorado has lemon laws in place to look out for consumers should they ever suspect having purchased a lemon. If this sounds like you, you have looked at the right page.

To qualify as a lemon, your car must have had 4 unsuccessful repairs or been out of service for 30 business days within the first year or warranty period, whichever occurs first. From there, a manufacturer will be allowed opportunity to fix the problem within the above listed reasonable amount of attempts.

Colorado’s lemon law does not apply to motor homes and motorcycles, while leased vehicles appear to be on a case by case basis. Pickups and vans are included under the law.

If the manufacturer can still not repair the vehicle and offers a dispute settlement procedure, the consumer may participate. It is required that the consumer pursues the remedy before they can sue.