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First, they sent me a threatening letter that I will be arrested if I don't pay my debt. Then when I agreed to make a payment, I started paying. One time, I didn't have any money to send because they forced my husband to pay $150 for his debt that was from 1997 or 96. It was for a computer we bought. They didn't care so when I started paying again, I was close to my final payment. I forgot the extra money I owed. Instead of contacting me, they froze my account with Bank Of America, took more than I owed and the sad thing is I had a checking account with a savings account.

In that savings account, I had my son's name on it. He was 15 almost 16. I have to get out all the information well, leaving me owing money to the bank. Even though I don't owe them any more, they called my house twice after that. Now I wish I could afford to declare bankruptcy but I can't even do that. I can't afford to. My husband is still paying a debt to this lawyer and that Midland Funding. Yes, that's the one for $150 we just paid. I think we got a letter. I don't really understand but we think it's paid off.

Satisfaction Rating

On August 1-2 my checking and savings accounts were frozen by this firm. They claimed to represent Midland Funding, but they refused to show proof of debt. I have no money. They refused to answer my questions, and when I called I got transferred to someone's voicemail. Nobody returned my phone calls.


I was continually harassed by phone by Mr. Keith who claimed he was an attorney representing American Express. He badgered me time and time again, trying to pressure me into "paying" him for my debt to Amex. I explained that I was working out my debts with a consumer debt consolidation agency and that he needed to leave me alone, stop calling, and harassing me.

I also explained to Keith that I was out of work and going on disability. I was ordered to appear in court, in which Mr. Keith "claimed" to have brought the President of American Express with him to scare me further. We agreed on a settlement of $8,000.00, and I was given 2 months to pay that amount in full. Again, let me stress that I was out of work with no paycheck and no money. Where was that lump sum coming from?

I was found to be in "default" for not paying the $8,000.00 in full. I was not even allowed the option of payments. Ridiculous and what a joke this agency and Keith are. Their tactics to bully people are formed in the illusion that they can "force" us to pay up. What am I to do? Then one day, I went to Chase Bank to pay my mortgage, because I finally received some money from Social Security Disability; and I found that Mr. Keith has put a hold on my bank account and plans on draining me dry. Is there no end to his harassment?

I am in danger of losing my house, and I have paid off all my other debts through a consumer debt program. Why are collection agencies such as Nudelman, Nudelman, and Ziering allowed to masquerade as lawyers and presidents of companies? Are these tactics legal? And every time Keith wants, is he allowed to call and harass me?

I am currently awaiting a release of my money, as it is not collectable, because it should be exempt as it is disability money. I have no other means of support right now, and Mr. Keith has filed another motion to freeze my funds. And for the second time, they attached interest and filing fees to my balance owed. I owed $8,000.00, then it went to $12,000. And now, Keith has refiled and attached more charges. I now owe over $14,000.00! How can this be?

When I first found out about the levy on my account, I contacted the court officer, Court B clerk, and Mr. Keith that the funds were exempt. And Keith filed a motion after he received my notice of exempted funds! How can this be legal? And how did my debt climb and almost double?

Frankly, I feel that this company should lose their license for the heinous way they do business. I don't feel that I am responsible for a $14,000.00 debt when I agreed to try to pay them back and they bully you, overcharge, add penalties, and are unrealistic in their attempts. This company should not be allowed to operate in any state. My debt almost doubled due to court fees and interest charges.

I have had my disability money frozen in my Chase checking account. I am delinquent because of this. I am constantly getting harassing phone calls from Chase Bank and Keith. I have been humiliated and bullied in court under false pretenses. Why would the President from Amex go to court over my debt alone?

I suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, and chronic pain. The constant harassment has made my condition much worse. I cannot get the levy lifted to pay my mortgage, because Keith has continued to file motions (and not properly, according to Chase Bank) to further tie up my funds. I also have received late charges and insufficient fund charges due to this hold of my disability money. I will not lose my house and my health due to these sheisters.


On March 25, 2010, I received a letter stating that my wages were going to be garnished for 1,634. When I read the letter I was called immediately and started talking to Mr. **. He was very rude from the beginning of the conversation and would not give me any information about the debt except it was from 2000. I asked him who was the person that initiated the debt because Midland Funding Assignee of Household was not familiar to me. I now received any judgement from the courts and I asked him if I could be sent a copy of the original bills.

I made him a couple of offers but after that, I became suspicious and contact an attorney for some advice. I thought that after seven years a debt is removed from your credit and how can I pay something and not know who it is. Mr. ** has been rude consistently and hung up on me a total of three times. I have made a complaint to the receptionist and asked her to have someone else call me. Mr. ** said I do not have the right to get a copy of the debt because it a judgement.

I am disputing this charge and would like to know what recourse I can take. My file number is CC13501 with this company and I have yet to receive any certified correspondence. He said the least amount I can pay is 1225.96. I offered 1,000.00 in two payments on 4/30/10 and 5/30/10 for a debt that I cannot see a bill on. And then 1,225.96 in a lump sum on 4/30/10 for a bill that I do not know what it is. I also asked to speak to someone is accounting and he hung the phone up for the third time. Can you please help me.

I do not want my wages attached and I do not know what this bill is from 2000. I have a heart condition and only work thirty hours a week. I am trying to work out a payment plan for something that should not be on my credit report. This problem is causing a lot of stress and also I am losing sleep. I have a defibrillator and take a lot of bills. I just want to solve this.


This is a collection agency that I made payment arrangements with for a Capital One card that I owed. They contacted me in October of 2005 and I was to pay 125.00 a month for 11 months. I called in September 2006 to make my final payment, they took it over the phone and said Thank you. A few months later, I received a letter in the mail from them saying that they got a judgement against me in June 2006 and that I owe an additional 1400 because I was late on my final payment.

When I contacted them, they couldn't answer me as to where the 1400 came from considering the original debt was only 1000 dollars..they just kept saying that I defaulted and that they want their money. I closed my checking account because they said they would just take money out of it. How can they do this when I paid the debt?? How are they allowed to have gotten a judgement against me when I was paying them??

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Ajudgment was granted against me in the amount of $1352.45, though I didn't receive notice of the Complaint filed. I asked for written proof and did not recieve one. They received permission to take $682.40 from my checking account, and I contacted them to make payments on the remainder of the debt.

Mrs. Gray accepted payments of $75.00 per month. I made monthly payments until January 2006, wherein I made the full and final payment of $225.05. They still keep harassing me for hundreds more and I sent them numerous letters with copies of cancelled checks, etc. I tried calling them and they tell me they have to call me back and never do.

I do not want them to take more money from my checking account, which is what they are threatening to do with letters. They still HAVE NOT addressed the discrepancy. I need help to get them off my back. I have copies of all documentation and checks.

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