I went to TLC Laser Center on November 5, 2009. I had a procedure done on my left eye--I had blurry vision, and I wanted to see clearly. I went through with the surgery, and after the surgery was done, I went for my post-op visits. They kept telling me to give it time; so I did. Well, it was 7 months already, and I still saw the same and the usual doctor I always see was not there.

So I saw Dr. **. She basically told me that if she would've given me the consultation the first time, she would've advised me not to go through with the surgery, because people with my condition will never see a difference; that unless I lose my good eye, my left eye will never work. Had I known that, I would never have gone through the surgery.

I left the office really upset about what I had heard. Dr. ** called me an hour later to then try to change the story, because basically what she said about her co-worker was not right. TLC should be working as a team. Instead, I have one doctor telling me the truth and the other doctor just trying to make money. Dr. ** told me to do the surgery again. But I refused to let someone go into my eye again and probably end up ruining my eye.

I paid $2200, and I am not asking for a full refund, even though I feel like I shouldn't have to pay for anything after what was done to me. The remaining balance is $1886, and I would like a credit from TLC. I went in with blurry vision, and I came out with blurry vision. And all they want to do is go back and try to fix the problem, which I am scared of, because I do not want to lose my eye in case something goes wrong. This is a very delicate matter.