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Consumer Complaints & Reviews

With my insurance the cost was extremely low and without this my surgery might not have been able to be completed. They are very close to all the other health companies out there and I think you will be impressed with this great service they provide. Words cannot be said because this place is like a hospital and they are true professionals and care about you and your eye needs. You will have to check them out for yourself but you will fall in love with how clean this place is. These are true professional and care and want you to have the best eye care out there. They take their time and really show the concern and well being for you. You will trust them and they will help you correct your eye problems. Many doors are open here because of all the insurance plans that are out there. Just talk to them because they have the options to assist you in all your financial needs.

The cost was most affordable. I have been wanting laser surgery for a while and this was the best option for me and my budget. I couldn't have asked for more. I thought the facility was very clean and sterile. I had no reservations about anything that was going to take place because of the quality. They had a lot of people available for me to be taken care by. Surgery on your eyes is a difficult thing to go through and everyone was very compassionate. I didn't expect the process to be cheap but I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for the surgery which was good because I was on a tight budget.

Cost is worth the service being completed. Having perfect vision has greatly enhanced my life. I find greater satisfaction when playing sports and doing simple family activities. To me it is definitely worth the financing cost of the surgery. His is perfectly clean. It's important for a surgeon and the machine to be immaculate because the machine is so sensitive. I would recommend having his surgery to improve quality of life. The quality of care could have been better. I liked my surgeon but I felt the aftercare could've been better and bedside manner. The surgeon did a phenomenal job nevertheless. More financing options would be better. When I explored financing I only qualified for a specific payment that was fixed. I would prefer a flexible payment plan that allows me to pay as much as I can throughout the month.

I've been waiting for a good while to get the LASIK eye surgery done since I was a kid - I'm in my mid 20's now. Well I went back to my eye dr to see if I qualify and my doctor said he believes I would be a great candidate. He sent me to the New Port location. Wonderful customer service. I only have a problem with my left eye and I just got the LASIK done yesterday by Dr. **.

So went to my eye dr to check the work and everything was perfect! My eye vision improved 400% of what I am able to see now. It's a blessing. Worth every dollar. Words can't explain how much better I feel knowing I was in wonderful hands. Dr. ** made explained the procedure and I felt really confident and comfortable knowing I was in his care.

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Operating since 1999, NVision Laser Eye Centers are one of the most referred to providers for LASIK vision correction.

  • Multiple locations: With almost a dozen locations serving the west coast and Nevada areas, it is easy to find a center that is close and convenient.
  • Cutting edge technology: NVision pioneered some of the most commonly used techniques today, making NVision surgeons some of the most up-to-date practitioners of laser vision correction.
  • Going beyond LASIK: When all you have is a hammer, every problem starts to look like a nail. At service centers where LASIK is the only tool, it becomes the only solution. At NVision, they offer a range of corrective options, where LASIK is only one of a variety of options on the table.
  • West Coast : Although they have multiple locations, their service area is limited to the West Coast.
  • Warranty : The lifetime warranty offered on their vision correction surgeries only covers the original technology. If technology advances, you will be billed for the differences in price.
  • Best for The professional, The adventurer, Sun lovers, Extremely visually impaired

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Company Name:
NVISION Laser Eye Centers
3501 Jamboree Road, Suite 1100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
United States
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