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Reviewed Jan. 28, 2015

I got my husband's wedding ring and 2 necklaces and I found out they were fake. What a rip off!!

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Reviewed Nov. 12, 2013

My payment was due yesterday and I told that I will be there to make payment on Saturday on my day off... I was harassed by the person on the phone with me!!! Never will buy anything from here. This was at the Huntington park location.

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Reviewed Aug. 7, 2013

These telemarketing Mexican owned ** keep calling my phone number. I have had this number for years. I have never been to or even heard of these cheap@ss low life crooks before as I don't go to Santa Ana and I don't speak Spanish. They need to ** and leave me alone as I don't want to buy their cheap@ss **. If they were even a serious business they would learn to speak English and not call unsolicited numbers to bug the ** out of people who don't want their crap. If I want jewelry I'll go to Ben Bridge or Kevin jewelers not Don Roberto aka: illegal immigrant hiring agency......

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Reviewed July 8, 2013

On December 24, 2012, I purchased a diamond ring at the East LA store located at 5656 Whittier Blvd. Commerce, CA. I walk by this store and this lady approached me in order to show me all kinds of jewelry. So I ended up buying this one ring for the amount of $1,999 plus taxes. I asked the lady if the amount was going to be a flat or they will charge interest on top!!! Well, she told me. “Sir, the price I've given you is what you are going to pay.” I say, "Well that's good. I’ll take it.” But that was a lie because they've been charging me a monthly fee interest. So be careful with this!!! Don Roberto Jewelry!!! They screw you!!!

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Reviewed March 27, 2012

I have been harassed by Don Roberto’s in Huntington Park, California. I sent in a payment via bill pay from my bank. I always pay them this way. Usually, they cash the check a few days after receipt date. This month in particular they called me and said they had not received the payment. The due date is the 15th and they called the 21st. I told them that since the check was mailed out, I had to do a stop-payment with my bank and see what the issue was. Was the check lost? Did they lose it or did the post office?

Today is the 27th and 6 days have passed since the call with them. They called friends and family and even my job and co-workers and let them know that it was the collections department from Don Roberto’s. You can imagine the embarrassment I faced with friends and co-workers, especially due to the fact that I have not given a late payment with them and always paid more than the minimum. This particular case was an isolated event and I feel that it was inappropriate for them to call all my friends, family and co-workers to tell them that I had skipped out on a payment. To make things worse, it was the final payment due to closing of the account with a balance of $60.

I understand pursuing someone who hasn't paid in 30 days (as should be reported on the credit report) or even 15 days if the company is desperate, but this was just rude. I spoke with the "manager" and all she said was that she was sorry, but there was nothing she could do. Today, I paid the final balance (I was not opposed to paying it, I simply wanted to trace the missing check first) and closed my account. However, I want to know if there is any way that we can stop such harassing practices. I personally will never do business there again. I felt I was not respected as a customer.

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Reviewed Oct. 20, 2011

About 3-4 years ago, a family member charged some jewelery on my account at Don Roberto's in El Centro, CA. At that time, the current manager was a salesperson and she and the manager of that time sold the merchandise, knowing that they could get in trouble because it was not me but did anyways and split the sales so that they could make their monthly quota. Her name was Martha ** and her manager's name was Francisco **. He is no longer working for the company due to similar issues. That family member was making the payment but suddenly stopped. I began making the payments myself, even after losing my job. I had made some arrangement with the current manager, but for some misunderstanding, they took me to court even when I never refused to pay.

I recovered the merchandise and offered to return it so I could get credit for it, but they refused to take it even though it was in perfect condition. I truly believe that they were very unfair being that they tend to repossess merchandise when customers can't pay. My current balance is $207. I am still unemployed and receiving SSI payments for my disabled child. I don't have any money left at all to keep making payments. An officer served me some paperwork for court but with problems of family health issues, I was unable to attend. On Tuesday 10/18, Maria ** called me and left a message on my voicemail that she had issued a warrant for my arrest. I still have the message on my phone. I feel that she has a personal problem with me because I used to be a manager for a payday loan center where she was my customer and I would do the collection, and yes, I would call her from time to time. I am so tired of her harassment. I have seen an attorney for bankruptcy and will be filing some time soon.

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Reviewed March 1, 2010

This individual has been harassing me since December of 2009. I had gone personally to the store to explain that I would not be able to give the monthly payment and spoke to a lady there. She told me there shouldn't be any problem with that and not to worry about it. A couple of days later, Angie called me to tell me that I had to give my payment. I spoke with her and explained to her my situation. I told her I did not have the money to pay due to the fact that at the moment my hours had been cut down and I could not afford to pay. Angie was rude. She said that I had to give my payment even if I did not have money.

She told me to pay $20, but that she could not assure me that this would help cover my monthly payment. I told her that in previous months, I had always given my payment on time and I always gave more than what the minimum was, that if I had the money I would give my monthly payment. She stated that there was nothing that could be done, that she did not care and that I had to give my payment by that day. I told her I couldn't give the payment.

On the month of January I sent with my bank a check of a little more than $12. It was all I was able to give. She called to say that she wanted to know what that was all about and what was going on. In that moment I did not return her call, but I sent a letter to the manager of Don Roberto Jewelers explaining my situation and putting a complaint towards Angie.

During that same month, she also called my sister telling her that I owed money to the company and that I had to pay. By doing this, she violated my privacy right. This past week she came to my house and left some business cards on the door with a note stating to call her back. Since nobody was home she left them on the door.

Today, Sunday, February 28th, she once again came to my house. She told me that I had to pay and if I couldn't she asked for the merchandise. I told her I did not have the merchandise because I had gotten them for gifts. She told me that regardless I had to pay everything I owed Don Roberto's Jewelers. I told her I had no money with me and that I had just gotten more hours at a part time job. She asked "so that means you can't give me money now? " I told her no. She said that since it was late that there were going to be charges of $15 added to my account. I told her that there was nothing I can do because I do not have the money. She asked me when was I going to get paid. I told her that I wasn't sure, but that maybe on Friday, I could give her a payment of $50.

Angie then stated that the amount owed was more. I told her that I have more bills to pay and that I cannot pay her everything that is owed. At no moment did she tell me how much I owed. All she was interested was in me paying some money right then and there. When I told her I had no money, she left very upset. All she said was oayk, turned around and left. I personally had never met this young lady before. She said her name is Angie, yet the Angie that I have met was not her. Another thing is that I feel harassed by her. She has no right to be coming over to my house to ask for the money. This is lack of professionalism from her part.

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Reviewed April 16, 2007

my husband purchased a gift for me I did't like. we went together to find a item that would suit me.On 3/19/07, I found a yellow gold 7" diamond bracelet. I explained to Sonia since my wedding ring and other jewerly were white gold that I would prefer white gold and the fit of the bracelet was tight. She said no problem I will order you a "NEW WHITE GOLD 71/4", I have the written agrement. She assured me I would get it in a weeek, 2 weeks passed she left me a message on my voice mail in Spanish that I could not understand. I assumed that my new white gold bracelet was ready.

When I arrived to the store I was told that they could not get that bracelet in white gold because it did not come in white gold! I could pick another bracelet that I had already seen and didn't like or have the item I had in my position rhoduim plated to look like it was white gold! I told them that that was not aceptable I do not want a rhoduim plated bracelet!!!

On 4/6/07, I went in again. I spent over an hour looking for something I could replace with said item. I found of pair of hoop diamond earrings that cost approx.,$1100.00. I thought since They cannot deliver The item I order and they cannot fulfil there end of the contract. I would pick another item they have $800.00 deposit we gave we would pay the difference and that would be the end of that! Sonia said no I would have to make a purchase in the same amount of the bracelet.I'm not willing to be forced into buying something I don't like or want!!! She asked me to give her another week to replace the bracelet. She assured me that she would have it in by next Friday 4/13/07. I never recieved a phone call to let me know what's going on.

I returned to the store on Friday of course they didn't have my new bracelet. Sonia told me to return tommorrow and she wopuld 3 new braclete's to choose from!!!! I told new i didn't want to choose a different item if they can not give me what I order. I consider this contract NULL AND VOID!!! I WILL NOT BE FORCED TO PURCHASE SOMETHING THAT DOES NOT SUIT ME!!! I also told her I'm not making any scheduled payment which are due on an item that she knew was not aceptable to begin with, due to color and size!

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