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A letter from Starband arrived in the mail a couple of months age stating that the service I was paying $49.99 a month for was going up to $59.99 because they just needed to raise rates. I had been a number of years since there was an increase so one was warranted. Fine, no problem. So I see the new charge on my credit card from Starband for $79.99 instead of the $59.99 as stated in the letter. Well, the customer service rep stated that the old service I had, the Nova 1000, which was 1Mbps of download speed is now $79.99. What happened to the $59.99 as quoted in the letter. "Oh" she says, that is our new product, the Nova 500, which has 512 Kbps of download speed, roughly half of what I was getting $49.99 and is now 10 dollars more per month. As you can see, I am now paying $30 per month for same level of service that I was told was going to be just $10 more per month. I think this is the classic "bait and switch" scheme if ever there was one.

When my husband and I built our home in the rural mountains of SW Virginia just over 10 years ago, I was still working and needed the ability to both download and upload large documents and data files from home. Starband was the only Internet service provider available and that met my needs. At the time, maybe because they were coming out of Chap 11, they offered unlimited bandwidth. A few years later they capped the bandwidth usage without notice, and the first time we were "throttled" (perhaps the WORST customer service term ever created). I went ballistic and they released our account to normal usage again. If I had had ANY other ISP option, I would have changed then and there.

The original installer we had was barely competent. Appeared always to be on some illegal substance on the repeated visits he made (because he was not equipped either literally or figuratively to complete the job the first time). A few years later when we upgraded to the maximum NOVA system, we had better luck with the installer. But it is ludicrous that the "authorized dealers" are scattered so far and wide that they have to drive 100s of miles to make service calls.

I've spent a lot of hours on hold or talking with Tech Support because our system would often and without any apparent reason show huge spikes in bandwidth usage (generally putting us over the limit and automatically throttling our account). More often than not, this would happen when we weren't even home and no devices connected to the Internet. They never had any idea for why this was happening. Wanted me to watch the usage charts on their website continuously so that I could tell them when it might be happening so they could put a sniffer on the signal. I had no desire to watch their website continuously and do their job for them.

I was never able to download any software or upgrades because every little puffy cloud and sometimes no clouds at all would interrupt the signal. So always took computers/devices to a wifi hotspot or a more urban friend or relative to do everything from downloading OS upgrades or something as simple as an audiobook. Watching even short YouTube videos was so painful, I gave it up.

Finally, like other reviewers, the system stopped functioning to the degree I couldn't get email most of the time, let alone access the Internet. When I called Tech Support to report it and suggest a service call to upgrade my ancient equipment, they told me I had the most current equipment available. Wanted me to get up on a ladder and check the equipment and connections myself. Had no real good reason for why my service was in total fail. Informed me the closest "authorized dealer" is located in a distant state. And, when I said I'd have to research other satellite ISPs to replace Starband after all these years and pouring a LOT of money into their coffers for what can only be described as marginal service, they said they "totally understand". Really.

In less than a half hour, I had signed up with DISHNet for capacity and speeds way in excess of my prior service at less than half the cost. They sent a local technician who is actually a DISH employee in 3 days (Thanksgiving lengthened the wait by a day or so). He finished the installation and setup in under 3 hours and hauled away the old Starband junk. He said in 6 years of installing satellite systems, he had rarely encountered Starband and never operational. I am amazed and giddy with my connectivity and speeds. I've never had this quality of service by satellite. I wish I had made this change long ago.

Regarding several complaints related to dish alignment and low signal. Dishes provided at different times to Starband by the manufacturers have been badly engineered and produced. To wit the first 600 sent to Alaska 4 years ago for the Open Skies project, several hundred egg shell backed 1.25 M dishes from ASC Signal which bent on install. In lower 48, there was a dish with a square tube for a bottom feed arm. The holes in the arm for the feed assembly were not at right distance from the dish resulting in the focal point of the lens being wrong.

A good dish - say the elliptical dish that got both Starband and dish network in around 2000-2003 - will get a 10 Ebno almost anywhere in Lower 48. But that was discontinued and Starband sales insisted only new dishes would work with newer type modems. People that just did not understand dishes. They actually had people throw away the old good dishes and replace them with costly new ones during modem upgrades. Crazy. The bad dish (and there were hundreds and I never had a Starband tech that knew of the problem) can be fixed by drilling new holes and moving the focal point. Also that dish did not stay in shape so a wire from the feed assembly to the top of the dish can fix that. Older dishes are good, the newer ones I have not used as yet.

I have replaced or fixed hundreds of dishes throughout Alaska and Montana. One way to check a dish for shape is to put strings side to side and top to bottom across front of dish - the string should touch where they cross. Our company, working out of Ketchikan, also does Hughes Net (some like problems) and DirecTV. I can be contacted at ** for help.

Unfortunately, the customer service at Starband is probably the worst I have ever dealt with. They promise to call back and never do. They never check to see if the problem is resolved. They do not respond to letters. I have left messages for their legal department 3 times. If you can get dial up, "DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT". Dial up is cheaper and just as fast. If you live in an area so remote that it is the only thing you can get, I am sorry about your luck. Hopefully a better company comes along that will have customer service.

After almost two years of middling broadband service, for the last month, my service slowed to a crawl, 80% or more below my previous download-speed average. I tested regularly and logged my downloads using the website StarBand said to use. My speeds at one point were running around 10 Kbps, well below even dial-up. I had signed up for StarBand because it and Hughes were my only options. Hughes was known for signing up anybody and throttling down bandwidth after you'd signed up. Basically, it had the worse reviews, so I went with StarBand.

I've gotten different stories from the tech support people at StarBand about why my service has practically flat-lined, including that some new customer was overusing their bandwidth usage. So why didn't they throttle that person down, as they did me when I went over? StarBand said that that had no effect, so I asked them why this was my problem. They basically had no answer. The last time I called, today, I heard was that the engineers were working on a problem in some cluster of the network and there was no ETA for when it would be fixed. After several weeks, this sounds like just one more dodge, that basically they're saying, "Forget about ever getting back up to any reasonable speed."

I use my Internet for work, and I now have to go to a WiFi hotspot to do pretty much anything I need to do for work. Sometimes, I can't even access my email at home. When I asked for compensation from Customer Service (after being thrown out of the waiting queue once after 15 minutes and then waiting another 10 minutes when I called back), the person I talked with said that wasn't going to happen. I asked to have my call escalated. He said there was no escalation, so I asked for his manager. After several minutes, he said no manager was available but that they'd call me back (to me that means, "Forget about getting any satisfaction, because no one's going to call you and you won't get any money back").

My contract is up in August, but they're not getting any more of my money. I can now get Exede, which has download speeds of around 25 MB, according to my landlady, who lives next door, so I'm looking at that as a much-preferred option.

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When we first got this service, they had a policy of not policing the bandwidth usage at 12:00 a.m. local time. That was 9:00 PT So at 9:00, we would do more big downloads. After a while, we started going over our limit and down-speeded to slower than dial up. After a while of this, I found out that this had changed to 12:00 local time. No notification was given. Their lame excuse was that they couldn't notify everyone.

Next, we would not get any service in rain storms but could if it were cloudy or drizzling. After a while, we couldn't even get service if it was very overcast or drizzly. They said that this was common with satellite internet. Now even on perfectly clear days, few and far between in the winter in the PNW, there are times in the day we get the internet fine and other times we don't get it at all. Nothing changed as far as the weather. We have even had to wipe off the dish if there was dew or frost on it. They say that it is where the dish is pointing but that shouldn't change our reception when nothing else except the time of day changes.

We signed up as distributors and my husband took the training to be an installer and has spent many hours on the roof trying to adjust the dish. I honestly could not sell this to anyone now. I would advise people not to purchase this service unless they live in the desert where it is sunny almost always. If it is cloudy or rainy, forget it.

I was a client for about 7 years (often they were the only satellite service available). Their tech service was generally decent, if you didn't mind 30+ minute waits and the usual language difficulties. Their service was terribly weather sensitive, particularly snow. They seem to have little control over their installers, simple repairs became complicated as the installers & tech services had very poor communication. Finally, it was very difficult to drop the service-repeated calls and messages were required and I was billed for time that I had no service. I'd avoid this service!

I run a web design business and am getting close to my limits on my Nova 1000 account. So I called Starband to upgrade to the Nova 1500 plan and was told that it was put on hold three months ago due to a network upgrade. There is no ETA on when it will be operational, so I was placed on a waiting list to be notified when the upgrade is available. In the meantime, I will be throttled if I exceed my usage limits because the system is automated and there is no way to be exempted due to the lack of ability to upgrade. Pretty pitiful. If I had not locked in to a two-year contract and paid over a thousand dollars for the equipment, I'd be moving to another provider. Oh, and the service never comes close to the stated speeds.

After spending a small mint installing Starband equipment and struggling to use for over 4 years - throttling of speed no matter how much or how little we used it - of course, in a very rural area with few options for internet, it's come down to the point where Starband is now restricting what websites we may use. I cannot, for most of the day, access search engines, Facebook, and untold numbers of other websites. Wait times for tech support exceed 45 minutes; emails via their contact form are ignored.

We did finally receive a random pop-up on one of three computers, telling us our service was restricted, but that they don't know why and can't fix it and we should call tech support. I called tech support and the end result was tech guy said we were pretty much stuck with limited internet access. He had no clue about the pop up, did not see that we were restricted, nor knew what equipment we had, nor why any restrictions would occur. This after losing access to Starband email over three years ago, and they never could fix that either. Of course, searching for another provider, but was limited due to area. Starband is an exercise in futility.

Starband never came close to meeting its advertised download speeds. When I complained, I was told they were "working on it." After six months with no improvement, I gave up and cancelled my account. They still charged me a $200 cancellation fee. I asked for it to be waived as they didn't keep their end of the deal and was denied. Do not deal with this company!

This is the worst company I have ever done business with. The "customer service" rep, Tye, is extremely rude, and cannot look up any service history, and can not answer any questions about the questionable charges they come up with. They have confused us with another user, Afognak Native Corporation, for one year, and are continuously coming up with false charges, despite the fact that we have canceled their services, and called repeatedly to correct their error. They have sent my husband to a creditor for a fraudulent charge, and then corrected the bill to $0 with no apology. Their company needs to be audited, to see whether they are charging for legitimate services. If not, they need to be prosecuted for theft and false advertising.

my email was placed on "watch" - cut off my email because i was only 15 days late. i have been with starband for over 8 years.

it felt like a slap in the face. for i hung by them when their service was down on their end. for over 2 weeks. i am angry about this

It doesn't matter what you call these people for -- in my case, I needed help with a password so I could go online and pay my bill. The customer service representative was incredibly rude. He did not want to give me the time of time and acted as if he was in a giant hurry and could not wait to get me off the phone. And I was calling in, not to complain, fuss or anything, simply for assistance to pay my bill. As soon as possible, I will cancel my service and go to another company that wants to help me and is happy when I pay my bill. By the way, I was paying it early!

We upgraded to the Nova Ultimate and it's the worst decision ever. Not to mention the modem they sent us was damaged and we had to duct tape the power supply to the modem just to keep it running. Speeds dropped right after the google switch. I have lost all faith in the company and their products.

We have been customers since the 360 and never once did we exceed the bandwidth. Then the nova came around and it's the biggest they offer. If you need a SAT system, I highly recommend Hughesnet. I have seen it in action and it's really great. I think I know more about Starband products than their so called techs. Plus, the bandwidth layover with Hughesnet is much shorter than Starband. Cancel your contracts with Starband and switch to H-net and thank me later.

Internet speed is so slow that you can't load a page. I have tried contacting the company to no avail. All they want is their monthly fee for little or no service. I'm locked into a 2-year contract. Since that time, Sept. 2009 is when things went really down hill.

Today, May 20, is changing over their e-mail to a gmail system. As a result of that changeover, all of my existing important incoming e-mail is inaccessible for 24 hours. How can an internet provider embark on an activity that will freeze all e-mail that is urgently needed without telling the customer? Good work,!

Starbands are a total bunch of Crooks. I bought $2000 system, paid $99 refundable deposit (after 1 year service). Was with 2 years. Had many problems with slow or no service. Put on vacation hold and they continued to bill me. I tried to call but always busy or closed. When I did get them, they said yes on vacation hold? I then sold house and left equipment and new people were told to spend another $2000. They then sent my name to collection. This company went bankrupt before and will again. They are crap! My credit score has been damaged and a waste of $2000 in equipment.

We had StarBand as our ISP for three years now. We have had constant problems with no internet and very slow internet, but the last two months have been worse. The company has not answered multiple emails sent and closes their office at 2PM, our local time (Alaska). After much runaround on the phone and hours of holding, we were told that we overshot our usage allowance and a cap was put on us. We have never had this happen and have made no changes.

Our internet is still so slow that we cannot use it even on the first usage day of our new week. We have asked managers to call us back as they are never available and no one has called us back.

We need internet for our small home business and for college courses. We also will have lost $1500 if we change to another company.

I have had services thru Starband for appx 2 years. Bought the equipment thru Satellite Services in Anchorage Alaska. We live in a remote area outside Cordova Alaska. After purchasing the equipment, we had to pay 1000.00 for the tech in Anchorage to come to our place and site in our dish. The first wind storm the internet went off cuz the dish moved when in fact the technician said it was the perfect spot for it. Needless to say my internet in the last 2 years has been more off than on.

I finally had a friend of mine come out with his birddog, which he purchased to get me online again after repeatedly calling Starband and getting no help from them. Usually I sit on the phone for at least 45 min, getting transferred around and then finally get a voice and I cannot understand a word he is saying. No help hang up more confused than when I call. Once they sell you the equipment you are null and void.

Now for the last month I finally have been getting internet service again and they decide to change satellites. And I am NOT going to pay for another tech to come out to our remote area because they have decided to change the satellite. I have called twice they were suppose to email me instructions to change my modem and NOTHING. I am so ****** right now if I could get to their office I would ring their neck. Because of course there is no email to their office they would rather have you hold for 1 hr and get transferred around.

In July of 2008, we shut down our account early due to moving to another state. We were on auto pay and when calling to cancel were assured that our credit card would be billed.

Yesterday I received a notice from a collections agency that we were delinquent.

I called the company immediately and checked my credit card statement. They told me that the credit card didn't work and they were unable to charge my card. However, when I looked I saw that they had continued to bill me for service on August, on Aug. 9, even after I had cancelled!

We didn't receive one phone call or paper bill or notice that they had not charged us the cancellation fee. Now they tell me they have no record of the service charge that they charged my credit card in August! This is despicable.

Starband should be reported to the BBB and any other consumer sources available. I have been with them from the 360 days which were miserable! Unlike others I see complaining here about them, I do have a fairly decent installer, service guy. He does what he can to try to help me.

After the 360 became obsolete, I was still using it for some time, not knowing. FINALLY I upgraded to a Commecial satellite system from them (1000) because I decided to work from my home office, and connect remotely. I was ASSURED staying with StarBand was the thing to do, because Wildblue and Hughes could not connect me to a remote desktop. Neither can Starbands commercial system. It's real nice to be talking on the phone to a client and the call can't be handled because you have no connection speed. Cost for the Commercial 1000 was 129.99 per month. I EXPECT something for that kind of money for an ISP.

After that contract expired, what did I do but UPGRADE to the 1500 thinking that since it can use the same equipment as the 1000, and save me the cost of buying MORE equipment for another provider, AND they promise IN PRINT such amazing upload speeds, AND it was actually cheaper (99.00)this would be the way to go. DO NOT DO THIS! AVOID the Commercial systems as diligently as you do the others. Ping time is over 800 and AUGUSTUS of tech support tells me this is normal. My upload is nowhere near the 256 they claim, in fact is not even 100 most days. But AUGUSTUS says this is normal for a satellite.

Augustus replied that he did not care what I got with the 360, this is normal. StarBands tech guys could not "look up" on their info screens. These guys are not even sufficiently trained to help a customer who is computer illiterate, let alone someone who knows them inside and out. They do not even know their own products!! Don't expect anything close to a 1500 download speed either. Then there is AUGUSTUS, your rude, snotty technical support at StarBand. Why is it I always get him?

Today he broke me after. This must be the 3rd of 4th time in a row I got routed to this pleasing guy. Some people just need to get out of customer services. He was the most rude and arrogant ** I had ever dealt with. He hung up on me, not being able to stand hearing the truth of his abilities, so when I called back, I asked for his superior who of course is going to call me back.

Their website is out of date as far as the FAQ and help sections and don't even ask about the old tech section. Nothing has been posted in the "forums" since '05 as I recall, if they are even operational now. Probably not, I would post! They do not even list Vista as an operating system when you fill out the contact us forms "Ask a Question, Get an Answer" and get this!!! The emails must be lost in cyberspace because NO ONE EVER REPLIES!!! They advertise 24/7 support and no one is even available for 50 to 75% of that 24 hours. They HANG UP ON YOU when you ask for option 2 (tech support) and I was told by my service guy they do this because no one is there!

I think false advertising, fraud, crappy service, NON EXISTENT tech support, on top of the thousands of dollars we have spent with them over the years is reason enough for us to complain, and complain to any forum, bureau, whatever that deals in consumer affairs. I wish there was a satellite I could see with Commercial Services. Hopefully since my equipment IS mine, I can get out of this contract.....

Starband internet service has hit rock bottom in the last 5 months, I have been a Starband customer 6 or 7 years now, and have never been capped previous to the last 5 months, I have had to contact Starband by phone to find out what the problem was, I was told by a Starband technician I have exceeded my 7 day 1GB threshold, asked the Starband technician what the heck is a 7 day 1GB cap?

The Starband technician replied to me as a bandwidth abuser and you have been capped for this reason, I immediately asked to speak to a Starband manager, while talking to this very rude manager and asking him about previous to the last 5 months I have never even heard of a Starband bandwidth cap, I told the manager I was reading through my original Starband contract which does not state anything about a Starband bandwidth cap, the manager told me the original contract does not apply anymore, you are under a new contract now, I asked the manager "and where and when did I agree or sign any new Starband contract? He had no answer for this question.

The manager actually became rude and said I am just going to transfer you to sales so you can cancel your Starband service, I asked him why would you do that? Again no answer, so asked to speak to his boss, which I was put on hold for 20 minutes with no reply, I had to call back to Starband to ask to speak to the first managers boss, which they said we will have to have him call you back, so I said okay, 2 days later still no call back, so I called Starband again, and asked them to pull up my call history, only to find out there was no history kept, again I asked to speak to manager, this time I got a different manager which admitted Starband was switching over to a new network to support there new nova modems and a new bandwidth cap automation service, which has been giving them problem which they were working out, I told the manager about being called a bandwidth abuser, the manager replied I will look into that right away and the manager uncapped my internet admitting the problem was on there end, and there technical team was working on the problem, so I said great, thanks for correcting the problem, but within 2 days after being uncapped for 7 days they capped my bandwidth again, with an email notice stating you have exceeded your 7 day 1GB limit, so I called Starband again to ask why I have been bandwidth capped again after 2 days, the Starband technician replied you have been capped do to your 7 day 1GB limit has been exceeded, I replied how is the possible after only 2 days of having my bandwidth uncapped? The technician said and I am unable to uncap you, talking about getting the run around after that from Starband. I have had to call Starband 20-30 times in the last 5 months now, to report my internet service has been unreliable, and very slow, and most times does not work at all, I have spoke to three different managers, and have got no were, reporting to Starband I have been bandwidth capped for 18 day out 20 days, again Starband had no answers and by this time became set in there ways not admitting the problem is on there end, I had no choice but to purchase a dialup ISP for reliable internet service. I have received the big run around from Staband for months now, and have been forced to cancel my service through Starband.

I am very upset at the very poor service Starband has provided in recent months, $250 dollars wasted, hundreds and thousands of dollars lost, not being able to use my high speed internet for my low bandwidth use, Starband must be held responsible for there very questionable service, and there take it or leave it attitude. I have been in the computer, network, and website admin industry for over 20 years now with numerous certifications. Starband is not a reliable ISP anymore, do yourself a favor and steer clear of Starband Satellite ISP also known as Spacenet and owned by Gilat an Israeli company.

Starband has an equipment buy back program for people who discontinue Starband service. I took advantage of the program and shipped them my equipment in November of 2005. Starband admits to getting the equipment on Dec. 3 2005. It is now 6 months later and Starband has not paid me the $160 for the equipment. Every time I call Starband, I get an excuse as to why they have not paid me and I am told the check or credit card credit will be taken care of in a week. From my conversations, I believe many other customers are having the same problem.

My StarBand service became intermittent on June 6, 2005. StarBand technicians failed to fix it, and suggested I get a technician on site.

By June 15 15th I wrote a letter to the corporation about poor service, and faulty hardware and diagnosis, though I mistakenly dated it July instead of June. I was ignored.

On June 13 I had a technician at my home from Horizon Satellite. For $45, he failed to fix it.

On June 23, StarBand service quit altogether.

On June 28 I had a second technician at my home, from Western Communications & Satellites, the original vendor. For $40, he failed to fix it, and said he was leaving the matter between me, and StarBand.

On June 29 I called StarBand and quit, as the corporation had already quit me, and neither it, nor local technicians, were offering any help. I detached the modem and sought other services.

On July 11 a bill for $99.99 arrived, for service activity 0092069825 07/01/05. The nearly 100 percent increase and date were not explained.

My final payment of $54.99 to StarBand, for service from 6/16 to 7/15service these goniffs did not fully providewas dated June 14, check No. 2063.

Their billing system was in error, or merely out of date. Yet they have insisted for six months that I owe them an inexplicable $99.99.

Recently they turned this over to a California debt collector. They are attempting to ruin my credit rating because I spoke out about them. I am still fighting their extortion attempt.

In fact, I should be asking them for a half-month refund for the service I paid for but they did not provide.

I warn the public not to get involved with StarBand, The organization is a scam to continually extract hundreds of dollars in equipment sales, with no guarantee they will improve, or even provide, the service.

Thankfully, cable Internet became available on my street during the four years I was forced into using a satellite system. That is the only way I can even report this to you.

Stuart W. Faxon

Tucson, Arizona

We installed Starband Satellite 9/28/05.

Since my husband needs it for work, it's critical that we have a system that works. From day one, my husband has not been able to access the programs on his company's server that are required to do his job. This system was ever so slightly faster than dial-up and connecting speeds were inconsistent and even dropped many times. Due to these problems, the next day my husband called Pat's Satellite and went on a conference call w/ Starband's Tech. Support.

Everything appeared to be working well according to Starband after checking our modem and dish alignment. They suggested we do bandwidth tests periodically to determine what kind of connection we were getting. It was inconsistent and progressively got worse. There were many times when the connection would time-out and would require multiple attempts to access a web page. 12/7/05 called Starband and after waiting 25 minutes for a human being, I got Simon in Tech. Support. Explained that our connection got progressively worse after the Thanksgiving holiday. He didn't even offer to run any tests. 12/21/05, called Pat Young of Pat's Satellite to get involved. He didn't remember the conference call he had w/my husband & Starband or the problem we had back in September and suggested he squeeze us in to check the satellite align-

ment again.

12/23/05, Pat calls. My husband explained the problems again and that we've decided to switch to wireless internet access. Because we've had this problem from the beginning, with Starband claiming they had no problems on their end, and there had been no resolution, we had to decide to take a different course.

Our problem: According to the contract, 'if our service is terminated at any time before the end of the contract term (1 year), we are obligated to pay a fee of $499. And this is for a product that NEVER lived up to their description even after they said it was working properly.

After 2 years of poor service I had it with them, they do not supply any service over one hour on the phone,they say call back later, when calling back, they say office closed call back during office hours. I was down 5 days and just can not get through to them.

I bought into their "business class" spiel which offered higher speeds and most importantly a "fixed" ip address which is necessary to run any kind of server software.

Business class with the 480 modem means you pay about $150 a month. Looking at the costs of not having high speed internet and not being able to run server software, it was better to pay the $150.

The 480 setup was fast. My first big surprise came when I found that basically any kind of server scenario me or anyone else had ever dreamed up that would require a fixed IP address is not supported by this system.

It is a little difficult to sift through all their on-line spiel and fine print but do not ever think that any kind of server software of any sort is supported. The only answer I ever got and this was just verbal was that you might need a fixed ip for "VPN" and that is supported. Maybe it is for client side, but definitely not for server side and I don't require a fixed ip for client side VPN so I still don't see why I am paying for fixed IP. Sounds good on the marketing side, but the fine print will definitely take away any practical use of a fixed ip.

I sent a letter stating my concerns to Starband which they never responded to.

It did not seem that the problem was technological, a web server ran for a day, but then started getting artificially blocked, I assume by Starband. We did eventually set up a tunnel that they could not block and it worked well enough for our needs.

So I keep paying.

Then my 480 modem goes down. We couldn't get it back up. Starband got a replacement out to me in 3 working days with a weekend in the middle (5 days total). Not exactly what I would call business class service, but not bad.

The replacement worked flawlessly for several months.

During those several months I saw a charge appear on my bill for like $399 or something like that.

The first month I thought it was just some mistake on their end. The second month I called and they said it was for a modem that had not got sent back and said they had sent me the details in an email.

Well I had never been using the starband provided email so had missed the communication. I checked the starband email, got the details, looked around and sure enough, I had not sent back the old modem. I sent them an email saying it would be returned that day (a Friday) then sent another email when I called Federal Express and they said I was too late for them to pick up that day. The second email included the Fed-ex tracking number (Starband provided a fed-ex return label with the replacment modem). I thought that second email would let them know that I was taking this seriously.

Well another month went by and the charge was still on the bill, I figured they would get it straightened out someday. Then another month. Then one day I lose connectivity, which as you may gather from other discussions happens sometimes for a few hours at a time or more. That night I still had no connection. The next day still no connection so I called my local dealer.

He said they had cut off service because I had not paid for or returned the modem. Did I have a tracking number or anything to prove I had sent it back?

I told him I had sent them an email on their email system with the tracking number a couple of months ago when I sent the modem back, but could now not access their system where that email of mine was stored to get that tracking number they were looking for. Had they simply called or something I could have easily taken care of this matter before my "business class" service was shut down without notice.

My dealer said he would try to arrange a time slot where they could allow me service so I could retrieve my email that I had sent to them proving that I had returned the modem. I told him that if they hadn't read it before, why think they would read it now, and that if their idea of "business class" service was to shut off service without so much as a phone call that I couldn't trust them to be my service provider. I will never consider them an option in the future. No one should. Just don't do it. It is your only option? No, no, just don't. String up some tin cans or something.

It would be bad enough if it ended there. But no wait, there is more. Starband keeps billing me for service even though they had turned off the service. Now they have sent me a collection notice wanting payment for the modem and some months of service after they themselves disconnected me from service! I called them and talked to Ms. Robinson about this collection notice.

I told her I had sent Starband an email with the pickup number when I sent back the modem.

Her response, "We don't read customer emails, you would have had to have talked to a customer service representative." So much for the modem, I guess I am still on the hook for it.

I asked her why she thought I should pay for extra months of service after Starband had themselves shut down my connection. Her response, "That is just a soft disconnect for non-payment, you still need to pay for the service" No service is no service to me. Starband can call it whatever they want.

So as it stands right now, Starband says I am on the hook for $991.04, some large part of the charge for a modem I returned using their Fed-ex return label, and the balance for the months of "soft-disconnect" service where I could not access the internet, but apparently was receiving some kind of service from Starband. The kind you have but can't use I guess.

And I never asked for and never expect to receive a nickel of the $900 installation costs. If anyone is thinking Starband, my advice "Don't do it!!".

I ordered Starband Internet service from Sat-tronics with promise of speeds of up to 1000 Kbps. I paid $1100 for installation. The service is terrible. Bad weather, rain, or too busy you're down and I could never get more that 600 kbps on a good day. The real stinker is the termination clause. If you quit because of this poor service you still pay $499 termination and another $500 to the installer. That's $1000 dollars on top of the $1100 install. Starband threaten to turn me over to a collection agency if I didn't pay to get rid of them. I relented plus paid the installer another $500 for termination. That to me is unfair. It seems one should get good service for good money. They took my good money and I got bad service. Oh by the way, I bougth the best they had and it cost me $139.95 per month.

I purchased this system when the 1st opend there doors and spent 1100.00 for the entire system installed. From day one the speed has been just slighter faster than 56k. Tech support trys to blame it on my computer but I can see by the complaints it's others as well. Well I have now not had any service for 5 weeks and Starband will not issue a credit for July. My modem appears to have gone bad and they want 200.00 for yet another one but it's a refurbished one? Yeah right.

I applied for the extended warrant service in May and how convienent it did not get processed and now I had to apply yet again to only be moved further down the list. they again did not want to hear it. CAN WE FORM A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINIST THEM FOR THE ACTIONS. SPEEDS ARE NOT WHAT WAS PROMISSED, POOR SERVICE. Someone please contact me and let me know.

Customer Service and Billing procedures are a disaster! I can't get the same person over the phone more than one time. So, once you get someone working with your billing problem, you have to continue with that person. No one else will try to help you. I have being billed under two different account numbers (I was suppose to have just one). Now it's a nightmare to get them cancelled. I don't have a real due balance for the account and even I still receiving invoices for the cancelled service. Cancellation was made on 05/21/2004. The most recent invoice is for period ending 08/08/2004.

I've being trying to contact a particular person at Customer Service that I spoke once and now she's not returning my calls or e-mails. To make the problem worst, they don't have any CustomerService e-mail account so I can copy them in all my communications and see if that make a little push to get the person call me.

The speed is a real disaster in any of these satellite connection services. Upload speed are really important for the Internet. VPN and/or Terminal Services connection doesn't work at all. So don't even try it! The connection speed is very variable so don't get always the same performance. And, as Murphys' Law, when you must need it, it will fail!

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