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I was employed by SkyWay USA in the mid-2000's & I can attest to the fact that the CEO is a fraud & misrepresents their service capability & charges customers AFTER they cancel their service. AVOID this company at all costs.

I had Skyway several years ago for my internet service. It started off as them telling me I'd get a $200 rebate if we installed their equipment ourselves, so we did, and sent in all the rebate info exactly as stated. After calling multiple times and trying to find out why I hadn't received my $200 rebate, they kept telling me it was being processed. Finally, I was told that I didn't send the rebate info (bar code, etc.). There was nothing I could do at this point other than cancel their horrible service since they obviously lied about not getting my rebate info, along with my internet going down constantly. It's just inexcusable.

Now, several years later, after they completely ripped me off from my rebate and 20 out of 30 days a month with no internet while I was on their service, I am now getting fraudulent charges from them on my credit card. I'm talking 6 charges (!!!) each for $9.99. I called my credit card company and they are crediting my account and reporting it as fraud. The crappy thing is because of these crooked people, I have to now close out that credit card account and get a new one, which means calling and having my cable company and others who automatically deduct my monthly payments, use a different credit card account. Just ridiculous.

It's the same problem as other reviewers. In the last year and a half, they (GoLinkA) robbed me of 40 dollars. The only way to cut them off is to cancel your debit card and take the losses if they are over 60 days old. Don't expect help from anyone - not your bank, credit card company, KY AG, BBB, or anyone else. I guess they haven't robbed the right (or wrong) person yet.

After being charged twice in the past two years, I called the BBB. They attempted to contact the company and get my money back. When that failed, I was told to get in touch with the Attorney General in KY. So I did. I sent them a form I filled out from online and a copy of the BBB form that I had filled out. I was waiting to hear from them when I noticed last night that my account was charged again! So I called the number for GoLinkA and left a message telling them what I had done. Well, within 5 minutes, my money was back in my account! I found out that they were using my debit card to get access to my account so I have changed it. Call your bank. Find out how they are getting your money and change the account or your debit card. Best of luck! I want to do a class action against this company!

I purchased Skyway - poor service and canceled after not having internet service for over a month. Now after at least two years with HughesNet, I have started being charged $10.00 a month from a company called Golinka. Then the next couple of months, they started charging my card two to three times a month. I contacted Discover and they stopped them. But apparently, Golinka has more than one customer number they are using so they were able to charge me again three times in March. Discover has again stopped them. Golinka is a scam; there is no telling how many thousands they are getting off people just like me.

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I purchased Skyway service and like the other complaints I have read, we all got the same deal. Some smooth-talking salesperson convinced me I could install the equipment. They want to charge me $199 to send it back when I found out the truth. Now, I have a dish on my roof that is useless. Then last year, I received a $10 (one-time) charge for service from something called Golinka. Later that year, I received another $10 charge on my credit card. Now this month, I have two $10 charges. I know this is a scam from all the other people who are being charged the same thing. Golinka will not return any calls or answer any e-mails. Any help will be appreciated.

I was a former Skyway USA customer. In November 2011, I no longer had Internet service. I tried to call and received busy signals for a couple of days. When I finally did get through, I was told that the company went out of business. I had received no advance notification or contact whatsoever. I was told to contact HughesNet and that they would offer me a deal. I ended up going with Wild Blue instead. I have had no contact with them since, and now I have a charge on my bank statement from Golinka in Kentucky for $10.00. I tried to call the number and I only get a message that all of the operators are busy. I have left messages and no one has called me back. Upon further review of my past statements, I have found that this is the third time they charged my card. I did not realize that the previous charges were from them, lesson learned by me to completely check out all charges on my statement. I now have to cancel my card through my bank and get a new one and file a dispute.

This is the second month lately that Golinka in KY has charged my Visa card $10 unauthorized. They will not answer the phone, return phone calls or emails. I have not used Skyway in years and never heard of Golinka.

Yes, Skyway and Golinka were a nightmare from the very beginning. I should have known when after two long days of trying to self-install with a skilled friend, we found it impossible to get the dish to pick up the signal. After a week, I had to pay to have a professional come set it up. I should have known there were not only no instructions as to how to set it up with a Mac system but when I called the office, I was told by bewildered employees that they didn't have any Mac customers (what?) and maybe there was one guy who might know how to do it if I called back later. I made the mistake of purchasing the equipment as I considered it a long-term investment and I didn't want to keep paying equipment fees.

For a year and a half, I had very poor service. In the fall of 2011, they apparently went out of business but no one informed me, not by mail, not by telephone. I simply had no internet service. Eventually, I got a call from HughesNet offering a new deal for Skyway customers. No one I talked to at HughesNet could tell me a thing about what happened to Skyway and I did try to find out. The reason I'm writing today is because of this Golinka/ scam. I had two separate charges in May for $10 each on my credit card. Then on October 15, two more $10 charges posted to my credit card. A one-time fee? Hardly. A fee that was never authorized by me or anyone by a company I've never heard of, that just happens to be in Kentucky where Skyway was based.

I've called both those numbers mentioned by others here. They go to the same voicemail, and of course, no response. My credit card company said they've had lots of complaints about these unauthorized Golinka charges and are investigating them as fraud. They recommended canceling my credit card, which I have done - the same card that Hughesnet now uses, in case there's any connection there - and a new one will be issued.

We had Skyway USA for one year from late 2010 to Nov 2011. We were told in October 2011 that they were going out of business. This was after very slow internet service and several phone calls from me regarding their poor service. They said they would be glad to set us up with Hughes Net. We cancelled Skyway and received the rebate offered to new customers from Hughes Net and another one supposedly from Skyway USA, which we received also to apply to our Hughes Net account. One of the Skyway reps had mentioned that someone would be calling to see if we wanted to sell our Skyway modem. About 3 months later, a Phillip ** called and left a message asking me to return the call, which I did, but my call went to his voice mailbox. He never did call again.

In July of 2012, there was a charge on my credit card statement of $15 from Golinka and a Kentucky phone number, which I did not notice until after I'd paid it (I was going on vacation and didn't look over my statement until I returned). I called my credit card company and they contacted the number. They got a message saying that the charge was a one time charge for dial-up internet service. The credit card company asked me to call the number, which I did. I got the same recording which said to leave my phone number and a message, and Mr. ** would call back and explain it. I called several times and got the same message with no return call. I chalked it up to a scam and my loss.

Well when I got my statement for Oct-Nov 2012, here was a $10 charge from Golinka also in Kentucky, but with a different phone number! I have learned to check my credit card statements very carefully now and am disputing this charge as fraud. My credit card company suggested that I cut my old cards up and get new cards, which I am doing. I am also going to email a complaint to the address the recording gives when you call the Kentucky number on my statement. It is a different number than the one in July, but also Kentucky. I wonder how many others have been scammed by this? I hope we can get together for a class action suit against whoever it is doing this!

I received my Discover Card bill and noticed a $15.00 charge. I did not recognize this charge and to make a long story short, I filed a dispute with Discover Card. I also called the number listed on the charge and found out it was Skyway USA. I moved from the address where the dish is currently located and have not lived there for almost two years. I terminated Skyway when I moved. For some unknown reason they decided to bill me even though I have not conducted business with them and have another internet provider. Discover Card is checking into this and I am currently in dispute with this billing. Beware if they have your credit card number! They said it was a one-time billing for my use of their service. This is a scam in my opinion.

I received a charge for $15.00 as well on my bank account on August 14 from Golinka. When you call the number, they say it's a one-time charge and that it was because you used the Skyway USA dial-up service at least one time during the last 12 months. I know that I was charged $9.95 for the internet dial-up service at least once after Skyway USA went under. Also, I paid for a full month of high-speed internet service and got a week of service I believe when they went under. I went to my bank and disputed the $15 charge and had it reversed.

I loved my Skyway USA service. I had to discontinue the service because my home phone line was so bad I couldn't use the service anymore. This took place in 8/2011. I just received a charge on my credit card on 8/14/2012 from GoLinkA which is supposed to be for e-mail services I used from Skyway's site? Nowhere in my contract with Skyway is there anything about GoLinkA, which if you look on their website says they and Skyway had a breakup on 9/27/2011. So they are charging all of Skyway's customers $15 even if they only used the e-mail site once? They put the charges on my card without contacting me about this contract that I had no idea existed. Shouldn't Skyway have let us know what was happening? They have my card number and address? Buyer beware. Ask if they farm out their email services. I am about to call HughesNet (new provider) about their hidden fees.

On or about 10/20/2011, I ordered the Skyway USA Satellite system via telephone. I spoke with Robin in sales (866-375-9929 x **). I purchased the system for a total of $189.80 which included $99 for the equipment, $49.95 for the activation, $20 for shipping, $9.95 for the first month's service. There was an additional $10.90 for service fees, taxes, etc. I was told by Robin that when I received the system to be sure to submit the discount card back to them for the discounted equipment charge. I received my system on 10/24/2011. On 10/25/2011, my husband, who had installed satellite systems before, set up the dish. However, he could not get the system to connect. I called on 10/26/2011 at 7:45 pm. Joey, in technical support, tried a few things and then said that we were going to have to do some other things via remote access. He informed me that their offices were closing at 8 pm and asked if I could call him back on Friday, 10/28/2011 when he would be working again. I agreed and we disconnected the call.

I called again on Thursday, 10/27/2011, and Friday, 10/28/2011. The lines were busy or kept saying that they were experiencing technical difficulties. My checking account was debited $189.80 on 10/28/2011. I attempted to contact the company 6-7 times per day to no avail. Finally, on Wednesday, 11/02/2011, I was able to get into contact with a sales representative, however, I have lost the name of that person. I was informed that the company is no longer in business and that HughesNet was taking over their current customers. I explained that I did not want to go to HughesNet due to their services being too expensive and the representative said that someone would be contacting me to arrange for the refund of my initial investment, but that I would not be charged for the upcoming monthly fee for future services.

I waited until 11/25/2011 for someone to email/telephone me. I called the company back and was told that the executives were in lock down trying to come up with a resolution for refunding customers. I was informed to return the equipment but that a refund would not be pending upon the reception of the equipment. I called again on 11/29/2011 and spoke with Mike in customer service. He informed me that the executives were locked in the conference room, pending resolutions. He then told me that someone would be contacting me regarding the return of the modem (only) and my refund. I have never received any phone calls, emails or correspondence regarding this matter. Every attempt to contact Skyway USA has been futile. The message on their answering system since 11/29/2011 stated that "All callers were busy and to leave a message and someone would get back with you." I left my name and number on several occasions. No one returned my call. Now, the number has been completely disconnected.

I understand that at this point I may not be entitled to any legal recourse. However, if I am allowed to take this company to small claims court, I am willing and able to do so. I would like some legal advice on this matter. There is more at stake than $189.80. These companies should not be allowed to take advantage of people. They knew they were closing before they charged my account and yet they charged my account anyway. That by my definition is theft.

I had Dish internet service with Skyway which started in Sept. 08 and prepaid for 1 year, getting 13 months of service. Reading all the complaints on this company, I also had the same complaint with the $100 rebate. It took over 6 months and constant inquiry about the rebate. I feel fortunate that I finally received my check in the mail. When my 13 months had passed, I prepaid for another year of service which was $359.40, at $29.95 month. I called and emailed my request to cancel service effective 5 months into my 12 month prepay. I inquired about my refund on April 27 and Misty replied and apologized that a credit would be given that day to my credit card.

Today, June 2, I called again and spoke with Trish and she said no refund would be given. I met my obligation for the one year contract, but her explanation was that since I prepaid, that money is spent and not available. I was welcomed to have my service returned but that the money would not be refunded. I never heard of such a thing. I asked to speak with a supervisor, in which she replied that she would check into it and call me back. That was her way of pacifying me! I never signed anything agreeing to those terms. I told her that I never heard of such a thing and never signed anything of that sort and I would be filing my complaint with the AG office and BBB. I had no idea so many complaints have been filed on this company. I have sent another email to their customer service and plan on filing complaints in all places. They owe me $209.65.

This company sells satellite dish for Internet connection as dial-up system. I found it online. I ordered on 12/03/2009, with American Express credit card on phone for $199. On phone order, there were long lists of things you have to answer, yes, before you buy it, which you’ll never be able to find in writing. The package was delivered to my neighbor's house. My neighbor brought to me about middle of December 2009. After I opened the box, I immediately felt its complication and called for return.

I was told that I need to wait for someone to call me back before I can return it. Nobody called me back until January 2010, which was one month after I placed the order (not when I received my order). Then I was told I could not return because my order was more than one month, and later told me that I need to pay $199 cancel fee. After knowing the cancellation fee, I decided to keep it.

So my boyfriend, who is a general contractor, and his friend, who is an engineer, helped set-up the whole dish, and all others. But this system never worked, and the Internet never connected. We made many phone calls to their technical support, tried many, many days, it never worked. We were told we’ll be charged another $155 to send someone from their company. But I don't want to be charged again with no promise if it would work. I also refuse to pay monthly fee since it never worked. I paid $199 for equipment and was charged another $199 cancellation fee, which they refuse to refund to me. I called my credit card company to hold for payment, and future monthly charge before they make my Internet work.

I signed up with SkyWay and was promised a $100 rebate. This was in May 2009. On December 7, 2009, I wrote a letter requesting my rebate. I enclosed a copy of those things required in order to get the rebate and have not yet had a response. I chose not to call after reading about the experiences others had in trying to get the rebate by phone. SkyWay needs to be investigated!

I signed up with Skyway USA and have been waiting for the rebate check I was promised for 11 months.

I ordered the satellite equipment in September. I was told the initial cost was $130.00. They told me that I was told it was $199.00. On September 29, 2009, they deducted $228.96. When we received the equipment, we opened the box. The instructions told us to go to their website to get the azimuth. We could not get a signal, so called for service. The men came out and moved it to four different locations on my property. They were not able to get a signal either. The service person told me that Skyway only has one satellite, and it is not very high up.

My neighbor has a massive oak tree, and there is no place on my property that I can get around it. They made their report to Skyway. Sky deducted $75.00 from my account for the service call on October 6th. I called them to cancel, and Kelly told me to send them an email requesting cancellation and to show the reason as "no line of sight". I did this. She was going to send me instructions for returning and a number to use so I didn't have to pay shipping. I never received it. I called again requesting the instructions, and they said they would email it to me. I never received it.

When I was reconciling my checking account yesterday, December 22nd, I saw where they had deducted $20.95 (the monthly charge for service) on November 3, 2009 and again on December 3, 2009. I called and talked to Kelly and explained that the account had been cancelled, but that they were making monthly deductions from my account. She asked me if I had returned the equipment. I told her that I had been told twice that I would receive instructions and the RMA number but have never received it. She asked if I had opened the box, and I told her I had to in order to install the equipment. She told me they could not accept the equipment back if the box had been opened. I was never told what the azimuth was. The only way to know was to open the box and look at the instructions on how to get it.

I purchased the Skyway system in January 2009 with the promise of $100 rebate. I've been contacting them every other month since April. All I get is the runaround about the status of the refund. I was given the number of Nancy ** to contact and she never answers or returns phone calls. When my one year agreement is over, so is my future business with them because I will not be renewing.

On 6/12/09, I ordered an Internet Satellite System from Skyway. When I ordered, I was told I needed a clear view of the southern sky, which I have. I was told to expect the package within one week. It finally arrived on 6/20/09 which was longer than one week. The package had a page attached to the outside which indicated it needed to be read first. I read the page and it instructed me to find the coordinates to set up the satellite dish. With a compass, I checked the coordinates and found that the direction I needed to point it was southeast, which did not have a clear view of the sky.

On 6/22/09, I called Skyway. I spoke with Lisa and explained that I could not use the dish as expected and wanted to send it back, unopened. She said she would send me an email with instructions, which I received. I filled in the information required and emailed it back. The instructions indicated that I should have a return authorization within four business days.

When I had not heard anything from them after seven days, I called and spoke with Vicky who said there was no email from me, so I resent it. After four days, I received the authorization and I went to UPS to send the package back to them. According to UPS, they delivered the package on 7/9/09. On 7/29/09, I still did not see a refund on my credit card, so I called them. They hung up on me twice and on the third time, Kelly said that I had to allow 30 days for a refund.

On 8/10/09, I still did not see my refund so I called them. A recording indicated that they were "busy" and I left my name and phone number.

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