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PasswordBox is a web-based password manager that also offers users some security tools.

  • Passwords are easy to import and store: Passwords can be imported from a different password manager or from built-in menus. PasswordBox also captures password information automatically when users log in to websites.
  • Users can log in with one click: Once a password is stored, users just have to click “log in” from the management software to log in to an account. Passwords can also be changed and updated with one click.
  • Password generator rates security: The software comes with a password tool that not only generates passwords and rates strength of user-generated passwords but also estimates how long a given password might take an experienced hacker to crack.
  • Security: The combination of one-click functionality and one-step login makes PasswordBox less secure than some other password managers.
  • Customer support: Email support is fast, but there is no live chat or phone support, making it harder to resolve problems on the fly.
  • Best for People who can’t remember passwords

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