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It is a very buggy application. Do not depend on it for holding personal information and passwords. Because of Password Boss, and using its "Secure Notes" feature to store important data, Password Boss mysteriously stopped working and working with their help desk I was not able recover my data and passwords. Their recommendation was to re-import passwords from my browsers again. Do not depend on Password Boss, it will randomly break on you and you will lose everything.

Satisfaction Rating

Password Boss made my life so much better. I no longer have to remember all my passwords, I can access it on any device and it made online checkout fast. I was so impressed at how easy it was that I am recommending it to everyone I know!

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Password Boss is a company that provides password management and digital wallet services to increase online security. Password Boss is also available in free and premium versions; the service's premium version offers a longer list of useful features for managing and sharing passwords as well as making secure online purchases.

  • Synchronize devices: Password Boss synchronizes automatically across multiple devices to make passwords more secure and easier to use, even when subscribers have smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.
  • Theft-protection: It lets members delete information remotely from mobile devices that have been stolen, while saving backup copies to a secure location to prevent loss of important data.
  • Security alerts: Password Boss alerts members when their accounts have been compromised so they can take action to protect their personal information.
  • Two-step verification: Two layers of bank-grade security help ensure no one can access devices and accounts without the subscriber's permission.
  • Faster online payments: Password Boss completes payment forms automatically to make online shopping faster and more secure for members.
  • Best for Online shoppers, people who can’t remember passwords families and colleagues

Question and Answers - Password Boss

What problem is Password Boss trying to solve?

Most people aren’t motivated to change their poor password habits. Despite the fact that four out of ten companies were hacked in 2014, most of us continue to use and reuse crackable passwords that are easy to remember, store passwords in unsafe places and rely too much on clicking “forgot password” links. As consumers, we want things to be easy, and that’s why we created Password Boss.

What sets Password Boss apart from the competition?

Password Boss is a free password manager and digital wallet designed for anyone who has trouble remembering their passwords. And that is almost every person that has online accounts. In fact, we surveyed consumers and found that 92 percent don’t currently use a password manager. Password Boss is simple to use and gives consumers a superior level of control over how they manage their passwords and personal information. Unlike other products, we placed as much importance on ease-of-use as security and privacy.

What needs does your product or service fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

"When it comes to ease-of-use in a password manager, accuracy matters. We know from our research that a password manager has to be able to auto-fill login credentials and forms on the vast majority of web sites. Each time it fails to do so for a consumer, a password manager becomes less useful. In building Password Boss, we’ve continually tested against thousands of web sites to make sure it works. As of now, Password Boss works on more than 90 percent of web sites. In addition, through our consumer survey, we also learned that 61 percent of consumers share passwords with family members. Most of the time they share it verbally or write it down. Making passwords easy to share is another reason we’re easier to use. We’re the only product that allows you to share any information that you have with anybody else. Other companies put limits on what you can share. We don’t. You know best what you want to share, so we let you share anything you want. We make it secure, but you pick who gets your information."

How does Password Boss measure success?

Given our focus on ease-of-use, an important measure of success is how engaged our consumers are in giving us feedback that helps drive adoption among those that do not currently use a password manager.

Has Password Boss received any awards or recognition for its products or services?

Password Boss received an “Excellent” rating from PC Magazine in its review on July 27, 2015.

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