Consumers who are having trouble cancelling their NetZero or Juno accounts by telephone should give up. The most reliable -- in fact, the only reliable -- way to cancel is by certified mail, return receipt requested. We suggest you write a letter similar to the one below, keep a copy and, when the delivery receipt is returned to you, add that to the file as well. If this doesn't work, you will have proof that you gave notice of cancellation, which you can use to recover your losses in Small Claims Court.


United Online Inc.
PO Box 3009
Westlake Village, CA 91359

Dear United:

In Re: (Your account number)

You are hereby informed, pursuant to the agreement between us, of my intention to to cancel my subscription to your (Netzero or Juno) service at the earliest possible date but in no event later than 60 days following your receipt of this letter.

Further, you are hereby notified that your authorization to levy charges against my (credit card/debit card/bank account) is hereby revoked coincident with the cancellation of service. Any violation will be reported to the Attorney General of the State of California and the Federal Trade Commission.

Very truly yours,

Your name
Your address
City State Zip