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Hello Mort of Mount Hermon, LA. I just have the very same thing happen to me. I called for an email problem and next thing I know I am being told my database is damaged... and I HAVE to pay 799.00 or I will lose my company file. I have reported them to the FBI and filed a police report and went on just about every place I could to tell everyone about this scam. This guy is so dumb he gave me a doc with an address on it. Don't fall for this.

Intuit offers websites for $19.99 to $59.9. When you apply, they tell you they cannot help you unless you purchase their other websites for $600.00 and thereafter monthly payment of $100 per month. Then they will walk you through the process and edit your writing so you can draw the most customer attention. After they bill your credit card, they tell you: "We do not edit and whoever told you that made a mistake.” They tell you they have worked in your field so it is to my advantage to sign up with them. Months later, I am told they do not edit and they paste what you write (what a mess). You correspond with them via email and you are told frequently they cannot find the emails you've written to them.

After being totally frustrated, I asked for a supervisor and there is no one. They will tell you, “Don't worry, I will help you.” They give you a phone number and when I called, it's a voicemail and they do not return your calls! And the best of all, after this travesty is finished, I went in the internet and looked up my specialty - all of my competition is listed and not mine. When I emailed them and asked why my company is not listed, they come up with some legal terminology and said I had to register for their classes in "Advanced Website Training."

I emailed my rep and asked what do these classes have to do with my business not being listed? She emailed me back and quoted some excuse that made no sense. When I tried to sign up for this so-called class, the website said the classes were 12 hours long. When I asked for the agenda, it said: "There are no scheduled meetings!" So now I have a crappy website and no listings! What really gets me is I told them I really needed this method of advertising because my business is in trouble and I was signing up with them to save my business. They assured me this would increase my client base. How can that be when I'm not even listed? If you don't know the name of my company, no one will even see that website. Now, I am told they cannot help me any more and I have to join the class! Please help me.

I am writing you regarding my website or lack of website. I have tried to speak with everyone in your department regarding my company website. I paid $1299 for a deluxe website and I still have nothing. I used many other Intuit services for my company so I trusted that the website design would be handled in the same way. I was told that my business manager "misrepresented the facts" of how this all played out. I work with her daily and I was present when all of the disappointment began. I had to proof all of the verbiage for our site so I know everything was submitted as instructed. I do know that we could not upload all the content to your site because it would not allow us to. I also know that the mock up we received was a joke.

After my last email, Daryl "reached out to me" with a phone call on November 16th. The call was after business hours (EST) but I returned his call immediately. I still have the voicemail for reference. It is now two weeks later and I have heard nothing. I am not just going to go away. You have taken my money and have not provided anything that resembles a "deluxe website." I would welcome a phone call so that you can bring up our "mock up" site on your screen and tell me that you think that it looks like a deluxe site.

I will continue to draft emails and letters until I speak with someone who is decent enough to make this right. I did not authorize payment to Intuit expecting to have to go elsewhere and pay twice. If you are not going to make this right please forward this to your superior or give me the information for your legal department. I am not just going to go away. Someone needs to be held accountable for the money you took from me.

This website design company is an absolute scam. They promise big and deliver nothing. Once they have you signed up, everything you want to change on your site costs hundreds of dollars.

After six months, the traffic to our site was extremely minimal, even after paying over a hundred dollars a month for this incredible service. They did nothing! Not one conversion through our e-commerce site in over six months. Their reply over my frustration was you just need to give it 3-5 months to work. After 3-5 months, their reply was this process of generating traffic to your site may take up to a year. In other words, please keep paying every month, that's all we're really concerned with.

This company is an absolute scam!

Wish I knew! They keep withdrawing money from my account monthly which I have not purchased! This has been going on since November/December. It's only $4.99 a month but who the ** are they? You can't contact them by phone (I've tried). All my emails go unanswered even when I threatened them with the Attorney General! It will cost me $40 for the bank to stop and maybe, I'll be reimbursed by the bank if they can collect from these **!

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For many years, I used Intuit QuickBooks and TurboTax to do my tax returns. Never before a problem until 2011. This year's TurboTax will not download my accounts from QuickBooks. I thought my specific program had a bug, so I returned it and got another. Still the same problem.

I contacted Intuit about the problem. They replied they have received many complaints about this specific problem. They promised weeks ago they would email me a new TurboTax with the problem resolved. I never received the new program. Moreover, I followed up with numerous emails requesting an update. So far, Intuit has ignored my pleas.

When I called to ask questions about taking credit cards, the customer service lady made it sound easy and quick. She didn't explain the number of days they hold the credit card until you ship the product. I don't really trust anyone to say 'oh yeah the money is here'. We sell expensive machinery so by not explaining the situation, I had my customers' credit card held up in their own risk. I called and she said she would release some of my funds, I explained to her we don't run our business that way, but she (Mary ) said she is financing my business and they don't get paid for 60 days. That is not my problem.

So I cancelled in writing after refunding customers money back to his credit card. Two weeks later, they took another $1965.00 out of my account after it has been closed. This has caused me to not being able to pay my other bills while I have to try to get my money back. The first refund took 3 days and what excuse do they have to take money out of my account 2 weeks later. They have put me in a financial bind, they should have explained their program better.

It's absolutely impossible to reach anyone by phone. I followed (to the latter) their instructions on their website. Per tracking status, it was received and signed for by a M. ** on Nov. 18th, 2010. We have heard nothing since. The childcare expenses listed in my Notice of Assessment from the CRA should not have been reported on my return, but on my wife's, who was the lower income earner. As a result, they have charged me interest of $74.97 and an additional amount of tax owing of $3037.05. I also enclosed a copy of my tax return as submitted by the CRA and a copy of the .q09 tax return file on compact disc. As you can see from the Quicktax file, our returns were entered into Quicktax as a joint return with the expectation that this would maximize our deduction. Your website clearly states 100% accurate calculation guarantee. Your investigation into this matter would be much appreciated.

Turbotax website is still a scam. I’m surprised IRS hasn't shut it down. It prominently advertises "free" e-file on the site, but upon getting to the end, shows a $35 fee to e-file the return. Support tells you that you aren't allowed to get a free e-file from their site because you're getting a "deluxe" service, that free file is only valid if you come directly from the IRS site. They refuse to modify it and force you to input everything again.

Note: The only difference between the free and the "deluxe" service is that for deluxe they remember and fill in last year's values for you, if you used them even if you told them to delete your return information. Classic bait-and-switch.

I’ve wasted time and I would have been charged $35 if I hadn't noticed on the very last screen (and only on that screen)!

Intuit notified me all online transactions with my bank via Quicken 2008. It will be discontinued unless I pay to upgrade to their 2011 version. Although their unilateral "discontinuation policy" now makes this their standard practice, there was nothing in the EULA I accepted two years ago to indicate that features I paid for would be removed. The customer service refused to forward my concern to their legal department. Someday, we must hold them accountable to their customers.

I was talked into using QB by my accountant who thought it only cost $150 per year. Instead, it is doubled that price plus more. They cannot answer questions so instead I used the QB Community. Today, when I called to complain about the cost doubling in less than 4 years, I had to wait 25 minutes and got a representative I couldn't understand very well. The increases in cost each year are staggering to small businesses, and the lack of service is appalling and frustrating.

I've used QuickBooks for years. When I went to Vista from XP, Intuit said that I had to upgrade my 2007 to the 2008 version because 2007 wasn't compatible with Vista (I found out later that this was a lie. 2007 is compatible with Vista). Since I had just spent hundreds on the 2007 version and had to again spend hundreds on a 2008 version, I decided to take a class in conjunction with buying the software so I could get the educational version.

Now I've been told that the education version is only good for 180 days after you buy it. I use it once a year and Intuit wants to charge me hundreds for a 2011 version! Nowhere on the box does it say that the software is only good for 180 days. Nowhere. Intuit customer support says that it's inside in the fine print. Inside – you have to slit the top and go inside into the guts of the package to find out this vital information that would dissuade you from buying the package if you knew it up front.

Intuit has fraudulent practices. Stay away.

We recently upgraded our Mac and reinstalled our Quickbooks 2007 version. It was working fine on the new system but required a new registration. The registration was unable to be completed online so I called the number provided. They basically told me that the registration function doesn't work with the newer operating system of the computer and that we would need to upgrade in order to fix it. These seems to be a nasty scheme to get you to upgrade, not because the software doesn't work but because you can't register it. The software is non-functional without registration.

We had purchased the 24/7 support and online back up product several months ago. The back up was set up over the phone with a tech support guy in some other land. Since that time, I had been faithfully checking my server each morning to ensure the data file was being backed up as scheduled and it was. Then 3 days ago on a Sunday night, there was a power surge or outage in the area of the office and it blew out a transformer as well as blowing up our server. So when I called QB, expecting to restore my data, they told me they had been backing up the wrong file! And they set it up, took over the server's desk top and everything.

Now I have lost 4 months of invoices, banking, payroll and everything. And when I spoke with this supervisor, he offered me no apology, no refund, no recourse, and absolutely, no responsibility. Now that I am reading all of these other complaints about this company, we regret buying this software and their support package. This is ** and they should be held responsible.

The reason I have not filled in any of the information; there is none of this available, they have hidden it very cleverly, so that you cannot get to a human. I purchased QuickBooks Pro two years ago. I am constantly harassed by pop-up embedded in their software. I am deluged with spam from them, because they see me as a potential revenue source. When I recently had a "technical" question I received an "automated reply" stating that I could they no longer replied directly to customers and pointed me at several possible websites that might be of help in solving my problem. I had already been to all of those sites before I contacted Intuit. This is a company that automatically charges you a completely new price every year to keep you "current". This is a really poor bunch to deal with.

I fell for the "too good to to be true" pitch line to design a web site that is easily accessed by prospective clients. What a bunch of crap. I spent time designing the web site- moderately user friendly- and celebrated the day that I finally got it published to the web. Then I went searching for the web site. I chose key works that I had put into my site design but no search engine could find my site. I called and got some story about "give it time the web is a big place, " again a bunch of c**p." Then I was told that I needed to optimize the site for another $400. What? That's not what was advertised. No one can find me. I called again and was told that I could be found if someone typed in my address or was within a 50 mile radius. Now, I'm not stupid because my house is definitely within that 50 mile radius and I was still now able to find my website. What a racket! Do not subscribe to this!

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