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I felt compelled to write because all the one-star reviews just didn't match my own experience. I've been a DSL Extreme customer for about 15 years and for the most part, the experience has been almost all positive. And compared to what you get with other services, I'm not in any hurry to switch (in fact, I just upgraded my service for the second time. That's how I stumbled across this ratings page.)

The Good: I am a techie & HEAVY data user, streaming radio all day long while surfing, browsing & checking email while I work at home. I even occasionally watch movies online and stream video. And in all that, my uptime is about 99.9%. On those rare times my connection goes down, rebooting my modem and/or PC is usually all it takes to get back online. And when Windows gives me grief, my connection works just fine with Linux (Ubuntu). I use their email server, but I like that I can get my mail through their webmail system when I'm away.

I'm a 6Mb user (upgrading to 12Mb with VoIP phone service), which will actually SAVE me $12/month over my existing DSL by allowing me to dump my regular phone line. Twice the speed plus Caller-ID I didn't have before for less money? Too good a deal to pass up. Other than DSL Extreme, if you want High Speed Internet (I don't have/want cable or a dish), the only other game in town is AT&T, which has monthly data limits that I would deplete in a week. Unlimited data is a big plus.

The bad: To use their service, you must *pay* for their equipment (purchase or rent) even if you already own your own equipment. But when you rent, you get free service & free replacement if needed. As a techie, I don't need this, so I opted to purchase their equipment (that I don't need) and cut my monthly bill. In about 15 months, the savings will cover the cost of the equipment and if it turns out I don't need it, I can turn around and resell it (offsetting my costs even more.)

I had one incident earlier this year when my connection speed was suddenly cut in half (to 3Mb) without explanation. After 2 days, I called DSLX and they "weren't exactly sure how it happened" but assured me they'd fix the problem. They did, but it took another 24 hours and a second phone call. Annoying, but the only time I've ever had such a problem with them. I don't doubt some people have had a bad experience. But so far, that hasn't been mine. I'm a heavy user and still very pleased after 15 years.

After paying $45 a month for Internet only service from them, I had enough. I am billed each 1st of the month for the next month. I called them on 8/30 and was told I cannot cancel over the phone! (Red flag right?). I emailed in my cancellation 8/30 received confirmation in an email. Now today I get an email from them it will not be effective until 9/30! Every service provider we have, phone, cable, etc., that bills monthly and not on a contract allows you to stop billing right away. This is a really terrible and unethical trick. I will be doing a charge back with my credit card company.

I have been a very long time subscriber to dslextreme.com - well over 20 years. They started out very good for many years. These past 3 or 4 years has been terrible. I am now looking into other ISProviders. They email me that my account is overdue, late charges apply. They add late charges and now I have a bill, they say, that is over $100.00. Trying to communicate with them by phone or email is nearly impossible. Every payment I make is very well accounted for. Every payment has been/is made on time. There are NO late payments. Their billing is fraudulent. Their billing practices are fraudulent. Their communication ability is fraudulent. My reason for this review is to warn others to look elsewhere for an ISProvider.

I've had good experiences with this company over almost a decade. One thing to those that say DSL Extreme continues to take money out of their account after they no longer have their service. They can't make them stop... "LIGHT BULB"... call your bank that the money is taken out of and put the stop there. Why hassle it, use your head and call your bank and quit whining about it.

When they put advertisement online, they described everything is perfect, lower price, higher speed. Once you didn't pay attention of their tricks, they caught you! You signed a contract with them. They will charge you in advance even before they sent technician to your home. Then you found you have to rent their modem or buy it for 100$. Finally, they sent a technician of AT&T to my home. The speed is very slow. You figured out you were cheated, then upgrading it, even if 3.0Mbp. The price almost close to 25Mbp of Comcast if you use your own modem and router. Please tell everyone never, never use their services. This is a totally lying company!

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When I signed up they said I had to take a phone line with the package even though I did not want it. They said it was required but I could cancel the phone service anytime within the first 30 days. I didn't receive the telephone until about 45 days, but I had already called the company Phone Power who had already charged me for the service and then charged me for a second month even though I refused the equipment package they sent and had called to cancel the day after my DSL was installed. They never returned my money. I wanted to upgrade my DSL service, which works pretty well, but I have called for weeks and only get the recording "The billing office is closed, our hours are M-F 8:30 am to 4:30 pm." I have called multiple times during these hours but only get the recording.

The Phone Power company still charged me for the service, and just yesterday put a charge of $99.90 on my credit card. I have blocked them from doing any further billing on my account and am filing a complaint with my state Attorney General's office about them and DSL Extreme. The technician who did the install was a week late. Trying to contact these people or Phone Power is impossible. I have blocked further billing from Phone Power and intend to cancel my DSL Extreme account asap.

I was referred DSL Extreme by Paul ** (radio talk host for more than 20 years). He said that basic internet service is $12.95. Their website also shows the same. But when I subscribe to it the price went up to more than double. When the installer from AT&T came to my apartment he checked the telephone wires and informed me that everything is OK. He connect 2 wires one from modem and one from telephone jack and told me that I can use basic internet.

DSL informed me that I have to pay all additional charges and $12.95 per month became $27.50 per month. They told me that I have to lease AT&T equipment, I cannot buy it etc, etc. They told me if I did not like it my penalty will be $100.00. I feel that DSL advertised: if you want to drive ROLLS ROYCE you buy a steering wheel from them for $12.95 and after come the additional charges: wheels, engine and so on to all new price of $150.000,00. I believe that this is false advertising and very dishonest. What is your opinion?

I had talking to this company since Feb. 2016 about internet problems, and they had been telling me that I do have a internal wired problem, when they send a technician from Verizon all cables were fine!! After I found their modems are refurbished and got 3 different modems from them I decide to buy my own modem. I'm very unhappy with this company!!! Very bad services.

5/2015 I mailed modem & cancelled service w/ DSL Extreme (letter & phone). Signed up w/ AT&T U-verse immediately. DSL says I need to cancel service. I did. They keep taking money out of my account. From 5/15 to 1/16 they have been stealing money out of my account. Isn't this illegal? I am very very very upset!!! I keep calling to stop and they ignore me!!!

I have very bad situation with DSL Extreme. At first, I got a promotion with HIGH-SPEED DSL INTERNET, 1500/384 Kbps Connection, 1 PPPoE IP for 12 months contract. I opened the service and got into a hook. They did not deliver their promise. My connection, down stream, is only 210 Kbps and my modem shown that the max I can get was 360 Kbps. I called for help and it took me 2 months to find out that my DSL too far from the Central DSL Service so that all speed I could get. I called to cancel and they charged me $177.72 for early termination fee and they said that they cannot avoid the fee because they saw my model reported that my DSL can speed up to 400Kbps.

What is the point of open the connection for 1.5 Mbps now get only 400Kbps with early termination fee if cancel the contract. Also, when I gave them a call, I took me more than 35 mins of waiting time and finally they told me that the supervisor not allow them to avoid the fee because of what I explain above. DON'T EVER EVER OPEN DSL EXTREME IF YOU DON'T WANT TO GET INTO TROUBLE.

It takes an hour to get in touch with a human, their service was horrible and unreliable. So I cancelled, and that was the start of real problems, we don't send boxes for return or give the correct return address, snotty customer service. Now after sending the equipment back, they say I still have an account that is active and must pay. I will never use or recommend this company.

The DSL Extreme is very bad. I pay to get 5 Mbps for download speed, but around 98% of the time, I get only around for 1.0 - 1.8 Mbps for download speed. I have to call the company to ask why is so slow, and the technical support need fix the problem. After that, the speed is around 4.2 Mbps, but this speed is only for around few days only. After few days later, the speed has become very slow again and again. It's made me lose so much time to call the company and lost money. Very very very bad.

Installation 12/11, computer files, etc damaged! No service. DSL notified 12/11! 12/15 *learned to late* DSL extreme has a unwritten "no refunds" policy when the hardware equipment doesn't work! Don't ruin your credit.

I canceled because I moved. I had to delay the cancellation date because of a close of escrow delay, but instead they did not cancel at all. Now I have been billed on auto pay for DSL service for a phone line that has been disconnected and they won't issue a refund.

I was unable to find any way to cancel my account in the customer service section. So I sent an email to customer service/billing. First they told me they couldn't find my account. Then in the next sentence they told me to reference my account#!!! Then, they told me I had to log in with this secret link after logging in. Then, during the cancellation process, I had to give them all of my customer information again. And, it was MANDATORY that I answer questions about why I quit their service. What a waste of time. I will never use them again. Thank god for broadband on my phone.

After doing the 25 minute typical run through for all new customers, I was told that the line leasing charge would be tacked on to my account. I was also given the choice of either leasing the required modem of buying it for $100.00. I said I'd lease it for 6.50 a month. We got all the way to installation times and dates and I was told that there would be a wait period of four days to GET a install date and then another wait period of up to 10 days. I told the rep that I couldn't afford to wait 2 weeks for a install date and declined the service.

All was said and done until I then read the reviews (which I usually read before I go ahead with the service) and found a rather negative history with service managers and support. In addition to all of this, they wanted me to pay up front before the service was even installed. Outrageous! I asked when my account would be debited for the transaction and was told immediately. I said no thanks and politely declined service.

I ordered services online from DSL Extreme. After I thought about it and spoke with my current carrier, I decided to stick with them. I called back in the same day to cancel service (I had not yet received an install date). They got rude and quite personal wanting to know why. I explained that I no longer wanted the service and would like to request a refund. They said okay and that my refund would be processed immediately. Its been over a week, no refund, and they had the audacity to email me this morning with an install date. I have called during regular business hours to speak with someone in billing, but to my astonishment, billing and customer service are always closed. FRAUD!!!

Poor and unreliable service, rude billing manager. I signed up for business internet. After 9 days I was told that they had to reschedule exactly 2 minutes before the confirmed appointment. Manager are very rude.

Deadline, can't resolve, high price, tried to cancel service and was told to call back for billing department next day. Next day fast, busy, after the weekend finally got the customer service after 10 minutes on hold and was LIED to by customer service that the cancellation request needs to be in writing (stating the request to cancel and the reason why) and then it would take up to 30 DAYS to disconnect. I requested a supervisor and then was offered to cancel by fax, the supervisor then offers to keep the service with them for a lower rate, really! After I decline the offer there is magically a way to cancel online. They are desperate to retain customers it seems as they are willing to LIE across the board! STAY AWAY. Use anyone but them!

Rather than the entire boring scenario here are the salient points.

I allowed myself to be uphold from inconsistent internet @ $19.95 per mo to $54 per mo. I was willing to pay more for uninterrupted streaming of music and movies - Netflix, HBO Go and the like. Much to my disappointment similar problems continued. Reaching Customer Service or tech support is extremely time consuming and most of the time impossible. The hold times in queue are ridiculous and unacceptable especially for a high tech company. Sending e-mails to tech support is not any better. They respond to some and not to others a week later. And when you do reach them a week after an e-mail's sent they have done NOTHING. It took seven attempts and several months to find a "block" on the line, whatever that is.

They don't spend enough to service the customers they have and they don't care. They feel they have you by the short hairs because you have a contract and an early termination fee if you cancel before the year is over. DSL Extreme would rather brandish the ETF than do the right thing and address/fix the problem(s). After months of poor/ spotty/ inconsistent internet and after donating far too much of my time waiting in cue, I contacted an attorney. I learned that DSL Extreme breached several points of the alleged contract and therefore I was free from their threat of early termination fee which they rely on to scare you out of your hard earned money. I followed his suggestions as well as had him write a letter to DSL Extreme ordering them to Cease & Desist from charging the credit card they have on file (they insist on auto pay).

Can you begin to see a pattern of deliberate unethical, fraudulent & illegal behavior? They are set up to rob, rape and pillage from the get go. They have no intention of delivering what you think you signed up for and they have their greedy little hands in your pocket to extract money whether you like it or not, legal or not.

I too sent a letter revoking authorization to use my credit card and a letter and several e-mails canceling service due to DSL Extreme's breaches. I received a confirmation order number to terminate service effective 9/15/15. That didn't stop them from submitting (attempting) to charge my credit card in violation of my attorney letter. I chastised them for doing so each month after the cancellation of my service. They don't care. They continue to act fraudulently and deliberately as so many customers have complained. This is not by accident. It is a deliberate and malicious act to steal money to which they are not entitled.

I encourage each of you with similar problems to contact the state Attorney General with a complaint, **. Also the Better Business Bureau. If enough customers do this it will not only become costly for DSL Extreme to continue their unacceptable behavior, hopefully the state will do what they are supposed to do, protect the consumer. File an action against this business with large fines and penalties. DSL Extreme is one of many companies to stay away from if you value your time, and your money.

DSL trueStream stopped working and only an AT&T sign popped up. Contacted AT&T, but DSL was the problem. Tried to contact DSL Extreme. I have erratic restaurant schedule. I would hold for an hour and then I have to leave for work. I waited 2 hours and was redirected to Tier two. Other DSL people tried to contact me, and I wouldn't hang up because I didn't want to lose my place, so I didn't answer. They called me at work and I couldn't answer. Then I didn't hear from them because they had a wrong number and then wrong email address. After three weeks, I gave up. I am 20 years old. I need my internet. So I moved back to my mom's. Now I have to pay $250 for early termination.

VICTIM OF DSL EXTREME... They truly have terrible customer service. Back in March 2015, I had to cancel my service since I moved out of CA for the military. I was informed in March to return my modem if I wanted to cancel my service. DSL Extreme sent me the UPS shipping label to return the modem and my service would be cancelled. I got back last month and just discovered DSL Extreme has been charging my credit card since March. When I attempted to contact DSL Extreme's billing dept, they did not answer their phone. I tried calling several of their 800 numbers until I finally reached someone in their web hosting number and asked to get transferred to someone in their billing dept, since they don't answer their phone.

When I explained my situation to the service representative, she told me I was suppose to send a letter to DSL Extreme. When I informed her that I was not told that, I was told I needed to mail in my modem to complete the termination of my service, she told me I was in error and the five months I was charged would not be reversed. Furthermore, I need to submit my cancellation letter to DSL Extreme. She further explained that she had worked there for a "long-time" and that's not how they cancel their service. I reiterated, the fact, I was told I needed to return my modem to terminate the service, the service representative said, "that's too bad."

Did not get service per date of contract, called support and after 20 minutes was told there was a problem with line between server and my address. It would take 24 to 48 hours to resolve and come to conclusion. Call billing to cancel service and was told to eliminate early termination fees I will have to go to process of support ticket first. Seems one way, if you do not provide service as dated what kind of contract is that?? They also do not advertise the fact they work thru Verizon to provide services. That is also very deceiving. You only find out after you accept their terms.

The prices are attractive. If you ever move and service cannot be transferred, you will be charged to end of your contract. This seems clearly unethical and a good basis for a class lawsuit. When you move, you can only transfer service to a new residence where any existing internet service delivered thru phone line does not exist. This includes AT&T U-verse. Specifically, perhaps all internet services except thru cable.

I've been a customer with DSL Extreme. for many years and was in the past very satisfied. Service was up most of the time and I had pretty much free hands on what I could do with MY service subscription. Since my uplink speed was rather slow (needed for websites, otherwise it is not enjoyable to the visitor) I decided to find out what faster service was available and ran across TrueStream. In my area was a 18MBits upstream and 1.5Mbits down available. It would essentially double the upstream speed. So, I went for it. Actually the installer was an AT&T employee, that's when it dawned on me that I actually from now on was in the claws of AT&T. He was quick with the installation and had one goal and only one goal, to get me hooked up so they can start charging. In the course he screwed up my Landlady's telephone and DSL service.

I called DSL extreme, and they actually helped quickly, because I was about to throw their TrueStream back at them. To make it short, after six additional visits from AT&T "Professionals" and seven days later, they managed to get both of us running the way it is supposed to. DSL Extreme quickly sends me a Bill, well if I get service they are entitled to it, however my old service was not considered, there was at least two more weeks to go on, completely ignored. The seven days it took to get the new service correctly running, never mind this too. The way the bill looked to me, it seemed that they might have charged me for my old service too, since the new $67.33 turned out be over $150.00. I am a retired electrical engineer and used to number crunching, but this problem I could not solve. Must have been negatively polarized. Well, I paid.

A few days later around the first, another $67.33 disappeared from my bank account charged by DSL Extreme. This was supposedly the charge for the current month. I said to myself, I need to keep an eye on them since I don't like businesses dig into my account at their will. So, I went to change the automatic payment to manual. To my surprise, there wasn't an option anymore. I cannot recall that I gave them permission to automatically charge. In fact it happened before, but I could change back to manual. I recently contacted them in this regard, the heck with their 24 Hour response, unless their clock runs about 20 times slower than others. I have yet to get a reply.

I believe, that someone needs a new Mansion or bigger than the old one or they simply sold off most of their company to other big player, if not even AT&T. By most, I mean just enough to keep it quiet. They have very much disappointed me, with this change! It went from customer oriented to greed!!!

They gave me a cheap modem that will not support the 25mbs I was paying for. They tell you Fiber Optics and Fiber is only to their phone box. If their phone box for your area is far, you will get the internet on copper wires just as anybody else, but you are paying more. You only find out that you are not getting the promised speed after installation is complete, already too late to cancel. Tech Support is a joke not a solution. After you cancel service and send their equipment back, they still continue on charging you the monthly payment with the excuse that the phone company is not disconnecting your service yet, how low and ridiculous. If I would pay attention to their bad reviews I would not lose all money to this unfair company. Please think carefully to do business with this company, there are better players out there.

DSL EXTREME is a HORRIBLE COMPANY! By the way, their REAL names are: "IKANO COMMUNICATIONS," a subsidiary of "Teutonic Holdings, LLC and their CEO is Jim Murphy, also CEO of Carbon Green and also Chairman of Carbon Green BioEnergy, CG Greenhouses, and Chicago Local Foods. My mom had 'EXTREME' at her home "just to pay bills" since 2011. Actually my niece would do the paying as needed about once or twice a week. I must add that my mom had the SLOWEST Internet speed DSL EXTREME offered, but DSL EXTREME is STILL billing her at almost $50.00 per month!

I HAVE a copy of the email ACKNOWLEDGING our disconnect request and mom was NOT under contract with DSL EXTREME. Here is most of their message: "We have the cancellation date of your service. This email is to notify you that we have a date of 8/11/2014 set for the cancellation of your service. This also means your cancellation Order has been completed. For your reference the Order ID# is **." DSL EXTREME now claims my mom OWES them $191.32 for FOUR months of Internet service! After MANY phone calls to EXTREME (by me and my mom), NOTHING was resolved.

Next my mom had to research her payments and PROVIDED COPIES of the paid bank statements to DSL EXTREME. But now DSL EXTREME says there is "nothing we can do AND it's out of our hands" because EXTREME SOLD her bill to a COLLECTION AGENCY! My 89 year old mom THEN sent the copies of the bank payments (via US snail-mail) to "AFFILIATED CREDIT SERVICES" to prove payments, but despite that "Affiliated" is seriously threatening a court action! They REFUSE to accept ANY of the bank documents and trust me on this, my mom has a FLAWLESS 850 credit rating and she is NOT one to flake out on bills.

And talk about RUDE and RUTHLESS, all AFFILIATED CREDIT SERVICES wants is to extort and collect MONEY from their "INVESTMENTS" and that now includes my mom! I tried several times to talk to them and now I hope ALL of their stomachs rot in warts because they DON'T CARE about facts, they only want the money. I now understand MANY other DSL EXTREME subscribers have similar problems where EXTREME does excessive billing AFTER one disconnects (and sometimes before). But to see how serious and common this problem is YOU MUST SEE THESE LINK: consumeraffairs.com/inte. Then search Google for: "dsl extreme billing problems."

Now I could understand that IF one was under contract and terminated early, thus breaking a contract, but this was not my mom's case at all! It really appears that DSL EXTREME and AFFILIATED CREDIT SERVICES are in collusion to "rip customers off" because I believe MOST people would just pay the charges under duress. My mom is not one of those people and again, trust me, if she in truth OWED DSL EXTREME the money -- she would PAY it. So here it is: Does anyone know a GOOD attorney willing to BEGIN CLASS ACTION SUIT against DSL EXTREME and even to the CEO, Jim Murphy, in behalf of so many consumers?

I had horrible experience with DSL Extreme. I signed up for 5MBP/512KBP for a year. However the speed has never been closed to what I signed up. I complained twice to their customer service with screen shot of a third party speed test result. But both times, it fell into deaf ear. It took my daughter two hours at night to upload her homework. I finally fed up with them. So I called them to cancel my internet service. I was told that my contract will expire in one month and I cannot cancel the service. I argued that it was them who broken the contract by not providing the speed that I sign up. So finally after I threaten to complain to BBB, they agree to cancel my internet service.

I thought that was it. I do not have to deal with stupid company ever again. Guess what, they sent me an email and ask me to send their modem back. Otherwise they will charge me $99 for the modem. I remember when I signed up with them two years ago. They said modem is free with one year contract. Anyway, I sent them the modem that they gave to me two years ago. I did not realize there is another surprise waiting for me. I receive another bill - states the contract payoff bill. It is more than one month service charge. I am speechless. How a company can be so shameless! So guys, a word of advice, don't fall into trap that DSL Extreme set up for you. Otherwise you will be screwed.

I ordered a Max12 service (12Mbps download, and 1Mbps upload). In the 2 months that I have the service the connectivity is very slow and unreliable. I'd done my own test with DSL extreme web support on line, the results are 2.9 to 9Mbps download and between 500 and 800kbps upload. I had refused to pay such a poor service to DSL extreme until they deliver the reliable service they advertise and I subscribe for. The customer service department seems defensive and argumentative. I was told that they do not promise the speeds they advertise. To me that is DSL extreme misleading advertisement.

I have had issues with my computer (mostly on my end) and each time I contacted them (support tech) they've been able to assist and fix my problems right away. They've been professional, and friendly. I understand everyone has bad days, but I don't see anything wrong with this ISP yet so..

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