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I subscribed to CompuServe in Oct. 2013 and their poor service started immediately. They're India based and didn't have 24/7 service. I was assigned to "A Technician" who would handle all future calls and had to wait for long periods to talk to him (I kept notes on every call). He spoke HORRIBLE ENGLISH and I frequently had to call to repair the same problem that was seldom correctly fixed the first time. The topper was a call near the end of my one year service and the phone kept ringing. Finally someone answered it and told me "THE GUY DIDN'T GET TO WORK YET".

When the one year service ended in Oct.2014, I politely told them I wasn't interested in renewing their service. It's now Sept. 2016 and "Ben or John" call my cellphone at least weekly or every two weeks asking me to renew. Now just screw with Ben & John from India when they call and they just hang up on me. That's 100 weeks of annoying Indian calls and no end in site. I ask you, what reputable nags you for 100 weeks when you've said no on week one?

Updated on 09/27/2016: Last week I wrote a negative review about CompuServe (see my Oct. 2013 review). Yesterday they called again and I politely informed them I posted a one star review and would never use their service. Their Indian agent immediately told me "** YOU. GO ** YOURSELF." and hung up on me. I'm sure they'll call again next week saying "They represent Microsoft repair service". They're the "HERPES" of computer service. Once you get them they'll flare up every week with another call nagging you to renew. My subscription ended in Oct. 2013 and I've dedicated myself to post a negative review every time they "Flare up" next week. They always use a different local, stateside, ghost phone number and every time they call, I call back to verify the number to report it and I get a recording saying "This number is no longer in service". How's that for a legitimate business!

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CompuServe handling merger. Mailed my response in envelope they provided and they called saying they never received it. When you call them, very difficult to talk to an actual person and when you do, they know nothing. You have to make choice if you want all shares or a combination and if they do not get election choice, you get a combination which I do not want. I do not understand why you do not just automatically get shares anyway. It seems like they do not want you to get shares.


I use CompuServe at work because I get so much spam. I used their mail controls to blocks spammers but it no longer works. I can't get through to service without waiting over 30 minutes every time I call. They just don't give a ** about their service. If it were up to me, the service would be pulled. But most of our contacts now have our CompuServe emails and it would hurt business until we could get it changed.


Since 2006, I have been having problems with emails and constant disconnects because Compuserve is having problems. Calling the technical support line is useless as the folks in that department are not only incapable of resolving such problems but suggest changes which produce more problems! Their English is accompanied by such horrendous accents that it is at times impossible to understand what is said.It is impossible to speak to a human being when the number in Ohio is called; you just are referred to menu to menu to menu.

Because of its technical support deficiencies I have lost almost 4+ years of important documents which, obviously, can not be replaced. I have spent hours upon hours trying to get someone at Compuserve who is learned enought to resolve all the problems I have; all to no avail.

The loss of material is incalcable.


Banner ad from Sprint (in Spanish) hangs up my email messages so I have to keep refreshing my screen until a different banner ad comes up so that I can see my list of emails. I've wasted enormous amounts of time (that I can't afford to waste) refreshing the screen so I can get my emails. I tried to contact customer service-tech support---they are a joke--don't speak or understand English very well. They kept saying they understood my concern but asked questions that did not relate to the problem, nor did they fix it. I've been fed up with CS for years due to lack of effective customer service, but it's such a hassle to change my email with thousands of contacts. They're forcing me to do so now, since their system is getting nearly unusable.

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I cancelled my service via US Mail per their website. They continue to bill me. I dispute charge with my credit company, which finds in my favor. Compuserve indicates they will send me to collection. I fax all the appropriate paperwork to them that I mailed and instruct them to AGAIN cancel. They continue to bill my credit card company. I cannot get them to quit billing my credit card company.


On Sunday, 9/28/03, I tried to get onto CompuServe. A screen came up saying we had an invalid account. I called 1-800-848-8990, the number that was on the screen. I reached a man called Nathan and told him the problem that I could not access CompuServe. He told me that our credit card was denied. I told him that for two years, since October 2001, we had been paying for CompuServe my CHECK. He then checked again and told me the check was not honored. I called my credit union and the check was cleared on 9/23/03.

I called Nathan back and told him this. He said he couldn't help me but I could fax a letter to the Corporate Office at 904-232-4800. I faxed a letter to this number on Monday, 9/29/03 at 8:53 am, giving them my work number so they could reach me. There was no response. I faxed another letter the same day at 3:03 pm, again as of today, Wednesday, October 1, 2003, no response.

I called 1-800-848-8990 again on Wednesday and talked to Andrea. I could barely understand her "English" and after asking me about our credit card, which I told her we do not use, she told me she couldn't help me unless I called from my home phone number, which I had already given her. I was at work at this time, around 8:48 am. It is not 4 days since we've been without CompuServe. No one seems able to help fix the problem and I've paid for this. What can I do to get this fixed?


The letter I have sent CompuServe is below (I have sent this letter to everyone I can think of and still have gotten no help): I am trying to get in touch with someone who can help me. I have called the billing department and tech support many times and I have not got the help I need. For the past month now I have been having problems connecting to CompuServe. Just about every other time I try to connect to CompuServe it says "NOT RESPONDING". My first ID# with tech support is ** and my second ID# with tech support is **. The people that I have spoken within tech support have tried to help me but have been unsuccessful. When I spoke with the first person from tech support, I was asked what were some cities that I could call local. After I told her the cities, she told me that there have been the same line problems as the line I am trying to connect with now.

I have since tried to speak with someone to cancel my contract. I was told that if I cancelled my contract even due to the fact that I can not get connected, I would be charge $350. And if I wait until July 30th, when I only have one year left in my contract that I would be charged $250. Being that this is not a problem that I have caused, I do not feel I should pay this. I was finally given this fax number after I told Jill (from billing) that I was going to cancel my credit card so that the $350 could not be paid and if it went on my credit report that I would be able to give an explanation. I also told her that I hate to do this but I have not got the problem solved and have not been able to speak with anyone who could rectify the problem. I am writing this letter on the 4th of July and it will faxed over by the 7th of July and if I do not hear from someone within one week who can help me with my problem, I will then cancel my credit card and contact the following:

Public Service Commission
Federal Trade Commission
Federal Communication Commission
Better Business Bureau

Attorney General Office

After many phone calls where I have sat on hold for up to thirty minutes and phone calls that I have hung up on because I got tired of waiting for someone to answer, I have gotten to the point now that I do not want to deal with CompuServe at all and would like to have the service cancelled (at no charge to me). Again, I hate to be this way but this may be the only way that something will get done.


My credit card was stolen. I cancelled the credit card and as I am about to contact Compuserve to provide them with my new billing information, my account gets disconnected. I tried to get in touch with them for two weeks with no success. Sometimes I do work from home so it was very important for me to have the service up and running as soon as possible.

When I finally got someone on the phone he was very rude and said too bad I couldn't get in touch with them but they been very busy for the last 2 weeks (whatever). Anyway I proceeded to provide him with the info that he requested from me to verify that the account was in fact mine. He asked for the last 4 digits of the credit card on file which at the moment I didn't have (it was stolen). I asked him if it was going to take another 2 weeks for me to get in touch with someone in order to reactivate my account. He said, probably. Then, I asked if I could get a credit out if courtesy for 2 weeks since he admitted that the phones were very busy, to what he replied "OF COURSE NOT".

I asked o speak to a supervisor and said NO. This phone call was not a supervisor call. I also asked him if the company didn't care to keep old customer since he was so rude, to what he mentioned that they get tons of new clients everyday. So, I said "fine, you've got 1 less customer." He said fine if that's my choice. Thinking about it though, when I upgraded to 6.0 my computer got all messed up and their technical support could not help me. I had to get someone from the IT Dept. where I work to fix it.


I purchased a Compaq Presario in the spring of 2001 because of a rebate program offered by Compuserve. It stated that I would receive a $400 rebate from CompuServe if I signed up for their internet service. I signed up for the Internet through CompuServe and applied twice for my rebate. After I applied the first time I waited approximately 8 to 10 weeks to no avail. I contacted them by mail and then by phone. I then mailed off the information they requested for the rebate, but again to no avail.

It has been over 14 months and still no rebate, yet the telephone worker that I spoke with at CompuServe stated that my account was a "Rebate Account". I was put on hold for over 90 minutes with only recordings that a representative would be with me shortly, but never was. I am presently on the phone, on hold again, for an additional 55 minutes to cancel my membership.


Never received our promised $400 rebate although we signed up for the three year CompuServe premier plan.


I was given a one-month free internet access disc by CompuServe and after using it for a few months, all of the sudden, I was out of hundreds of dollars from my checking account and received a bill demanding some more money ($221) by CompuServe. When I called them to ask about it, they informed me that I was being charged by the hour and that I had many hours' worth. I replied to them in writing, demanding an explanation and explaining that I had never chosen to be charged by the hour. They never replied to me and, instead and without my authorization, removed the additional $221, they claimed I owed them. Now I hear that CompuServe has a fine print that specifies hourly rate charging when one registers for the 30-day offer and that I may have fallen for it. PS. Following is the copy of the letter I sent to CompuServe on June 21, 2000 CompuServe Interactive Services, Inc. Dept L-742 Columbus OH 43268-0742:

"I received a bill dated May 10, 2000 (enclosed) describing charges that I was supposed to have incurred as a user of CompuServe. This is the only written communication I have ever received from CompuServe. The large amount in those charges ($221.46) prompted me to look at my credit bills for earlier months. In that research, I discovered that CompuServe has charged my credit card with hundreds of dollars' worth of internet use that I have never incurred. As far as I know, I should have been charged an amount no greater than $21.95 for monthly use of your service. I have never paid more than $19.95 for internet service and would not pay anything higher than $21.95 if my life depended on it because there are many providers which do provide the service for less than that amount.

I called to inquire on the matter and I was told that I had chosen another plan which included hourly charges. I have never heard of 'hourly charges' for internet usage and would never subscribe to such an arrangement because my internet use is too unpredictable and diverse for me to make such a choice anyway. Rather, I do what I have always done since I decided to subscribe to internet services: pay monthly charges. I mean, isn't that what happens automatically when you subscribe anyway? I would really appreciate it if you investigate this matter thoroughly as I want to be refunded fully for all the money that was unwillingly charged to my credit card.

I also want to make sure that it is understood that I do not intend to pay for any additional charges including the $221.46 which the May 10 bill states I am still owing CompuServe and that I will undertake legal action against CompuServe otherwise. I sincerely apologize for the abrasive tone of this letter but I am rather enraged by the treatment and response I received by CompuServe customer service by phone and at the fact that the bill sent to me rudely threatens with unprovoked collection action and does not even explain what I am being charged for. Thank you for your assistance."


I went to the CompuServe personals website, Love@CompuServe, which I had never used before. I was interested in corresponding with women of similar ethnic backgrounds to my own, so I clicked on Russia and read the listings of women who had posted information and sometimes photos.

I sent perhaps two dozen letters expressing an interest in corresponding. One woman did write back saying that I would have to go to another website and pay some money in order to get her address and saying that that was the only way I could possibly communicate with her and that sending another email would be useless because it wouldn't get to her.

I then received an email from Alice, the Director of Russian Soul, apparently Love@CompuServe's Russian agent. It seems from Alice's email that she had read my email, because she addressed me by my first name, which was not contained in my email address, since I had sent it from an alternative email address.

Alice told me that I was permitted to select only one woman from their website to correspond with. I am very troubled by both the invasion of privacy for the goal of income maximization and the hidden costs that were not known to me and the extent of which are still not known to me before I invested my time in using what is ostensibly a free CompuServe service.

I may be writing to the wrong location with my complaint, but I think what CompuServe or its assign is doing is wrong. I fear that my knowing that CompuServe's Russian agent is monitoring my email communication with Russian women suggests that it would be dangerous for me to risk going to Russia to meet anyone I established a relationship with.


Telephone solicitors from CompuServe have been calling us at home afternoons and evenings, harassing us with "offers" we have repeated said we weren't interested in. My wife and I are nearing retirement age and we need to take a nap after work. These unwelcome calls often wake us, to the detriment of our health and well-being.


Beginning of this year, I had AOL. Decided to FINALLY sign off with them and signed on with Compuserve. During the trial period, maybe a week into, Compuserve 2000 came out. While online, I ordered the software for Compuserve2000. A few days later, I received the software and installed it. After installing it, it asked me if I wanted to TRANSFER my old acct. to this one.. I said YES. After installing it, I saw that it was EXACTLY like AOL (and WAS AOL). So, the next day, I called and cancelled this acct. Mind you, I am still in the trial period. Months later, I am being billed $9.95 by Compuserve. I'm fumed. I called Compuserve and spoke to a nice lady in billing. She said when I transferred my old acct. to the new one (Compuserve2000) that the old acct. was never closed or transferred. And when I called to cancel the 2000 version, the old one stayed opened.

Apparently, when I transferred my old acct to the 2000 version, it did not transfer. She said the old acct SHOULD have closed. She transferred me to someone who could help. I explained again and they said their computers were down. I called back a few days later and explained again, STILL computers are down. Called back again a couple weeks later and got a very rude guy and a supervisor that hung up on me. I finally got another 800 from the internet. Got a nicer person, but to only find out that I can't get reimbursed for the 3 times I was incorrectly billed. Now, when you transfer an older version to a newer version, that should not mean that you are opening a whole new acct. I don't know what the heck they (AOL and Compuserve) are doing, but again, they are not doing something right. This is wrong and I SHOULD definitely be reimbursed. Thank you so much.


Basically, after being overcharged almost two hundred dollars over a course of three months, I requested to be refunded the money lost. While they did credit me forty dollars and a month free, I was still overcharged. I was given the runaround by Compuserve's customer service department, account cancellation department, and four managers/supervisors.


I purchased an IBM Aptiva system from Value America in September of 1999 for around $1100. I was promised a $400 rebate if I signed up for Compuserve Premier 2000 service for 3 years, even if I was an existing Compuserve customer, which I was. I received the computer and submitted the forms on time, on October 15th to Compuserve. I signed the 3-year agreement, downloaded from their site, per the instructions and submitted the receipts. The check arrived from Compuserve, almost 10 weeks from submission, but was for only $100! I contacted the rebate fulfillment center and was advised to return the check uncashed. I marked it void and returned it to El Paso, TX immediately with proof of the 3-year commitment. I was assured that the error would be corrected.

Over the ensuing 2 months, I contacted Compuserve on numerous locations, through their various toll-free numbers. I have been told that my claim had been processed (in January), that my check was being mailed (in January) and received a form letter stating that I had used the wrong form to claim my rebate. It was accompanied by a claim form for a Mac user! They SENT me the wrong form. I should have sent it in. I responded with a letter showing copies of the voided check and my contract. Finally, in early March, after numerous lies and promises that didn't come true, I contacted Compuserve's headquarters in Columbus, OH and asked for Les **, the head of Member Services. I was immediately switched to their Executive Liaison group (apparently yet another call center in Jacksonville, FL) and was connected to the first person to give me a name, Randy **. He was very nice and "guaranteed" that I would have my full $400 check by March 27th. I was pleased.

March 27th came and passed, however, with no check. I began calling Randy ** back on his direct line and got his voice mail each time. On at least 5 occasions over the next week, I left messages urging him to call me back. He never did. Shortly thereafter, I called the Columbus, OH number again and asked for their director of Marketing. The receptionist asked what this was about and I explained that I had a rebate complaint, and I was switched to, guess who? Randy ** again! I asked him why he never called me back and he apologized, saying he had over 60 cases pending and was swamped. He apologized for the check not being sent and committed to have the full $400 check sent immediately and that I would receive it by April 5th. My wife was there to witness the event. I received the check a few days after the April 5th date, but it was only for $300! I have since contacted Randy by e-mail, phone mail, and have also contacted Compuserve billing services. A representative named "Marilyn" sent a very nice reply about 3 weeks ago stating that she had given the matter to her supervisor and that it would take a week or two to resolve.

Two weeks after that, I e-mailed her back to remind her and explained my anger to her in my e-mail. She again apologized and stated that she had "escalated" my case and that I should call the rebate line at another toll-free number. I lost it and sent her a furious e-mail, copying Randy **, explaining that this was not sufficient. I also tried the toll-free number she gave me at least 5 times and it was busy on each occasion. Any customer service rep who doesn't have the authority to pay a documented $100 claim is not there to help, but merely to deflect the claimant. On April 26th, I sent an e-mail to Randy ** explaining that I would quit Compuserve if I did not receive my check within 30 days. I followed that e-mail with a phone call to the Compuserve Customer Service toll-free number to insure that my threat to leave was recorded. The person on the other line said that she would make a record of my call.

I also contacted Marilyn within the past few days to reiterate my plan to quit, along with a few hundred choice words about what I thought about Compuserve's service (no swearing). I have not heard back. Although I do not want to quit Compuserve, I do plan to leave on May 27th if I don't get the check. I will instruct my credit card company not to accept any additional charges from Compuserve and will not pay them. I will also not return any part of the $300, as I believe they are engaging in unethical business practices and have no intention of paying my claim. I believe they are hoping we will all just "go away." I will not reward them with my business and will not have my name (in my e-mail address) associated with theirs. I believe they have voided the agreement by ignoring my complaints and failing to fulfill their part of the bargain. I am also interested in legal remedies against Compuserve.


I continue to has internet access interrupted. It just signs me off. Had over 30 occurrences logged for March, and have about 11 for April. I am a very low hour internet user and this is very frustrating. Called them and requested a credit for three months and they refuse. Several times I have lost email and had to retype an entire letter. Another time I lost connection while trying to trade stocks before I lost hundreds of dollars... no telling whether I lost money or not... probably. Even now I worry that all this will just "go away" with a sign off that just occurs.


On 1/3/00 I signed up for the CompuServe Airlines Crew Account Internet Service which offered the first month free. On 1/6/00 I saw the default plan of $9.95 for 20 hrs and $2.95 per each additional hour so I switched to the unlimited plan at $24.95. In March I received my Visa bill and was charged $126.95 for the February service. When I investigated I saw that the plan was still the $9.95 plan and I was being charged for the additional hours. I called CompuServe billing and said this was a mistake and basically they said I was lying (spoke to Levon). I was furious so I told them to can the account.

I called then another department (Airlines Crew Services) at CompuServe and told them. They said they understood and would send it to their supervisor who would credit it back based on an error. I wrote to Audrey Weils at CompuServe (VP of Customer Service). I have sent her 2 letters and she has yet to respond. They are truly fraudulent in their practices and provide the absolute worst customer service in the world. Never have I had to deal with such morons! Still have outstanding charges on my Visa. However, I have written to my Visa disputing the charges. CompuServe has not and I guess will never respond!


I canceled my CompuServe 2000 account to use a free internet provider. A little over a month later I received a credit card bill which had a charge from CompuServe. When I called and complained they had no knowledge of me canceling my account. I told them that they had to remove the charge from my credit card. They put me on hold for almost an hour and I was eventually told that would receive a credit on my credit card for the amount and my CompuServe 2000 account was officially canceled. This is a very disturbing thing that these internet providers that automatically bill you monthly can just keep billing you and you basically have no recourse because the credit card companies have to pay them. They are making a bad name for ISPs and other businesses that bill your credit card on a monthly basis.


I had been a CompuServe user for several years. I received a CD from CompuServe Incorporated, which was their new CompuServe 2000. I called the 800 number listed inside the cover containing the CD, and spoke to their Technical Assistance Department. The young man that I spoke to explained the many advantages of upgrading to the new 2000 version. In the course of the conversation, he told me that there was a two-month free trial on this program (the CD cover also has a sticker on the front of the folder that states "Special Offer for Members Only: 2 Months FREE! On CompuServe 2000").

I asked him the difference in price, as I was now on an unlimited monthly plan paying $24.95. He told me that I would even save money as the unlimited monthly plan for the new 2000 version was only $19.95 a month (the jacket of the CD that I have also states in part... "and keep your bill preferences on CompuServe 2000 ..."). Well, between saving $5.00 a month and having 2 months free trial, I was very excited about trying the new version. As I got to the point where I felt the two months trial period was up, I called CompuServe Billing Department to let them know that I planned on keeping the new CompuServe 2000 version. I’m sure you can well understand my surprise when I was told that I had a $200.00 billing for trying CompuServe 2000. When I explained that my understanding was that I would get a 2 months free trial as stated on the folder, he said he was sorry, that the best he could do was to give me a $20.00 credit.

When I finally told my husband of this situation, he thought there must be some miscommunication, and he called the CompuServe Billing Department. He was also told that the best they could do was to give him a $20.00 credit. He asked to speak to a supervisor (Regina **) and explained our dilemma to her. Somehow the conversation went from bad to worse. The final outcome was that my service was cut off immediately. This caused me to lose all my email addresses, my favorite sites, and some unread email messages. I feel that CompuServe was not honest in promoting the 2 months free trial. Also, the statement that they will keep your billing preferences is not true, as I was switched back to a $10.00 monthly limited time billing.


I am under contract to CompuServe for 36 months due to a contract I signed for a rebate on a computer I bought from CompUSA. The service was slow to say the least when I first started using it several months ago. I complained on several occasions and received several e-mails from their tech support as to the problem. The problem is that when we try to log onto the service it hangs up and will not connect. However, it always says that it is connected and fails to load the home page or hangs up and gives the error code (the service company failed to respond properly error code 6A). We are often dropped offline in the middle of trying to conduct business activities. They always try to blame the problem on my equipment and send me form letter e-mails as to how to correct the problem by changing my system configuration.

The service got better for a few months, then shortly after Christmas the service got worse than it previously was. I lived with the problem for a few weeks and then decided to contact them again. They did the same as last time trying to tell me it was my modem and system configuration. I use 3 computers and have the same problem on all 3. I will not reconfigure my systems. I signed a contract in good faith that they would provide a service. The service has been less than stellar to say the least. On several occasions, I have requested a name and number that I could discuss the 3-year contract with. They will not acknowledge that I even asked, they just keep sending form letter e-mails telling me how to correct the problems with my system.


Like many others, I purchased an e-machine computer from Staples on July 12, 1999, mailing in the rebate info 3 days later. After many letters, phone calls and faxes I still haven't received my $400. Every one I talked to says that it's CompuServe's fault and that they will fix the error and mail me my rebate. It's now January 2000 and still no $400. What's more frustrating than not receiving the $400 is the incompetency of the rebate centers. Everyone acts like they know what's going on and that the last person I talked to was wrong and they will see to it that it gets fixed, but I never does.


Compuserve & Circuit City jointly promote a $400 rebate on any computer purchase with a contract for 3 yrs of Compuserve 2000.

I purchased a computer under this program with the expressed understanding from the salesperson that my existing Compuserve account could be transferred. I explained it was mandatory for business purposes that my email address either not change or my mail be forwarded. I additionally checked with a Compuserve rep as to the accuracy of this belief and continued the purchase under it.

After having signup problems and talking the Compuserve support supervisor, I'm told only NEW accounts qualify under the program. To keep my existing e-mail I need to pay 2 memberships. To forward email I can sign up for the new program, but not get a rebate. NOWHERE in the ads or rebate forms does it specify only new accounts are eligible.

I have wasted a lot of time on the phone. I spent $499 for a computer believing this was more economically feasible with the rebate than upgrading my old system. Now, I'm faced with forgoing the rebate, or paying two subscriptions for even a time to be able to catch e-mails in my old account and inform senders of my new address. I risk losing significant business contacts this way.

I've used Compuserve for 5 years on a month to month plan. Silly they won't accept my tieing into a 3 yr commitment as enough loyalty to honor their rebate fully. I feel this was extremely deceptive advertising.


In July I ordered a Compaq computer from an advertisement I saw in the paper. he agreement was if you paid $849 and had a major credit card, and sign up for Compuserve for 3 yrs with a monthly cost of $21.99, you would purchase the computer for $249 after $600 rebate.

The $600 rebate was to come as follows. the $200 was from Compaq when you receive your computer and send in the rebate form. I sent in the form and received the $200 check. I signed up with Compuserve and sent in the rebate form from them to receive my $400 rebate on 8/18/99. In Sept, I started calling Compuserve asking about the status of my rebate.

They first will ask your zip code and they first said they had not received my form, after searching more they discovered they had me under the wrong zip code. Instead of the 29040 zip code, they had my under 29046. They promised to correct that. I called back around 1 week and they said my application had been sent over for approval.

I waited another week or 2 and called back, they again told me they had no record of my application, I asked them to check under the 29046 zip code and they found it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and asked her to please make sure that the address got corrected that time and the supervisor told me she would.

I called back another week or so and they still had me under 29046 and kept apologizing for the delay, said they had an overwhelming response to the ad. I was frustrated by this time. The next week or so I called back and they said they had no record of my application under either zip code. They said they were just a company answering the phone and taking information for Compuserve.

I did as the company asked me to do, i have to work for them for the next 3 yrs, in which they faithfully take out their payment from my credit card each month, I want this complaint on file for 2 reasons. #1 I want my $400 rebate immediately, #2 if I have more problems or unsolved problems that it be documented what kind of service and what reputation they have.


In August I purchased a computer from Circuit City in Poughkeepsie and signed for internet service with Compuserve be-cause they offered a $400. rebate. I have not received the rebate as of (late December), and have contacted Compuserve without success. I am very angry and frustrated, to put it mildly.


After signing up for Compuserve Internet service, I began to receive outrageous bills for Internet use. I had originally signed up for unlimited service. I then received a bill for $180.01 for one month. After calling the rudest information line of all time I was told there was absolutely nothing they could do about the sitation and that what I had signed up for was limited access with an hourly charge after the first 20 hours of use. I have still found no resolution for this problem. I am trying to investigate my rights.

Luckily, I mistakenly cancelled the checking account I had set the account up on and the money was never taken from the account. I'm sure this will be turned over to a collection agency. I contacted CompuServe again to request a written bill, I was rudely notified that they do not mail out invoices. Do I have any rights?

Marc should send a certified, return-receipt-requested letter to CompuServe setting forth the facts as he has outlined them above. If nothing else, he can use the letter as evidence in disputing collection actions.


Ms. R. started service on 2/14/99 with CompuServe under their introductory "100 Free Hour" plan.

As of 3/12/99, the date on which she terminated service, Ms. R had been billed, to her credit card, on three separate occasions for a total of $542.94, ostensibly generated by a line surcharge.

Customer Service Supervisor told her there was nothing he could do about this error and refused to refer her to someone in a position to help stating that her only recourse would be to write to Corporate Headquarters.

Consequences so far: $524.94 in credit card charges for a "free" service and a great deal of frustration.

I am sending this e-mail at Ms. R's request since Ms. R no longer has an e-mail address and is not likely to have one anytime soon.

ConsumerAffairs.Com responds:

You hear a lot of talk about how civility has declined in America and everyone is rude to everyone else. We don't think it's true. Most people are too damn nice. Ms. R. needs to get down to the courthouse, find the Small Claims Division and sue these individuals, who -- if we're not mistaken -- are part of a little old Virginia company called AOL.


On July 4, 1999 I purchased a computer from Circuit City in Frederick Md, partly because of the many rebates offered. Compuserv offered a $400 rebate if you signed up for three years of service. The rebate stated to allow 8-10 weeks to process the claim. Aproximately 3 weeks ago (in November), I received a postcard from Compuserv stating that they received my rebate form and would contact me in a few days. Since then, I have had no contact from any representative of Compuserv. I have called the phone number provided to inquire about my reabte and the status, and have been told that a representative would contact me. I have yet to hear from anyone from Compuserv

The people I have spoken to do not even work for Compuserve nor do they have an address nor a telephone number so I can speak to someone from Compuserve. They have hung up on me twice so far without answering my questions.

I tried calling Circuit City to find out if they have a phone number and Circuit City's corporate office does not have a number either. Nor do they have an address that I could write to. If I knew that Compuserv and Circuit City wouldn't honor this rebate I never would have purchased the computer.


I started service on 2/14/99 with CompuServe under their introductory "100 Free Hour" plan.

As of 3/12/99, the date on which I terminated service, I had been billed, to my credit card, on three separate occasions for a total of $542.94, ostensibly generated by a line surcharge.

Customer Service Supervisor told me there was nothing he could do about this error and refused to refer me to someone in a position to help stating that my only recourse would be to write to Corporate Headquarters.

I have incurred $524.94 in credit card charges for a "free" service and a great deal of frustration.

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