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Been with Clearwire for 4 yrs, Sprint bought them, prices went up, service went down. Informed no service in Nov. switched providers. They say they do not prorate so I am double on internet service for this month, go figure. Sprint is the worse!

Been a mem since xohm. Called Clear. They told me my tower is having problems & Nov they closing. Sprint price 100/mth is ridiculous, overpriced, & ripoff. I hate Sprint. Get over! Sprint bought them to trap us & jack back up Internet prices. Class action!

Time and time again I tried and tried and tried it's still a bunch of crap. There's no way I will ever ever pay for clear again. Customer service suck. After plug this machine 4 times a day and it still takes me 4 hours to watch Hulu Plus from the service. Call customer service no help, no refund, No no breaks on the bills for bad service. Always reboot reboot reboot. In fact the best news ever heard from them as he was shutting down. Good riddance cuz I'll never get them again!!!

Clearwire is closing up shop so my family and I decided to go with another internet, phone, and cable provider. We were only told by Clearwire that we needed to port the number and they had said they did that for us and then they disconnected our service. Now what they didn't tell us is that we needed to keep the phone number for thirty days to port the number and not cancel until then. We cancelled not knowing and were told by Comcast that we could not port the number so I called to speak with a manager of Comcast since things were back and forth about the number. Mr. ** helped me out by calling Clearwire and speaking with their representatives with me. The representative from Clearwire even though they were at fault for not explaining what needed to be done to port the number and only told us that it was ported and it was noted in their files that it was ported.

** a manager at Clearwire continuously told me that there was nothing he could do about the mistake on their end and that our old phone number was pretty much gone with the wind. We were told that the number would be placed in a file somewhere never to be used again. Now it's obvious that Clearwire is selling out to Sprint however he would not deny that nor would he acknowledge that there was any other way to obtain the phone number. This by the way is a phone number that had remained the same for thirty one years. Obtained around the same time my mother and father in law had their first child and kept ever since until now. Even changed over from AT&T to Clearwire.

The service and lack of knowledge on ** the manager at Clearwire that was detrimental to helping a family out was considerably lacking in any type of respect or professionalism. I am thoroughly disappointed in Clearwire's lack of care for their customers that faithfully provided money for their services for so long to have been ignored and uncared for just because Clearwire is selling out to Sprint. I really hope Sprint doesn't how any of the personnel from Clearwire when they do make the transition. If they do you just may end up as disappointed as me and my family.

I have contacted technical support over the past few months for connectivity issues with my internet service and problems with my clear spot device. Each time I call in they want to troubleshoot, refresh, check for outages, etc. and each time it still doesn't work. I have asked for a replacement device and they will not issue one, but offered to charge me to get a new brand new modem.

I have also requested an adjusted bill considering out of the 30 days/month of service, I am only able to use it maybe 10 days. I primarily use my internet service for work and school and have not been able to do either efficiently. I have to utilize my wireless cell phone to conduct things requiring internet. I pay $54.99 for an internet provider that I can't utilize. I tried one last time today 6/15/15 to contact customer service about my concerns because the device was not working the entire weekend even with me troubleshooting and refreshing. The representative today was also not able to assist me or forward me to the proper department that could handle my concerns.

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Currently shopping for a new wireless ISP since Sprint is shutting down WiMax network, of which Clear is a part. I've been a subscriber since their initial rollout --about six years I guess. Adequate 4G bandwidth at a reasonable price ($40/mo. at the start, currently $45/mo.). I bought the booster antenna when I first subscribed, and connectivity has always been acceptable, with very few disconnects in the past couple of years. I can watch video (with some buffering) and play online games. Maybe my good experience comes from being in one of their rollout cities. Hope I can find another service as good and as inexpensive.

It has caused me a huge inconvenience because I have had to change my user name on dozens of applications which has been extremely difficult to do. They should have made it easier. Service seems to have stopped on April 23, 2015. I started to convert a month ago and was not quite finished. This has left a bad taste in my mouth and I am looking for another wifi provider.

Clearwire home internet service is soooooo bad! I can count on my service being down AT LEAST once a day for some period of time. It has gotten to the point where now, when I call to whatever country has their customer service, I open my conversation with, "I don't need to do the unplugging the modem thing, please. Just tell me when service in my area is expected to be back."

On April 11, 2015, I was doing my taxes on Turbo Tax and preparing to e-file. Lo and behold, Clearwire was down. I called customer service and was on hold for 35 minutes before someone came on to help me. I was told that "the tower" was down and technicians were aware. Then, as if to cheer me up, I was told that it was "a good thing that it was a known problem and the technicians were already aware." Then I was told it could be down for two to 24 hours. I was given a $2 credit to my account.

Service was down again on Sunday, 04/12/2015, and I was on hold for customer service for over 45 minutes before I hung up in frustration. On Monday, 04/14/2015, I was on with another tech who credited my account $10 for my trouble, but didn't get service until Tuesday when I was FINALLY able to submit my taxes via e-file!

This has been my history with Clearwire for over five years! NEVER has there been dependable service and, if I averaged it out, it probably comes to at least once every day their service being "down" for some period of time. As of today, I have a $12 credit on my account due to the number of days without service! I will be cancelling my service this week. I understand that having them cancel service is just as bad as trying to get GOOD service from them. I guess I'm in for a fight!

We decided to get Clearwire to run our internet & stream to our TV. The service was fine for about the first week. Then one day I couldn't get ANYTHING to connect. We had just bought Roku for our TV & had a few issues with it & thought that was the issue. Finally called Clearwire & after an hour on the phone with them, they finally realized our local tower was offline & would not be turned back on and they didn't know when another tower would be used in its place. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This tower provided their service for my whole town & they just cut it off. They don't send a letter, email or anything letting us know. Unacceptable! I am paying for this service & you just cut it off. I will never even think of this company again & warn anyone we know to not even consider them.

Clearwire is dropping their support of email on April 15, 2015. The monthly service fee will probably stay the same, so it is a backdoor price increase plus the aggravation of informing everyone of one's new email address. The connection speed has always been inconsistent, which is probably a function of inadequate infra-structure investment to support the company claims and advertisement.

Trying to cancel and the lady I spoke to has broken English which makes communication difficult - have had to call back twice because they say you can't cancel until they bill you? WTH! Good riddance Clearwire.

I was never told the price went up. So I'm paying the old price. They suspend my account and charge me $25.00 extra. The Internet goes out all the time. We have to reset it all the time. Nothing gets resolved. I don't feel I should have to call clear every month. I bought my modem five years ago from Best Buy. I took theirs back. I called and told them I bought my own. They said the lease amount would be removed from my account starting the next month. It never was. I have been trying to get this resolved for a while. I was just on the phone with them and it took me over 20 min to find out that it was still not resolved. I'm sick of being ripped off and lied to. I can't even talk to someone here in my area. I'm getting different internet service. I'm done!!

The door to door sales person signed me to a two year contract without telling me while setting up my account on my PC. He even turned the screen away from me while he did this. In addition, the signal only had one bar and I was not able to meet the service tech sent out to confirm the bad signal . When I called to cancel they said it was too late. It was over 30 days and that I was committed for two years. They would not give me the name of the sales rep or cancel my account. I put my account on vacation hold for months at a time, but finally paid all 24 months.... and paid for the modem.

After I heard during at this time they were doubling the engineers recommended towers coverage areas to gain more customers, I was pretty furious. I even saw a map where I was outside of the coverage circles of three nearest towers. This company is very deceitful, and scandalous. The only thing they could ever help me with over the phone is taking my payment so they wouldn't turn me into collections.

Clearwire has been a great service for our area -- I have been a customer since November 2007. We rarely have had issues. It's our only source of Internet access. The service has been reliable. I have not had any issues with email. Any issues with the tower were fixed within very reasonable times. A very satisfied customer.

I have been using Clear for seven years. When their service stops working at my business they did nothing to help me for five days. Then when I asked them to cancel they charged me for two more months and refused to give me a refund saying we used data even though we didn't have a router hooked up with them. Pick anyone but Clear for your service!!

My service was frequently interrupted and needed to be rebooted several times a week by shutting everything down and restarting my computer and modem. Speed was really slow and it was difficult to place the modem in a location where it received enough signal to function. Customer service was obviously outsourced and technicians had trouble understanding me and I them due to accents. When I decided to cancel, I was told that I was prepaid ‘til the end of the month. I was surprised when I was canceled the morning of the 30th of October; I thought I had ‘til the end of the month.

Once they canceled me, my account was wiped clean of all emails, over two thousand business contacts, and years worth of business documents. When I called, they graciously turned on my service again for the extra day, however, all my important data was irretrievably lost. I spent hours on the phone (mostly on hold) and the supervisor told me (unbelievably) that there was no way they could help me; that once an account is canceled for any reason, all data is always irretrievably wiped from the system and there was absolutely nothing they could do.

I tried to cancel this service for over 15 minutes on the phone with a rep and they wouldn't let me even speak with their supervisor to cancel my account as they were unable to verify my account, as my boyfriend had already thrown the modem in the trash as soon as we hooked up our charter internet account and of course he was gone fishing this AM as it is Saturday and I didn't have the last 4 #s of his credit card for billing here with me! Their service is crap - always disconnects, WiFi was slower than any I've ever used! And to top it off, they charge us $54 and change per month for crappy customer service as well? I don't think so.....if you live in Tri-Cities and you are thinking of getting this yourself a favor and DON'T sign up with Clearwire cause they suck!!

We started Clearwire service a year ago, it worked alright for 3 months. We had the full bars then one day it would only get two bars - it slowed down to a crawl. I called their service number. I got a so called service tech that told me to move it around the house to get more bars. I told them that I hooked up the modem to a 100 ft extension cord and went every where in the house and I even got on the roof with it, still no good. I am an electrician so I do know something about electrical and signal strength. The person on the other end told me some bs about the tower that made no sense. They treated me like an idiot. I asked them why I could pay my Clearwire account on line but I couldn't check my email, they couldn't answer. Good news is I can go on Clearwire to pay my bill but I can't check my email.

I paid the 54.99 in late June to go to the higher speed service plan. Couldn't get a speed over 2.0 Mbps, called tech support. They ran me through the optimization exercise, nothing changed. Tech support advised me to do speed checks and keep record of them. I did. I was billed recently for the high speed plan, talked again to tech support, repeat above... no change. So, I called customer support and requested the 415 difference credited to my account, and to go back on the slow speed plan in the meantime and get a credit for the pro-rated time I was on the high speed plan. It took 40 minutes on the line, talking to 3 different people, but they finally acquiesced and are refunding me $30. I was calm, respectful but persistent and they did the right thing. Note: Whether the support line is from India, Malaysia, or Manhattan doesn't matter to me. Courtesy and service are the goal and I achieved satisfaction by being a civil customer with a legitimate complaint.

I signed up over 2 years ago, and have used auto-pay as my pmt method. I had hacker issues in late Jan '14 and changed my email to a different name but same account. I had several bills auto-paid, so never noticed the Clear account had issues. The other bills had no trouble making this adjustment for pmt. I got a bill from a collector in June '14, saying the account was suspended and I owed $75+ for my account plus the agency fees. I was never contacted about this and my credit report now reflects this gap from January to June of non-payment! I had no idea! I have used the service twice for a blackout and one week during my mom's hospital stay. They can meter this! I used so little of the paid service and can't even get a simple call to let me know something's wrong??

A Cut-Rate Provider With Serious Stability Problems - Clear Wireless service, while relatively cheap, suffers from periodic outages that last from 24 hours to up to one week. Worse, the outages appear to be part of their business plan. When it works, Clear service is generally okay. It never reaches advertised speeds, has routine issues, but not enough to yank the service.

What really drives a knife into the customer's back, however, are the outages. When they come, there is zero notice, zero internet, and entirely misleading responses from Clear customer support. The outages happen once every couple or few months, and can last for days. As I write this, my service has just come back after three days.

Clear is unusual among service providers in that they appear to have made the calculation that it is cheaper to rebate those few persistent complaining customers or even lose one or two in the wake of an outage rather than pay a service technician overtime to fix something. Hence, service gaps that would doom any other company would appear to be seen by Clear as a viable business strategy. The rebate for this weekend's three day outage was just $7.

The bottom line is that if you cannot afford random, unannounced, and prolonged blackouts with your internet service, avoid Clear like the customer service plague that it truly is.

After my brother passed away I as exec. of his estate tried to cancel his Clearwire account. They requested a copy of his death cert. which I had not rec'd yet. Once I rec'd it I faxed over to Clearwire. Have transmission report as rec'd. Received his next bank statement and it showed another month billed. When I called I was told they have not rec'd the death cert. Advised them yes they did. After being transferred to the sixth person they said they would issue a credit for the extra billing and that they do not prorate previous month. Spent over an hour & half on the phone. Dealing with the death of my brother and everything with the estate this drama I do not need.

We opened a small business in a warehouse in North Hollywood, CA. For some reason, none of the buildings are wired for the internet, so we went with CLEAR because there wasn't much choice. At first, it worked fine. But then, as time went on, we began to experience more and more of the same message on our computers: "Safari cannot find because you are not connected to the internet."

Finally, after I complained enough and went through hours of "customer service" from India, they determined that I had a modem problem and shipped me a new one (it was still under warranty). I got the new modem this morning, hooked it up and the same thing happened! "Safari cannot find because you are not connected to the internet." Yep, this is called DATA THROTTLING TO PUNISH AND PROFIT, and it reminds me of what Enron was doing to its California power customers a few years ago in order to make money...

Now we are looking at getting all the tenants in our warehouse complex to pitch in and have the building wired by TWC or another company. We will not keep CLEAR much longer... They are, of course, interested in making money (welcome to America), which is fine, but not by being dishonest and manipulative with customers.

Clearwire will frequently shut down your internet connection if they think you seem to be taking up a bit too much bandwidth, even if you are only using what was promised in the contract, if not much less. Their annual or monthly contract also has a huge fine attached to the cancellation, even if I have been constantly phoning their technical support line as to why the hell I was not getting what I paid for. Never, ever, get your internet from Clearwire. It's much better to pay a little bit more to receive quality network connections from most other reputable internet service providers.

I never had good signal. I'm always calling so they can reboot it for me. I pass time more calling than enjoying the service. So I stopped getting their service and they wanted money for getting out?

I had lots of times I couldn't open my internet to read my email or anything. When I called for help, the technician would say something was wrong with the tower. I finally had enough in August this year. I could not get any help. I got another internet service on August 27, 2012. I called Clear in October and after a long wait, a lady was nice, told me I was cancelled. I did not have to return the modem. They are still taking a payment for internet service out of my bank account. I have called and called and they have not connected me to a human being yet. I'm nearly 80 years old and I don't think I deserve this.

My Clearwire service was slow and unreliable. Sometimes, I had a signal, sometimes not. So, I signed up with a fiber optic cable service. The speed is now over 20 times faster and has been 100% reliable. I called to cancel my Clearwire service and got someone from India. He argued with me about canceling my account. I was on a month to month so it wasn't a contract problem. He was arguing that since I had never called to complain (which I had, many times) then I had no business canceling the service! I told him it was my choice not his and I was canceling, but he just kept talking! I told him I wanted his manager and he said there was no reason to transfer me and that he wasn't done yet! He kept asking me, "Why would you want to cancel when you have never complained, therefore everything is fine?" I told him now I had two reasons to cancel. First, the signal was lousy and now I wanted to cancel too because the customer service was lousy." He still would not cancel my service! I yelled at him to cancel my service and he just kept asking me why I would want to cancel!

My husband finally got on the other phone and told him we would get a lawyer if we had to and we were going to file a claim with our State Attorney General for illegal business activity if he did not cancel the service immediately. He continued to argue then he pretended he couldn't hear us. Then, he started reading us a sales pitch. All the while both my husband and I were shouting at him to cancel the service. And it wasn't until I explained I could block their automatic payment, so the company couldn't get any more money out of us anyway so he was just wasting his time, did he finally agree to process the cancellation! OMG! I will never ever have anything to do with Clearwire ever again.

In fact, I will never do business with any company McCaw owns, used to own, or will own in the future based on this experience. The company flat out lied about the service in my area, and when I found a reputable company, I had to fight for an hour to cancel my Clearwire service. Unbelievable. Buyer beware. This outfit is trouble. They failed to provide what they promised and based on the experience I just had, I think they outsource their customer service to a company that can only be described as horrific and disreputable. Actually, now that I think of it, it's probably a pretty good cultural fit for Clearwire.

Clearwire is the worst internet service I have ever had. My service is spotty at best, sometimes shutting down in the middle of a project, or simply freezing up and the only solution is to shut down, losing any work that I have done and starting all over again, and in some cases only to have it happen all over again. When I called in to complain or see if there is a solution to the problem, I am forced to speak to someone whose idea of English is worse than someone speaking a different form of English than I have ever heard.

I have had Clearwire communications for over two (2) years now, and minus the slow net service, it hasn't been too bad until now. Three weeks ago, I called to inform them that I was going to be moving (to a location they do not have coverage), and I was asked how long I planned on living there. Seriously? You are going to ask a customer that. Anyway, I was told that because my move date was just after the billing cycle, that the four (4) additional days would be prorated and that I would be receiving an email with the return shipping on it.

Here it is now almost 2 weeks later and I still do not have the shipping label. And after sitting on the phone with them for over 30 minutes, I was informed that they are updating the mailing labels and I should receive it by the end of the week. While I was on the phone with someone who spoke with a very strong accent, I asked, "How much is the prorating going to be for the additional four (4) days?" I was then told they do not do prorating and that I will be charged for the full month through November 11th, and that I will have a $30 restocking fee. How does this company stay in business? I will make sure that I let all of my friends know to avoid them like the plague, and I am a guru with social media so take note, Clearwire.

About 1 year ago, I cancelled my Clearwire service after 8 months because I was moving to an area that did not have Clearwire service. I was told that I would not be charged anything such as early termination fees or restocking fees for my device after they checked my new address and verified that it was outside their coverage area. One month later, I received a bill for about $40. I called to ask why I had received the bill and after informing them that I had moved to an area with no coverage and was told that I would not be charged any fees, they said it would be taken care of. I received no further bills, but here I am, almost 12 months later, in possession of a letter from a collection agency saying that I owe Clearwire $40.

I am angry and frustrated that I now have to go through all of this and, most of all, I am stupefied that I have not heard anything from them or been billed in the course of the last year to say that this charge had not been rectified! The only thing in all of this that I am thankful for is that I have just moved back to Chicago and was thinking about getting Clearwire again. Now, that is not going to happen!

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