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I hired Ciplex in 2011 to build a website for my business. I'm not that web savvy, and I needed a website that was going to be easy for me to update, without a programmer. I have a simple e-commerce site, selling range of products. I was greeted by a very professional salesperson (who is no longer there) and things were going smoothly until he left. As soon as my project was to begin, I was told it would be another 2-3 weeks wait time. I was furious because they knew I needed the site up quickly and I had already been waiting for 2 weeks after I signed and paid upfront. Well can you believe it took another 10 days past when they last told me it was going to begin!?

Well they finally started and I was dealing with a young designer directly. I was told I would get a project manager that would see my project from start to finish and that they would make sure that I get what I wanted and asked for. So there are two lies already. I demanded to speak with management and I was directed to a Joshua Krane, who stated he was the CEO. I found him very rude and downright mean and he had no sympathy for my situation or the fact that I was misled. My project continued on and only got worse as the weeks went by and turned into months and months and months.

I became so furious, I demanded my money back, and they refused and said they can't give me the money back because they had spent it on the project and that they were now in a hole trying to complete it. Oh my god, I was blown away that they would tell me that they couldn't finish my project and had spent my money so I couldn't have it back. Well I contacted an attorney and we'll be taking them to court. It turns out that Ciplex owes a lot of people money, not just customers. My attorney found out they owe money to freelancers they use to work on the projects as well as employees, most of which have left the company.

I have to leave this report anonymous, because it appears that I signed a non-disparagement agreement in the contract. Can you believe it, they have that in place to protect them from being slandered or reported on? Who does this unless they're scared of what people will say? You have been warned. Do not do business with Ciplex. They will steal your money, use it for other projects and not return it when they do bad work.

I hired Ciplex because of a referral. I was sold a website that was CMS programming. I was told it was better than a blog because I could add unlimited pages and I didn't need programming experience to do it. I was also told it would be done in 6 to 8 weeks. Well it was not done. After 4 months it was on the web with lots of "bugs". In fact, they refused to fix the site (the dead links etc) and refused the discount I was promised because they were late on the contract. The project manager was fired during this time also. I told her I had NOT signed off on the project. She told the company before she left that it was done.

I was given minimum training. Then I found out CMS is NOT like a blog AT ALL. And yes I did need some programming background to use the site.They sold me a bad product and refused to fix it.

They also recommended that I use BlueHost for hosting. I just found out today that my website has been hacked and a virus is in it and BlueHost told me it's the developers problem. So who's fault is it? The server at Blue Host or Ciplex. Ciplex NEVER told me to update security on the website. I told them from the beginning I had very limited computer skills. I would never have hired them if I was required to do that.

Buyer beware. Don't hire this company.


I filled out a form on about a price quote for a new website since their portfolio seemed very professional. The next day I got a response from Daniel Rocha, who claimed to be the sales person who will be in charge of our project. He sent us a contract. Everything looked very professional and impressive. They quote was reasonable and they were going to finish our project in 2-4 weeks. Once we got started on the project things changed.

I noticed that Daniel was the only person working on our project and he was not competent for the job. He definately lacked skills. When I asked him why his work did not match that of their portfolio he said it is because he is a different company - CiplexLite, which he claimed to be a subdivision of Ciplex. He said since we werent a priority or expensive enough project that they gave it to CiplexLite which is one person - Daniel Rocha.

Daniel Rocha does not even know how to resize images let alone built a website. After 7 months we still do not have a website. We had to hire another company and start over.

We lost a lot of money since our website was not up for 7 months. Had they in their contract mentioned that it would take over a month we would've never signed up. We wasted months back and forth with Daniel who was incapable of finishing the project for us. Needles to say this was definately a misrepresentation of their company and their services. What you see on their website and is NOT what you get. What you get is so unprofessional that you think they are playing a joke on you. Ciplex and CiplexLite should not be allowed mispresent their companies skills. Nowhere on the contract did it say that CiplexLite was going to built our webiste!! We lost a lot of money and time! DO NOT GET TRAPPED like we did!

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