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Canton, Ohio FO has applied the "holding out clause" to imply that there was an overpay on my SSI. They are using a VOID relationship to my first biological cousin and considering him my legal spouse for SSI. Under Social Security Federal Regulations Subpart R-Relationships 20 CFR 416.1806 and SI 00501.150 Determining Whether a Marital Relationship Exist D. When two individuals are no longer considered married for SSI purposes: they will find, that they are NOT to use the holding out clause in my situation, as in both states, where we resided (Ohio and Mississippi) our relationship was VOID in all aspects from the beginning, because of being so closely related.

After bringing this up (State Laws and SSA Rules) to Canton, Ohio FO Supervisor, he claims the holding out clause was applied, because we had a child together (their stories and excuses contently changing, to excuse/cover their errors) & using my daughter, for the excuse of using the "holding out clause" (and not fallowing Laws/SSA rules) would fall under Discrimination of Parental Status under SSA Policy as well. Also: FO disallowed an appeal, by saying it was non appealable! Because of the errors of Local FO here in Canton ,Ohio. They are implying, that I OWE THEM an overpay, so they applied my Social Security retroactive payment due ME toward this "overpay" and REFUSES to fix any and all errors made by them (thus causing a HUGE financial burden to myself and minor children/likely will lose our home with no place to go).

I have provided proof of errors, Laws and Rules as evidence to local FO, yet their excuses continue and errors are never corrected (as well as reviews I turn in to FO does NOT seem to have been submitted, according to the 1-888-772-1213 number). I have are rare geneticdisease and likely will never see the money actually owed to me in my lifetime sadly... nor will my children! This FO needs an audit BADLY as the misuse of power is obvious and abundant.

Reading these reviews is heartbreaking and soul crushing! Mainly because I now realize that what I'm going through appears to be standard operating procedures for SSA. I was in a car accident a couple years ago. The guy who rear-ended my car was under-insured. I lost my job of 12 years, my second job of almost 5 years, it took me two more years to complete my degree. This accident just messed with my life on so many levels. Last February I decided to apply for SSDI. My application was denied for reasons that contradicted my medical records. So I filed for Reconsideration. I sent in (thankfully with a USPS tracker) ~45 more pages of medical records, specifically pinpointing why the original denial was incorrect. I even sent back a copy of my work history form and underlined each task that my medical records show I cannot perform anymore.

About a month later I received a letter from SSA. In it, they claimed a rep had spoken with me over the phone about two weeks prior (no such call ever took place). The letter claimed my reconsideration arrived too late, and that I agreed it arrived too late but said it was a mailing issue! Never, ever did this conversation take place. I went straight down to my local office with a copy of the USPS mail receipt. The rep went into a back office and came out several minutes later. She said they gave me an exception and my records were sent over for reconsideration.

Fast forward two months later: I open a letter today AGAIN denying me for the same reasons as before! I was blown away! The records I submitted clearly demonstrated that this was not a valid reason for denial. Then I looked closer. They only considered records my chiropractor sent in a few weeks ago. No mention of the 45 pages of records from my PCP, MRI's, Neurologist, etc... that I packaged up and sent to them myself along with my reconsideration application 3 months ago!

I got a letter the other day from a law firm telling me my mortgage has been accelerated by my lender. What are my options now? To sit back and wait on some future hearing date while my home is foreclosed on and I end up in a shelter? I don't have family members who can take me in. This is an absolute nightmare! I worked so hard to buy my home and all because some under-insured jerk couldn't keep his eyes on the road I'm going to lose my home! I've lost my job, my lifestyle, everything I'd worked so hard to build! I paid into SSDI to protect me from something like this, but they're literally expediting my descent into my own personal hell right now! Now I see all these complaints on this page. I feel like it's utterly hopeless!

Well in a last ditch effort I emailed my rep in Congress. I explained what happened and asked if his office would call over to SSA to ask them why they did not consider the medical reports I submitted. If I go in myself, they'll just tell me I have to wait for a hearing date to bring this issue up. But if a Congressman's office calls over, maybe they'll admit they screwed up and go back and review everything I submitted.

I am 22-years-old and have PTSD and severe anxiety and depression from years of sexual abuse to the point that most of the time I do not leave the house. I applied for disability while still living in Oregon around April of this year but lost a place to live and had to move back in with my family, so my case was moved back to Texas around June. I have gone through tests with a therapist and a psychiatrist and have a formal medical diagnosis (in writing) that I do have PTSD. I sent in all of the paperwork I needed, including my diagnosis, but in August I received a letter saying they had set me up with an appointment to meet with someone in September because I was "lacking information" towards my disability.

I met with Dr. Stephen ** earlier this month and I can say with certainty that if you are ever told you have an appointment with this man, do not go. Call disability services and ask to meet with someone else. He was belligerent and passive-aggressive throughout the entirety of the appointment. He would ask horribly personal questions about my abuse and constantly be fact-checking over things that did not matter (such as whether I was with my grandparents or parents at the time; things as simple as that he would berate me about). It was as if, simply because I was going in for a psychological disability and not a physical one, he had already assumed right off the bat that I had to be lying as if it's not possible for someone to be mentally disabled.

He also seemed to write off my symptoms immediately once I said I wasn't currently going to therapy because I couldn't afford it, and the fact that I had gone to a therapist in San Angelo instead of Abilene (San Angelo is 20 minutes away); he said "Why are you going all the way over there when you can get pills for that here?" and "So you're not getting treatment for all these symptoms you supposedly have?" As if despite me having no money because I don't have a job and not being able to go to therapy AND because I don't WANT to take medication (it's a lengthy process and doesn't always help, I just want counseling/therapy if at all possible for treatment), I don't have PTSD at all.

At one point he started asking "have you ever wanted to kill yourself" and asking me to go into detail how often I thought about this and what the reasons behind it were, after just asking about my abuse in detail (which is not something I wanted to talk about; no one with trauma WANTS to talk about this to a stranger). I was already having flashbacks from going into it and talking about in detail that I have suicidal depression cause me to have a panic attack there in the room with him. I couldn't focus and tears were streaming down my face. He immediately transitioned into asking me very simple math, logic and history questions at this point, such as: "Who is the president right now?" "What is 100 minus 7?" etc. and though I was panicking and crying I was able to answer most of them; anyone could have, though I couldn't focus enough to answer questions about what particular euphemisms/phrases meant.

As soon as he finished (there were about 10 or so questions like this), he said "okay that's all we need from you" and sent me away. I was treated with cruelty and hostility for the entirety of the appointment as if he was trying to goad me into breaking down. Two weeks later I get denied disability as I am not "defined as disabled by the state." Apparently because I can answer a few simple math and logic questions after being goaded into a panic attack, I am fit to work. Because having a panic attack is a totally acceptable thing in a workplace environment, apparently, and doing average work is as plainly simple as figuring out what 7 subtracted from 100 is.

I am going to try to appeal but it just seems like Texas disability determination and services is horrible in general by my own personal experience of cruelty with Stephen ** and by all the numerous reviews on this website (the bulk of which are from people in Texas), I don't think anything positive is going to come from it, and I honestly don't think I have the energy to keep going at it like this on my own. Most people get lawyers to help them with this sort of thing but I Have No Money in the first place, how am I supposed to afford that? This whole system is horrible.

This is a very sore subject with me because in 2013 that happened to me. There is nothing that you can do because in urban Social Security Cases it takes over a year to just hear your case. I was a student at Kaplan Career Institute in Detroit - I was finishing up an externship to finish the course. Near my last day I happened to run into a person whom used to work for a company named Northwestern Tech. I had been fired from just a year before! This person runs to or call the Social Security Administration office and tells them that I was working and furthermore he saw me get paid and left twenty-five pounds. For that reason alone I was denied. It has taken my five -years' just to get to this point again. I truly feel very strongly that if some person outright lies and you get a negative report. Then those people involved should not only be fined but the person whom is damaged should get every cent of his back pay. Even with having a Parkinson's disease.

I was T-boned on my motorcycle by a F-150 in 2007. I was dead then I was not supposed to have a left leg. I did keep my leg and I'm alive... I've had problems with my legs since then not to mention many other problems. It's 2016 I have spent most of it in the hospital because now my right knee is blowing up I can barely walk... 4 lawyers 2 social workers and no one can understand why they keep turning me down. Now they have played me so long they told me I do not qualify for SSD because of no work. Screwing me out of any back pay at all or work credits to help me get a better amount per month.

I have lost everything, have not seen my kids in years, and I'm homeless. I'm writing this from the ER right now. I was also told I'm HIV and having difficulty with that too. FL see me as disabled and put me on Medicaid as of 4/2016. But SSI SSD have turned me down yet again telling me that I'm not that serious. So I'm dying and I can't walk and I'm pretty much living in the hospital but I'm not that serious. Even the lawyers have said they don't understand... said they have had people with way less and yet they keep turning me down for SSI and now telling me I do not qualify for SSD. This is a very messed up system.

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My son has been deemed disabled since 2010. He finally received SSD benefits since 2014. Since then we have not received back payment and every month SSD states I'm making money. I'm not. I called SSD April 2, 2016 where I gave them income change. I was told that I would receive a call from my local within 7/10 days. A month later nothing. I took all my paper work to the Norristown local office, where I was treated as a criminal from Ms. Casey. She told me the paperwork I brought was not good enough. The same paperwork the 800 number told me I needed. I could have smacked the crap out her. After Casey insist that I make more than I do I had to get up and leave before I went to jail. Now July I received payment of 566. Now August I get a letter stating that because I'm receiving a special one time payment from someone that I get no benefits.

Who the hell am I getting money from. I get 1178 a month that is it. I also have to pay back 3000 dollars for overpayment. They have been trying to tell me that I make over 4000 a month. Whose social security number are they using? Not mine. I don't have food to feed my kids. I make 1178 a month and my rent is 1200. I am behind on rent. Shut off notices, and to complete that my disable child has no health insurance. I can't even pay for his medication. Why is not social security being looked into for fraud towards Americans. Why are they getting away with it. On top of me writing a speak letter to social security they did not comply with the laws and provide me a hearing. I am returning there again tomorrow to the office to find out where they are coming up with this money that I don't get. Then I guess I will have to get another lawyer.

I applied for disability benefits in Aug 2015 after being diagnosed with Stage 2 Lung cancer and having half my left lung removed 8/10. I was denied and I requested a review. Denied again as they did not feel my condition was "terminal" and I asked that they please share the cure for cancer then I appealed that second denial which was to the Adjudication Law Judge for hearing and at this point hired an attorney in Jan 2016.

Then in less than 5 weeks by March 10 2016 I was completely blind in my left eye due to rare eye cancer tumor detaching my retina and it took my vision in left eye. The left eye was also diagnosed with glaucoma on 4/19/16. I called SSA OAH that was handling my case and the lady advised me I should file Dire Needs letter and to have my attys do that for me. SUPPOSEDLY this will get your case looked at and could make determination without a hearing. I found a template for DIRE NEEDS letter online. Did it myself and my attys sent to SSA in APRIL 29 2016 and as of JULY 22 2016 nothing has been done.

I am totally broke. I live with my 79 yr old mother in a small one bedroom apt and I am 56 years old. I worked most of my adult life and put money into system. I have earned the credits or points to be eligible for disability but when I need the system to be there for me they are not. The SSA literally is hoping I die of cancer before they have to pay out one dime of what I deserve and desperately need. I also underwent 20 radiation treatments on my left eye trying to remove tumor and hopes I might get some sight back to no avail.

I am having issues still with area of my ribs/chest where chest tube was inserted ALMOST A YEAR AGO and RADIATION shrank the tumor ever so slightly in left eye but prognosis is highly unlikely I will ever regain my SIGHT in left eye. And the 6/21 appt with glaucoma doctor says my right eye has gotten somewhat weaker since APRIL 19th report.

I'm at my ropes end I have FILED a CONGRESSIONAL INQUIRY with my congressman who said they were supposed to get a "response" from SSA by 7/18 or that I could receive a response. Well I got a letter from a totally different SSA Office (not Office of Appeals and Hearings) in Denton Tx wanting me to verify statements I made with them during a phone conversation they think they had with me while I was having an upper left lobectomy on 8/10/15. Was in ICU for 24 hours after and in PCU till released on 8/14/15 and there is no way in hell they spoke to me while I was undergoing major surgery. This was alarming to me... Getting this letter however my lackadaisical attorneys shrugged it off and just suggested I ignore the LTR.

I am going to follow up Monday 7/25 with my Congressman and use the fact that it's election year to light a fire under someone. This is ridiculous. And why is there no outside 3rd party to handle complaints against SSA? Do you really think they are policing themselves?? And that's what they want us to think yet look how inefficient and poorly operated this gov't agency is. It's as bad as the recent light shown on Veterans Administration and all the horrible inefficiencies and mishandling and mistakes made within VA and I am certain it's much more rabid and widespread within SOCIAL SECURITY ADMINISTRATION.

So CONGRESSMEN... SENATORS... REPRESENTATIVES. WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO TO FIX SSA? Because it's broken and NEEDS to be fixed so it will be more cost effective as an agency of gov't and to have some kind of efficiency rating other than negatives. That's costing we the people even more money because of its total lack of effectiveness and efficacy.

I got married to an able body person in 2013. At that time I was considered a disabled adult child. When we officially got married they took that away. Then put me on SSI, however now that my wife works and I don't because I can't find a job. The amount given from SSI isn't enough. You're only allowed to make $2,400 before taxes are taken out. I would like to see if we can make the threshold a bit bigger so that two people can live a little more comfortably. I don't think it's fair for other people in the same situation to have to live this. If I were to marry someone that had disability my status as a disabled adult child would not have changed.

July 3, 2016 - I was to receive my usual monthly disability payment for my daughter but I have not received anything this month. There were no prior notices, no phone calls, not even stating why they were going to discontinue payments, who, what, where, when, how or why. It just stopped out of the blue. Based upon the above comments I have read, I am not in any means going to complain about not receiving a monthly payment. I still receive disability. I am just lost for words why they did not send a letter, no phone calls or anything to this nature. Just one month you got it and the next month it's gone. I also plead the Blood of Jesus over each and every last person's case and situation regarding this subject and matter. Amen.

June 4, 2016 I received an "ineligible" for SSD because Chris ** claimed I never applied. However, she was wrong. I filled out the complete application for the claim and sent it back to her. In addition, she failed to call me on the interview day at the scheduled time. I called this office they told me they would call back at 3PM. They never called. Then, they set me up another interview not until June 20. However, in the meantime I received the form with 6 pages, I filled out every question. It took me 2 1/2 hours to fill out this claim. I sent it in the same day it arrived in my mail. Result: I receive mail today that stated Chris ** claimed I never sent the claim in so I was "ineligible"!

How could this be when I filled out every form sent to me? I was available for that interview call and not one ever even called me? I sent that claim form in for SSD and Chris ** claimed I never sent it in? What is going on in this office? They never call you and they lose your claim forms? I am beyond furious and am calling an attorney!

SSDI is an insurance benefit paid to workers who have earned this benefit due to their work as a U.S. citizen should they become disabled. The Social Security System is more than broken. If this were a business, it would have busted. I continue to be baffled at the abject incompetence, wastefulness, total lack of effective communication, inconsistencies, and hatefulness of SSA employees. Does SSA specifically look to hire hateful, vindictive people who can't tie their own shoelaces, or what? The amount of redundant paperwork, each stamped with a notice of the "Paperwork Reduction Act" is a sick joke.

I seriously wonder if there has been a top-down directive to wear the disabled down so they give up, and forfeit what is rightfully theirs rather than fighting the system year after year. I also wonder if there is money being funneled from beneficiaries to the accounts of employees or higher ups who relentlessly harass those receiving disability payments in order to get their benefits stopped?

I am being retaliated against only because I called and visited the SSA office looking for backpay that was due to me. The agents and supervisors have reworked my case each time I complained and twice stopped my payments and twice cut my payments by $377.00. Each time I call I am mocked, demeaned and spoken to in an unprofessional manner. I have been hung up on and told that I would be contacted back by a supervisor but was not. Now they have stopped my benefits again. I thought it was my right to question agents about policies and procedures, but this made me a target for the SSA. They are bullies and need to be stopped!

I've been on SSDI since 2002. I've been reviewed in Nov. of 2015. March 7th, 2016, I get a letter from SSA stating that I'm no longer disabled. They stated that in 2002, I was approved because of Affective Disorders. That now I still have affective disorders, but now suffer from COPD (stage C), diabetes, obesity, sleep apnea, nerve damage due to diabetes. However they claim that they have evidence that I'm no longer disabled... They never told me or the Congresswoman for my area what evidence they have. I thought they were supposed to tell us through the "Freedom of Information Act"?

I got the letter on March 7th, I filed an appeal and had it stamped on March 9th, within the 10 period so I can still receive my benefits during the appeal process. The SSA office somehow lost my paperwork and acted surprised that I had copies that were stamped by their workers. They mysteriously found my paperwork 30 days later! Still too late, I don't know if I'll get my next month's check so I can pay rent, electric, etc. My landlord will start eviction on the 4th if rent is not paid!

I've been on SSDI for many mental issues and for many years. I was under the impression that a trial to work period (TWP) was any job I wanted to try. SSDI told me that because I was given a job by a family friend that has me answering phones and washing literally three windows three days a week. I tried the 8 hour day, couldn't do it, so they allowed me to change my hours to better suit my needs. So basically I am working way under the $810.00 SGA for 2016 but why is SSDI still on my butt? I have sent them every time card since I started. Why does SSDI do this to people?

Back pay is really late. I have tried my local SSA office many times.the management lady said that she was in touch with a contact at another office and that my back pay was still in process. My disappointing complaints are that it has taken too long. September 3rd of 2014 was my holey fully favorable Dec. It is April 20th of 2016. I'm going to lose my home vehicle and possibly my life. Among me being a type 2 diabetic. I have too many health issues to put in this post. Please help me. God I'm at the end. So awful.

I have been a recipient of SSD for nearly 20 years due to disability in the category of "unlikely to improve." I have had 3 reviews in the past and been approved on all past reviews. My medical diagnoses have been agreed upon by 3 different doctors. I was up for review again (4th time) in February of 2012. I went to the review meeting. The examiner was extremely unprofessional, over 30 minutes late to my review, talking on her cell phone to other people, shuffling through paperwork not related to me or my case, and answering the door to other people who were extremely annoyed at her tardiness. She directly told me that she believed I was never disabled and there was no evidence in my case files to support a disability. Did SSD make a mistake for 20 years?

A few weeks later I received a cessation notice in the mail stating I was "better" and could work. The explanation for cessation was withheld from my cessation notification (that was referenced as an attachment). In past reviews, I've been given proper paperwork, now that I am cut off, I've received nothing. I received no appeal form, no return envelope, no cessation explanation, and no legal rights brochure. I had to verbally call and demand an explanation. I waited for the postal mail for the cessation explanation form. The form was very vague and just said there was never any evidence to support being on disability but they have evidence that I've improved yet no reason was stated. I had to find the form to appeal as they didn't provide me one, and by all appearances they made it difficult for me to appeal on purpose.

They then claimed I didn't respond within the 10-day deadline yet acknowledged in their response letter that they received "incomplete information" and included two additional forms I never received the first time. I was also given a template form SSA-795 to fill outdated 2002. The most current copy is from 2015. I'm being asked to fill out forms that are out-of-date by 13 years. I am astounded at the level of unprofessionalism, lack of transparency, and lack of information to file an appeal.

I have attempted to talk to attorneys regarding my case. I have contacted my State Senator to invoke a Congressional Review as I do believe they are purposely giving me the runaround to deny me benefits. I am expected to replace my income in less than 60 days and am facing bankruptcy as a result if I cannot pay my bills. I do not qualify for vocational rehabilitation in my local county as the only programs that are available are for people who've been laid off and qualify for unemployment, neither of which I qualify for.

I think that it is a shame that asked by the Social Security disability office that if you are unable to understand or speak English that they will get an interpreter for you. This is why the Social Security is almost broke because they're paying people that don't even deserve or have paid into Social Security.

UPDATED ON 04/17/2016: I filed in 2009. I was denied. I appealed it only to keep being denied. Now I have another diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder and hip pain, back pain, bulging disc from an accident I had that did not require surgery but now has sciatica nerve damage no surgery can fix. I had worked all nine years for credit up to 2009 but was denied when I reapplied now. I've been told I didn't qualify for my disability benefits, that I paid into. I don't understand with a diagnosis from my doctors why they will not grant me my social security disability or my SSI. Go figure. I have not worked since 2009. Did they not think that if I was able to that I would have? It's my money and I need it now...

I do not understand why 80% of Americans who have paid in to SSDI their whole working life HAVE to pay a lawyer to get the government to do their job. Then you have to wait 8 months to 1.5 years to get the money. If I did that to the IRS, a bank, or credit card I would have to pay a penalty and interest. It is funny how the government is so hung up about amnesty for ILLEGAL immigrants, but don't care about LEGAL citizens. I have nothing against America. I LOVE MY COUNTRY, but I feel like the government cares about the rest of the world and not their own. I would love to see everyone that oversee SSDI have all assets frozen, live on nothing without help from friends, or family for 1.5 years then maybe SSDI will be streamlined.

My disability is a fraction of what I made in wages. I was attacked and severely injured. This complicated a rare hereditary disorder. I have asked for help with anything to survive, and not one federal or local agency will help me. I am not a bum looking for a handout. I have worked and paid taxes all my working life. However, rent is more than my benefit in Portland. I have followed all of your rules. I have called the lists of referrals. They are either non-existent or the phone number is discontinued.

I always end up being told to call a DV shelter. I don't agree with shelters as any kind of solution for a person who was severely traumatized and has Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. I used to do volunteer work for a shelter and it was uninhabitable. I was a teacher and counselor, so I was given the children of the drugged out non-citizen women to tutor. I did the "right things" in life. I deserve a home. I paid taxes - a lot of taxes!

Now, I have a cervical rib stuck in the artery to my heart, and cannot get health insurance. I was told by a disability advocate that I would have health insurance because of my rare disability. Oregon took it away after a year. I was beaten up by an apartment staff manager and he broke my left cervical rib again. He kicked my medical assist dog until he died. I will die also without medical care and someone to manipulate this extra rib off of my artery. The right cervical rib caused blood clots in my leg and a pulmonary embolism. I had a subclavian aneurysm when the left cervical rib hit the artery to my heart. No one cared. My civil and human rights have been taken away, and I have been left to die. Born and raised in the USA!

In 1997 my oldest daughter died of cancer and I have the same cancer but did not die. It was a unbelievable time for me and my family. I was under the doctor's care for cancer and mental problems. I had talked with social security many times even though they have no record of the telephone calls. After my daughter died and I received cancer treatments I later got better. I called social security regarding trying to go back to work. They said I had a trial period to return to work and I was still under the doctor's care. l went back to work and told ss who after I returned the checks sends them back to me. I was suffering from many problems and thought the checks were due me since I was not aware of the legal issues.

Now, after many years at the age of 69 my ss check is being held for a overpayment. Also I have a bad criminal record and employer who run a background check see I was convicted of a felony. I have no income and cannot get a job. Ss has denied and appeals for me and will not accept a payment plan. In court I was given a public defender who wanted me to agree to a plea agreement and I was never given a chance to present my side of the story. This is the end of my life.

I am a 53 year old female who is suffering from Lou Gehrig's Disease. I was approved for SSDI January of 2014 for "a motor neuron disease", after being turned down 5 times since January 2008. In 2015 My Atty. requested to have my qualification changed to the proper diagnosis of Lou Gehrig's Disease or ALS. In November of 2015, I went to a hearing with the Administrative Law Judge who awarded me back pay dated back to my filing and denial in 2011. SSDI has now cut off my monthly benefits of $847.40 until April 1, 2017 so they can "figure out how much they owe me in back pay". My Medicare premiums are $121.80 per month so now I owe Medicare $609.00 for February 2016 through June 30, 2016. If this amount is not paid in full by March 25, 2016 Medicare will close my case. I can reapply in January of 2017. Medicaid has closed my case due to new income guidelines and restrictions for Medicare.

If I am approved for Medicare I am told I must accept and pay for it even though I am not 65. I can no longer qualify for Medicaid if I qualify for Medicare unless I pay a spend down of $569.90 out of my balance of $725.00 that leaves $155.10. Plus $368.00 in my retirement gives me $523.10 for unsubsidized rent, utilities and let's not leave out food {I get $16.00 in food stamps per month} and personal products like toothpaste and shampoo. To the government I am just a number on a screen!

My daughter was injured in 1984 while working on the job and lifting 100 pound containers. She filed for workers' compensation benefits and the company fought her day and night. She eventually lost all of those benefits. In 2007, she was involved in an automobile accident with a large semi-tractor trailer rig. This added to her disabilities. In 2007, she applied for SSI. She hired a lawyer who was totally unprepared to present her case and thus she was denied benefits. This left a sour with and thus not trusting lawyers and social security administration judges. She appealed her case to federal court on her own (pro se). The social security lawyer is now fighting her tooth and nail. The dastardly thing about this is that the social security administration is spending millions of dollars on lawyers to beat citizens out of a few dollars a month. Maybe if my daughter was an illegal immigrant or a terrorist, she would be granted disability benefits in a heartbeat.

That's a sad commentary on the government of this United States. Similar to other complaints on this site, I, nor my daughter know how to survive. I told her she should run for a government office position, become one of the bureauRATS earning $60,000 to $100,000 dollars a year PLUS numerous benefits, and she would not have to worry anymore. Hopefully someday, hard-working Americans will elect individuals to public office who actually care for the health and well-being of disabled American citizens. But, for many disabled Americans it is too late, and will, sadly, continue to be too late. When my daughter's case is finally decided by a high-paid federal judge who has thus far DENIED 80% of the disability cases brought before him, I will post the decision on this site for all to read. I pray for the success of all the other unfortunate individuals who too are experiencing the evilness and indifference exhibited by their government.

I'm a 49-yr old male living in Queens, NY (not my choice I love FL, but benefits there don't exist for single males). I have severe General Myasthenia Gravis (MD & MS combined plus MANY other symptoms), Degenerative Disk Disease (6-massively herniated disks in neck & lowest back, severe never damage), and Fibromyalgia which effects mostly both legs (I cannot stand or sit up for more than 15-minutes without excruciating pain that NOTHING helps). Any one of these three disease ALONE would qualify me for permanent long-term Disability in any state.

I worked as an EKG Interpretation Technologist & Educator for 16-years before I became so sick. I was ordered to stop working by doctors. I was living in FL at the time, I left my younger wife (we were together for 5-years, but married for 17-months) so she wouldn't get dragged down with me as I knew this was going to be very bad and very long-term. I never knew how right I was. I received Social Security Disability in 2006 (after fighting to get it for 18-months with the best SSD lawyer!). I was getting Medicaid that started in 2004. By 2009 I was making $1,172 in SSD. My Medicaid continued uninterrupted.

Out of nowhere in Feb. 2012 Medicaid cancels all my benefits. They say it's because THEY mistakenly had me on SSI Disability instead of SSD Disability for EIGHT YEARS without knowing it??? Yet every document I had said I was on SSD Medicaid. This was just their way of trying to get me off of Medicaid and on their NEW Spend Down Program (which is total BS in most cases). $400.00 went right to my MEDICAL Credit Card bills from 2000-2012 when I was fighting to find a new Pain Management doctor after my hospital went bankrupt. I got stuck paying a Home Care Doctor $895 a month (they don't take any insurance) for four months, then that company went out of business but the doctor said he didn't want to leave me stuck with no medication, so he'll charge me $500 a month instead.

This went on for nearly a year. It had become nearly impossible for long-term pain patients to find new doctors at this time because DEGENERATE SCUM DRUG ADDICTS WERE USING OUR LIFE-SAVING MEDS TO GET HIGH AND ALL DOCTORS WERE PARANOID TO TAKE NEW PATIENTS (as sick as I was/am). Fast forward to SSD cuts. I did not get a yearly increase in SSD from 2010-present. On paper they'd give me a 1-2% increase some years, but then they'd immediately lower my Food Stamps ($40 a month - BIG DEAL) by the exact amount of the SSD increase. So what was increased??? I got Adult Protective Services to help me with my Medicaid and they had it turned back on like it was nothing!!! So after not having it for a year, it was back on until 2015.

My mother goes into a Nursing Home for severe Alzheimer's in Oct. 2014 because she refused to listen to anyone and refused to believe she had Alzheimer's (she was mentally ill too & denied that her whole life). I find out she took out $300,000 in loans (ON OUR HOUSE) to pay gambling debts from 2010-2014 ONLY & she put my name on ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! So I figure as long as I pay the house bills, I want to continue to live here. I was born in this house that my grandparents bought for my mother & I and I was damned if I was going to live anywhere else. I can take care of myself (it's very hard - don't get me wrong) but I'll do whatever it takes to stay here.

Then the insanity really started in August, 2015. I get a notice from Social Security stating that my SSD is being LOWERED by $105.00 a month and my Medicare Part B is CANCELLED with no other info! They didn't say it the right way, but in English: I was now paying for my Medicare Part B, but why??? I never had to pay a dime for any of my Medicare benefits for 12 years! It took literally 4 hours on the phone & over (20) phone calls to find out that my Medicaid was cancelled again with no notification or reason whatsoever! SO WHY DID THAT CAUSE ME TO HAVE TO PAY FOR MY MEDICARE PART B???

So I called Social Security and the woman says "Don't worry as soon as your Medicaid is turned back on you'll receive a refund of all the $105 payments you've made." Not that I believe that to really be true, but it doesn't matter anyway. THE PROBLEM IS THAT NYC MEDICAID WON'T TURN MEDICAID BACK ON FOR MOST PEOPLE - no matter how badly they need it because NY State will go bankrupt if they do! And homebound/mostly bed-ridden people like myself (with no friends or family) can't go in person to fight these things properly. Nor can we make phone calls all day - every day until we find help because I can't hold a phone for more than 15 minutes without the bad nerves from the (4) MASSIVELY herniated disks in my neck making my arms go completely DEAD & these all these city/state agencies IGNORE their e-mails these days!

THIS IS ALL THANKS TO OBAMACARE SUCKING EVERY OTHER BENEFIT AGENCY DRY AS A BONE. This is OBAMACARE everyone - get used to it! They'll KILL anyone they can who SHOULD BE GETTING BENEFITS so they can pay for all the lazy illegals, and lazy Americans who never worked in their lives just so they can pay around $170 a month out of their off the books (untaxed of course) pay so they have Health Insurance. Get used to it because this is the way it is and nothing is going to change it back for decades regardless of whether a Republican becomes President or not!!!

So now I guess I'll be forced somehow to STEAL enough so I can live. I tried EVERYTHING else to no avail for over 8 months! I sold everything I owned of any value at all down to $2.00 items! I called every agency for help - they don't know what they are doing and don't want to deal with anything other than "SIMPLE" issues. Pro bono Social Workers from Private Companies (who would be able to fix my problems) NO LONGER EXIST!!! The state cut all their funding two years ago or more. So you have to settle for VNSNY Social Workers who (again) HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE DOING! APS no longer has the power they used to have.

They just can't turn Medicaid back on because a VERY physically legally homebound patient NEEDS it desperately even though they can easily prove that their entire SSD check of $1,072 per month is totally gone after paying MEDICAL Credit Card bills, for food, and the house bills and then I'm still in the negative by at least $200 per month. Yet according to Medicaid - I MAKE TOO MUCH MONEY??? To add insult to injury, when I went to my Pain Management appointment in January I was told I MUST pay a new Medicare doctor yearly copay of $177.00 a year! Where do you think this money is coming from??? The entire system is BROKEN everyone. So you'd better hope that you are intelligent enough to fend for yourself if you are very disabled and stuck with NO FAMILY & NO FRIENDS.

From the time I saw a law office on television that dealt with Social Security / Disability to help you get your claim, I went to them to get some help filing my claim. You see I had been denied five times over the years that span all the way back to the nineties. So I went into the office and got the ball rolling. It took three years of me to get my claim. My case was sent to multiple States where the same verdict give the client the settlement. Michigan is the hardest state to receive a settlement, So when I finally received something in the mail to tell me where my court date would be, I made sure to be on time so my case could be heard with my lawyer. I Sat and Sat not knowing who my lawyer was because a mother lawyer was appointed to my case. Long story short I was awarded without even being seen. So I got my first lump sum check, but they did not take me back to the years I did not receive my settlement like they were supposed to.

So I never made it up to what I was supposed to be getting and have never received a raise. Now because my husband works at a fast food place my check goes up and down. There are times they say they overpaid me and I have to pay it back, and I send my spouses check stubs every month like they instructed me to do. And they continue to play with my money which also drops my food stamps. So they just informed me for the month of Dec 2016 I will not receive a check at all because they estimate instead of waiting for the check stubs to make an accurate estimation on my current check. Frustrated tired of going down there every month to clear this up. Can somebody please help or give me a number where I can call and get an advocate or some help.

I am in need of some assistance regarding a serious matter that has occurred with SSA. I do believe that policies need to change within this agency. I have worked most of my life. In spite of my medical shortcomings, I was able to achieve my academic goals and did obtain my BS in Psychology/Education. While working, I had an unfortunate accident. I was forced to rely on the government for assistance that I have paid into while working before the accident. I applied for SSI/SSD, which was granted through an appeal. I was also eligible to receive Worker's Compensation (WC).

After I began receiving WC, I visited the SSA office 3 times to report change of income. On the first attempt, I spoke to a worker at the window who refused to allow me to speak to someone because I was a psychiatric case. He specifically told me, "No, you cannot speak to someone because your case is a psychiatry case. You should be speaking to your psychiatrist instead." I was not able to report income because SSA worker was biased against my mental disability. I attempted twice more. I was not allowed.

On 12/30/2014, the attempt was made and I was the only client in the office accompanied by my neighbor. I was never called to be serviced and I demanded that they service me. It was at this point that I was finally able to report the change. However, I am paying the consequence of this biased act. I was contacted by SSI stating that I will no longer be eligible for SSI because I was receiving too much income from WC. They also contacted me to request that I pay an over payment of 6002.00 in debt for 2014.

I demonstrated that I could not repay these funds as my expenses exceeding my income, and it was ignored. I have filed several complaints to the commissioners who have ignored the situation and who have refused to investigate properly my situation. I do have three witnesses who went to the office with me. I suffer from a bleeding disorder and in this debilitating condition sat for long hours waiting to be serviced and I was never serviced or accommodated.

On 7/24/2015, I contacted the SSA office to report that I was no longer receiving WC and that the benefits ceased. It is four months from this date and I have not received any response concerning SSI being reinstated. I have lived solely on 346.00 and 274.00 is for rent. I literally have to pay 50.00 in utilities and have no extra funds to support me. I feel that I should not be penalized for SSA refusing to accommodate me or to allow me to report the change of income. I should not be discriminated against, refused services, and endure retaliation. According to SSA, I have not visited the office in 2014 and only one date appeared to be visible in November at an alternate location.

Was there an alteration or deletion of times I have visited so that it may appear that no attempts were made? I visited the location with three different people who assisted me as I am very ill. One of the persons accompanying me had an appointment, as well on 12/30/2014. Her name is ** and you can verify this if you'd like. I would not know this if I was not present. Nonetheless, SSA did contact me incessantly to harass me for the over payment. I made several attempts and it was also ignored. I consented to have 10.00 deducted from my SSD because it was all I could afford. I was told that this would take affect immediately by Mrs. ** at the Northern Eastern Program Service Center 888-280-9419. This was on July 16, 2015.

A letter was received threatening to report this negligence to the credit bureaus if I did not pay in full. On October 9, 2015, I spoke to Mr. ** at 1-800-772-1213 and he stated that there was no guarantee that I would have 10.00 deducted and it would be 10% of my income. I explained that this is not doable as my only income was 346.00. It was ignored. I received a letter recently stating that 34.00 will be deducted every month from the 346.00. SSA has refused to acknowledge that I am on a needs basis and that I stopped receiving WC benefits.

Is it lawful for SSA to discriminate against disability, retaliate against a client for filing a formal report against the agency, and refusing to accommodate or provide services to the disabled? It is unfortunate that I have to send this letter of complaint to your office. I have worked my way up the chain and none have responded. The only response has been denial, rejection, negligence, discrimination, retaliation, refusal of services, etc. I have had to choose between being homeless and eating. My SNAP was reduced because of reasons that did not apply to me or my case. I was documented as receiving veterans pay when I have never been a veteran or have ever worked for the armed forces.

One issue affects the other and I am receiving 94.00 in food stamps. This is very heart wrenching. Such impoverish conditions worsens my debilitating health. I lose a lot of blood and nourishing my body is necessary. I also suffer from hypocalcemia. If I cannot eat, then I cannot drink my medications. I humbly beseech you to help me in this matter. This is unfair practices from SSA. I should be penalized for this amount of money when I have attempted to do what is lawfully right and was refused the right to do so.

I believe that this treatment is against my civil rights and it is inhumane and cruel treatment toward me as a disabled client. A New York Regional SSA worker stated that I was lucky to have been awarded SSI because it was a program available to only the elderly, disabled and the blind. In other words, my mental disability is not really a disability. I do believe that an investigation must be conducted regarding my case. I have spent four months without SSI unlawfully. I have been charged 6,002.00 unnecessarily. I am in debt because SSA felt that I was not suitable to service because of my mental disability.

I shattered my lower legs, ankles and feet on Oct 6th of 2000 and since then it's been real hard to find work to work around my leg problems... Well Social Security states I can work a 'sit and stand at will' job but those jobs don't exist and haven't been able to find one. And I've been out of work for fifteen yrs now and am poor and can't afford a doctor, can't get Medicaid. Social Security states I didn't break a weight-bearing bone, hip, knee, or ankle but I shattered both my ankles. I'm on the edge now, I don't know what to do or who to turn to. People state there are agencies out there that will help me but in 15 yrs, I haven't found them. I want to just give up on life 'cause I don't have any family I can turn to. I'm lost AND hopeless now that Social Security has screwed me.

My husband, children, and myself live in Rhode Island. Husband has not been able to work in 5 yrs. I am a hospice nurse and is the only income coming in. We have 2 children, mortgage, and all the other bills (electric, heat, taxes, food expense, etc.). My husband has a genetic disorder that is a called multiple endocrine neoplasia. There is no cure. It's genetic.

His body makes tumors throughout his body. He has a pituitary (brain), had parathyroids removed due to tumors in 2014, and had tumors in the pancreas which in 2014 had 3/4 of his pancreas removed and is now a insulin-dependent diabetic. Takes 60 units of Lantus twice a day, which is really a high dose of insulin. Tumor found in the right lung. Multiple conditions: hypercalcium (causes frequent kidney stones), pulmonary hypertension (on meds for), sleep apnea (needs a CPAP machine when he sleeps at night since he frequently stops breathing), edema (swelling in legs and hands due to pulmonary hypertension), hyperthyroidism (on med Synthroid), bulging discs in his back (cervical, thoracic, and lumbar) causing daily back pain, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, hemorrhage in his brain and seizures. This is just a few of his conditions. He applied 2 yrs ago and has been denied 3 X's.

My big concern is SSI does not follow the law/guidelines. The 3rd time we had to go to court. The state-appointed MD never even physically or verbally spoke w/ my husband to assess him. MD review my husband's case briefly before he was entering the court. Had made multiple mistakes when asked questions about my husband's condition. Then when our lawyer questioned state MD, he frequently had to apologize. He hadn't realized meds husband was on and his medical background.

Now during the hearing the state MD (Dr. **) got up. Asked judge to be excused. He had another case to attend. The MD did not hear the entire case/hearing d/t his ignorance of leaving in the middle. The judge told him, "Ok." The state MD did admit, "Judge, his is very complicated and I can't answer some of your questions because this isn't my specialty. But John will need to be followed closely and have frequent blood work and tests." The reason I know this exact statement made was I was in the courtroom during the hearing and was taking notes. I wanted to correct the state MD many times he was wrong. Since, I have a registered nurse for 19 yrs and have knowledge in my husband's case.

Our lawyer said prior to going in I am not allowed to say anything at all. I found out my husband had a right to have any witness in the courtroom and speak on his behalf. Judge never even asked if he had any witness. State vocational tech even stated there is no job my husband could do due to my husband had multiple MD statements/assessments that was submitted to the court w/ my husband's disabilities and conditions (statements by his endocrinologist, neurologist, PCP, surgeons, specialist out of state at Massachusetts General Hospital, neurologist, etc.).

I finally received a letter in the mail yesterday w/ judge denying my husband. Even stated in his letter he didn't take in consideration "any" my husband's MD's statements/assessments. But states in his letter he took in only the state-appointed MD. This is the MD who left in the middle of the hearing to go to another hearing, I feel my lawyer did not be aggressive enough to represent my husband. When I spoke to her about it she apologized and stated if my husband didn't get a favorable decision this time, she would need to refer him to another lawyer since she doesn't know what else to do.

It's clear my husband is completely disabled. I don't understand how the judge could override and not consider any of his MD's reports/assessments. Does anyone what I should do? The judge obviously did not follow the laws and guidelines the SSI has. What do you think to help guide me and any laws you may know of that could help me present to SSI for this next appeal, which I hope we still have as the rights my husband has as everyone else? The MDs and lawyer are speechless that his wasn't approved since this a complicated case that clearly shows in all medical records he is disabled. State of Rhode Island is the good old boy network, meaning it's a small state and some people / state reps / lawyers have connections. Please can anyone advise or make suggestions? I am falling behind in all my bills/mortgage. I have been working overtime to see extra patients but is not enough to get by. Thanks.

My name is Tanisha **. My husband name is Michael **. We are both disabled receiving benefits from SSI and SSA disability. We was recently married August 19th 2015 and we reported it to social security in Clifton NJ Allwood Rd. Long Branch has not yet sent my husband 2nd check back to SSI neither have they sent his back money which I kept a paper trail of his money that was received to him each month. My husband is a mentally disable man. He can't do things on his own so me being his wife I take care of all his business. He's on the urge of a nervous breakdown because our rent is due and now it's late because the funds that was suppose to sent haven't been sent to us and right now I'm his payee and being given the runaround. My husband is upset and so am I because we don't wanna get out our apartment because of this situation.

Long Branch owes every dime of my husband money to him and I'm writing you to see fit that you get in touch with Donna or Sue in the payee department of Long branch New Jersey 732-222-9111 to find out why and my husband have not received his back money or benefits that belongs to him. My husband is emotionally distraught and we need your help please. These people are known for spending mentally disable people money. You can also contact Clifton SSI 1-866-974-0270. My husband received 1 check this month on October 1st, 2015 $343.00 - that's it. He has not received the rest and we are tired of getting the runaround. I appreciate your help. Thank you. Have a Blessed day!!

I've read a few reviews, one here complaining she made "substantial" (her words) income so her SS was terminated, then complained!!! Look, we are not a welfare state! I don't want disability to be too easy to get at all, I had to go to a hearing before I started receiving disability payments, I had a review 2 years later due to my age being only 40. (Broke back 3rd time, two previous surgeries both failed, I paid for those operations out of my own union insurance, didn't collect compensation or a single unemployment check during those times.) I also quite collect unemployment ins. when I filed for SSDI, both lawyer and doc. were impressed, I didn't care about that. I wasn't able to work anymore, so I wasn't eligible for unemployment checks.

I personally know people who shouldn't collect a single dollar, but do. I want SS to be tough damn it!!! I don't want it to be easy to collect, I like a process that weeds out as many as possible, a lot more weeded out would be better. If you see someone riding around a jet ski or horseback riding, skiing, well some of those taken slowly maybe can be done, but you'll know when you see a guy doing flips on ski and says he collects disability, call the offices!!! I implore you! If a guy can walk 3-4 miles with a shotgun to hunt, he can find a damn job. I wish I could walk .5 a mile, without carrying anything. Hell, I'd go back to work if I could walk .25 mile without terrible back leg and feet pain.

So, given the enormity of their problems and amount of peeps that filed in last few years, and with GOP taking 1/5 of our money, that we paid in, SS is not an entitlement. I paid into it for 30+ years before I collected a dime. I feel they do a bang up job, of course some workers are mouth breathers, barely alive, but some, some are hard working people trying and doing, helping us everyday. Thing is, I don't want to "recommend" SSDI to anyone, lol.

I was awarded SSDI in 2005 for being disabled. In April 2015 my disability was taken away because of substantial work. I appealed. No answer yet. No pay check yet. I asked for my payments to continue. Now my caseworker is working on getting me expedited reinstatement. Now it's in the processing payment center in Maryland. Is this a good thing? I've been out of a check since May 2015! I am starving & my husband makes about $100. Too much for food stamps.

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