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Social Security Disability

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Last updated: March 16, 2018

234 Social Security Disability Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 16, 2018

Who the heck does the bookkeeping for SSI benefits? I swear those people cannot do math and the idiots don't even care that they send out two notices, with the same date stamp, in regards to my disabled son's SSI benefits. What the heck? I am my son's rep payee and my son lives with me so why isn't there a check and balance that saves the state money by not sending one copy for me and one copy for my son, yup that's 2 pieces of the exact same mail plus on the same date stamp another notice that states the opposite as the first. "We have overpaid by in the month of" "we will pay $$ in the month of" "your income increased" "your income decreased". My head is going to explode! If he wasn't getting SSI he would still qualify for his current medical benefits so why the heck don't we just stop the idiocy and move on??

What really got me one year we received a notice from their Western Program Service Center that they overpaid him $5874.00. When I looked into it and did the math, they were wrong, he was paid exactly what he received so when I brought that to their attention did I hear back from them? NO. They probably crawled back into their bureaucratic bubble and moved forward to mess with somebody else's head. I realize the Social Security Administration has a job to do and they have a lot of people they work with but for cripes' sake find someone or something that can do the math and get it right the first time rather than me getting multiple notifications of "we overpaid" "we underpaid" They don't know what the hell the right hand and the left hand are doing! And the folks in the offices? I feel sorry for them because they don't know what the other people are doing either.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 13, 2018

My wife who has been disabled by Multiple Sclerosis has been denied after waiting 3 years. This dysfunctional system made her wait almost 2 years for a hearing and then another 6 months just for the decision. I obtained all of the records and notes that the DDS and ALJ used to determine she wasn't disabled. Talk about disgusting. The idiot DDS employee determined she wasn't eligible because she asked for steroids in the hospital when she was having an MS flare. Any person familiar with MS knows that steroids is the gold standard for treating symptoms. Instead of the DDS idiot consulting with a medical source she decided my wife wasn't disabled as she was drug seeking.

Next step is the reconsideration: This is where Social Security says they will have another DDS examiner review the previous examiners finding and see if they come to a different conclusion. This time the DDS examiner did consult a medical doctor. The only problem. This "doctor" is 84 years old and hasn't actually practiced medicine since the 70's. Denied again. Next step ALJ: My wife was forced to wait 17 months to see some biased old judge who made his mind up prior to even having the hearing. 6 months later he rendered a denial decision and only used the statement from the 84 year old doctor. He completely ignored my wife's treating neurologists statements, and records along with the 10 hospitalizations.

Now my wife can't walk, is basically bedridden and Social Security says she isn't disabled and can work. Folks the system is an absolute joke. The problem is no one petitions Congress to change anything. After all most people don't become disabled prior to retirement and likely could care less about the disability program Social Security has. The system is corrupt from the top to the bottom. At the top you have DDS examiners looking at applications. The problem is the DDS examiners have ZERO medical background. At the bottom you have ALJ's. Fake judges really who have as much medical knowledge as the DDS examiners who denied the case to begin with. Lots of times these "judges" have biases and render decisions based on their political beliefs and not the facts.

SSA posts statistics for these judges and the Republican ones grant approvals at the 20 percent range. Democrat judges grant approvals at the more normal 50-60 percent range. Luckily the Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments as to the constitutionality of these kangaroo court judges. They aren't appointed yet have lifetime appointments. Thank goodness I work and can support my wife. Otherwise she would be living under a bridge somewhere. This is totally an un-American way of treating people.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2018

Well. I had NO lawyer, did all online. Physically visited SS office once! The only was I knew I was approved was logging onto my bank and finding 33K in checking!! Now, I applied 3/15/2017, approved approx. 3/7/2018 so, 1 year. No denials, no appeals. No calls for more information. I did go to 2 doctors they paid for. I did, however, have my own MD notes. I never thought they would be enough, but they were! Turns out, you CAN get approved on 1 try, and a lawyer? Heck no!! They do not make the wheels turn faster, might even gunk them up!!

Now, If I were to have been to an ALJ, I would have retained one. But, I also want to say DO NOT MALINGER AT YOUR CE'S!! The Drs and nurses and social workers KNOW when people lie and this is duly noted... Also manage your own Dr records, and submit these on your own, It is not hard!! Good luck, first try success story here, I am 56, an RN, and I did meet grid rules, I am sure. Educate yourself on what the SS Blue Book is, know the grid rules, look at message boards of law practices, study patient message boards, this is how I did this! Watch YouTube Videos, also.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 12, 2018

I was awarded Social Security Disability benefits in the 2008. I am bipolar with anxiety problems. I've had many different medications. I take currently eight medications. Last year I decided to try and see if I could go back to work. I contacted Social Security about doing their work program. To make sure I was getting the correct information I called five different Social Security agents with the same questions. I did not want to in any way compromise my benefits or insurance. I started working part time and was sending in my paycheck copies as told to do. Even though I only worked 20 hours a week it was a struggle for me and there were many nights I would leave with a headache and eye twitching. I wanted so badly to be able to go back to work in hopes of full-time work and not have to live on benefits anymore.

Before doing the work program I was very nervous and afraid to even try it that I might get my benefits taken away or somehow compromise. I was assured by the Social Security people that would not happen as long as I sent in my paystubs and stayed within the dollar amount. At my part-time job I decided to give a full-time hours to see how I did in hopes I would handle things wonderfully. I did full-time for three weeks. Tried my best and realized I just could not handle full-time. I left that position and took off of any employment for a couple of months. Then I tried again with a part-time job that I've basically freaked out on and could not continue there. All this time I reported to them what I was doing if I had to stop that job and why I sent in all my paychecks and follow their strict rules by the book.

Last month I received no disability pay without any warning or information as of why. Then I'm sent a letter stating I'm not receiving disability anymore with no reason why and the week after that I receive A letter stating I have to pay over $500 into weeks to continue getting part A and B. My elderly father is going to have to pay for me to even have insurance to be able to get medication that keeps me somewhat functioning and suicidal thoughts at bay. Receiving these letters and being taken off disability just about sent me over the edge. I was seriously ready to throw in the towel per se. Now I can't get anybody to call me back and when I do get a hold of someone on their mainline nobody knows why I don't have benefits nor really wants to help me. These people don't care about you they don't care about how their actions will affect you.

It's a shame that people give it their best try to go back to work as not to get disability anymore and this is what happens. I will say to anyone and I hope a lot of people read this if you have even one thought of doing The trial work program, please do not do it. This just gives them any small reason to stop your benefits. I wish that I had found this site before I decided to do the trial work program because I wouldn't have never done it had I read this site.

So I'm saying basically I went on trial work program, did everything I was instructed to do and I still lost my benefits. Thankfully I am able to live with my elderly father or I would've been out homeless and on the street. I am currently doing an appeal to reinstate my benefits but I will be surprised if I get them back. Now I'm truly a burden to my family. No one at Social Security wants to help you and they're all rude. Our government should be truly ashamed of these things that are happening to people that are disabled mentally and or physically. We are fragile people we already feel like a burden to our family. We already worry and stress about our futures and what will happen to us. People do not sign up for their trial work. That's all I can say!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 8, 2018

I have been on disability for 15 years and recently turned 66. I have had a payee all that time and wanted to be my own payee now that I was on regular retirement. I thought it would be okay now that I am not on disability and the judge did not order a payee on my retirement social security. My doctor said as long as I continue to see him and have family support he seen no reason to let me try to take care of my own funds. So on Jan 12, 2018 I went into the social security office with my letter from the doctor and filled out the form SA-11. I asked the representative how long would it take to do everything and make a decision. She told me about 3 weeks that they would have to fax over a form to my doctor and let my sister know I am requesting to be my own payee.

Well folks here it is March 8, 2018 and nothing has been faxed or sent. I have called I do not know how many times and left a message for the rep to call me and tell me what is going on. I have called and talked to four different reps. I give them all the same information and all they say is they see my application and tell me they will email the rep and her supervisor to give me a call. Still nothing. I went in and sat for two hours. I seen another rep that day and she said wait another three weeks. She said they are probably behind because of the two government shutdowns?? Are you kidding me?

I gave it more time. Call Monday a rep answered. I gave her the same information. Here we go, "Yes it is here," she said but no decision has been made. I asked her why? She said she didn't know but she will transfer me over to the original caseworker supervisor. I said okay. Would you believe I left a message on her voice mail and explained how long I have been waiting. I asked her to please let me know what is going on. Why have I not received a courtesy call letting me know why they have taken no action on my representative own case? No callback. So I don't know what else to do to get an answer. If they are investigating my records fine but let me know something. Anything just something.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 7, 2018

More than three years and counting since my initial application. I've had two hip surgeries (the second a total replacement) and two back surgeries since applying, and thyroid surgery scheduled for early April. I've had degenerative disk disease and hip arthritis for 20 years; and numerous herniated disks I've had complex PTSD since early childhood and grew up in and aged out of the foster care system. It took almost 2-1/2 years to get a hearing, and not enough time was scheduled, so the hearing was delayed another 4 months.

At the end of the hearing, the judge said that he found I was disabled but was not going to issue a decision that day. Three months later, I have yet to receive a decision. When I entered the hearing appeal stage, I was given a list of attorneys, and I hired one. I could not even have a short telephone conversation with him without scheduling an appointment. I asked myself why I should pay an attorney 25% of years of back-pay for what would amount to about 10 hours of work, so I fired him since I worked as a paralegal for over 20 years.

Most SSD employees are incredibly snotty, but I once reached one who told me one of the reasons this system is so clogged: Regardless of the claim validity, law requires a hearing if requested; and they have been inundated with claims for ADD/ADHD, mild conditions and other conditions that are not considered disabilities. In the meantime, it is holding up the process for those truly in need and making a nice payday for disability attorneys. In the meantime, I am at risk of losing my apartment because I have no safety net due to being orphaned before the age of 5. I contributed to SS for over 40 years, working as a "family" farm worker in a foster home and being employed ever since then. By the time I get anything, I may not even have a mailing address.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2018

I was hospitalized with pulmonary embolisms to my lungs due to working conditions with Convergys a third party company that contracts with AT&T. The condition to sit with a wired headset lead to my illness. Needless to say I was unable to work for a long period of time and applied for disability in which I had to wait for 3 1/2 years before the judge settled my case. Once I won my appeal I was to be rewarded a closed amount of money that would close out my disability claim. Since August of 2017, these people have toyed with my life. I have gone from a 700+ beacon score down to I don't even check it anymore. They sent me a letter via mail stating on a particular date I would be getting a direct deposit into my own file banking account, and two days before the money was to be deposited I get this letter saying the payment had to be stopped.

I was devastated because of this a government facility and usually very points on when it comes down to funding. Well, I paid two of my credit cards ahead since this extra income was to be deposited into my banking account. I was unable to put a stop payment on the accounts I submitted payments for because the window of opportunity to do so was up. Because I am the only one paying my bills I had nowhere to turn. I have utilized all of my credit cards waiting for them to rectify the issue. They have lied and sent me a tax statement as if they had given that money to me. Then to top that off I keep getting my case is with the payment center (mind you they cannot be contacted) and every time I try to get answers I am told to call back in 30 days, and when 30 days come I have to call again. This has been a true nightmare, and my life have been turned, upside down. They have given me the true meaning of what deceit looks like.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 3, 2018

It is just beyond unbelievable that we Americans pay 25-35% of each and every W-2 paycheck for a "safety net" designed to do nothing but fail us. I have a Bachelors Degree, followed by a Masters Degree. Go in to the local office, what am I dealing with there? A GED? A high school diploma level of education? These are the people telling us we are not disabled. The "Disability Doctors" that SSA sends us to are just that, doctors that work for the SSA! They are not going to independently find any of us disabled or not able to do a former job, in the all of 2-5 minutes that they spend with us. They and this whole system should be ashamed of themselves. The govt. nickel and diming the US into a 3rd World, or worse, country. It is all a giant SCAM.

My history isn't even as bad as some of the other heartbreaking stories I see on here. Their job, the entire process, is to DENY each and every one of us, every step of the way, until we are forced to hire a lawyer who, if they win, will get 1/4th of our back pay that we were entitled to all along. Every step of my applying, I always had Narcolepsy, Seizures, Migraines, Tension Headaches, Carpal Tunnel, Degenerative Disc Disease, Arthritis of the Spine, Ataxia, Chorea, Fibromyalgia, Major Depression, OCD, Anxiety, and quite a few other issues. I applied in early 2009, after spending a month in a psych. hospital, diagnosed with everything you could imagine for them to be allowed to keep me inpatient against my will. Well that wasn't enough for SSA, of course denied.

In 2010 I applied while hospitalized in the actual ER a lady filled out the papers for me, in for hours of missing time, never figured out what any of this was, possible seizures, oh missing time? To the SSA that is alright because of course you're not disabled! Everyone ends up in the hospital for missing hours here and there, finding yourself in different parts of the house, outside, behind the wheel, standing in the street. Surely you must be able to do their make-believe "gainful activity." 2011 I had seizures, more missing time, mental problems and more physical problems. Applied, was denied, went to the hearing. Totally true! The AL Judge told me that she wouldn't hear my case without a lawyer and would deny my claim! They aren't even allowed to do that, but obviously she was able to do this.

2013-2014 applied, denied, hired a lawyer, went to hearing. Also went to their fairytale drs., and who knows what they said, but they are not on the claimants' side. This judge asked about taking 1 online class, on the computer, and she asked what my overall GPA was. I told her honestly it was a 3.95. Guess what? That means you can surely do lots of FT work with gainful employment. Because I have a good GPA and was taking an online class. In addition I only got to review my CD to check if it was "complete" on one of their very old computers for about 2 minutes before my hearing started, so I don't know what medical records they had and didn't have.

She also said, and I have no idea where the judge would have gotten info. on my dealings with prior bosses and co-workers, "I see here that you have a problem getting along with bosses and authority figures? That you argue with them. Why is that?" I said "Probably because those bosses that you are talking about were idiots". But where did an SSA judge get such info. from? I know it seems like they can call former employers and get this, but this isn't a background check as to if I deserve a raise or a promotion, so no idea what this came from. Anyway, I got denied with a lawyer, and this judge who spent a lot of time yelling at me and cutting off all of my testimony, basically because I might not have gotten along with a boss (which fits my psych. diagnoses) and because she was on some level jealous of my GPA.

Summer 2015 I was back psych. hospitalized against my will, applied again when I got out. I now had a huge trail of records, diagnoses, tests, hospitalizations, and medical records. Again denied and I appealed. While waiting on the appeal and looking for a good lawyer, I was volunteering a few hours a week at a homeless shelter (NOT gainful FT activity) and I didn't hear my alarm go off. Woke up late, suddenly realized, I couldn't hear! In the course of an overnight I had very sadly lost 80% of my hearing. The same thing had also happened to my Mom years before, it was an autoimmune disease that they couldn't figure out, which resulted in death. It is called Sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL), there is no cure, the only treatment is hearing aids.

After much testing and treatments to get my hearing back, I added all of these new records to my case for them to review in the meantime waiting for a hearing. Nope, still had to hire a lawyer. Like my Mom, the doctors and Neurologists ran many tests, couldn't figure out what caused the hearing loss, but now I had the added bonus of stumbling, falling, tripping, shaking, unsteadiness, and worse Narcolepsy and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. I was told by all doctors I saw not to drive, this is not required tho to be found Disabled, and that I should have some kind of in-home care. I requested the SSA to open my case, not to have to wait for the trial, based on all of the new health issues. They refused.

February 2017 I have my hearing, with a new lawyer, in front of an AL Judge they had to pull out of retirement because of the huge back log of cases. I had been constantly updating the local SSA office in person, fax, and faxing to the Federal SSA offices every single shred of any time I went to any doctor or had any medical test done, anything related to my case. I asked my lawyer did they get all of my documents? I'd been faxing them over right up to the day before my hearing. My lawyer said "Jennifer, they have received over 950 pages of medical records just from you". Well good!

I could barely hear what the judge was saying, he was on the other side of a small court room. They could have offered some kind of screen with CC or something, but I don't know if they have the capacity for that. I could barely hear the lady that comes up with all of the make-believe jobs that I could supposedly do, the Occupational "Expert". I heard her say something about working full time cleaning houses, this is their usual go-to occupation they come up with for women, no matter what is wrong with you. I scoffed loudly at that, sorry, couldn't help it. She said some phone job, I can't hear, how am I going to do a phone job? Then a delivery job! I am no longer allowed to drive, how am I going to do FT delivery driving? I think some sorting job, not taking migraines, carpal tunnel, degenerative disc disease, arthritis, or really anything into the consideration of that.

All the Occupational "Experts" must do is come up with something you can do "in theory" to prove their case against you. For me, it's always something way bellow my education level, and that is OK with SSA. They don't care how you will pay back the $100k in student loans you racked up on the min. wage pay of a job vacuuming houses, when you can't walk, stand, balance, lift, crouch, or in my case, even hear what anyone is saying to you.

Shockingly, this AL Judge sent a letter within a few weeks, not months, finding me disabled on ALL fronts. His very long and in-depth write-up, about both medical and psychological issues, even went into his wondering why I needed a hearing or a lawyer. That I should have been found eligible for SSDI based only on my medical records. So if you can believe that! After my lawyer now gets $6,000 of my back pay, it is said that I didn't even need to have a hearing! Just unbelievable. Sidenote, the SSA doctors that they sent me to this latest time, the psychiatrist agreed that I was disabled, everything I said there was true. How tho legally could she have argued with 5 other shrinks? So her report agreed with everything I said was on some level disabled, but even then it meant nothing.

Then the irresponsibleness of the local offices in Roseville, MI comes into play. When I first was turning in paperwork, they asked me if I was "Making up medical codes and diagnosing myself". Yep, that makes sense, when I was only summarizing what the drs. were saying in their reports so it was easier to read, suddenly I was making up codes. As an aside, I used to work for a Plastic Surgeon, and one of my responsibilities was medical billing, where I dealt with diagnoses and treatment codes! But forget all that, surely I was the charlatan here.

They had me come in for the interview, I was eligible for SSI and SSDI, but the amount per month of my SSDI is too high to even get SSI. Don't let that stop the confusion! First they paid me the lump-sum of SSI. 6 months later, I still didn't have my back pay and got another lump-sum. Yet in the meantime, I'm already getting my monthly SSDI payments. So now it took them a full year to minus the 2 SSI lump-sums they shouldn't have paid me off of my SSDI back pay. This literally bottlenecked my back pay so badly, they were still owing me around another $16,000 and going in to the local office didn't help.

They even lost my first interview and accused me of not coming in. I showed the local office that I paid rent and they put in the system that I lived with my family, which means you get less per month from SSI. I showed the lady at the local office my lease, she still lied and put in that I lived for free with friends/family. I had a few months in back pay where I only was entitled to the SSI, you have that waiting period for SSDI, so they didn't overlap and because of this lie, I lost about $1500 that I was entitled to.

Now SSA says that they will get you all of your back pay, again that we all paid into, in 6 months max. Here I was at just under a year. The local office couldn't tell me anything, each time I went in they had a different spin-off story. The SSA 800 number couldn't tell me anything. My lawyer had to finally get involved, still didn't have my back pay. I had to contact my local Congressman's office! Rep. Sander “Sandy” Levin actually gets so many complaints, they have an online form and assistance to help you go after the SSA who are holding your back pay and gaining interest on it. I got them involved, many other districts might have someone like this too, and finally got my back pay within 2 weeks.

As an aside, after my first lump-sum, I closed an old bank account and opened one just for SS. I gave the new account to the 800# SSA and the local office. My monthly SSDI payments were going in the new one. The next lump sum and then the other after that? SSA put it into the bank account I'd closed 9 months prior! I called and informed them of this, they denied doing it, but of course they did, it was thru direct deposit. So then I got another was with the bank to get my money back from a closed account while they were now holding my money!

The whole cycle that we are forced to pay into in case we need it is a full-on scam at every single step. You apply, denied. Hearing, denied. Forced to pay a lawyer thousands out of your back pay, still might be denied. The uneducated and straight-up rude employees at your local office, they will not help you, they don't even answer the phones here. Call the 800# SSA and you'll be on hold 2-3 hours. The SSA doctors work for them, not us as patients. Their job is to prove that you are fine and not disabled. Seems a violation of their Hippocratic Oath. The Occupational "Experts", who know you only from your files, are there to fight on the premise that any min. wage job they come up with, you can do and do it full-time, simply because they said so.

When you mail in or fill out online your initial application for disability, with all of your medical records and results, what is the level of education for the individuals reviewing it? I know that they have the "Blue Book", Disability Evaluation Under Social Security Listing of Impairments - Adult Listings (Part A) to go from. They are forced to take a class here and there. But what is their backgrounds to expertly be judging this medically-worded paperwork? They are not doctors. Maybe an Associates Degree, Medical Coding maybe at the most? Then when your Disability Review comes up every 3-7 years, who are those "experts" to take away your SSDI? The short form is read by a computer, looking for certain boxes to be checked. But the long form, do those reading it know us better than our own doctors? Our own health professionals? Our own Psychiatrists?

So this goes back to my original point, at every step of the way, the entire process, we are set up to fail, to be denied. From the system that us living in America were forced to pay into, benefits we are supposed to be entitled to if we need them. Instead we end up with long bureaucratic red tape, uneducated or at least not educated enough SSA employees, longer and longer waits, years for a hearing, and everything else that this failed system has resulted in. As a last note, don't you dare work while waiting for your hearing, which will be 1.5-3 years out, even become homeless, not able to pay your bills, because if you work at all, even PT, that is all that they need to "prove" you are capable of gainful employment and they will deny you. The SSA system is set up for you to fail, even though you and I paid for it and have been forced to support it.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 2, 2018

This is the 3rd time they have done this, taking money without proving I owed, first time they said they overpaid me with SSI. (I don't receive SSI I receive SSDI) 2 totally different programs, 2nd time they were collecting money that was paid for my son that my ex-wife collected after our divorce when she did not have him and I filed a fraud complaint, this is the kicker. Her and her husband make better than a 100k a year. I make around 10k from SS but she refused to pay so they took it away from me. When she repays it they will give it back to me.

And now again they say I owe them and yup bang took the money. Even though I filled out the grievance paperwork didn't matter. I have a mortgage, taxes, car payment, insurance. Yup $400. Will pay that. If I owe money fine but maybe like I asked take a monthly payment not just take it and say too bad, I have 3 children and a ill wife on top of it. I swear they want disabled vets to kill themselves so they don't need to pay them. They rude and mean on the phone. Selling drugs would be easier than and less stress because you go to jail for wrongdoing either way. SURE YOU CAN TRUST OUR GOVERNMENT. ASK THE INDIANS AND VETS.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 17, 2017

Firstly, I'd like to say that I am grateful that my son was approved the first time around. I have struggled for years to maintain a secure job due to his ADHD/mood disorder... Plus a couple of other physical disabilities. For a while, I was in denial about his condition, and I hated having to depend on a system that believes everybody are frauds, but I did it for my son. Now my issue now is that I found I was owed $42 which I had no clue about. First they sent me a letter saying I was overpaid during a month I know I did not have any income. They then sent a letter saying that I was owed $42. Then the letter stated that my bank got a payment I never received due to the fact that that SSI coded my son's bank account as a checking account. My bank told me they sent it back.

I can't understand how he's previously received a payment through his savings account a few days later. How is that possible? Then I called it and they claim they suspended his payments without giving me any knowledge in both letters that were sent. How can they do this without giving me any time to respond or without ever notifying me? Then they added income I never had... It seems as if they knew they owed him so they came up with a reason to say he owed them. This makes no type of sense.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 10, 2017

My disabled daughter has been fighting the Social Security System and its corrupt judges since 1985. She was denied benefits in 2007 when the attorney pleading her case knew nothing about the laws. She appealed the denial of her benefits to Federal Court in 2007. Since that time, that court of **, lazy, mooching off the taxpayers judges has done absolutely nothing to adjudicate her appeal. Skimming $175,000-$250,00 a year plus numerous other perks and benefits; the ** could care less about the well-being of injured Americans. It's a damn shame!

In reading the sad stories of the heinous ordeals experienced by those who have gone through this corrupt system and its corrupt judges, I have come to the conclusion that the average injured American citizen is being hung out to dry. This once great "Melting Pot" has now become the "** Pot" of the world wherein it's everybody for himself or herself; and the "Hell with those who are injured, sick and helpless." When I see what the corrupt judges, lawyers and politicians are doing to injured citizens people, I say I never wonder at their corruption and sleaziness, but I always wonder that they are not "ASHAMED." I truly believe the Lord has reserved a place in Hell for all of them; at least I pray that He has.

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Original review: Dec. 9, 2017

So, because I was hurt on the job and repeated surgeries, I was awarded SSDI, $763 per month, about 1/3 of take home in 2010 before getting hurt. Now by law, I must pay for Medicare parts a, b, c & d... that will cost $627 per month. Because the law only allows a married couple to make 1200 per month, I now have to pay the difference between the 763 I receive and the 1200-or $437 per month. I must pay 20% of all medical, hospital and prescriptions out of pocket, plus there is a $1500 deductible that has to be paid before anything is covered. So, the deductible will cost an average of $125 per month, bringing WHAT I OWE EACH MONTH AFTER EVERY PENNY OF THE SSDI IS TAKEN TO $426... each month... $1189 per month for insurance and now this is NOT a tax deduction for me (poor, living below poverty level).

I am supposed to have a neck surgery in the next year or so... Some of you might be saying, "Oh but surely she's getting welfare..." Well, yup... the government along with the SSDI "gives" to me $15 per month in food stamps and $300 in firewood under the HEAP program. Those entitlements don't even come close to equaling one months insurance premium. So, all these entitlements the GOP are ** about the poor & middle class... DRIVES ME ** CRAZY. I was a good worker, a hard worker; a harder & better worker than most people sitting around with a silver spoon up their **. I'M ASKING YOU, ALL YOU GOP BACKERS, WHAT THE ** MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME???

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

Social Security is a joke. I have a fib nerve damage in legs, and hands, feet spinal problems, herniated discs, Meniere's disease. I'm dizzy all the time, asthma, mini strokes, arthritis and spurs in shoulder, depression, anxiety, vertigo, sugar. Got denied 3 times but if I was a drinker or a druggie never worked. I would of got it but I don't know what to do. I married. 4 kids. Their people that never worked on it makes no sense. I worked same place 16 years. Another thing last Court meeting the judge told us to hurry up. He was running behind. I waited 2 years for 15 min then they lied on my papers. The judges are **!

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Original review: Dec. 1, 2017

Social Security is a most horrible system to fight. I've waited four and a half years and lost everything I had work to have for many many years and they got my onset date wrong which I appealed with my attorney and they only want to back pay me nine months when it should be two and a half years. I went to court 3 times to be tried for my disability.

I went on March 2nd in an appeal of my onset date that my judge had gotten wrong and she corrected it and I was entitled to two and a half years back pay and so I wait 3 months to hear something. And what do I get in the mail instead... a letter from Social Security telling me my judge was dismissed and I was being made to go back to court on September 13th to be tried for my whole disability case again and they put down another date of my onset that is wrong and I am only getting paid 9 months back pay instead of the two and a half years I am rightfully entitled to.

I've worked for 40 years in this country and paid into the system and it's holy hell to get back your money that you paid into and I think it's better to do away with this system and let people put their own money in an IRA or something and be able to take it when they feel they need it and not go through all of this horrendous hell and suffering waiting on this benefit that we are entitled to that was created for the working people.

I was so hoping to get some kind of back pay before Christmas so I can have a Christmas with my grandchildren and it's going on four months and now the judge I had from the last court hearing sent my case somewhere else to be processed and to check and see if I'm eligible for SSI, which they took from me in the first place because I get spousal support from a divorce. And this system doesn't give a crap about people and those people up there in that Social Security Administration should be discharged for their lack of compassion and communication and all of the horrible ** they put people through.

No one should have to wait 4 and a 1/2 years and suffer and lose everything they worked hard their lives to have for a benefit they're entitled to and paid into and I am totally sick of all this and I've been writing to my senators and Washington. Not that it makes a difference because Washington is sitting up there with the first lady decking the halls when she could be serving meals in a church to the homeless and hungry and there was Obama giving billions of dollars to other countries to help them fight their wars while my long line of family Freedom Fighters suffer this bloody hell waiting for this benefit they put you through utter hell to get. It's ridiculous and inhumane and they all need to get their ** together because it's the people that back the government.

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Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

I applied in 2015. Just realized it took long time because no one wants to write the letter. Otherwise, I have no problem. There seems to be a lack of action here. What matters most are Mexican kids, not me or my disability case.

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Original review: Nov. 3, 2017

Went into the local Social Security office to help my mother who is impaired to get direct deposit monthly. The worker who attended us told us my mother would get her direct deposit the following month but when I checked her bank account as her representative my mother had not got anything and turned out Social Security had sent it to my mother's previous caretaker facility who didn't want to return the money which had belong to my mother. This loss happen because the Social Security worker failed to do her work properly. We were very disappointed especially when the same Social Security worker took her sweet time in returning our calls to fix the issue. Amazing I tell you.

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Original review: Aug. 29, 2017

I have applied 3 times. Since 2008 they keep denying me. I have multiple disabilities. Degenerative disc disease in lower back, COPD, Atrial Fibrillation, arthritis in both knees, severe depression, anxiety attacks. I walk with a cane most of the time. I don't sleep because of the pain. But they deny me because I worked my whole life and they will have to pay me the max. I know people with less problems than I have and got it the first time because they never paid into it and received the minimum. So you tell me that's not discrimination. I will be homeless soon because I had to spend my 401K to survive and it's gone.

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Original review: Aug. 26, 2017

Hi I'm David. I am 43yrs old. I have worked as a laborer for 24yrs at the same job. I was injured by the negligence of another employee. I injured my lower back. After doctor review was told I had the back of a 70 yr old. That it has been worked to death. I'm currently on anxiety, depression, pain, and ADD medication. I got a lawyer and was advised to sign up for total social security disability benefits. Lawyer told me no problem. Well I waited over 2 1/2 yrs for court and the day came I was in a room with a judge from Kansas on a big screen TV. Basically I was denied. Judge also wanted to know why I hadn't been to the hospital or doctor besides my psychiatrist. I told him I was told there was no surgery or anything else could be done to improve my back. Plus told him I have a $5000 deductible insurance and my wife was only income for our family which includes 2 of my 3 children still at home.

Well he gave me idea jobs I could still do which I never heard of or can find and if they are out there then their not in my state of WV so I was denied. I was shocked. Knowing of others that were awarded disability benefits and didn't deserve them. They could do any normal daily tasks. Lawyer told me because of economy it is now almost impossible to get benefits. Within the time I got my denial letter I received a letter from my lawyer he no longer wanted to represent me. So now 1 yr later nobody will hire me with my limitations and medications I'm on. I have daily panic attacks and severe depression. My wife has the only family income. We have grown apart. She has but almost completely distance herself from me and I don't blame her. She barely makes over the eligibility amount for any government help. Car ready to die. She waited old clothes has no spending money. She is miserable and I am to blame.

My youngest daughter is the one that is hurt most of all. Started jr you know how cruel kids can be so I won't go into details. I'm still applying for jobs daily but never hear back. I have no support from my parents because of their financial problems. Sometimes I don't want to live anymore so my wife can get on with her life and find someone to support her. I love her with all my heart. We have been married 24yrs and lived good. Wasn't near wealthy but both incomes we lived fine vacations out to eat shopping and more. Now go nowhere. We don't talk or even sleep in same bed. She sleeps with my daughter. I know she wants to end our marriage but know I have nowhere to go so that is why I have the thoughts I so I won't be a burden any longer. I have run out of hope for the future. I just keep thinking that judge had my life in his hands and he decided to end my life and future.

I believed in the system. I have never been in trouble not even a speeding ticket. I worked 5 to 6 days a week at a good job. Then my life and future came to a stand still in one day. The first time being injured right after being denied a person I know who has worked maybe 6 yrs of her life drug user very over weight and lazy that received food stamps and other help was granted her disability benefits and came to me and apologized because I was more deserving of benefits than her. Everyone I know were in shock I was denied but what sticks with me is what my lawyer said was "You're too honest." But wouldn't explain why and also said yes if it was 6yrs ago you would have been a sure in. When I hired a lawyer it first was one of the other lawyers of the firm and when my trial day came I met with the lawyer the day before to go over everything.

It was a lawyer I never met before. He was skimming through my papers and said I would have liked to have had this and this and said "Well I will try my best in the trial." He barely spoke 5 words like I was by myself. I even had a panic attack in the court room. I could barely sit in the chair because one of my problems is I can't sit or stand longer than 20 minutes or so. Still today there is no change. My back is as good as it will ever be. I tried going back to my old job on light duty was there part time for 3 weeks then let go. Terms were I wasn't capable of working due to the effects of medication. I was heart broke 24 yrs of excellent service and now thrown away like trash. After I thought about it I was just a charity case. A small business can't pay someone to work and not able to work. I ran that place before getting hurt and the guy who was the reason for my injury was now in my old position.

It hurt me so bad that I had thoughts of hurting him and thoughts of he did what he did to injure me on purpose. He was always very jealous of me but it couldn't be proved. Beat it all he was part of the decision to let me go. So I need help can anyone give me advice or employment. I'm at my wit's end. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. If as take the time to read I hope someone can give me the answer before I lose my family. I'm worth helping. Nothing I have written hasn't been exaggerated. I'm a honest guy that believes in good miracles and karma reach me at my Gmail **. Thank you. God bless.

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Original review: July 26, 2017

My son was awarded benefits by judge June 19, 2017. Was given Joanne ** as case worker!! Did my perc interview. She immediately started to tell lies about my paperwork and all buying her time. Had to get congress involved. That's what made it worse. She hasn't been doing her job correctly and lies to her superiors about things. Of course she has been there 20 something years but where is the respect of people. My son didn't ask to have a disability and her job is to get the ball rolling not stop it. She is just an evil woman. She purposely screwed up my son's payments and wouldn't even release his backpay so he could get a tutor. School starts in Columbus Ga on August 7th and she telling me to pay for a tutor with Medicaid.

And to make matters worse his backpay is for 21,000 and change but she won't release it until she pays all 6 of his attorneys but my paperwork shows his backpay is 15,000. So the attorneys are already paid smh. Another lie. Then to end this she told me monday she has already paid 4 attorneys and she's paying them day by day. 2 more to go. God sits up high and looks down low Joanne??? Columbus Ga social security office.

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Original review: July 14, 2017

My daughter has been on disability for 16 years. She has been up for review several times and was deemed unable to work. So now, this last review, she went through the medical and mental review process. When I took her to the mental review, the fact that she needed an interpreter because she is mostly deaf fell on deaf ears! I was not allowed in, and, strangely, she returned to the waiting room within five minutes. What sort of evaluation was she given? The medical was fine, that doctor went through her records and questioned us, both of us, extensively, waiting patiently while I explained what he was saying and asking to my daughter. Why wasn't she given the same courtesy for the mental review? Her denial letter was based solely on that five minute review with a verbatim list from the paperwork I filled out about her complaints for ONE DAY.

None of the problems she really was dealing with which is why she was deemed disabled: PTSD, ADHD, organic mental disorder, antisocial behavior, and schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders. "The evidence shows that you are no longer disabled. Your health has improved and you are able to work starting in 05/17." Based on a five-minute interview that she probably couldn't hear.

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Original review: June 30, 2017

My name is Kenneth **. I called +1-800-772-1213. I waited for almost an hour on the phone just a few minutes ago and when the A man answered the phone he was extremely rude. You could just hear the nasty attitude in his voice. I told him I didn't need his attitude that is not why I called and he made a smart remark back to me so I hung up. This is totally outrageous to be treating people like that when we have to call them to ask for their help. I worked all my life to pay my social security in and when I need help I expect to have somebody that I can help being mentally and physically disabled that will help me make decisions when I need to call Social Security. Totally outrageous. Thank you.

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Original review: June 30, 2017

In 2007 after I was diagnosed with MS and unable to see due to Optic Neuritis, I filed a claim for SSDI while still in the hospital. At the time, I had about 30 non-active brain lesions, 3 non active lesions in my T-Spine, and 1 active lesion in my C-Spine. I was also experiencing significant cognitive impairment. Six years later, after I was already back to work for 2 years, my case made it in front of an ALJ who found in my favor for a closed period. Because my case was transferred from 1 state to another, when I moved to accept work, I was mailed my case file on a CD. I was able to read all of the hideous comments made by the examiners on my claim.

Many of the comments implying that I was somehow faking my symptoms and I was the scum of the earth. I live alone and have no family. If I hadn't been a pretty high earner in my past, I would not have financially survived the 6 years I had to wait. The weird thing is, I had plenty of current medical records and was attending frequent doctors appointments yet they continued to ignore my medical records and sent me to multiple CEs. The DDS also ignored and discredited their own CE reports because they found in favor of my disability. I was sent on 4-5 CEs in total.

Six years later I am have filed again and I am in worse shape than I was when I filed the first time. Here was the denial letter I got in the mail, 6 months after filing a claim. The only condition I listed when I filed, was MS but apparently they dig through records and pick and choose whatever they want. Not sure why they would do that.

"You say that you are disabled because of multiple sclerosis, spinal cord lesions, atrophy of the brain and spinal cord, damage to the optic nerve of your eye, migraines and memory issues. Although your condition is currently severe, it is expected to improve. We have determined that your condition is not expected to remain severe enough for 12 months in a row to keep you from working."

Optic nerve damage, brain and spinal cord atrophy persist and do not reverse themselves. In light of that fact, how can anyone with half a brain cell state that my condition is expected to improve and not last 12 months... it has already lasted at least 10 years and they already have the documentation that proves that. Wretched system, humiliating, degrading, demoralizing to have to go through this process being treated like a criminal, simply for being sick.

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Original review: June 29, 2017

I was calling to check the status of my claim. He basically told me if I call 3 or 4 more times they will be blowing smoke up my butt. I told him I was in 60 day mark. He said my lawyer was just paid and if he send a message it will be another 45 to 60 days and would slow down my process of getting paid and in the social security world nothing never on time and the number everybody was giving me was wrong. Just disrespectful.

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Original review: June 23, 2017

I have had MPD, Depression, Anxiety, PTSD, and chronic back pain most of my life. In 2011 I had my first back surgery, and in 2015 I had another surgery for the same reason in the same spot on my back for a revision surgery. I was accepted for SSI and Social Security back in 2013, and things were gradually getting better for me. Lo and behold, though, I randomly get selected for a case review with no warning, no explanation, no nothing in 2016. I just lost my job (again) from SA, and told my worker this. She made note of this, and then I had to see a quack psychiatrist by the name of Arthur ** for my review. He spoke to me for a whopping 10 - 15 minutes, interrupting me when I told him about my medical history, told me to stop talking multiple times, and only asked questions about my mother, father, and siblings. Yeah like THAT is going to be useful at all. He rudely told me to leave his office after I got frustrated with him.

The whole time I spoke with him I was shaking so badly, I couldn't even look at him in the face for more than a few seconds due to my anxiety wracking my body with tremors. A few months later (after they already shut me off) I get his review in the mail. The liar stated that I told him that I don't have any disability, claimed that I was faking my back pain saying I was "taking small steps and trying to look as impaired as possible", he even went as far to say in his review that I told him I was using cannabis. I NEVER smoke that crap due to my childhood trauma and PTSD. He also claimed that I had been working for about a year at Salvation Army, and I have proof that I had only worked there for about 5 months. He claimed he did a thorough review, and that he didn't think I was disabled.

On this ONE lying ** claim, without calling my therapist, doctor, or psychiatrist, without calling my last job about how I lost that job (I had tremors that rendered me unconscious and I had to be wheeled out on a stretcher to go to the hospital. After that, I had no energy, or was conscious long enough to stay working. Due to my health, they had to let me go). No, they didn't look into ANY of the information that I submitted. They just listened to this lying **. They then stated that I owed them money because of overpayment of money while I was working. I still don't see how they could have overpaid me when I submitted EVERY pay stub I received to my worker as soon as I got it. They deducted money from my checks accordingly, and yet they claim that I still owe them money.

Are you saying that I shouldn't work at all? I was only making 8$ an hour for crying out loud! I had to get a lawyer for an appeal and a hearing in front of the ALJ, and hopefully all this will be fixed. But because of one lying psychiatrist, I have no money, no home, and no health insurance. Great for someone with 2 back surgeries under her belt. This country is a joke.

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Original review: June 1, 2017

I have a daughter with ASD who collects disability and has a part time job. I needed to give them copies of her savings bonds which she has no access to plus a letter from her dad stating that he has them and she has no access to. I did this a few years ago. All of a sudden, recently, they don't have a record of this and I have to make copies again. Plus needed her check stubs from last year. Copied ALL of this information. Brought it and handed it in myself. Got a call a month later about another issue. I inquired about what I brought in. The lady said they received the copies I brought in. She just needed 1 more piece of information, which I faxed and she confirmed that she got that also.

Now this is a month later. I got a call that they didn't receive any copies of the bonds. I told her when I brought the bond and check copies in. She said to bring the bond copies in in a couple of days or her benefits will stop. I can't understand how in the heck they lose important documents for the people and don't even blame you for not sending it. This is not the first time it happened. Whether I mail or bring anything in they lose it. Why can just save info as you bring or send it in? We do have computers nowadays. These offices are so careless and disorganized. I'm totally disgusted.

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Original review: May 26, 2017

I receive Social Security Disability. My SSD deposit dates into my bank account fall on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. The issue is that because of the way Social Security does the deposits each month they OFTEN FALL 5 WEEKS OUT FROM THE DATE OF RECEIVING THE LAST CHECK. We are supposed to receive our Disability checks ONCE A MONTH, which is every 30 days or 31 days depending on how many days in the month... But the way the deposits are set up almost every other month the deposit date is 5 WEEKS FROM THE LAST DEPOSIT. How can Social Security get away with this is my question?

I have 3 children and no other income as I obviously am disabled and cannot work. I solely rely on my SSD to pay my rent, bills, car payment etc... yet I am consistently behind on ALL my bills and racking up late fees/late charges EACH AND EVERY MONTH due to the fact that I often have to go 5 WEEKS BETWEEN DEPOSITS. This is simply WRONG. The bills come EVERY MONTH, 30 DAYS IN A MONTH but I cannot pay them on time as I have to constantly go 5 weeks between deposits. I have creditors calling constantly, I have hundreds upon hundreds of dollars racked up in late fees, I get utility shut off notices every month which I then have to try to explain my SSD is 5 weeks out and I will be in to try to pay it and the late fee the next week. It's constantly causing me stress, anxiety, and going that long between deposits is NOT RIGHT. Why Is this being allowed???

Honestly how would the SSD employees like to go 5 WEEKS out between pay checks? Would that be allowed? To only have to pay them ONCE EVERY 5 WEEKS??? Why is it OK to do this to disability recipients? When most of us have no other income. That is a long time to have to go between checks. Something needs to be done to fix this so we can receive our deposits each month as we are supposed to... why haven't they figured out a new system to remedy this situation? Because they have to pay less each year out in disability benefits due to making the deposits 5 weeks out instead of 4. They end up not having to pay a full 12 months of SSD benefits.

This is so damn wrong and I'm really sick and tired of having to go without money and late fees piling up because I can't pay my bills on time each month because I don't get my deposit each month... I have to go longer and wait 5 weeks. I hope enough people complain that they are FORCED to fix this situation as it's extremely wrong and shouldn't have been implemented this way in the first damn place as we are clearly having to go longer than a month to get our deposits. This shouldn't be legal.

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Original review: March 15, 2017

I would like to understand how someone who has never seen someone have a seizure, or has never experienced a seizure can determine medical disability. This is a very broken system, that no one really cares about! I don't understand what one has to do in order to be approved, other than be dying! I mean it is almost like the "Dr.'s" who approve/deny people put about 6 claims on a wall throw a dart and 1 person is approved while everyone else is denied! I have a seizure disorder, more than 3 seizures a month. Brain damage which led me to have chronic migraines, personality disorder, mood disorder, major depression, and bipolar tendencies ALL DIAGNOSED and included in my claim!... I have NEVER held a job for more than 6 months, due to these conditions. I am 32, I live with my mother, I cannot legally drive, I take medication to treat all my issues, I have tried working and it is not successful...

I have applied for disability 7 times since I was 17 and each time I have been denied... This time I was sure I would get approved because they added my specific types of seizures to their disability list, I made sure to include the most graphic explanation of my migraines, my Dr. signed a letter stating he believes it is not medically advisable for me to obtain employment due to the fact that my seizures are random, I do not have typical warning signs and they are grand mal in nature. His letter stated that I could possibly be a liability to the company if I have a seizure on the job! STILL TODAY I get my little letter that says you are not medically disabled... Oh here is the big kicker. I already have medicaid due to being pregnant 4 years ago! I am just so upset and angry... I don't know what else I can do to get approved. Attorneys do not take SSI claims which is what I have because I have never held a job long enough to pay into SS.

I guess I am doomed to mooch off my mother for the rest of my life... I think I would be better dead... At least then my mother could claim my life insurance and my son would have a productive childhood without the burden of a mother who cannot obtain employment and is refused by her government to help her. I HATE the SSA. They are a scam and full of lies! Honestly I would love for one of these "doctors" to tell me the type of employment they think I can do... I would gladly go to work! I would honestly like to see the credentials of a TEXAS MEDICAL DOCTOR who determines if a person is disabled. I meet the qualifications according to the little "disability pamphlet" I was given... You have to prove you cannot work, I did that...

I cannot legally drive to and from a job, I do not have reliable transportation to get me to and from a job, I spend 4-7 days a week in bed due to migraines that cause VOMITING, I have at least 3 seizures a month which leave me debilitated for days afterwards due to the pain in my body, I have plenty of mental problems... I have proof I cannot work as I HAVE ALWAYS TRIED... never holding a job for more than 6 months... I have been subjected to discrimination in the workplace because of my disability (which I cannot call a disability because some moron sitting in a desk making 60k a year says I am not disabled), I have been fired or not hired at all because my employer or possible employer knows about my seizures and does not want to take on the liability!

SERIOUSLY how much more proof is required for a person to be "disabled according to the state of Texas"... It is horrible and makes people like me feel like they would be better off dead, at least then the guilt of being a mooch on one's family would go away! It is sick, and if the public were allowed to know more about the process it would change!

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Original review: Feb. 26, 2017

I have been disabled all my life and recently left an abusive mother who lied about rent costs and now even with bank statements and evidence. They want me to pay for my abuser's lie and kick me off ssi knowing I am epileptic and have ptsd as well as vertigo. They have not put my appeals in and lied then after investigation they did their job but now again threatening me to take me off ssi. I have been sick since I was a child. One person's lie is costing me my health and safety even after the abuse is over they side with the abuser. I was treated rudely every time I went into an office to explain. Sent numerous papers with unreachable deadlines and nothing helped just threats and cuts and if I lose insurance I can't go talk to a therapist for the abuse I endured.

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Original review: Feb. 21, 2017

I have been disabled for about 7 years. I did get paid once $35000.00 then told to get more medical evidence and reappeal so that is what I did. The new judge called me a liar and a con artist so I walked out telling her if I was a drug addict in the state of MA I would not even have to be in front of her. So I had her go in front of an appeals council. She was terminated and I won my case.

It has now been 3 years and 59 days and I have yet to see a dime. Now really if I was to put a needle in my arm in this lovely state I would have it all. Tell me please how that works. I am not sorry but if you choose to make that your lifestyle we as a working society should not have to pay for it. I would kill to be able to go back to work. I hate sitting home everyday but due to my migraines I can't. I just do see how this is for my lawyer who will only see $6000. After all his hard work has not gotten anywhere. I wish we had a phone # to call to find out what is going on with SSI. LOL, like that will ever happen.

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Original review: Feb. 18, 2017

My husband was diagnosed of colon cancer stage 3a last June, 2015 and had a multiple surgery, chemotherapy as well it's been almost one year and half but we still keep on waiting. They denied us twice already and last December they found out that the cancer of my husband is back and still waiting for the disability. I don't have work because I need to care of him and our daughter and now he's under chemo and radiation therapy at the same time.

What is the social security been waiting to approve my husband disability? We don't have money to spend for our everyday life. They waiting for my husband to die first before they make an action. That's unfair. Me and husband keep on working before he got that cancer. They don't have a heart to understand our situation. I hope someone will help us and try to investigate why the social security take a long time to process the disability benefits because we both exhausted mentally and emotionally of what happened to us now.

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