An new insurance company (Royal Palm) chosen by Nationwide as a replacement for the homeowners of policies they were canceling sent a "bill" to the bank that holds my mortgage six months before my present policy was up and received from my mortgage company full payment from my escrow account for a homeowners insurance policy that I have not even approved. Royal Palm contends that it is my responsibility to contact their office in writing. I told them I do not want their insurance before they will return the money they received from Chase Bank.

I do believe that Chase Bank has some culpability here as well because they should not have paid the bill. The woman I spoke to at Royal Palm claimed that the policy was sent to Chase to "review" and that it stated payment could be made anytime between 6/29/10 and 12/3/10. I spoke with the agency that handles my insurance and they said they had never heard of a company sending a bill out si months in advance. Economically, our escrow account has been prematurely depleted. I do not understand why this insurance company feels I must correct this situation that they instigated.