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When driving a motorcycle, even fender benders can result in significant medical bills. Having quality motorcycle insurance is a major factor in riding with confidence. Use our guide to research the best motorcycle insurance company for you. The right coverage takes care of more than just property damage by helping to pay for medical care and physical therapy.

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What to consider when buying motorcycle insurance

Vehicle coverage

This coverage refers to what parts on the motorcycle are covered and the limitations of the policy. For example, accessories may or may not be covered, depending on your insurance plan.

  • Accessory coverage: For many, a motorcycle is an ongoing project, where new parts and accessories are installed regularly. Make sure any policy covers customizations, not just original manufacturer's parts.
  • Motorcycle valuation: Adding parts can increase the value of a motorcycle, so it's important to negotiate a payout for a totaled bike when first signing the contract for the policy. Many policies only pay out the book value of a motorcycle right before an accident. Of course, if coverage allows policyholders to replace the bike, that option can be exercised rather than a payout.
  • Comprehensive and collision: Almost every driver must carry liability insurance; it's a legal requirement in many states to pay out for damage caused to another’s vehicle, property or person. Collision and comprehensive coverages are optional add-ons that protect against damage to a bike no matter whose fault the accident is and non-accident related damage like fire, theft or vandalism.

Liability Coverage

Almost every state has minimum coverage levels for liability required by law, but many drivers may want to increase limits. Policy limits determine how much a policy will pay out in the event of an accident.

  • Property and bodily injury liability: If an accident happens, the driver in the other vehicle can be seriously injured or even killed. This part of a policy determines how much coverage is available to protect you financially for their bodily injury, as well as damage to their vehicle or other property.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist liability: Even when insurance is required by law, not everyone purchases a policy or make their payments, leaving thousands of vehicles on the road with not enough or no insurance coverage. Adding extra coverage in this category can really pay off if the other party in an accident has no insurance or not enough to cover all of the damage. Most often, it will pay out for your medical bills and lost-time at work, and check to ensure it also pays for damage to your motorcycle.
  • Passenger personal injury protection: When driving a motorcycle with a passenger, there is the additional risk that they may be injured. The passenger personal injury protection determines how much an injured passenger will receive from the insurance company, in addition to medical expenses that you may receive. Standard liability may include this, or you may have to buy it separate.

Claims processing

For many policyholders, the only time that they call their insurance company is to file a claim. With that in mind, seriously consider the way companies handle claims processing. Look for 24-hour claims service, mobile filing and rapid responses.

  • 24/7 claims processing: When you need to file a claim, you need to do it now, not Monday through Friday before 5 p.m. Make sure that the insurer you choose offers claims service at all times.
  • Mobile filing: You may not want to advertise the details of an accident or admit fault out loud. This makes mobile filing a great way to take care of things, without arguing with another driver.
  • Call or click claims filing: In addition to mobile filing, companies should offer online and telephone claiming. Not everyone has a smartphone. Convenient alternatives should be made available.

Coverage add-ons

In addition to collision and comprehensive coverages, many insurance policies have other optional add-ons to cover costs not directly associated with an accident.

  • Rental reimbursement: A motorcycle may not be your only means of transportation, but if it is, you will need to rent a car while it is repaired. Not every policy includes rental reimbursement, which could leave policyholders spending hundreds out-of-pocket.
  • Towing and transport: After an accident, a motorcycle is probably not going to be able to drive. You'll need help to get it to a garage, and your insurance company may help cover that expense.
  • Roadside assistance: An accident isn't the only thing that could leave you stranded on the side of the road. A flat tire or other maintenance issues might be the culprit, so having roadside assistance can be very helpful.

Pricing and payments

Cost and payment options can play an important role in selecting an insurance provider. The goal is always to get the highest level of coverage at the lowest possible price.

  • Explore discount options: Many insurance companies offer discounts for a history of safe driving, driver training courses anti-theft devices, being older, on-time payments and a variety of other behaviors that can minimize your chances of an accident or claim.
  • Multiple payment methods: Some insurance companies offer a quote that has a deep discount for payment in full at the start of the policy term.
  • Lay-up policy: Some insurance companies offer a quote that has a deep discount for payment in full at the start of the policy term. If you pay between six and 12 months in advance, you can save a lot with some companies.

Customer service

After an accident or during an emergency, the last thing anyone needs is a hassle on the phone or a long wait on hold. Rapid responses, easy claim filing and supportive customer service agents can go a long way toward making the aftermath of an accident hassle-free.

  • Rapid responses: When contacting your insurance company, you want them to respond as quickly as possible. A long hold time could leave you at the hospital with a drained phone battery, causing problems with your claim.
  • Easy claims filing: When you make a claim, you don't want to feel punished for needing to cash in on your coverage. A smooth and easy process makes all the difference when dealing with a stolen motorcycle, broken window or accident.
  • Supportive customer service: After an accident, many people are upset and may not be thinking rationally. A calm and supportive customer service agent can help you recover from the fight-or-flight reaction you may be experiencing, while helping to get your claim started.

What are different types of motorcycle insurance?


The liability portion can be required by law, but optional collision insurance covers the motorcycle and the driver in the event of an accident.


An add-on to collision insurance, comprehensive policies cover emergencies that happen not related to on-the-road accidents, usually while the vehicle is parked, such as fires or vandalism.


Custom motorcycles are hard to value, so not every insurance company will agree to cover them.


Collectibles’ value can vary dramatically from the original sale price, making some insurance companies reluctant to cover them. However, these policies can save owners a bundle if they guarantee coverage for original repair parts.


This form of insurance protects you by paying for damage you may cause to other people’s vehicles or property, or harm caused to their bodies.

Who needs motorcycle insurance?

Weekend warriors

These motorcycle owners enjoy getting out on the road, but they can't take a bike to work. They may not need much coverage since their bikes stay in garages during the week.

Everyday riders

These motorcycle riders prefer riding as a transportation method and ride their bikes everywhere. They may need comprehensive coverage since it covers their major source of transportation.


These motorcycle owners enjoy rebuilding motorcycles from the ground up. They add additional accessories, replace parts with aftermarket alternatives and treat their bikes as a hobby.


Motorcycle collectors often own several bikes with added value, due to the rarity of the make and model. Their bikes may have all-original parts and might be more than 20 years old.

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    Author reviews for motorcycle insurance

    Progressive Motorcycle Insurance

    As an industry leader in the insurance industry, Progressive offers a range of products designed to protect all types of vehicles.

    Read more about Progressive Motorcycle Insurance
    Allstate Motorcycle Insurance

    Since 1931, Allstate has been offering a variety of insurance products to consumers, ranging from homeowners insurance to auto insurance. They serve more than 16 million customers annually and rank 92 on the Fortune 500 list.

    Read more about Allstate Motorcycle Insurance
    GEICO Motorcycle Insurance

    Founded in 1936 under the name Government Employees Insurance Company, GEICO now insures more than 22 million vehicles and continues to provide affordable insurance to men and women in and out of the service.

    Read more about GEICO Motorcycle Insurance
    Esurance Motorcycle Insurance

    Offering insurance products in 43 states, Esurance is an industry-leading provider of motorcycle insurance policies.

    Read more about Esurance Motorcycle Insurance
    Markel Motorcycle Insurance

    As motorcycle insurance specialists, Markel Motorcycle Insurance brings more than 35 years of experience to the table.

    • Motorcycle specialists: Unlike many other companies, Markel specializes in specialty vehicles. They cover motorcycles, ATVs and trikes.
    • Diminishing deductible: Start with a high deductible to cut costs, and watch it vanish when you finish each year without an accident claim.
    • Get the actual value: Markel offers an agreed value settlement option, so you can lock in the coverage rate from day one in case your bike is ever totaled.
    • Enjoy partner discounts: Use your insurer to get discounts on parts and accessories, as well as shipping costs.
    • Custom quotes: Every policy is unique through Markel, so you can add the exact coverage you need.
    Dairyland cycle

    Insuring bike riders since 1966, Dairyland Cycle promotes safe riding and safe sport riding. They sponsor racing teams and push programs to educate the public about road safety.

    Read more about Dairyland cycle
    Direct General Motorcycle Insurance

    Offering a range of motorcycle insurance products, Direct General is an industry-leading provider of customized insurance packages.

    • Protect your passengers: Not every state includes passengers in bodily injury protection, so be sure you add guest passenger liability, which is offered through Direct General.
    • Protect your investment: Direct General allows you to buy additional coverage on your accessories and aftermarket add-ons, even if you only have collision coverage.
    • Flexible payment scheduling: Choose a convenient due date for your insurance premium.
    • Take control of the monthly cost: The more you put down as a down payment, the lower your monthly payments.
    • Call to make a claim: Call in a claim at any time to speak to a representative.
    Foremost Motorcycle Insurance

    With more than 60 years of experience in niche insurance products, Foremost Insurance is an industry-leading provider of motorcycle insurance.

    • Cover your clothes: Safety gear can be very expensive, and Foremost offers up to $1,500 worth of coverage in the event of an accident.
    • Liability only: For safe drivers who only ride occasionally, liability-only may be a solid and inexpensive option.
    • Get coverage on accessories: Foremost offers up to $15,000 in coverage on optional equipment.
    • Classic coverage: Foremost has policies specifically designed to cover classic bike models.
    • Replacement cost plus: With the replacement-cost total settlement option, if your bike is totaled, you can replace it with something that costs up to 120 percent of the value of your old bike.
    Safeco Motorcycle Insurance

    Founded in 1932 in Seattle, Safeco now offers insurance products nationwide.

    • Safety gear coverage: Offering up to $1,000 per person, per incident, Safeco is dedicated to ensuring its riders hit the road with the right safety gear.
    • New Harley replacement is included: Many insurance companies separate new bike replacement options as an additional rider, but with Safeco, it's included.
    • Get great discounts: Save some money on premiums just by putting your bike in the garage.
    • Easy online quoting: Build a custom quote using easy online tools that walk you through the process.
    • Medical expense coverage: After an accident, it's likely that someone will need medical care, so having this additional coverage adds peace of mind.
    USAA Motorcycle Insurance

    Since starting in 1922, USAA's core values have never changed. They remain dedicated to service, loyalty, honesty and integrity.

    Read more about USAA Motorcycle Insurance

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