Health Care Solutions network sent out a fax offering insurance I did call them several times with many questions and they sold me health care, including dental vision for $199 + 100 for the 2nd person. Hillary that works for the Department of Insurance in CA. told me to stop payment as they are not a registered insurance company. I was fortunate enough to stop payment and close my bank account prior to them cashing the check although they did try. I was able to sent the routing numbers and bank information to Jody at the attorney Generals office in South Dakata. I have also scanned and sent the entire package of fruadulent misrepresentation that was sold to me.

I was told $10 copay, but when the material arrived it was a limit of $100 dr's office.. not the unlimited as sold. A notice comes in the package that the number of office visits has been reduced and this is prior to the health care taking effect. I was gauranteed verbally that there is no underwriting to previous conditions and guaranteed that rate for 2 yrs. They were able to offer it as I would be put in a group with Lowes or Home Depot Employees that those groups were not full. They have over 450,000 happy satisfied members nationwide, with a $400 a month disability payment and $50,000 death benefit included. I would be able to choose from any Dr. in Riverside, Corona, Rancho Cucomonga and Orange County. Dental and Vision is 80/20, my payment is only 20% yet not the case. Emergency services including ambulance is $100. none of this is true. an orthopedic specialist is still only a $10 copay, I spoke to Chris several times, and he returned my calls with convincing answers to my questions. I also spoke to Ted W. not sure if he is real. I responded on 10/06/2008, cancelled/ closed my bank on 10/14/08, rec'd the material in the mail on 10/17/08

I am not out any money at this time, but the NBS CANCELLATION FORM states I will owe them a $35 processing fee for cancellation. I am not sure if they will try to collect it. I am concerned for future IDENTITY theft as I revealed my information as SS# for myself and J. same address as well as the bank information, which I did close this account.