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You want fair comments, all wrapped up with a big bow? GMAC house insurance is the worst! They cover nothing. I have had insurance since 2006 and have tried during this time 3 separate times to collect for damages. All three times I have been denied since it has either been water which was from Floyd, water from Irene and most recently, dear Sandy came through and was considered a "tropical storm" so they classified it as wind damage. The inspector came out and told us to pay the deductible and wait for the estimate. Well, if I would have done that, I would have lost money as the letter came saying they cover 2% of wind damage, therefore they are not covering any damage done. I only lost flashing, roofing, gutters, and a large piece of fencing. Since I live in central NJ, you can imagine the wait with roofers, and contractors. They are all at the NJ shore trying to help the more unfortunate than I. I don't have the money to repair these damages myself and FEMA is done in my area as of last Friday. I lost, depending on good ol' GMAC. Beware, they really are the worst! I will say one good thing, they do have good Roadside Assistance! That's all they are good for and how I got roped into using them for house insurance, lol.

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I had an accident with my trailer and the axle separated from the frame. GMAC Insurance had the trailer towed to shop and paid to have the axle reinstalled. I didn't now they did not know how to align it. I drove another 1,000 miles and completely worn out the tire that hit the curb. I called again to have the job completed but the insurance company delayed. I was stuck in the desert for 2 months waiting for the repair. They told me the wrong axles were installed on the trailer and the axles are overloaded. I bought a new tire just to get home, expecting to but another one. Can you please help me with this ridiculous claim?

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On May 24th 2011, Indiana was beaten with hail and wind storms many times and my home suffered thousands of dollars in damage. An older lady adjuster finally arrived on June 2nd, and did try to inspect the house. I thought she might fall off the roof but she was up there maybe 2 to 3 minutes and she also inspected the siding and gutters. To my amazement and also to my surprise and anger, the estimate has come back as $407.00. Many contractors has said I have much damage to my house but I can not get a call back or any communications from the adjuster. I am left only with a voicemail as an answer. I am a GM retiree so one would expect better service, so I suggest anyone looking for insurance to look very carefully at GMAC and all other insurance companies that refuse to cover claims.


It is 6-27-2011. My claim is from 2-1-2011. Joe finally called on 4-12-2011. Joe sent me pictures and the adjuster's so-called pictures of my roof. That was a joke because if the adjuster had gone completely on top of my roof to take pictures of the hail damage, including the vents that were hail damaged, he would have gone through the roof because of the bad plywood. I got two checks for the damage inside my house and the recovery after I fixed everything, but it took forever and many, many, many phone calls. I had the roofers take pictures of the roof and was told to send them to Joe on a CD, together with the copies of all receipts of all material that I bought and paid for, plus what I paid myself to have a whole new roof put on, including the tear-off and dumpster to discard of old stuff.

I also kept a slab of shingles and one vent with hail damage for proof. I got a new claim for the roof, but Joe's boss said they would have to check with the weather bureau to see when the last hail storm was in our area. So I called the local CBS newsroom and talked to the weatherman and got the phone number of the St. Louis weather bureau. He then told me when the last hail storm was plus for the past 5 years and to this date, not one word. I saw on my caller ID that someone called on the 3rd of June, but that was SS check day. I was not home because that was bank and grocery day. But here it is, 6-27 2001 and nothing.


I guess GMAC is jumping on the money train since lenders are free to decide how much flood insurance property owners have to carry. We have owned our home for over 20 years, lived in a flood zone, always paid our homeowner's insurance and our required flood premium. I spoke with a representative at GMAC today and she advised me that as of 2 weeks ago, after 20 years of reasonable flood insurance premiums, our cost is increasing from $900.00 a year to $1,300.00 a year. Says it is the lender's "choice" now to require full replacement cost and the flood insurance must be same as the regular policy, which is calculated at replacement cost to rebuild the home. The balance on our home is $47K. We now have insurance in the amount of $217K. I will hope for a flood so that I can build 2 smaller homes and still have some cash. Wells Fargo is doing the same thing. Our taxes, homeowner's and flood insurance now total more than our house payment. Something is real wrong with this picture. This is very sad, the very institutions that got bailed out are still in charge.

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My garage collapsed due to extremely heavy snow 1/24/10. After a long dispute with the insurance co., my contractor and adjuster finally reached an agreement on the cost of total replacement. I finally received my first check in June 2010. Joe ** has not contacted me since June. It is now November 30, 2010 and I am still waiting for my final check.

Homesite received all my paperwork (certified mail) on October 12, 2010. My contractor will soon be putting a lien on my property. Really, is this any way to do business?! Where is customer service?! They sure want their money on time! I am certainly changing insurance companies!


On 6/5/2010 some sewage came up thru the toilet and flooded the house. I had to call a company out to make sure there was no bacteria in the house. I filed a claim with GMAC and they refuse to pay it now. I am stuck without a working bathroom. I talked to Joe ** the adjuster and he claims there is an exclusion that does not cover for this type of damage. I looked over my policy and there are no exclusions. I am stuck with 6 to 10 thousand dollars of damage because they refuse to do the right thing and pay the claim. My bathroom is destroyed and does not work. I have a sick dog and no way to repair all of this. When you buy insurance you buy it for a reason.

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