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Last updated: Nov. 17, 2017

240 Farmers Homeowners Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Nov. 17, 2017

My husband and I put in a claim for water damage on July 30, 2017 and we are still waiting for closure to our claim. We are senior citizens, my husband is a 100% disabled Veteran and we feel that Brian ** has taken advantage of our inexperience of dealing with claims. We have been with Farmers for approximately 15 years with zero claims. We have 3 vehicles and also flooding insurance with Farmers.

The claims we have submitted for our master bathroom and living room area due to flooding from a broken water pipe. Brian always seems to find reasons not to pay invoices we have sent to him. He has had several arguments with our vendors requesting for payment for their services. For example while our home was in demolition we advised Brian that we were going to not stay in our home due to extreme dust and construction due to removal of tile and replacing it. We submitted a invoice which now he is refusing to pay. Prior to this we had told Brian that we were going to stay somewhere else and he said, “Fine. Just get me an invoice”. When we submitted our invoice Brian stated, ”No way will I pay this invoice. You had other rooms to stay in during this time”.

I have severe health issues and told him that, at our first meeting, with a witness from Servpro who heard him agree to our staying elsewhere. We are not sure why Brian ** is doing this, maybe lack of experience. We are now facing our vendor coming after us for this balance due. And we have not been reimbursed for our rental agreement. We are on a limited budget and cannot afford this. We advised Brian that we would be submitting a complaint on Brian and Farmers Insurance and Brian stated "do what you have to do". My husband and I are disgusted with the treatment we have received from Farmers Insurance.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 13, 2017

I noticed a spot recently in an upstairs bedroom for a leak on the roof. The recent storms in Georgia being the culprit. I filed a claim and had a reputable roofer come to meet with the adjuster. The adjuster also brought a roofer. BOTH roofers told the adjuster I needed the roof to be replaced. I had significant wind damage and at least 26 shingles required replacement but the shingles were too brittle. The next day the adjuster calls and tells me the roof should be repaired and Farmers would not provide any towards repairs and it should only cost $962 and since my deductible is $1,000 I'm stuck. I followed the next step which is for a second opinion, they too have said the roof is repairable even though all of the roofers have said it's not.

I have NEVER opened a claim - auto nor home and I have to say this is the WORST experience I've been part of in terms of service. I told one adjuster today it makes more sense to pay for shoddy insurance if I'm going to have to pay out of pocket anyway - her response "as a consumer it's your right to take your business elsewhere" - what great service that is! Stay FAR FAR away from this insurance company. They do not take care of their customers and only want the high premiums you pay each month. Also to note - I now have 2 additional leaks from the roof.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2017

Our tenants called with a sudden hole in our dining room - upon inspection - the plumbers identified a failure in our shower liner - there was mold present. We had the Farmers Insurance assessor come out - DeJuan ** - and he said that as there was mold present and that as the tenants used the shower daily - that we were not covered!! If the shower liner damage was instant and caused a hole - then that would be covered- but if the same damage was caused slowly - it is NOT COVERED- disgraceful lack of coverage- WILL not be using Farmers Insurance again - very disappointed- I will continue to share my experience!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 25, 2017

Farmers Homeowners Insurance company is a no go. Beware of shady claims adjusters, bad service, and lack of care for your well being in the case of a disaster. Our adjuster Jamie ** has been a joke. We have to constantly correct the man in areas where he attempts to short our household funds, or reimbursements. Farmers Insurance paid a sistering company money for work not done shorting the contractor hired disallowing our home to be repaired. This company will short change you anyone way it can. Farmers is prepared to allow a family to stay at a shelter while a contract is limbo due to lack of pay to the contractor hired. Beware of Farmers Insurance.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 31, 2017

On June 24th 2017, Agent Ray ** came to inspect my home, before I could purchase insurance. He was very rude, complained about everything in my home. He looked at my kitchen cabinets, asked where I purchased them. I answered that I didn't remember the company name. Then he opens the sink cabinet and looks inside. What does that have to do with purchasing insurance? On my other home, he said there was mildew on the roof. It wasn't mildew... But he did say that my insurance would go down $200 if I had it cleaned. We swept up the "pollen" and haven't heard from him since.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 15, 2017

After paying annual premiums for 23 years (~$2000/year), filed a claim for damage due to water leak. Problem found to be drain adapter of shower pan - bottom piece broke. Leak appeared to happen the day discovered, after 2 kids showing. Adapter failed, causing water to bypass drain and permeate floor and walls surrounding shower. Claim was denied, because adapter showed signs of aging.

Yes, these adapters age and begin to deteriorate the day they are installed. There was no way for me to examine the under portion of the adapter (piece that failed). Farmers denied claim based on an exclusion that the damage has to be from a sudden and accidental discharge. I pointed out that this is exactly what I had, but Farmer's denial claimed that the adapter showed signs of aging and therefore leak was not sudden.

Consumers need to be aware of not only the exclusions and exceptions but need to interpret, based on these exclusions, how the insurance company will respond to the types of claims potentially filed, and adjust their policy to provide the best insurance at the most effective pricing for the consumer - not the insurance company. Agents should make consumers aware of these exclusions, and state and federal laws should mandate this, preventing the smoke and mirror sales.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 11, 2017

Since signing on with them 8 weeks ago it has been one mess after another, starting with my bank sending me threats and notices that evidence of coverage wasn't provided by Farmers, then extra charges, errors on Farmers' end, failure to notify me in writing of why they were billing me, disappearing discounts and the list goes on. I offered to open up my home for the company to come and take pictures, open outlets And you're to prove electric, plumbing and roof updates. They would not take me up on this. When trying to get my business they accepted my proof of upgrading documents (receipts, city property website, etc). Yet after I signed on, They seemed determined to withdraw the discounts. Their requirements are beyond unreasonable.

I Have over a million in assets I elected to insure with Farmers and I'm profoundly disappointed in service. A classic case of getting what I pay for... actually less. I have spoken with my contacts on these matters and have been advised to seek different insurance at this point. Because it is required I will maintain these policies until a new provider is identified. I got other quotes a few months ago when I chose them so it shouldn't take long. Customer service is a disappearing value in our current social climate but I feel confident I can revisit my search and feel like I haven't been told one thing at signing and received quite another. Do NOT choose Farmers.

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Original review: June 10, 2017

Farmers Homeowners Insurance, with Farmers is a joke. My hot water line busted underneath my home. I was out of my home for two months, I was in a hotel for three months. I was told my adjuster, that they was going to find me temporary housing. I ask the adjuster, about moving in with family or friends. I moved in with a family member, the adjuster asked me to write up a rental agreement. The first payment went good, but the second one was a mess. The agreement was, a payment was to be made on the 24th of every month. The adjuster made a partial payment to my account. I told the adjuster, that's not the agreement we made. I want the whole amount to be deposit, into my account. I have been paying for insurance through this company for years.

Farmers adjuster Julie **, had D.R.I to come into my home and clean out my cabinets. They were to remodel my kitchen cabinets, she changed her mind about the remodeling of my kitchen. I wasn't informed about her decision, now I have to put everything back into my cabinets myself. This was unnecessary, and it make more work for me to do. My front bathroom was remodel, and the plumber they had to come and fix the piping. This man was so unprofessional, he wanted all the money before the job was completed. They busted a pipe under the sink, and they had the nerves to ask me to go and buy another pipe. I told Jack the Plumber, I wasn't buy nothing, you broke it you fix it.

I was doing my laundry and realized, they didn't route the pipe back to the laundry room. I had to wait a week before they could come back out. My experience with Farmers Insurance was horrifying, and to think they have a commercial that states. They do a thing or two, because they have seen a thing or two. That statement is a lie, I just want my home back intact. My family and I want to be comfortable, again in our own home. I am looking for another insurance company, if anyone knows of one please let me know.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: May 13, 2017

Don't buy into this insurance, I have a roof damage and they refuses to pay for the damages. I have 7 different location with damages and water leaks in my house they offered $648.00. My deductible was $1000.00. They will tries to do anything to not pay out the money. Completely Crooks. Don't deal with them. You will lose every single time.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 10, 2017

My "FORMER" Insurance agent's secretary called to tell me that they had not received my payment for my Homeowners and Auto policies. I explained that I wasn't renewing them and that I had sent them an email indicating so. She then told me that I had to write it down on paper, send it to them with copies of my new policies. I said NO. I contacted you, which is more courtesy than is required. She then informed me that if I didn't, they would issue the renewal policy anyway and then send me to collections. I thanked her and hung up the phone and then I called the Missouri State Insurance commission and filed a complaint. Way to go Farmers! Glad I left you!

Original review: April 4, 2017

I've had Farmers ins for about 10 years on my 3 homes, 6 autos and paid my premiums as they come due... Have NEVER in the past 10 years ever made a claim. We had a huge snowstorm and collapsed my deck ($20,000). YES. A big elevated, attached deck at my cabin. Adjuster said it wasn't covered because it wasn't part of the home even though it was attached.

HERE'S WHERE FARMERS SCREW YOU. The agent is all folksy, nice, smiles a lot to get your business...says “don't worry about a thing, we cover your entire home,” etc and never mentions anything about decks, etc...and leads us to buying their company... Then here comes the adjuster and it’s his job to give you the bad news... "Oh you didn't read the fine print?? It says here on page 77” or whatever... Who reads the fine print?? Very bad customer service. DO NOT BUY INTO THEIR COMPANY.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: April 3, 2017

The claim statement was misleading regarding the amount of money I received after getting my hail damaged fence power washed and stained.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 25, 2017

I signed up online in December of 2015 because I was concerned about my neighbors. I live in a 4-plex of an apartment complex and of course, cannot be aware of or in control of what my neighbors do. I have never had Farmers try to call me, I receive automated generated emails.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 4, 2017

I live in the southwest where wind is a common occurrence. About a week ago, we had our first big wind storm of the spring, with gusts reaching 65 mph (this storm lasted about six hours). My elderly father (90) lost about half of his wooden fence. He has always paid his premium on time and we both trusted that Farmers would help at least some. He lives in a nice neighborhood, nice home, decent fence. The adjuster came out two days ago and told a long story about how strong the winds were when she was a little girl (about 40 years ago) and lived in a nearby town. She said that the recent storm (which garnered severe storm warnings for days ahead of time) was "nothing." She did, however, say that multiple homes had received damages (go figure).

After not calling by the end the day yesterday (when promised), she calls late today and without apologizing, leaves a two minute message stating that she was not convinced that it was "wind that damaged the fence." There was no empathy or advocacy. Just those words and that Farmers would not be able to help. This is going to be crushing news to my dad who is on a fixed income and naively trusted that other people would be fair to him. I wish I could give Farmers a higher rating. To be honest, I feel terribly disillusioned, as well.

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Original review: Feb. 13, 2017

Every insurance company out there has its advocates and its detractors. That said, there are some common objective standards that should and could be applied in judging insurance companies, after one strips out the outlier issues that cause individuals to either complain or scream approval! These standards include: customer service (#1), empathy (#2), advocacy (i.e. advocate for you in the event of an incident, for e.g. a car accident, #3), follow-through (#4) and resolution (#5).

In 30 years, I've had 4 insurance companies: 20th Century (now 21st Century), State Farm, Progressive and now Farmers. On all the standards above, Farmers is head and shoulders above the rest. Their customer service is superlative. This includes the front-line of contact and the processors. Most of the time, you don't think about your insurance company. It becomes hugely important when you have an accident.

In my case, I am writing after less than a week from a horrific car accident in which I was struck in an intersection by a car at some speed. My high-end car will now be a total loss. From the first report on the accident, Farmers reps have been extraordinarily attentive, very empathetic, have followed-up diligently, and have identified pathways to resolution from the beginning. Because of the insurance I carry, they have assured me at every turn that they are covering all the costs of the rental, the towing, the possible repair (which in this case will now be a write-off) and the ultimate current value of the car. At this point, I am still not sure what that value will come in at, but of one thing I am sure: it will be fair, reasonable and consistent with data. Most important, their follow-through sets a standard, in my experience, of excellence, efficiency and communication with me, the consumer.

My advice to all who interact with insurance companies: be responsive and responsible yourselves first. Make sure you can gather and provide data wherever possible. None of the companies has overarching policies that they transmit internally to ensure that they use to diminish their responsibility or that they stiff you (despite this being the dominant impression among consumers). Each case is in fact a judgement, based on data and facts, and consistent with their actuarial and other data.

Second, don't treat them as adversaries. They are in business to minimize loss and maximize profit. There is nothing inherently evil or wrong in this mission. If you start out with an attitude of entitlement, without recognizing their need to establish facts, and the burden of liability, and the specifics of your policy (which you should read thoroughly), then it won't end well. Bottom line for me: Farmers is by far the best insurance company I have had. I have them for home and car (2-car family, so both cars are insured).

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 17, 2017

From the time I purchased my home in 2005 to 2010 I paid coverage for 199,000. I had paid every year the whole premium on the home. Then in 2010 I had a house fire. An agent came out just to tell me "no I'm sorry. I'm only paying you half." Left me at an aww... I was so angry not even enough to fix the home again. I am here still until this day wondering why I paid so much money for them to tell me nope.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 29, 2016

This company treated me terrible and didn't care about an emergency situation when a car hit my building and was stuck in the side of it. The fire dept came and told me I had to get out now for fear of collapse. I stayed in motel and had one paid meal there and Farmer's refused to pay the $23 for a meal out, even though I didn't have access to my home, so I had to eat out and I obviously didn't take advantage of it. Farmer's wouldn't pay out anything so I incurred all expenses and anxiety really bad having to be out of my building, not knowing if it would fall, and seeing a car stuck in it.

Verified Buyer
Original review: Dec. 16, 2016

The condo upstairs had a pressurized leak and no one was home in either condo. As a result, by the time it was found our condo was 95% impacted – all ceilings, majority of walls, all flooring and some cabinets had to be pulled out. At first, the adjuster said she couldn't pay unless she found negligence on the part of the upstairs owner. I got the State Insurance Commissioner and an attorney onboard at which point they stated in writing they accept liability. It's been 4 months and they haven't paid a dime or submitted an offer. They just keep asking for more paperwork and recently it's been paperwork submitted previously so I just forward the prior emails. It's causing us significant financial and emotional distress as we sit with a gutted condo, lost tenants and lost income. We have been customers of Farmers for 40 years: houses, cars, umbrella policies – this means nothing to them. I'd give them 0 stars if I could.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

We had a serious house fire a few days before Thanksgiving and Farmers has provided excellent service. We called that evening while the house was still hot and they immediately put us in a nice hotel (of our choice). They sent an adjuster the next day who determined it should be passed to a large loss adjuster who drove out immediately (across Texas) the day before Thanksgiving. Every employee has shown genuine concern, kindness and urgency to help us. They have been very generous. Our adjusters are officially on our Christmas card list and we will HAPPILY be paying Farmers for their service until the day we die. Or don't have a home...

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

I have had their homeowner insurance for 25 years. This is first time using it and I called them about water leaking over the light fixture in the kitchen. The adjuster came out and looked and said he could only find problems with front porch and around chimney, so we had that fixed. It come another rain and it leaks in different spot in kitchen and they are being slow at trying to help and they want to file it on another claim so we will have another 1000 dollar deductible different from the first one I reported, so there is a thousand dollar deductible for each report not for a year.

I pay them nine hundred dollars a year for 25 years and this is the way I am treated. It has ruin food that a church had given us to eat because I live on 1,1490.00 dollars a month. If it wasn't for churches and friends we could not eat. I hope other people will read this and see that home bureau insurance will get out of paying anything. And do not get this insurance. I am looking on internet for a more reliable ins.

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Original review: Dec. 7, 2016

Dec of 2013 I noticed in our bathroom a loose tile. About a week later it fell off and I could see other issues appearing. More loose tiles in shower etc. Now the bathroom is from 1950ish. So not too surprised. In Jan we called Farmers to come out. The man looked in the shower and said, "You have a leak in the wall," (he knew this by experience) and said "sorry we do not cover such a thing." We had someone open the wall and stop the leak. But the damage was so bad we have had no use of the shower. The floor fell in. Farmers has been paid for a good 30 years on this house and this was the only call he ever made. And now we are looking at a good $10,000. Mess on our hands. The man did say, "I am sorry, I know it is hard. I am a homeowner also."

profile pic of the author
Original review: Nov. 29, 2016

Had a pipe with a leak in my wall and had severe water damage to carpet and flooring and sheetrock and a lot other stuff. Called, send adjuster. Rolando ** came out and have a really low estimate to repair. Had other independent contractors come out all at about 11k-18k and Rolando ** from San Antonio Texas Farmers Insurance said only 5k of damage. Have been calling to give him other bids. Has not returned any call for months. Even called his manager to only get the same treatment. Very dissatisfied at this point and to put a nail in the coffin as we are dealing with this claim we get another leak and no you had come to show up to even see what's going on with this one.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 22, 2016

I had a terrible experience with Farmers. I purchased a homeowners policy and, a month after paying the annual premium in full, Farmers sent a vaguely worded letter stating that my premium would be increasing in the middle of the coverage period because they made a mistake when they initially calculated it. At that point, I decided to cancel my policy because I didn't want to do business with an insurance company that would do such a thing in the middle of the contract period. It seemed like a classic "bait and switch" in my mind.

For the next two months, I battled Farmers and its inept customer service representatives trying to get a refund of the premium that I had already paid. Every step of the way, Farmers was a nightmare to deal with. Their customer service "systems" are extremely outdated and disorganized, and their customer service representatives are incompetent and unpleasant. After a lot of stress and wasted time, I finally got my refund. If it was that difficult getting my money back after they made a mistake, I can imagine how frustrating it would be getting Farmers to pay a claim when I needed them. There are better options out there. Avoid this company. They don't care about you.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 6, 2016

A wind storm damaged the roofs in my area. My neighbors are getting full replacements. I was told I had $485 worth of damage. That was ridiculous, so I started to investigate. All the Roofing Contractors I contacted said the same thing, Farmers notoriously denies legitimate claims. They send a "no name" Engineer to write a report that they use to deny the claim. They know nothing about damaged roof shingles. They write down how many shingles are broken, nothing about the ones that are lifted and no longer sealed and all the shingles that no longer have the rock surface. I am so disappointed that I didn't investigate their claims history before paying premiums for 20 yrs. I am working on a class action suite now. I will keep warning others until this is resolved the way it should have been. Farmers, is it true your Assessors are awarded bonus money for denying claims?

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 3, 2016

I had a leak in my kitchen. I emailed my Farmers Rep as soon as I discovered the leak. My rep told me I was covered. I called and filed a claim. The person on the phone told me that I could make the repair to the sink before he arrived to look at the damage. I told him I was not touching anything until he came and looked at the damage. When the agent arrived a few days later he came in, peaked under the sink, took 2 pictures and said "you are not covered." That quick. I was floored. I asked him to explain why. He said my policy didn't cover slow leaks or mold damage. I told him he was mistaken and I had to show him my policy and the page where this is stated. The actual leak was from the dishwasher. The force of the water disconnected the pipes. The pipes had no damage or gunk in them. The pipes just separated.

I had all my cleaning supplies and shopping bags stuffed under the sink. I didn't know there was a leak until I went looking for something in the back of the cabinet. My everyday stuff is right when you open the door. I never really looked under there. I would open the door and grab the soap for dishes. He continued to state I was not covered. I later received a letter from Farmers with the denial... Farmers actually sent me a blank form letter with nothing filled in but the date of the visit. I contacted a public adjuster and now a year later I am still fighting with Farmers. My kitchen was gutted a year ago and I have a wash tub for a sink and folding tables for counter tops. Every time I hear a FARMERS commercial I want to throw something at my TV... Farmer's commercials infuriate me. Farmers is only out to make a buck and do not care about the everyday people paying every month.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 26, 2016

I insured a residence with Farmers. There was water damage due to a wind driven storm. The Insurance adjuster first claimed it was a leaky pipe and dismissed the claim. Then when Service Pro found it was due to water coming in from the roof, she abruptly dismissed the claim as NO damage from water regardless is paid.

The adjuster right after the incident never called me but called the repair companies to deny the claim. This adjuster was an arrogant, unfriendly, snipe whose only concern was proving her denial. DISGUSTING. Would NEVER use these folks on any of my properties again. This is not homeowners protection. Its worthless. The Farmers methodology is to SOLELY protect Farmers and to attempt to deny any claim.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 5, 2016

I have had the same problem with Farmers. They refused to send another adjuster after I contacted a roofing company to re-evaluate their review. I have a policyholder for 15 years. The same adjuster gave the same story as her first time. This time she said that FARMERS had recently changed what she called "triggers" as part of their review. Then she said that Farmers had a new policy that would cover such damage. I had replacement value but it seemed to be no good anymore---WARNING TO ALL.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 28, 2016

I have had homeowners, automobile, life, and general liability insurance with Farmers since 2000. I pay approximately $1200 per month for these policies and have never had a homeowners claim. We moved the furniture to our garage storage room, patios, and a ranch we were renting so that we could install a new carpet. Our home was vandalized three days after the carpet installation, causing more than $40,000 in damages.

Farmers refused to pay the claim, stating that the home was vacant at the time of the incident. They also put us through a three month, time-wasting investigation. Hopefully, I will prevail over this dishonest company. I am filing a complaint with the California Insurance board, and the Better Business Bureau, and filing suit in California civil court. Farmers advertises that they have your back in the event of a loss. They don't.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 29, 2016

I have had Farmers homeowner insurance since my first house. My friends warned me of their poor service, but I was too lazy to change to other companies. And now I paid the price. My husband noticed something wrong with the cabinet, a certified plumber soon found out a big leak in a drain pipe inside the wall behind the cabinet and help us file the claim. The Farmers agents were the worst ones ever, and the only thing they provided were helpless and frustration, and of course they found all the excuses to pay nothing. Keep away from Farmers as far as possible!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 12, 2016

Very bad experience on a claim with Farmers Insurance. They will do anything possible not to pay on a claim if it a second claim. They add endorsements without any detailed information. I would not recommend this insurance to nobody. You pay so much money a year and at the end they don't cover anything.

Farmers expert review by Matthew Brodsky

Farmers is a large, national insurance provider. The company was founded in 1928 and has grown to provide insurance policies for automobile owners, homeowners and motorcycle owners.

  • Long-standing company: Farmers was started in 1928, meaning the company has a long legacy of offering excellent home insurance policies.

  • Great customer service: Farmers has developed a reputation for providing excellent, individualized customer service. They are ready to process a claim quickly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Discounts: Farmers’ website offers customers advice about how they can get a discount on their premiums. These strategies include purchasing multiple policies from the company, asking customer service representatives about specific discounts online or via phone, agreeing to raise deductibles in exchange for lower premiums, and taking precautions to make homes safer.

  • Service: Rates and service vary, depending on where service and coverage is being provided in the large area that Farmers serves.

  • Rates: Farmers is known for increasing their rates from year to year, making their prices expensive compared to most of the market.

  • Best for: Traditional homeowners, condo owners, mobile home

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Matthew Brodsky

Insurance Contributing Editor

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Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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