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Customer service is one of the best. Whenever I have a claim to file or have questions about my service, they will work until I am satisfied and answer any and all questions that I have. They are great. The claims process is very simple and easy to follow. If you need help then they will gladly help you with whatever problems you may have. It great to know that someone is on your side for once. Policy options are pretty good. You can choose from a wide variety of options that you need. They will make sure that you are satisfied with whatever you choose. Coverage is great and you can get whatever you need. If you need any help then just ask since they are there to make sure that you have great coverage and what not.

The customer service is great! They are always there and they help me with anything you need. Talking to my insurance company is very important and my company insurance makes me feel important. I am satisfied with the claims processing. I have been through it many times because it is very difficult to understand but is easy to comprehend once it is broken down into simple form. Everything matters with motorcycle insurance. The policy options are great. I love my policy although I wish some things were different like the amount of currency that I get but I love it! Motorcycle insurance is great but it's very important to get the right one. I am happy with my coverage. I am very satisfied with it and I am able to sleep at night. Coverage is very important concerning motorcycle insurance because in some cases motorcycles can be more dangerous than regular car, especially the accidents.

Customer service has not had to be contacted often. However, when we initially got the policy they answered all of our questions. For the most part, there was a lot of information on the website. Fortunately, I have not had to file a claim. Since we have had pleasant experiences with them I would hope and assume the experience would go smoothly. We had a few policy options from which to choose. They range from the state minimum to full coverage just like with our cars. It was easy to find a policy that fit our budget. The coverage will easily take care of any repairs and/or replacements we may need. We were even able to get coverage for vandalism, which is great. You never know when someone will be mean.

Like a great company that treats customers nice and has great policies that work for all people. Great customer service, nice policies that work for me and others. Fast professional service, best claim service above the rest. A company you can trust. Like nice policies that work. I would recommend to all. Has all options available for all autos. Trustworthy company that dedicates itself to customer service above the rest. All coverage available to all auto bike. Likable coverage that works. A company worth doing business with.

They were very attentive to my needs and affordability and I felt like they generously cared about me as a customer. They helped me save a lot of money. It was fast and accurate. I processed my claims in very speedy time and got the answers I needed to file claim. Policy has variety of options and the service rep took time to explain it all to me. The policy is fair. The coverage I get is great. I saved tons of money, it covers all my needs and helps me understand everything that I'm paying for. It's really worth it.

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A good and reliable customer service helped me every step of the way asked, all the right question and never got impatient with me. I would recommend this company because they are nice and know their stuff and never got frustrated when I couldn't understand something.

Esurance's CS is also pleasant to talk to. They are courteous/ knowledgable. Response time is quick when issuing a claim. They are a national brand and care about your business. They are quick to respond. Act in your best interest and fully take care of you. Will get you into the best shop for all your automotive needs. I for one think they have the lowest policy rates and ensure that your vehicle is properly fixed in the best working order. Full coverage is affordable and fully covers all automotive needs when it comes to an accident. Expect the best with them because they will 100% take care of you.

The customer service is great but not amazing. They tend to answer my call and seem like they care for me, however, it took several different people and automated calls to get to the point that I needed. It was somewhat difficult for my claim process because of the different calls I had to go to, however, when I finally got a customer service member who was willing to help, it was fairly easy. My policy is great so far because I have needed to use it once, and they have been there to support my claim as they said they would so I would definitely recommend. My coverage options include healthcare in case of an accident and also replacement in case my vehicle is totaled. I only needed to use my coverage once but that was only my fault, yet the members were there to help me right away as promised.

Esurance's customer service is impeccable. They always respond to my requests in a timely manner, and if there is some chance they do not, they apologize and still offer to fix the problem. They are very friendly and act professionally. The claims processing is great - it is easy to do and gets done quickly. Some companies take longer with it, but Esurance gets the job done! I personally think it's the best around. So many policies to choose from. No matter what you need covered, or what your financial status is, you can get affordable, quality coverage from Esurance. Coverage is fantastic - and it covers basically everything you can think of. The prices aren't too crazy, but reasonable for the quality of insurance!

I purchased motorcycle insurance when my husband bought his. Esurance gave us a nice experience by finding affordable insurance online. It was very fast and inexpensive. I would recommend them to anyone. I am actually thinking about bundling my insurance with them. I have full coverage and I love that because it gives me the peace of mind that I need knowing if an accident were to happen, it would be covered in full. The coverage is great, like I stated before, we have full coverage and it covers everything including roadside assistance and rental if needed with a low deductible.

Although Esurance is online only I'm very impressed with their customer service ability to handle my issues. I've contacted them a few times and it was fast. Esurance's claim processing is very quick and prompt. I've had to file 1 claim and had it processed within 1 day! I was so impressed and love their service. I don't know much about their policy options but I do know the policy I have with them is topnotch. Great price, affordable and worth the money. Esurance has great coverage for my bike. I had switched from AAA because Esurance's prices and options were so much better for me. I recommend them highly.

Always there when I need them. Good locations. They respond very quickly and always give me the best rates out there. I can rely on them all the time. Well I went online and looked up different ratings for different insurances and the best ratings and values were from Esurance. I also heard from friends it was good. When I need them they're right there. They will come to me even if they are in a meeting or celebrating a birthday. Bad insurance companies may hang a dollar In front of me. It's happens the same as always, people talk and people do. You never know what's real or what's not. Who to believe or who not to believe.

I canceled with Esurance on my F150. One month later, I got a bill for the device I sent back when I canceled. I've been with Esurance many years and my rates kept going up even though I had no tickets and no claims. Now they can't find my motorcycle policy so I can cancel it. I just got so mad I stop talking. I'm glad I never had to file a claim. They had a chance to keep me but no way. Well, there's a lot of companies out there and it didn't take long to find a better and cheap one.

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Offering insurance products in 43 states, Esurance is an industry-leading provider of motorcycle insurance policies.

  • Get a hypothetical quote: For those who are planning a purchase, the cost of insurance can influence buying decisions. Esurance lets you check to see what insurance would cost on a bike you haven't bought yet.
  • 24/7 customer service: Accidents don't happen on a schedule, so you need to be able to make a claim and get assistance at any time of the day or night.
  • Add-ons available: In addition to the liability coverage the law requires, Esurance also has a variety of add-on riders that can protect extra parts or offer additional services.
  • Insure non-standard bikes: For those who ride scooters, mopeds or other non-standard bikes, Esurance offers coverage.
  • Pay in full for savings: Pay up-front and enjoy a big discount on your premium.
  • Best for Weekend warriors, everyday riders and tinkerers.

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