We used CSA for trip cancellation insurance for a 2 week rental in Emerald Isle North Carolina. This costs us over $200.00. Then we found out recently that our 13 year old dog has cancer and it has spread to her lungs. We are giving her daily chemotherapy at home and she is very fragile. We cannot in good conscience leave her to take a beach holiday. We called CSA and explained this to them and sent them all the appropriate documentation. They quickly denied the claim and when I asked for an appeal was told they don't "really have an appeal process" but would "kick it upstairs and review the situation."

A few days later (very quick review I guess) we received a letter denying us any of our claim. I know this is a dog but she is our family and we wasted all that money for nothing. Read other review sites to see similar complaints and many much more serious than ours. Do not waste your money for a company that will do just about anything to deny your claim.