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I went to doctor Mahsheed ** on October 2oth for a sinus infection and told the doctor that I also had MS disease. At this time I told her that I needed an antibiotic.


I have never subscribed to Consumer Reports on health, but am being dunned for a subscription payment. Thank you for any help. The consequence is primarily annoyance and disappointment in the organization.


I signed on thinking I was acquiring affordable health care benefits for my 24 year old who has no health insurance. The literature promised 80% coverage of doctor's visits and other prescription benefits. I was working full time and didn't investigate carefully.

Now I'm retired and when we decided to use the services for a general check-up for my son, no one had heard of this company, not even the providers listed on the website, in his area. I began to read many similar complaints about this specific company on the web and research more.

I found and called a number for the "providers" who may have questions to call, put my phone on speaker phone, and 32 minutes later a real person answered. When I mentioned that I didn't think doctors had time to wait 32 minutes for someone to repsond she said she was simply an operator who answered calls for 16 different "health benefits" systems.

So I haven't been able to contact anyone from the CHBA company that I've been paying into since a year ago. I notice they have raised their payment level 10.00 a month (for new enrollees). This company is real scam. I'm pursuing a refund but I have a feeling it's not going to happen!


I entered my information on a site for individual health plans in NY. A man named Michael WIlliams called me on 9/24 and told me that he could insure me for 129.95 a month plus the enrollment fee of 129.90 (total 259.85). He said that they were a non-profit provider and that the name of the company was Consumer Health. He claims that it will cover 80% of doctor visits and hospital stays, 85% of diagnostics, 65% of dental, 50% vision. It has a prescription plan and an emergency room deduction of 100 - covering the next 3,000 in full and 80% of any additional charges.

When I asked him to email me information. He told me he already did twice. He said this was an offer for today only. That he could even take a post dated check. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is and I looked up online to find out this is a complete scam. They continue to call me every day. Luckily I did not fall for it but was close because I am desperate for affordable insurance. Please stop this company from scamming other peopld out of their money.


He offered me very low insurance. I could hardly get a word in and he talked so fast. I told him to email me the info. He said he did 2 times, but did not. We have been playing phone tag for a couple of weeks now. When I read some of the responses posted, I will never deal with him again! Thank you!

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I put my name and number on a site for affordable healthcare. A man named Tom told me that he could insure me for $129.95 a month plus the enrollment fee of $129.90 (total $259.85). He said that they were a non-profit provider and that the name of the company was Consumer Health. He claims that it will cover 80% of doctor visits and hospital stays, 85% of diagnostics, 65% of dental, 50% vision. It has a prescription plan and an emergency room deduction of $100, covering the next $3,000 in full and 80% of any additional charges. It also has a $15,000 accidental death policy. When I asked him for the website, he gave me, which did not come up. After checking here, I found that others are complaining about paying out money for this bogus healthcare. Will someone please put a stop to these scam artists and lock them up for theft?


This is an insurance company. I answered once and they wanted to sell me insurance, which I need. They were ready to transact when they asked if I had a pre-existing condition. When I said I did, they said they couldn't sell me insurance "by law." When I asked what law, they said that I needed to "understand that if they accept sick people, they'll never make a profit and insurance companies are here to make a profit." I fought with the guy and told him to ** off and they still call me every day. On Friday, I called and got into a shouting match with the receptionist. She told me to ** off so I think she is used to getting angry calls. They are the Consumer Health Benefit Association **. They will enjoy the first ring of hell.


I was told this was insurance, discount health. My doctors told me they had never heard of it. They called and found out it was a very complex discount plan. I contacted VA State Corporation Commission, and I was informed they are not licensed to do business in VA. They refused to talk with me about returning my deposit, only saying it's not refundable. No license, no contract; is this not correct?


This company is a complete scam! It's really sad and pathetic that so many Americans are so desperate for a reasonable health plan and there are people like this who prey on us and take advantage of us. If I had a second to think about it, I would have researched the company first before agreeing to try it. However the salesman wouldn't even give me a chance to say anything. I decided to try it because the man sounded really sincere about the plan. But unfortunately, he was a scumbag, just looking to make his next sale. He lied to me and said that my generic medications would be no more than $10. I went to CVS to pick it up and was the exact same price I always pay. No discount whatsoever! They are liars, liars, liars! I would rather work at McDonald’s than do what those ** do for a living! They charged a one-month fee of $129 plus a one-time setup fee, which came to a total of $277, which I was told is non-refundable. I had it for a week and then cancelled it.


I had gone online to get a quote on insurance. I filled out some information and a few minutes later, I was contacted, by phone by Joel ** from Consumer Health Benefits Association. He proposed a New Health Choice plan, which would cost an initial $239.85 start up fee, then $119.95/month. I was told that this plan had no deductible on doctor visits, in and outpatient services, and diagnostic testing. I was also told that it would cover 80% on doctor visits and in and outpatient services, $85% on diagnostic testing and I would only have to pay $100 on emergency room visits. Prescriptions were quoted to me as $4 generic, $25 name brand. None of these were the actual correct figures on coverage. I had broken my foot and went to Dr. **, who was a participating doctor in the plan, and the insurance only covered 20% of the office visit, not the 80% I was told. Prescription costs were higher than I was told. I tried to call and cancel this service but could not get anyone to answer the phone. There is no way to contact them from their members' page to even send an email to cancel.


The person was lying to me about a health insurance and sold me a health savings plan. Everything from coverage percentage to prescription was a complete lie. Once I purchased this health savings plan and got a brochure, it showed what it really was. It was all different that what he told me. Coverage was 30% and not 70% as he told me. The prescription was not covered. Emergency room had dectibles that he said there werent any.

CHBA took 300 dollars from my bank and refuse to refund the money although I was told that if I cancel insurance within 15 days that I would get the money back. I was defrauded for 300 dollars.


I was contacted by Juan, he stated that he had gotten my information from a request that I had sent him over the internet. Since I had been looking for health insurance, I spoke with him even though I didn't remember ever looking at anything online that resembled what he was pitching. He said it is called the New Health Choice Plan and I asked him specifically if this was major medical insurance and he said that yes, it was.

I asked if it was creditable coverage, and he said it was. I asked if it covered doctor's visits, hospitals, surgeries and prescriptions. He told me that I would have unlimited doctor's visits, that prescriptions were priced in 4 tiers, hosptial admissions and ER visits and any surgery that was medically necessary would also be covered. He also told me that pre-existing conditions would be approved since I had not gone more than 60 days without creditable coverage.

He basically told me everything I wanted to hear in order to sign up. I told him I would have to speak with my husband about it and asked if I could have something in writing to look over. He claimed that he couldn't give me anything in writing until we signed up but that once we did sign up, we could look it over for 30 days and cancel with a full refund if we weren't satisfied. He called me several times to follow up with me, before I signed up. Once I called him back and signed up, I never heard from him again. He told me that I would recieve an email with my id# and access to their website within 24 to 48 hours. It has been a week now and I have not received an email. I have left him several messages daily, and have not heard back from him.

The money that they took out of my bank account was supposed to pay for either medical insurance or medical care. I have a very serious pre-cancerous condition that requires surgery that I had been saving up for. If I don't have the surgery soon, it will become cancer and my chances of surviving are drastically reduced. He told me that my surgery would be covered, 100% but now I can't even get any information about this health plan to determine whether anything is covered or not.

I am physically disabled and unable to work so it's not as though I can just wait for my next paycheck to pay for the surgery. I am also the mother of 3 young children who may lose their mother if I don't find a way to pay for this surgery soon.


I became a memeber of the CHBA in January.I pay 140.00 a month from January to March. I tried to use the discount health benefits plan 5 times.Each time the information was given to me from CHBA as to where I can go. Each time I was denied any type of discount from said doctor. I called 3 times asking for a refund and was told only supervisors could give refunds. After two or three times of these people giving me false information I finally get a supervisor to call me. I plead my case as to why I should get a refund and I'm denied. I paid for a service that wasn't provided to me. I feel that this company is a scam and I am not only upset that I have been hoodwinked but worry for all other people during these times. I am an unemployed new mother and can't afford to walk away. The purpose of the service was to see that my family andI had some type of health benefits.

My bills were neglected because for the service that they were supposed to provide and for the bills I had to pay out of pocket. So a few of my bills were behind and I was penalized with late fees. My Daughter needs to go to the doc frequently for her check up and shots she is almost a year old. One place that they sent me for my gyno exam was an hour away. I had to pay a babysitter to watch my child and never even had the examination because they did not except the discount plan. It has caused me much stress. More than I had before worrying about having health benefits for my little girl and money is tight. I was the sole provider of the insurance for my family until I was let go from my job (downsizing) a week before I was to return from maternity leave.


When checking my bank statement I have a 119.95 charge which which has made my account deliquent. I have know idea who this is. I do not remember signing up for this or any insurance online or by phone. Cannot reach any one by phone to cancel this. If I have to I will go to the BBB. I know they will help. I want a refund plus my over draft charges. I am unemployed and have no income. Thank you.


When I was first contacted by CHAB a couple of yr's ago I was misinformed big time and believed that I was purchasing insurance for myself and my son. Pre-existing conditions were no exception to the rule. Discounts for Dr. visits and hospital stays were just to good to be true. Having serious health issues and 2 yrs. later did I get the education of a life time. They used every low-down sorry tactic in the book to run a scam on unsuspecting innocent ppl. Matt Dale, was the shiester who roped me in on this so called insurance.

I just terminated this insurance and called my bank and explained how as of January, February & March of 2009, didn't get a discount on my Rx's. They lied and said they had called Wal-Mart Pharmacy and gave them the corrected Group #'s and I could go back and p/up my discount. Wal-Mart said they never called. This went on for 3 good month's and it was difficult to make contact with CHAB, cause no-one would answer and you couldn't leave a message. They mailed me out a new Rx Card even and promised this would never happen again. It did 2 more month's and then when I found out the Group # was not correct was told that I could go back to Wal-Mart Pharmacy and p/up my discount!

They gave me the corrected group # over the phone just a week ago and I told them they had mailed me out a new one with the new #' what is this?? They also, were being very difficult when I told them I wanted to cancel this discount Rx Plan. They charged me $55.00, to join their Feder-X, program and the first month's fee. It wound up costing me $95.00. Cindy, called me up and wanted to know about the paper-work that I had dropped off at the Cardiologist office to be filled out 2wk's prior.This was to be a reduced prescription plan through the drug companies. I told her that I hadn't heard anything yet and she ask me to call and check on it. The staff said it was misplaced or lost. I called Cindy back and told her and asked if I could get the paper-work recent to me.

I was transferred to another older lady that was rude and plain out crude and jumped on me accusing me of going directly to the drug company myself to avoid taking advandage of their program. She was hateful and said no they could not without recharging me. That it was my fault for not staying on top of things. I was told my money was nonrefundable. This is a very shady company they should be reported to 60 minutes and hopefully an investigation be done to protect the innocent victims out here. I lost a lot of money due to failing health issues that interfered with clearer thinking on my part. Please, someone needs to investigate these lying theives.

I had to eat a 95.00 dollar loss through their Feder-X Program. I didn't get a discount for January, february or March of 2009. I paid 139.95 a month. The first year it was 245.00 dollars per mon. When I went to the Doctor, they didn't except this discount program,or the ER at the hospital. So all in all a small discount is all I ever received. They used the uncompensated program due to low income status to get the bill written off and wound up paying only half of the Doctor's Bill.


They sold me this health prrogram as Health Insurance and when I received the package, It clearly stated that it was not. My doctors do not participate in their program. And there was barely a reduction for me and son's prescription medications including asthma meds and meds for ADD when I used their card. They took a tremendous amount of money from my account, and they told me it was a special enrollment period and it may end the next day so I should enroll right then and there. They also promised m it was not a rip off . I am a single mom who is unemployed .

I was just trying to take care of me and my son. I now can not pay my bills and rent and am devastated that his company used me like this. And took so much of my money under false pretenses.

They Have charged in the neighborhood of 500.00 dollars for a false program.


I was contacted while looking for an indicidual insurance plan, by and man named Roy. He said he did this on the side and mostly worked with Blue Cross Blue Shield. I was sold a plan that had co-pays, and cover everything including ER visits. He even told me a story about his daughter breaking her arm and he only paid out $200 for everything including the surgery that was needed to fix her arm. I thought this was great as I have children. We signed up.

I did the phone call with the state of Texas where I was told what to say and when I tried to question him in the call he would get angry. I cancelled the policy as soon as the info came in the mail but I am still being charged. We have had toe cancel our credit card that the payment was going on while the bank tries to sort things out. But they don't seem to be able to get anwhere.


My Wife and I were contacted by this woman by the name of Cindy. She told us that There Ins. would cover 80% of all Med. cost's which I found out not to be true when I went to my doctor. My doctor's Secretary called there phone number and she was told that they were to charge us 100% and we would have to file a claim with them at which time we would be reimbersed 30% Of the 100% we paid our doctor These people are misleadind people to get the fee for people to join then they are saying that you cant get your money back. THIS IS A SCAM!!!!!!

My wife and I spent $259.85 and the Insurence that we got is not what we were told it would be.


I purchased a health plan for my son that I was told had the following coverage: blood work- 70% covered, drugs $10/25/50 payment, vision 50% coverage, dental 65% covered, dr visit 50-60% covered, hospital dx & lab up to 70% covered, out pt 50% covered, ER $100 deductable rest covered, no limit on ER visits, in pt hospital 80-100% covered. I questioned repeatedly about the ER coverage and I was repeatedly told that this was the coverage.

When the information came in mid January the coverage was not what I was told. Drs visit up to 30% off and the drs offices that I checked in my area never heard of this company. I contacted the dentists' office within 25 miles that were listed on the website don't accept the plan. Hospital plan uses a patient Advocate plan to discuss bills over $1000. ER accident insurance IS NOT AVAILABLE IN NEW YORK.

I have not been able to get any resolution and they are continuing to charge my credit card each month


I researched Health care on line. After just 30 Minutes I started getting calls from Brokers. The next week I got a call from a Regina representing a health care provider. She said it is better than Insurance. It was very cheap and a PPO, not an HMO. I wanted a number to call back and written info on their plan. Regina said it wouldn't be fair to those who wanted a good policy. That she couldn't send me info. The pressure was on to sign up.

I should have known better. It seemed cheaper than all others I was looking into. After I signed up and gave $239 on a Credit card, she gave me the website and a telephone number to reach her. I called the next day, had to leave messages, she never called back and I called the day after and had a hard time getting through to anyone. I wanted to cancel after 2 days and seeing the lawsuits and all the complaints.

I live in a small town and can not travel far to Doctors. My dentist did not take their plan. I was under the spell that this was a ppo and I could use my own Dr.'s. That I wouldnt have to pay out of pocket and now they say I have to use their Dr. and pay up front and get reimbursed after filling out forms. Still not a promise I would ever get reimbursed. I cancelled immediatly. I paid for a month and am not even going to try it. I figure the hassle would cost me money and I haven't got a lot of available cash especially in this economic disaster. I called my credit card and asked for a disclaimer for credit.


I was called January 8th 2009 by a man that said his name was John. He said he had found my phone number on line where I had asked for Insurance quotes. I said I had as my husband lost his insurance and wasn't on medicare as yet but we are retired. On a fixed income. He told me my husband was uninsurable in any other insurance company because of his present health issues.This policy he was offering would cover eveything. Surgery,doctors,hospitals,perscriptions,eye doctor,dentist,foot doctor etc. I asked why it was so cheap for that amount of coverage. "John" said it was because my husband would be in a group. I told him I wanted to talk it over with my husband and would call back.

He said I couldn't do that as this was a one time offer and if I hung up it would be cancelled. Had to sign up right then. He just pushed and pushed till finally I was stupid and gave in. He wanted my debit card number to get my first payment of $239. After that it would only be $129. a month. Thirty days from that day. Soon as I gave him my debit (stupid) he hung up on me. I was just sick. I knew then I had been taken. I immediately called our doctor and drug store. They had never heard of the insurance company and would not except the card. I was so upset I did not know what to do. I tried to call the number they gave me. No answer.

So early in the morning on the 9th the very next day I called them. I did get a person. I told her I wanted to cancel out and wanted my money back. I checked that morning and they had taken it out already. She said it would not be refunded as Iowa was a no refund state. I said I thought legaly you had 24 hours to cancel anything. She said NO refund and she hung up on me. I was so upset and felt so sick. Like everyone we need every penny we get. Later in the same day I called again and got an answering machine.

I left a message that I wanted my money back and cancel my policy or I would contact the attorney general or better business. No reply. My husband and I went to the credit union and told them what happened. We changed our debit card number. We filed a disput with the credit union and Visa will attempt to get our money back. This is a scam and I hope this keeps anyone else from falling for this. I just kept thinking now my husband would be able to go to the doctor. Well......I was wrong and gulable. If it's to good to be true it usually is. So close those bank accounts and change your account numbers. They WILL keep taking your money each month. Never give that information to anyone over the phone.


I was contacted by phone about an insurance policy from a rep. of Consumers Health Benefits Association. I was told this would be a major medical poilcy that would be good anywhere. I was then told I would be recorded to verify what I was paying for. I was then told what to say when asked to speak. When I questioned this I was told it was just standard procedure by the peroson asking the questions.

Once the phone recording was done I asked the woman to go ahead and cancel the purchase then and she said she could not so I contaced my credit card company and told them what had happened and they issued me a credit that consumer health benefits association is refusing to honnor even with continued contact. They have told my credit card company that they have never recieved any notices from me even thought I tried to cancel during the initial ohone call.

I am continuing to fight with them about the cancelation of my policy as they say they have never gotten the information packet back or any phone calls saying to cancel I have to date called them five times sent an e-mail from their contact us section of their website and even filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this. They continue to pursue payments from me even though I have nothing to show for what I am paying for.


This salesman canme into our home a year ago selling this discount health plan telling about how we could save alot of money on this plan in this area and tha it was guaranteed. It would be a great supplement to medicare. They charge us 180. per month for the year and have yet been able to use the plan at all. I had $5,000 in dental surgery and prescriptions and could not use the plan for even .50cents savings. The dru store did not accept the prescription card nor the dentist or the oral surgeon.

I called and tried to make an appointment with the in plan vision provider and the savings was $5.00 Off and $85.check up. The coupon I could get off line was for $100. with glasses. My own physician will not accept this plan, When you phone them for a refund under the guarantee they will not discuss the issue saying there are provisions on the guarantee and that you need to use 4 of 7 of the services.

How can you use them when they are either at least 30-50 miles away or the are not accepted at all. When you call their in network providers they do not believe it. When I called my credit card co mpany they had already received 2 complaints concerning this company that day. When you tell them you are going to file complaints against them they tell you to go right ahead.

I racked up over $2,000. in charges to my credit card and paid over $5,000 out of pockets expenses not including prescriptions.. When you tell them to cancel the plan even if you are paid to the middle of the next month they do if effective that day and you have a 25 day lost. SO they get a additional 25 days paid by you.


I was taken in by this company as well, I was on my way to an appointment when I got the sales call. I didnt even know how they got my number. I was greeted with a cheerful voice that asked..I see that you are looking for insurance! I told her that I was on my way to an appointment and was not able to talk. The lady said thats ok, its quick and we could discuss it on the way. I also told them that I wanted Blue cross and was waiting for a reply from them.

Then the lady proceeded to tell me that they would not accept me, that I wouldn't qualify because of possible preexisting conditions. But I told her that I am healthy and had nothing, as far as I could tell, that could disqualify me. She then said well if your healthy then I I would be the best candidate for CHBA discount program for people my age and who are unemployed. I said that if they wanted me to even consider them I would need to see in writing what they are offering. Then the woman said that because of the time sensitiveness of the offer and discounts, they didn't have time to show me and that I would get all the paperwork in the mail after. She said that because of how the bigger competitors, such as Blue Cross, are with people who possibly have preexisting conditions, this would be the best thing for me.

With reluctancy, I said that I still needed to think about it. Adamantly she reminded me if the time issue and assured that this was not about sales but about me and what is best for me. I have to admit she was very convincing and won some of my trust. But still the whole time I was on the telephone with her, I felt it was not all that legit; though she was very convincing. In the end, out of need to find some sort of health coverage I could afford, knowing that I was unemployed, I was convinced that this was better than nothing and better then getting rejected because I might have preexisting conditions that would keep me from being qualified. The woman won me over despite my better judgement. So I signed up. She asked for my checking information, I told her that I wouldn't give it to her, then she said ok lets just use the Credit card. So I complied. After the transaction she gave me her number and said to call if I needed anything.

Two weeks later I needed to use the insurance I purchased, so I looked at my information that was sent to me and saw that it was not what I had thought. There was not anything in my package giving me any assurance that I would be covered and I didn't recognize any of their affiliates that would be offering the discounts. And there were no in-network providers listed. I immediately Called the 800 number to talk to a representative and all I got was voice mail, It didn't matter what button or option I picked. I left 5 voice messages saying I want to cancel and that I need a call back, with no avail. I even called the Rep who signed me up, she never got back to me, and when I finally got to someone they transfered me to the voice mail. No one would talk to me. And on top of that the email was not legit. I felt helpless and taken. I looked on line to research this company (unfortunately after the fact!) And found the complaints from others, Along with many articles about this company being a rip off and a scam.


I got a call from this company that told me they were a health insurance company that could get me health insurance at a very affordable rate.I was told that my money was refundable up to 15 days after they received payment if I was not satisfied. Right after i went threw all the benefits with them I found the consumer reports page on this company and called them back to cancel. I was told that all payments were non-refundable.

I told them if that was the case I would use the health plan for that month and then I wanted it canceled.
That was a month ago and I see where they took money out of my account again. And put me into over draft mode.

Very unhappy about the whole situation!

The damaged that resulted were the overdraft charges and the stress of not having someone listen to you. I tried calling the number back they gave me and it is no longer a valid number!


I try to log on to my member no. cant get on.. started to look in to things, I found things on the internet that scare me. Now I feel that we were Scamed

Iam on BP meds. they took 259.95 for the first mo. fee.139.00 each mo. after.This just happen 9/15/08. I am going to try to stop any more payments.

My wife recieved a telephone solicatation about low cost healthcare insurance and told the individual to call back tommorrow as I was away from home. Instead they called later the same day and I answered. Jessie was offering healthcare insurance thru Cosumer Health Care Network for the amazing price of 139.00 a month for both my wife and I, and we could not be turned down regardless of pre existing conditions. Well being a cancer patient who hasn't worked in 18 months, has no income, and pays Cobra premiums of 1100.00 a month I'm interested.

I put Jessie off, took his information, and googled your sight. Thank you to everyone who put examples up, because a lot matched what I was being told. After reading examples on your web site I have deceided to keep my money in my pocket and not pay the enrollment fee of 259.85 to try out the insurance, plus no telling how long it will take to get rid of them once they have your personal information.


I had been interested in health insurance and I did a search on the web. Often they want your phone number and someone will call you. I didn't like that but I did put my number out of impulse or habit.

I was called often and frequently by many. I have caller ID and that's how I knew they were insurance companies.
This one number kept coming up more persistently than others and I finally answered it and said yes to the service.

They said I could use any doctor.

I was under the impression I could just present a card and a discount would be part of my bill. I was told as soon as the phone call was over as I had given them my credit card info that I could use the service.

Well, I waited until I got a card.
They said I could get low cost prescriptions but when I presented it to my CVS pharmacist I found that I would have to pay MORE with the service.
The same was true for my doctor who wanted me to take a stress test before I took a strenuous class at a new gym.

Twice as much they told me.

I was sent a big packet of information that was hard for me to sort through.
It appeared to be a lot of advertising or self-promotion. I couldn't understand how exactly I got discounts.
Months went by, when I decided to try again at my eye physicians, I was told my card was just for prescriptions.

I had been to their website to figure this out, that is my style to go to the Net to get an answer but their website had an e-mail address that didn't function. I couldn't get my message sent and there was nothing wrong with my e-mail service or with the information I was imputting in it's e-mail dialogue.

So, I got no help from the website except to find out what doctors were in the network. I noted that my own doctor who said the service would cost me more was in the network.

I tried to call once and I'm pretty sure it was during business hours and they referred me to the website. Then I knew it was a hustle. The poor website with no support sends me to the phone that refers me back to the website.


I was called by Steve who offered major medical coverage for myself and wife on 24 July 08 for $139.95 per month and it was, according to Steve, Major Medical (PPO) covering an array of doctor visits and labs/imaging, prescriptions,etc. I signed up with a credit card for a one time price of $259.85 and then the cost would be as stated above.

After reading Consumer and all the NEGATIVE feedback from many people I then realized that I also had been scammed but I was able to call them back and cancel this so-called insurance. Upon wrintng this I received a phone call from them (Steve and Tim) and they were furious that I was not buying their services.

I also was able to contact my credit card bank and put a CANCELLATION on any fee's that were to be charged to my credit card. Bank of America was very helpful in this matter. I made them aware that this was a SCAM and I wouldn't pay for any charges. Bank of America agreeded. Hopefully I was lucky? Maybe someone can force these people out of this business.God willing.

Consequences for me are that I was just STUPID to believe that these services were this good for the small amount of money charged.


I recently lost my United Health Care and have very expensive medicine. I shopped around on line for quotes. Never once contacted CHBA. After 5 phone calls a day for 1 week I finally answered the phone and spoke to Karl. He said for 119.00 I would have the coverage I had with United Health Care my med. would cost 25.00 to 50.00 and co-pay for dr. visits would be 35.00 to 50.00. Er visit would cost 100.00. He said there is an enrollment fee and I would need to pay 239.95 asap before it expires. I told him I get paid Friday july 11, 2008. I told him my husband will have to speak to him first.

The following day my husband called Karl and was told the same thing. Never once were we told this is not insurance. It was not until they debited the money out of our checking acct. and we were able to access the info. on the internet did we find out it was a discount card. My husband went to Walgreens to see about the discount they claim to save us, my medicine was 500.00. With my United Health Care I paid 50.00 for my meds. My husband returns home calls CHBA and told them they lied to us and we want our money back and the supervisor Cris said there is no refund. Take advantage of the discount card for a month since you paid for it. My husband said to him there is no discount. Cris was very rude and unprofessional. This is a definite scam.

I called twice myself Friday when I arrived home from work and left 2 messages for Cris to call me and he never did.I told the lady who answered the phone that we have been ripped off and she said I will have Cris call you back. We don't know what state they are in or anything. Now I have no money for a ligitimate health insurance. My medicine wil cost over 1000.00 a month. I suffer serious migraines and acid reflux and without my meds. it will eventually cost me time at work and time at the emergency room.

A loss of 260.00 that would of paid for at least a 2 week supply of my imitrex. A house payment, electric bill, and it will be at least another month before I can shop for a real insurance provider.

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