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Short and sweet because I know your time is valuable. I have a policy that covers outpatient procedures. I'm only covered if an organ is cut. I had a BPH performed where the prostate was cut and reduced in size. Now I've been declined because the skin or an organ was not cut. The prostate is an organ, even google says so. I would think their health professionals would know this, my Dr. thinks I got ripped off. Do what you feel you must, in hindsight I never would have been caught up with this company.

My wife took out an accident policy with Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company in 1965 while working for the Hospital. The premium was taken from her pay check until she retired in 2002 and then we started having it taken out of our bank account. I am not sure what the premium was when first taken out, but for the both of us it is $126.26 a month.

If the premium was that much through all the years, that means we have paid $66,660.00 in premiums. We had never filed a claim until recently when I fell and hurt my knee. Colonial paid a total of $100, not even enough to cover what my medicare and supplimental insurance did not pay. I had to pay the remainder of the exray and doctor bill.


Colonial Life Insurance misrepresents itself as a company that will provide payments in the event of illness, sickness, injury or accident. I have been paying Colonial a premium of $200 per month for the last 30 years. On July 7, 2009, I had surgery on both feet due to arthritis. I am due to be off work from July 7-August 24, 2009. Totally disabled until that time. I have submitted all forms to Colonial as requested. Colonial sent me a check in the amount of $402 as a claim settlement.

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