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I signed up with Cinergy Health Insurance in 2008 when I found out I was pregnant. My husband and I are self employed and there is no health insurance out there that covers pregnancy for people like us. So when I found Cinergy, I was glad. They explained that they covered 80 percent of the entire pregnancy. It states in their FAQ that the plan covers 80% of the delivery according to the Medicare global maternity rate.

The global maternity rate includes pre-natal care, delivery, and post partum care. That next month I ended up miscarrying, which by the way is not covered. I had to have a dnc and ended up paying around 3000 dollars. A year or so later I got pregnant again, having my daughter on August 16, 2010. They paid close to 80 percent for the portion of my doctor, not including most of my sonograms and labs which I paid over 2000 dollars for. When I got my hospital bill, they only paid 2000 dollars of my 8556 dollar bill.

So not only do I owe the hospital over 6500 dollars, I also owe them for the anesthesiologist which was 1700 dollars. I would say I was completely misled by this insurance. I contacted the board of insurance and all they said was it was my word against theirs. What does that mean when it says it in their policy? I would not recommend this company. I just cancelled the policy after they started charging us 600 dollars a month for me, my husband, and daughter. But they don't pay for any of her vaccinations.

We signed up for health insurance. We did not use it for almost 2 years then had the standard preventative physical exams. First, there was non-payment due they said, to husband not on policy although we paid for family plan. Then due to pre-existing condition, there was none! And we had been enrolled for 2 years! Then the 'benefits max'd out,' though nothing was paid. They cannot pay for blood work done as part of physical if it is done on the same day as the physical, on and on! They raised premiums twice, finally drawing $600 per month from my account for almost 2 years = $10,000 for nothing!

We dropped Anthem Insurance (paid through April 2009) because of the cost. We contacted Cinergy because of the lower rates, even though the coverage was less. We gave their representative (phone) the last date of our payment to Anthem. He told us that we had a 30-day grace period with Anthem and we had only 1 day to pick up Cinergy without going through a physical due to a lapse in coverage. At that time, we authorized first month's payment plus $50.00 "initiation" fee. We had no claims for several months.

Then, my husband went to the Veterans Administration for a visit. Cinergy denied any and all claims because the time period was too great between coverages. We paid $1,368.50 for premiums on a policy that, by their ruling, was null and void from the beginning and would not honor any claims presented. We relied on what their representative told us as far as "getting in under the wire" to prevent any lapse in coverage. Although our claim was not excessive, we paid all this money for a worthless policy. Also, the Veterans Administration advised us they had nothing but problems with Cinergy denying claims.

This is a warning to anyone considering signing up with Cinergy Health. I was a member for approximately one year. The premiums were reasonable at $388 per month for me and my spouse. This amount was being raised to $468 per month when I decided to drop my coverage with them. This insurance is also supposed to include some dental procedures. Cinergy, at the time, paid $70 for a doctor's visit. When my wife and I had our last wellness visit last year, our out of pocket for the two of us was approximately $600.

This was over and above the premiums. This morning, I had my semi-annual dental checkup and was told by the billing department that they filed on our last visits three times. Cinergy paid nothing, therefore, I had to come up with an additional $250. Total for this visit is $350. I'm still trying to work out a billing problem with the local hospital for my wife's wellness visit last year for $87 that Cinergy sent me a letter that my responsibility was for $212 which I paid. Apparently, the hospital does not honor their so-called contract with Cinergy. This has been going on for nine months. The next time this bill comes in, I'm going to pay it out to get that off my back. Consumers, beware of Cinergy Health. Make sure you understand what they will and will not cover.

I was insured by Cinergy for almost a year. When I got sick, I ended up with a bill for $68,000. Cinergy did not a pay a dime. My credit went to hell. I still can not catch up. I am not willing to go into any other ramifications at this time.

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I called, needing health insurance and got a call from Paul who, when I questioned anything to do with the insurance or checking out the company, he yelled in my ear and insulted me when I wanted to consult my husband. I insisted on the website and names of doctors in my area, who accepted the insurance. He gave me no names but finally, gave me the website, which led me to this site. So, I left a nice little message for Paul and I can't wait until he hears in my words (which he wouldn't let me speak before) why he didn't sale insurance today.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who posted info on this site. I am a 32 years old, mother of 2, with a very serious seizure disorder and all of your info saved me so much trouble. I am very grateful. In closing, to anyone who sees the commercials for Cinergy Health Insurance, the only thing you need to do is type in their name and save yourself the trouble by not calling. This man demanded that I give him my credit card before even telling me the name of the company and dodged the question, each time I asked and had a fabulous and insulting rebuttal for any question I could squeeze in through his yelling and demanding my card number. Everyone beware, Cinergy Health Insurance is a scam! Everyone beware, Cinergy Health Insurance is a scam!! To The Ones Hurt By This Horrible Company, I am Very Sorry For Your Experiences but So Grateful To You For Saving Me From One Through Your Posts.We should ban together and not stop until they are shut down. Thank You,

I lost a check that Cinergy sent to me and I lost it, so I asked them to cancel the check and to please send me another one. They agreed and said it would be about 10 days. Well, that was almost a year ago. I have called several times only to be told that it would be another 10 days. Finally, about 4 to 6 weeks ago, I talked to Katy and she swore to me that she would take care of this problem herself and would call me back in two days even if the problem was not solved. Well, I am still waiting for her call. I fixed it so they could not get the money out of my bank account and sure enough, they called me. Well. I called again today and got the same runaround and again was told another 10 days. They will not tell me who the manager is or who Katy's boss is.

In June of 2009, I've seen commercials for Cinergy Health stating they take on all pre-existing conditions. After shopping around, I couldn't find anyone who took on pre-existing pregnancy. By September 1, 2009, I became a member of Cinergy Health at the time underwritten by Guarantee Trust Life Insurance. They sent me a package explaining my coverage for prenatal care, delivery and after care of my baby and even gave me a variety of doctors in my area.

I was 6 months pregnant when I first received prenatal care. Cinergy said they would cover 80% of the hospital cost, I was responsible for the remaining 20%.

I had my baby on Thanksgiving, November 26th, 2009. We are very blessed with a healthy baby girl. I called Cingery when I received my $17,000 bill for labor and delivery and lab work. I was advised my plan had changed on November 1st, 2009 due to a new underwriter, USL, aka United State Life Insurance Co. In the city of New York, the new policy holder is a consumer driven benefits association and they don't cover pregnancy in California. They said they sent out a letter October 5th explaining the changes but the letter only states that they are changing my benefits to better fit my needs. I explained if I would have known I wasn't covered, 26 days isn't enough time to find coverage for prenatal care. Cinergy had no problem taking my monthly payment out of my account for a coverage I didn't need.

I started researching consumer complaints on Cinergy Health 256 days before I signed up. People in my same situation were getting scammed by this company. They know they are selling fake medical insurance. I am trying to find out if there is a class action lawsuit for California against Cinergy Health. I have all the faulty paperwork this company has sent me. I still get statements from Guarantee Trust Life Insurance including sign up fee and monthly payments from September - December. I gave this company over $1500 plus the $17,000 hospital bills for lab work labor and delivery and check ups.

I purchased minor medical insurance through this company. For two years, I paid $235.00, never late ever. I ended up having to need surgery up to today. It has been a month beyond a year and they have not paid a thing. Then they cancelled my insurance, notifying me two weeks before but "granting" me an extra month until Feb. 15, 2010 and now they deny that I was insured. So they do not want to pay for the outstanding hospital bill and since then, my regular checkups, they are claiming I was not covered? I have the letter with their own letterhead stating I was insured through Feb, 15, 2005. I have phoned the California insurance commission and according to my first telephone call with them, Cinergy is not licensed to sell in California.

I do not know how far back this is. But they indicated this could be possible fraud. The hospital is using a legal team to collect and I have not yet been handed the $116,000.00 bill. I cannot pay this! I would not have used them had I known this would happen. Not to mention, all the contracted labs and doctors I've had to pay and they did not cover!

This company operates on deceptive advertising. They are an advertising company, not a health insurance company. They are backed by entities such at American Medical and Life Insurance (AMLI) or Guarantee Trust Life (GTL). It is a limited insurance plan. They do not pay for anything significant, like the hospital or ER. They prey on the desperate amongst us, those who have no insurance or have been turned down for something as small as a prescription medication.

I did not find out what was up until a year and a half later, they did not pay my hospital bill. I called and was told 1.) computers were down; 2.) the hospital did not submit the bill correctly; and then finally, that 3.) I was stupid as I did not realize what they were. They have tried to buy me off with $500 which I consider a bribe. My bill is over $12, 000 and I lost over $5K in premiums, all removed from my account by Cinergy as American Med. is not licensed in CA where I live. I cannot pay my hospital bill, found out I had no health insurance to begin with and now still do not. The hospital is demanding payment. My claims were disregarded and the CA Commissioner of Insurance is either not helping or slow to help.

I had a physical in October that I was told they would pay for. I am just now getting bills from my doctor and Lab for unpaid charges to Cinegry. Also, I had a doctor's appointment in October for a cough. They said they sent both myself and the doctor a form to fill out and still have not. I had to pay both the lab bill and the doctor's bill that I was told they would pay.

Cinergy never paid one cent for any of my visits or prescriptions. They told the lab company that my benefits were maxed out. I would like to get my premiums back because I have been on unemployment and have paid them $241 a month for almost a year with no benefit. Like many, I think this is a scam and would like my money back. I wasted over $2500 which I didn't have to waste, being on unemployment insurance.

I began coverage sometime in early 2009 and seldom used it. In October I was informed the company was no longer insuring people either in my area or in my "class". Whatever that means. So they informed me that another company, Consumer Driven Benefits Association of America, CDBA, would pick up the coverage. That also fell through. I am receiving letters now saying I had pre-existing condition prior to CDBA company covering claims.

Additionally, the first company,Guarantee Trust Life Insurance, is stating the claims are not within the coverage period. Odd that they would withdraw the money monthly to pay for this non-existent policy.

I was informed by Cinergy Health that (for the third time in a year) they were switching underwriters. I received a call that they were finding another California provider, and my current insurance would expire on February 15th. A few days later, I received calls from "Venture Health" indicating Cinergy had gone out of business, that they were offering insurance to their members in California, and waiving the standard $125 processing fee. I accepted the charge and was given an account number. Soon after I began to question this. I contacted Cinergy and was informed they were not out of business but did not have a California provider. I spent time on the internet looking for Venture Health as the phone number on my caller ID does not answer.

I located one Venture Health group, but the corporate number was bad, so I ended up contacting the person noted in this message. He indicated they only provided dental insurance and had no record of me or my account. I am concerned they are running a scam and that there will be others who suffer when a month or two goes by and they realize they have been charged for insurance they didn't receive. They did ask for my birth date, but not my social. I originally asked for them to confirm my birth date or social or address, but they stated they only received my name and phone number from Cinergy. It now appears that the charge did not go through as I canceled my credit card on the 23rd. There is a balance transfer I still have to confirm that is unrelated to this.

I applied and was accepted by Cinergy Health Plan on July 1, 2009. I gave my bank routing and account number. They proceeded to deduct $377.00 immediately. One week later, they deducted the same amount claiming that I was paying for one month in advance to go towards the last month of coverage in the event I opted out so I would still be covered for an additional month. They asked for prior credible coverage from my pre-existing insurance plan. I sent them all the information they requested. I received my medical cards and prescription cards within a week. I felt confident that I was dealing with a reputable insurance company since they were advertising on television and I felt comfortable after speaking with an insurance representative on the phone.

I proceeded to go to my doctors for appointments as needed. I had my prescriptions filled. After a month or so, I am getting bills from both my doctor and pharmacy expressing that they were not getting paid. I called Cinergy Claims Department and questioned why my bills were not getting paid. Cinergy told me they had not received my Letter of Credible Coverage and that all would be taken care of as soon as I sent them another copy. I did as I was asked for the second time. Again, I was getting medical bills. I asked my doctor’s bookkeeper to submit yet another request for payment.

Again it was denied. I called Cinergy again and after several attempts to speak to anyone who could help me, and after several transfers to various departments, Cinergy dropped my call. Again, I tried to call for several days. I kept getting the same run-around. Finally, after two weeks of trying, I finally got someone on the phone who would speak to me. Again, I was asked to fax my letter of Credible Coverage for the third time. Again, I was told they had no information on record that I had sent them the information requested. So for the fourth time, I sent them the information requested.

In the meantime, in late September, my husband had an emergency appendectomy. He was rushed to the hospital and had a three-day stay after the surgery. Since my husband’s surgery, I have been threatened by all the doctors, surgeons, anesthesiologists, hospital admittance, hospital and anyone related to the care of my husband. Cinergy has again failed to pay for the medical expenses. I am at my wits end. I have almost $40,000.00 in medical bills. I need help. I am looking for a class action lawsuit that I can be a part of, so that others can be helped and to stop Cinergy from taking advantage of people like us who depend on insurance.

I am a diabetic and my wife and I called Cinergy Insurance in August, 2009. The sales representative was very friendly and told us the health and pharmacy coverage would begin immediately without any pre-existing wait time. We agreed to purchase the policy. We were told the Cinergy charged $388.00 per month. Our bank account was drafted for this amount from August to November, then without warning, the premium jumped to $470.00 per month in December 2009.

In August, 2009 I went to our pharmacy to get humalog insulin and glucose strips. The pharmacy did all the paperwork and submitted it to Cinergy, allowing me to get the insulin and strips without up front payment. In November, I went to the pharmacy and refilled my humalog and glucose strips prescriptions. In January, I discovered that Cinergy failed to pay the pharmacy for both the September and November visits. The pharmacy will not refill the prescriptions without upfront payment. I do not have $650.00 to pay upfront. I called and spoke with a young lady in claims. When I questioned her about the non-payments, she said the insurance company has been changing over their claims department and are backlogged, but the claims would be taken care of.

I asked if there was some way they could contact the pharmacy and guarantee the payment would be coming. She curtly told me, "Cinergy does not guarantee to pay anything." I told her that is not what the sales representatives say nor is it what the company advertises. I asked if I could speak to a superior. She told me I could but they would tell me the same thing, but refused to connect me with anyone else. When I asked to speak to someone else, she just abruptly asked, "Is there anything else I can help you with?". I responded, "You haven't helped me with the first thing." She curtly repeated herself and I told her, "No. you cannot help me at all."

I purchased this policy in April 2009 and never filed a claim until November 2009. I was told that they wouldn't pay it due to the fact that they didn't receive my creditable coverage letter with my application. How in the world did I get a policy card and they deduct $241/month out of my account then? I also had a bill from Quest Labs for $902.00 saying they didn't get Cinergy reimbursement and I was responsible for it. I am now out close to $3,700.00 and have filed a claim with the PA insurance board. Something needs to be done about this company's practices of deception.

We've been paying nearly $450/month for my wife's health insurance with Cinergy. A few days before delivering a baby, her maternity benefits were cancelled "due to a new underwriter" taking over account. So now we're stuck with $10,000 bill and no recourse. This is so unjust and completely unethical and wrong. At least I should get a refund for the year of payments I've been making! There must be some class action lawsuit on this to be part of. How do we start one? This is not right for this to happen in the United States. Consumers do not have to put up with this theft/stealing/lying and misleading advertising.

I paid premiums for a year and a half after my Cobra ran out. I had no clue this was not a real health insurance company. They advertised nation wide on Fox and CNN to name a couple tv stations, and all over the internet. I went to the hospital for two days, problem solved, and found out they would not pay my bill, except for "100% of $100" Gosh. My bill is $15K so how much does this help. I thought at first it was a billing error, as they (Cinergy) told me it was. The hospital said they'd made no error. Cinergy said "if you'd broken your foot, we would have paid." Yeah right.

Anyway, I'm now hounded by collection agencies, and had not even had a chance to try to negotiate with the hospital... who finally said they'd not negotiate. I called EVERY government entity, starting with the CA Commisioner of Insurance, the Attn. General and the FBI, and the same agencies in FL as well. They all "pointed" at each other saying it was in the other agencie's jurisdiction. So I've been given a HUGE runaround. There appears to be NO state or federal agency that can help... I've been spending every spare moment for 1.5 months not concluding this ugly fact. I do not know where to turn. It seems the individual citized has no where to turn and no power to do a thing. I am so angry at Cinergy and American Heath (the underwriter) I can't even express it.

Paying $247 a month since April and they have not paid one thing. My doctor not on list, so they told me to pay and send the bill and they would reimburse me. They haven't paid one of them. Had ear problem, doctor sent me to ENT. They didn't pay that - saying pre-existing. When I called them they said my claims are pending- since April? I received a bill from the ENT which stated that they were not paying due to pre-existing. I have never had an ear problem. I cancelled my insurance today and filed a complaint with the SC Insurance Department. They are a fraud.

the salesman lied to my husband. that was a piece of junk ! i dont remember the salesman name but if you looked under our name i bet you could find it. Gary asked him all kinds of questions because 99 dollars a month seemed to cheap to do all the man said it would do and my husband even made that statement and the salesman said oh i wished i hhad money every time he heard that ! Your company is supposed to record the transactions at least thats what the recording said but i bet you just happened to not have ours!

remember you will reap what you sow1 I DID CALL AND CANCELL THIS CRUDY MESS! of course the girl i spoke to said you couldnt refund what you took from our account ! hope the 3oo or so dollars you took from us makes you feel good knowing people like us trusted you and was not given a proper explaination over the phone but you sur put it in the paper work to cover your crooked self so you could make we that trusted your verbal sales talk look stupid! os you have covered yourself legaly but moraly you are wrong .

on feb 17 2009 my doctor sent me for blood diagnostics)they are in the cinergy network. in april i got a bill for $ 379.95 i called Quest and gave them my card number for my discount on the total bill. i was told that they did not know what i was talking about. so at that point i called cinergy health and talked to someone about my problem with billing. her tracking # is 01449248.i think her name was cherry, i was told to send the paper work to her by fax so i did on 6-24-09.i was told they would take care of it. on july 17-09 i got a bill from Queat diagnostics for the same amount,so i called cinergy health i talked to kathy tracking #01532134. i was told they would take care of it. in sept.6-09. i get a delinquency notice for not paying the bill. here are all the dates and times i called cinergy along with tracking # 01449248 date 6-24-09 time 5:30 pm., #01532134 date july 30-09 time 10:00 am, sept 8-09 got someone on the phone by the name jenny, sept 9-09 #01603472 time 10:00am, sept 11-09 #01610238 time 1:05 pm,on sept 23-09 #01631951 time 11:47 am.,the last call i maid to cinergy haelth was sept 23- 2009 after my frist call that day to cancel my acount. i am paying cinergy $59.95 a month for a discount. at this point from feb.07-09 to sept.02-09 i have payed cinergy $479.60 for a discount health plan i did not get. i could have payed the bill in full.i want cinergy to pay the full bill for Quest diagnostics. they took my money all this time out of my checking acount. but never payed the bill.

Company refuses to pay for an emergency appendectomy. Cinergy says that it is was an 'outpatient' procedure and they do not cover outpatient procedures. I called before I went in to Denton Regional Hospital and specifically asked if the appendectomy was covered and they assured me it was covered up to 80% of the medicare guidelines.

My surgery was successful and I was able to go home the next afternoon but it was less than 24 hours so they have refused to pay nearly $15K worth of medical expenses. Call it in patient or out patient... it is still the same procedure and this practice is WRONG.

Additionally, they have not reimbursed my doctors, surgeons, or anthesiologists yet and which is expressly covered in all their literature which I have on file.

I contacted Cinergy via internet to get a quote. While I waited to hear back, I did further research about the company. I found nothing but negative complaints and most people commented on how fraudulent the company is. When Cinergy contacted me, I informed them that I decided to use another company and to please remove my number and email from their database. They haven't done so and I am receiving about 4 calls per hour on my cell phone. I finally called my cell provider and now I have to pay $4.99 a month to keep Cinergy from calling me.

I purchased a health care policy on May 1, 2008. I had shoulder surgery on June 16, 2008. There was no waiting period. I incurred a hospital bill for a total of $13,106.00 with a excluded charge of $1316.00 leaving a balance of $9,764.80 for which Cinergy Health has denied. They claim they need additional information to process this claim.

They have sent my surgeon and also the doctor that gave me anesthesia forms for this information. The bill for anesthesia was for $902.00 which was also denied. I called my surgeons office to follow up on this and they have informed me it was the hospital's responsibility to contact Cinergy Health because the charge in question was for hospital services. I called the hospital in question and the billing office told me it was up to me to call Cinergy and have them to contact them.

I have done so and still can't get any answers. When I call I have been hung up on and they keep giving me the run around. This has been going on for almost a year and I have been told by the hospital I will have to pay this and it will go on my credit report.

I received my first policy on May 1, 2008.

It was supposed to cover 100% of the surgical benefit and 25% of the surgical benefit for anesthesia. Then I received another policy around the first of July stating the same benefits and another one in mid July stating it would pay 80% of the surgical benefit and 25% anesthesia. I have been sent numerous letters and calls from the hospital harassing me for the money. I do not owe this money, nor do I have that kind of money. I feel this is a breach of contract from Cinergy Health, Inc. I have gone through mental stress and actually have gotten physically sick with worry over this. I feel my only recourse is to contact a lawyer and see if I have a case. Can you help?

Thank you

I scheduled a surgery last year on november 24th, 2008. The hospital where the surgery was being performed was covered under my plan. The billing department contacted cinergy health and checked to see if my procedure would be covered. Cinergy approved coverage and i underwent the procedure. However afterward, cinergy sent a letter stating that the complete hospital bill of over 16,000 was responsibility and my doctor was not paid for her services.

We were both very upset by this and i am attending college. I am in so much debt and i want to handle this situation in a timely manner because as you know this will ruin my credit. I was told by the cinergy csr that i could appeal the decision, but it would do no good. please tell me what legal action that i need to do in order to settle this matter. has a class action lawsuit been filed as yet?

I called to see if i needed to be precertified for a colonoscopy and they told me no, I was covered. Now they are not paying any of my bills saying I had to be a hospital patient before they would pay. I can't get them to pay my doctor bills or lab work. i believe I just got scammed. I can never get anyone on the phone, or when I do I get a different reason for not paying my bills.

I have been laid off of my job and can draw very little unemployment but thought I needed some kind of insurance. I pay $241 a month ad first month was plus $50. This is very tight for me and now I have a huge doctor and procedure bill. I could have put my premiums on those bills instead of getting nothing. I believe I need to cancel.

Cinergy changed their claims billing address and did not notify me. When bills were not getting paid, I called (Dec.) and they told me the address had changed in Oct. I WAS NOT NOTIFIED WITH A NEW CARD OR LETTER OF THIS CHANGE. Taking about 5 months to process claims.

They are a great company and their insurance plans are top of the line. I had a very good experience for my first claim. I will stick with this insurance plan and reap future exemplary benefits and service. People who criticize this company just want something for nothing. The health care system was broken, but Cinergy Health, in my substantiated opinion, has fixed it.

I'm finding out that this insurance isn't paying a thing on my medical bills & I even used the doctor's on their list. I haven't been able to see where this coverage is working. It's website can't show me a list of dental providers in my area on the internet, you have to call for that! The prescription discounts aren't as good as they claim. I couldn't get a hold of anyone to speak to about why they haven't paid my doctor anything.

My out-of-pocket expense was outrageous. I'm wondering if I made a mistake with choosing Cinergy. For one, no doctor's office doesn't reconize the company, but they filed for me anyway. It's been 6 mos. & Cinergy hasn't paid on any of my bills. Not happy with it.

I just am having trouble with paying medical & prescriptions. I thought that this co. was supposed to pay $100.00 for the first 5 doctor visits, but so far have paid $0.00. I just don't think they're as good of a health insurance as they claim to be & I'm thinking about cancelling.

01/08 I called in response to an ad about Health Ins. I spoke to Jonathan who told me the price he would give me would only be good if I decided to 'go with it' before hanging up. He quoted $139.95 to be directily withdrawn from my bank account, with $60 of it being a 'non-refundable fee'. He also said that I didn't need any cards & that my MD's office would honor Cinergy's service with the numbers he gave me. He also told me that I'd save enough money w/discounts the first month to MORE than make up for the $60 fee. When I went to the MD, they would not honor the 'insurance' & said I'd have to get the money from Cinergy & I had to pay in full because I didn't have a card.

When I called Cinergy & spoke to Georgio after the MD visit, I learned that I didn't have insurance, I'd been put with a 'discount service' & he then told me the name of it: Beech Street Health He told me that Cinergy doesn't refund money & I'd have to get it from my MD's office. My MD's office said that Cinergy was supposed to do it. I'm caught in the middle & didn't get ANY money back from ANYONE. I tried to get my medicines refilled at a local WalMart & the pharmacist explained that I would only get about 5% reduction. I finally returned to my MD & got him to rewrite my perscriptions & got meds that cost only $5 each at WalMart prices.

It was about 2 weeks after I contracted for the Cinergy & I STILL did not have the cards & wouldn't have been able to get the meds anyway. After more than 3 weeks of numerous calls (most of their phone numbers would not go through) I told them that I was cancelling their service because I felt I was pressured & coerced by the salesman, that NOTHING he represented to me was true, I'd had nothing but hassles & had to pay the full amount of the MD's visit because I didn't have a card after almost 3 weeks & couldn't get any money returned, that I wasn't told information (Beech Street) & that I believed they had made a verbal contract over the phone with me that they had negated by their salesman giveing me wrongful information, if not outright deceit. I asked for my money back IN FULL, and was refused.

While Cinergy did refund $79.95, the kept the $60 fee. I had to pay the full fee for the MD's office, change my medications, & go through ENORMOUS stress while dealing with these people and lost $60 on top of it- for NOTHING! I still don't have any health coverage, need numerous medical tests & treatments, & cannot afford anything so can't get anything done. All I want is my $60 back! AND for them to NOT burn anyone else.

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