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Absolutely disgusting. I'm not even filing a claim. I called because I needed clarification on using a rental car while traveling. Customer Service went into defensive mode and would not explain how the coverage works. I called the agent, and he did the same thing. I requested underwriting guidelines and both Arbella and the Agent refused. I've paid all my bills and NO claims ever filed. They are happy to take my money but not tell me what I'm covered for. Go to the BBB site and see the reviews: ALL negative reviews.

My father, Eddie, who doesn't speak English very well, was the victim of an accident. He reported the accident to his insurance company, Commerce Insurance, and brought the car to the auto body shop for an appraisal. The auto body shop was supposed to contact the person who hit my father's car, Arbella Insurance, to file a claim. But, that's where the mishap began.

The auto shop contacted Commerce, our insurance, and told them to come out for an appraisal. Commerce did. But the damage was to both sides of the car and they appraised for 1 side. The body shop needed the other side to be appraised and no one was returning their call, so they called my father to follow up to get the other side appraised. I, his daughter, called and Arbella got their appraiser to come out. Apparently, both insurance companies got appraisals and none of them knew or communicated with each other who should pay, so they both paid.

Checks were cashed by my father to pay the auto body shop. Now, Arbella is refusing to pay for the full rental car amount and charged my father because they said they weren't informed the day the rental car was rented. The auto body shop told my father they were going to handle everything and "we'll take care of you!" Commerce found out they weren't supposed to pay a dime and wants my father to reimburse them for the amount they paid out.

Arbella doesn't want to pay for one side of the damage because the initial claim report did not state both sides were damaged and they thought my father filed the report, which he didn't because he can't read or write English. I don't know who filed the report, and Arbella doesn't want to pay for one side. Why didn't the insurance companies talk it out? Why didn't they know something was wrong when there were 2 appraisals for one accident? Why is my father stuck in the middle when he was told everything will be alright?

Commerce wants my father to pay them back, but the money is already cashed by the auto body shop. A Cantonese speaking rep from Commerce (my father's insurance)spoke with my father before any checks were made, so when he received the checks, he didn't know why but cashed them anyway because he needed to pay for the car.

When Commerce called my father, shouldn't they have known already that they weren't responsible for the damage? How can we get the auto body shop to pay for the rental car when they deny that the problem lies with them? I think the Cantonese speaking rep who took notes after speaking with my father didn't take them correctly, so the claim was filed wrong and both sides of the vehicle were damaged and not one.

Commerce never showed the claim to me and I'm not sure if they were the ones who sent it over to Arbella, so Arbella is arguing that my father is commiting fraud now. How can my father prove his innocence (bank statements showing he didn't pocket any money?) Should I pay Commerce back? What if Arbella doesn't want to pay a cent more and is requesting the appraisal from Commerce be the one they should pay out and request money back from my father, which he didn't pocket and gave to the body shop?

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