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Last updated: Dec. 19, 2017

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2017

We've owned our home for 7 years now, and have had 2 insurance claims. Both were handled quickly by AmFam. Our agent is kind, and very thorough when reviewing our coverage. Our first claim was only a few months after we had moved in. Our A/C went out just before the arrival of the dreaded AZ summer. The repairman we called out said that we needed a new unit and that it looked like ours had hail damage (there had just been a big hail storm in the area). He advised us to call our insurance company. The AmFam inspector came out the day after I called to start the claim. He went up on our roof and around all exterior sides. He agreed that we needed a new A/C, and also a new roof, a new shed, stucco repair/repainting, and several new window screens. The entire process was amazingly fast and SO easy. They really walked us through everything step by step and helped us find reputable companies to do the work.

Our second claim was a year or two later. A drunk driver plowed through the block wall that surrounds our backyard. Destroying our pool pump/filter and knocking several cinder blocks into our pool. His insurance was taking a very long time to do anything about it, so AmFam sent out an inspector right away. They paid for a new cinder block fence, the stucco on said fence, a new pool pump/filter, and for the pool to be resurfaced. Then they did all the work to get repaid through his insurance. It was, again, very fast and completely painless for us. We have home/auto/life through them and recommend the company to anyone seeking insurance. Especially those who live in our area.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 12, 2017
We had a major storm (hail) that hit last summer and we were out of town. We had met with a contractor on damage on our home and had some coverage for the siding, not the downspouts or the roof. Clear easy to spot hail damage on the downspouts. Our neighbors all with different coverage/ins had their roofs replaced all with different insurance companies. The adjuster would not go on our roof and had to reschedule a different date for another adjuster to do the claim (write up).

Our house is ranch style, with an area that I wouldn't even consider steep. The first adjuster however wrote up the report. LOL! He denied any damage on our roof and when I asked for a second opinion (independent contractor/etc) to review the roof he denied this, as we worked up the chain of command we were able to work with someone that was able to see the damage on new photos that were taken.

The lady asked if we had anyone else referred/or on our roof- No one, or a second opinion. She had seen pics and I stated no. The 1st adjuster who didn't get on our roof stated no we couldn't have a second opinion. The lady stated "Well this looks like significant damage on your roof" and, "I would like to have our roofing engineers come out and take a look." ;) They found only two small areas where there was damage and sent us a check that wouldn't cover 3 downspouts. LOL... 23 years working with them and we have only had a few claims... In the process of dropping them.

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profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 29, 2017

I've been an American Family policyholder for two years. I recently had an apartment fire and I've been treated horribly by claims adjuster. I also found out that I am grossly underinsured for personal property and over insured for liability. She's been dragging her feet with paying my claim and looking for any and every reason to deduct from the settlement. She had the nerves to ask if I'd found another apartment yet, like I'm some moocher. I found one a week after the fire, shes holding up the process. Never again.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

April 2017 we had a tree fall through our home in a wind storm. Everything was going along well until the final invoice from our contractor was submitted. Our claim was a large claim given one end of our home had to be completely torn down and rebuilt. The damaged end of the home included the living room with a wood stove and the master bedroom. We were told the wood stove needed replaced because it didn't meet an emission code and once removed from the home it could not be put back in. So, the contractors installed a new stove. All we asked was our home have a functioning wood stove just as it did before the damage. Our home is a rambler and it required the entire length of roofing removed. The engineer American Family hired stated the sheeting underneath needed to be re-nailed due to shock wave from being hit so hard by the tree. The tree hit all the way to the foundation.

When the final invoice was submitted, American Family said the garage area was not damaged by the tree so they would not cover that portion of new roofing. How is it that all the roof is affected by shock wave except the area over the garage? They attempted to meet the old portion to the new portion and it looked horrible due to the thickness of the old roof. It certainly wasn't the way it looked before. And even though the contractors gave American Family the ordinance papers showing the wood stove could not be replaced, they say it could have just been cleaned. Why would the contractors install an unapproved stove and then be liable for it if or when it failed?

Our home was completed two months ago and the invoice submitted. The contractors did a good job getting it back to the way it was. We were assured that American Family would pay for that to happen, yet I have an $8300 balance they don't want to cover! In good faith we pay our premiums to ensure that in the event of a disaster our home can be as it once was. You certainly would expect your insurance to pay the contractors for the work they did to restore your home.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 16, 2017

We had a home invasion and I contacted the police and insurance company, talked to adjuster and she stated that my fiance things wouldn't be paid so we had a disagreement, two days later a investigator contacted me and all of a sudden he went on a rant about me having a felony and maybe my fiance set it up and I'm a man with my own company, I don't need to steal.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

American Family Insurance fraudulently switched my insurance policy from replacement value to actual cash value without my knowledge or consent (I have an admission from the agent that they did this in writing in an email). I contacted my agent and demanded repeatedly in emails he switch it back. I found out he hadn't when they then denied a claim the next year. My roof was damaged and the interior walls were saturated with rain water. They denied it citing they exclude damage caused by animal "nesting".

They provided no proof whatsoever that an animal caused the damage. There was no evidence of an animal was ever present, ie, there were no scratch marks, bite marks, hair, or droppings etc. Furthermore, there were insurance claims at other properties in the area due to storm damage around that same time. I complained through their channels and got NO HELP. A public insurance adjuster just recommend I get a lawyer because what they did was so wrong.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 18, 2017

I have been paying Homeowners for 17 years and just filed my 3rd claim, in 17 years on my roof. My contractor says it's hail damage and the adjuster agreed that it was damaged, but not enough to be covered!!! My contractor is livid!!! We will see what happens because this is not over!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2017

I have been with AMFAM for about 5 or 6 years. Late last year I noticed shingles were missing from my roof so my husband started calling contractors so we could find out how much the repairs would be. We received 2 quotes and both said it was due to wind damage and needed to be replaced. They said to contact your insurance because they have to pay for the damage. Not until they said contact your insurance company that never crossed my mind. This is my husband and I first home and first time having such a BIG problem so I just assumed as homeowners we were responsible, it completely went over my head that we have homeowners insurance for things like this. Well, AMFAM made me wish I had just remained ignorant to what homeowners insurance is supposed to pay for.

When I called my agent he suggested that I have a reputable company that he has dealt within the past come out to look at it before putting in a claim because once you file a claim it remains on your account whether they pay or not. So we contacted this company and they said the exact same thing the other contractors said. I put the claim in and the drama began.

The adjuster contacted me and seemed more interested in the fact that my roof was 8 years old than he did with the wind damage. Before he even came to the house he asked me on the phone how old was my roof, when I told him it was 8 years old, he said, "Oh, it's gonna need to be replaced soon anyway." That was the first strike. I arranged for a contractor to meet him at the house because he said he didn't have a ladder high enough to get on the roof. A few weeks later I received his results stating that repairs would cost $200-300 and my deductible was more than that so they would pay nothing and that my roof was deteriorating. When I called him he said he just didn't think it needed to be replaced due to the damage because the wind damage was minor and that I still have a couple of years before I need to replace it.

I waited for about a month and let all that soak in and decided to file an appeal. The roofing company's owner that we decided to go with used to be an adjuster and he said that he could represent me with the company and that it would be a tough fight because he has dealt with them before and they are the worst company when it comes to paying for a roof. He said they almost never approve for a roof to be replaced. Well, he was right. AMFAM did everything they could to avoid and deny my claim. They actually even changed adjusters on me 3 times in one week. And then they had the nerve to send me a letter advising that they would no longer allow me to keep the roofing coverage I have on my policy, they were changing it to a cash roofing policy, which means if they have to pay anything on the roof, they would pay based on the age of the roof.

They stopped returning calls and refused to talk to me because they said I had representation and they could only speak to him. In the beginning they asked for pictures and once the pictures were sent (several times) they kept saying they did not receive them. My new policy took effect on August 13th but we started this process way before then and they made sure they held out until then. I just decided that if they will not pay, I would rather pay for it myself instead of having a paid out claim on my record and not be able to find another company because of the claim. They treated us so poorly that it kills me to still be with them to this day. I am definitely searching and getting quotes from other companies because I refuse to remain with a company that treats paying customers like this. And I forgot to mention that they refused to send out another adjuster to look at the roof a second time.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 8, 2017

I have been a customer of American Family for 33 years with homeowners, auto, boat, and life ins. This past year I had my roof blow off large sections of my roof due to high winds, I called Am Scam to file a claim. I was told to get someone out to repair what they could so that no further damage of the interior would be damaged and they would reimburse me. Did that... They sent out an adjuster who then stated, “Oh it’s fixed.” So they would apply it to my deductible, nothing further they can do. Two weeks later the temporary fix, blew off again with much more this time. I called back, apparently they open a second claim, (which should still be the first claim) for them to tell me, “Wind damage is not covered.” After much arguing I ended up paying for a whole new roof out of pocket. 10K...

Now, I try to get away from this awful company to find out no other insurance company will quote me because I have two claims, which paid out 0... For 3 years, I cannot even get a quote. Furthermore, the broker who has appeared to be a friend for 33+ years tells me, “Oh, that's strange” because he and his secretary both just got new roofs paid for by Am Fam. Umm, how does this make me feel better???

I threaten to cancel all my coverage, and he says, “It’s ok I don't make that much money on your stuff anyway!!!” REALLY!!! His name is Sam ** out of Buffalo Grove... STAY CLEAR!!! Now I'm stuck with this terrible company until 2019. Thanks for all your help Sam. NOTHING... and I warn all you consumers to avoid this company. PS. Most of the houses in my sub division got all new roofs paid for by State Farm and other good reputable companies. I am the only one who wasn't covered by insurance for wind damage. Well good thing the broker got his covered though. HMMMMM!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 7, 2017

We have had our home and car insurance through American Family for more than 30 years. We have found their rates and policy coverage to be very competitive, but most importantly their customer service is exceptional!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 28, 2017

I purchased a second vehicle. I then decided to add to my auto insurance policy auto loan gap coverage since I had 2 loans! I called the home office and requested that auto gap loan coverage be added to my premium. American Family's agent was glad to do so. Gap Loan coverage as most people understand to be pays off the loan if your car is totaled in an accident. The agent never clarified for me that what they sell is called Loan Assistance Coverage and pays only 25% of the negative balance should your vehicle be totaled. Had the agent done so I would have not purchased this ridiculous product!

Of course a few months after I added this to my policy the car was in fact totaled as it sat in a parking lot by a semi! It was only after the fact, and nearly a month after the accident and with repeated efforts on my part to talk to someone about Gap Coverage (see definition of runaround in dictionary!) that I finally received a email from the home office informing me that my coverage would pay only 25% of the remaining balance of the loan! I clearly stated that I wanted full auto loan Gap Coverage for my cars during my call to the home office. I am now left holding a bag for nearly $4,000.00!

I live in Minnesota. The Department of Commerce has informed me that they need to see the original policy to see if they have in fact done anything wrong. My policy does state that I added Loan Assistance Coverage; but I never sat down and read what I actually bought. Why wouldn't I trust an insurance agency that has been around for decades? So Commerce has informed me that it may be in fact too late to do anything despite being manipulated by my own insurance company! I am going to file a complaint with the BBB and Commerce anyway because I feel that it is just plain wrong what they have done. Do not trust this company! I truly wish that I had checked them out beforehand.

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Original review: June 19, 2017

I had two leaks in my house because of frozen pipes. One between two sheetrocked walls, and three 2x4s. The other one was in my cemented and carpeted crawl space. I found the crawl space leak after I left the hose on while using the outside faucet in my front yard. The other leak was when I turned on the sprinklers. We found this one after plumbers came by and mentioned that the problem was with my shower. I did not believe this so we tore down our sheetrock. That's when we found the leak between the 2x4s!!!

Imagine when the claims were denied because, according to American Family, I should have let them know when the leaks first started!!! How were we supposed to know if one leak was inside a wall and between 2x4s? How was I supposed to find the leak in the crawl space if the outside faucet was not on AND we are not in the crawl space ALL the time? I know that what American Family's lawyer did was wrong! I believe this is cheating a family by not covering one penny of all the damages caused to my house!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 6, 2017

Protect my dreams? You have got to be kidding. Despite the fact that my father owned an American Family Agency while I was growing up and that I have used American Family for my insurance needs my entire life, American Family dropped my home insurance after a couple nature caused claims over a several year period. I live in an area with lots of hail – which can’t be avoided. And that is exactly WHY I have insurance.

I have had many awesome offers of insurance over the years at a better rate, but chose to stay loyal to American Family despite the opportunity to save considerable money. Yet after these claims, American Family dropped me like a hot potato. The real kicker was that I found out they had not renewed my home policy BY ACCIDENT. I called to ask a question and was told by my local agent that my homeowner's policy had NOT been renewed! The local agent said that a letter had been sent to inform me several months earlier... a letter I had NEVER received. I didn’t receive any additional notices or even a courtesy call from my local agent to discuss this decision with me. My local agent clearly dropped the ball on this one!

After my entire family has remained loyal to American Family for fifty years plus – brother, sisters, niece, nephews, mother, children… I am greatly disappointed. I will now have to go back and tell the many people who I recommended American Family to about the way I was treated. This is a truly lousy way to treat a long term loyal customers. Thanks for shattering MY dreams.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: April 25, 2017

I was a customer with the same agent for 24 years- since I was 16 years old. I have referred over 100 customers to him as well. After years went by, he forgot what customer service and loyalty was. He became greedy. I will pay more for that. I moved my 2 cars and then received a notice that my house was going to be cancelled. I have never had a claim. Good Riddance American Family Insurance. I was really hurt and upset over all of this because I took pride in being a part of a company so long- but I am happy now to be with a company that takes pride in their customers. Good bye Franklin, IN branch of American Family- remember you can bury your wealth.

profile pic of the author
Original review: April 24, 2017

Originally signed on with Am Fam last summer as we were moving from Seattle to Phoenix. Original Agent (Lacy **) was nice at first. Told her originally that we wanted an agent close to us. In no way, shape or form did she tell us that she was moving from 4.5 miles from us to 23.5. Totally made me mad. Then, she never wanted to come to our house... We were always supposed to go out to her office. Screw that, changed Am Fam agents to one closer.

Now, 8 months into our policy... we had a theft from our garage. New agent didn't file claim, we had to. Agent never seems to know what is going on with the claim, and it was 3 weeks ago today that it was filed. Claims Adjuster... whom I had to track down, doesn't return calls, and when you finally do get a hold of him... it's like you never get a straight answer as to when things will happen. Then, he claims he will email you and he doesn't. American Family Insurance absolutely has the worst customer service that I have dealt with!!! I would never recommend them to anyone!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 6, 2017

American Family hired an outside investigator to examine the cause of the fire, no problem, but is stalling to pay out expenses of personal property. Still under investigation. American Family Insurance is trying to put the blame on someone else to avoid losses to their company. Been almost two months, but haven't heard what the cause is or covering the loss. I am disgusted with them and their process. Seems as though they are avoiding the payouts under the policy I have been paying premiums to. I would recommend never to insure anything with them.

profile pic of the author
Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 20, 2017

We have had American Family for 12 years and never filed a claim. We one day noticed our ceiling leaking water and immediately called a roofer who came out and found nothing wrong with the roof but said it was an ice damn issue due to insulation. We called American Family and were told they would file a claim and have a person come out to do an estimate for repair. An adjuster came out and did the estimate and American Family approved it. They started to tear out the ceiling and drywall and found vermiculite. The repairs had to stop and get tested for asbestos. When the test came back hot American Family then turned around and denied the claim stating they had adjusted the homeowners policy, even though we pay for the highest priced one, gold package as they call it.

They stated we just put it in place and will not cover any removal or repairs to a home with asbestos. What this means is anyone with any sort of insulation before 190 is no longer covered for any repairs! They refused to work with us and even refused to have the gigantic holes fixed and told us we should just put a board over them and if we did nothing to stop the damage from spreading they would drop us. Tried calling the adjuster and claims and they will not even take our phone calls. Called the company that did the work and they said American Family is even refusing to pay them and told us this is just typical of American Family and that they hate dealing with them and have over 36 cases of non-payment pending with American Family.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 19, 2016

Their adjuster for my roof wanted to repair it. Gave me $400 to get the repair. Went thru four roofers and an engineering report and all say cannot be repaired. They sent one of those certified roofer out and he will not try to repair. All agree it needs to be replaced. The company is still saying only repair and said she us if you don't agree. Now I am contacting atty to handle this for me. No customer service from this company.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 6, 2016

I had a homeowner claims with this company. After months of review I finally received a denial letter of my claim. The reason for denial was due to a small infraction on my credit report. This company had no problem taking my annual premiums every year. When American Family pulled my credit and found out about this infraction they canceled me and denied my claim costing me thousands upon thousands of dollars on my home. I was told American Family has the right to deny any claim if you or anyone in your household has any infraction on their credit report. Never, never under any circumstances do business with this company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 1, 2016

Filed a homeowner claim on our roof after a really bad hail storm. We were originally really mad with the contractor because they wouldn't agree to do the work for the amount on the insurance estimate. The contractor came back to the house and showed us all of the things they would have to repair or replace that the adjuster Gabe was refusing to pay for. They showed us all of the photos and documents that they had already sent to the adjuster. The runaround that Gabe was giving them was ridiculous. His only response was "estimate not approved due to company guidelines". What a joke. When we called him directly, he told us that he had gotten everything worked out with our contractor. Another BS runaround. Thankfully, we were able to work things out with the contractor to make sure they did the necessary work to bring the roof up to code, but I would not recommend American Family to anyone!

Original review: Nov. 16, 2016

The lower premiums is not worth the headache. My car has been in the shop for ONE MONTH. American Family is giving Honda a difficult time paying claim. American Family is just making this more difficult than it needs to be. They're paying claims in parts which is delaying the progress of repairs. This isn't my first rodeo, and I know the process. American Family do not want to PAY so they're doing everything possible to avoid paying. The very first chance I get I will be definitely finding a new insurance company. I'm willing to pay more in order to get better customer services.

Original review: Aug. 18, 2016

Had my homeowner's & auto insurance bundled together for at least 20 yrs, never had a claim. I had a medical issue and somewhere in that time my garage roof somehow got a hole in the shingled roof. (I think it was a firework shot off by neighbors... can't prove which one) Anyway the leak caused a couple of the trusses to break from water. Made a call to my agent and she advised me that my insurance had lapsed like 3 months ago on my house, but not your car. I was befuddled because I had auto pay monthly. She looked it up and said, "somewhere along the line your payment on your home was 30.00 short, so it lapsed." So I asked, "Why didn't my auto lapse also?" "We just kept your monthly auto pay all towards your car." I could not believe what I was hearing coming out of this agent's mouth.

I asked why you (agent) did not contact me over this matter. She claimed she did by letter. I never received any communication in any form. Agent had my email address, agent had my telephone number, my work number. Ok so I missed the letter, I didn't... but maybe I overlooked it. My house had a mortgage, so I had to have homeowner's insurance. So I got a hold of the bank and they never had received any communication regarding my insurance lapse. The agent by law has to let the bank know of any lapse or cancellation in my homeowner's policy. I could go on. This is sounds to me a common problem with American Family. So I tried to file again, then they said I was late. Then recently received a letter from American Family stating that they had broken the law in the state of Indiana for claim filing.

The agent has repeatedly tried to get my business back, leaving me voicemails on my phone, instructing me to return their call. Now my garage is in total disarray. I had lost my job of 16 yrs due to my medical condition. Now my city is fining me because my garage is not up to code. Thank you American Family, after 20 yrs of loyalty. Over what would have been a small claim, they chose the low road. Awful business practices. Now I know what they mean when they say if you have American Family insurance, you better also keep in touch with your lawyer.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 30, 2016

I was lied to by my agent Nicole ** with American Family in Fenton, Mo. about a supplemental policy called a 535 which would have replaced my steel siding after a storm. I was told by the adjuster Mr. **, who viewed my damage after a storm, that if I carried that policy that my steel siding and roof would have been replaced in it's entirety had I had the endorsement. But because my agent NEVER ONCE MENTIONED this endorsement to me in our initial consultation, I had NO CLUE it even existed. Now she claims that she would have offered it if I had sat down with her last year for a review. Well, why would I sit down for another consultation for my insurance if nothing had changed financially, dwelling wise or content? This is often viewed as a way for an agent to up sell you more product, but as American Family Insurance, they use it as a way to say you were denied coverage because you didn't come in for a yearly consultation!

I was sent a letter from Kenneth Ray ** today that states the outcome of my coverage would not have made any difference on my roof being replaced. What that means in layman terms is that even though you have home owners and you have a third of your roof damaged and we may not be able to match it, that you are not getting a new roof and we do not care if it is mismatched. Secondly Kenny, you failed to mention that if your agent Nicole ** would have offered the 535 that indeed my steel siding would have been replaced, but again you are happy your company is saving money by denying my steel siding being matched as well.

BEWARE OF AMERICAN FAMILY INSURANCE and make sure you got to a company that ask you to sign off on refused amendments offered! If not, you may get an agent who lies about offering it to you in the first place as I did.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 21, 2016

WARNING!!! I would stay away from this company. I had been with them for 25 years paying out huge premiums (because they were suppose to have the best coverage). Dealing with them upping my premiums on my home every year by increasing the home's value by 10 to 15 thousand a year (on a 170 thousand dollar home). Every year after their auto adjusting increasing my home's value 10 to 20 thousand I would have to call my agent to have him re-figure the limits usually dropping the ins value by 20 to 30 thousand. Ultimately, this is every couple years folks! This would in turn lower my yearly premium by 400 dollars a year. That in itself is ridiculous.

But after 25 years and no claims I got a letter from AMFAM stating that a vehicle in my driveway had to have current license plates on it and that I had 1 year from the date of the letter or I would be canceled on my homeowners ins. This is a vehicle that I had bought to fix a few things on and then sell it. This was all cleared up in a matter of a month but this was the last string for me. I even called the main office and the person in charge of the letter stated that a unlicensed vehicle in my driveway posed a greater risk to them as my ins company than one that had plates on the vehicle.

I tried to point out the logic that license plates on a vehicle are sharp and someone's chance of getting hurt with a vehicle in my driveway were greater with plates on them than without. And it's not like I didn't have auto ins with them because I did on 2 vehicles. And she told me she didn't care and if I wanted to continue to be insured by them then I would register and plate any vehicles in my driveway.

This is what made me start comparing policy premiums to other companies. I was blown away at how greedy AMFAM has gotten over the years as they really WERE a great company years ago. On 170 thousand dollar home this year after my ins was adjusted back down from "AMFAM's version of inflation" my premium was 2900 dollars a year and I am signed onto a different ins company now (one of the top 10 rated on this site) and my yearly ins premium is 1200. For the exact same coverage, that's less than half People!

I can't wrap my mind around the price difference. It has become abundantly clear that AMFAM is no longer about taking care of its policyholders, but only about feeding its overstuffed stuffed ceo's and shareholder's pockets. To put this into perspective, over the last 25 years of premiums that's 72 thousand dollars I've paid them and never a claim. But a unlicensed vehicle in my driveway and I get a "change this, or you're out the door" letter. I would strongly discourage anyone from signing on with this company or if you already are then do yourself a huge favor, Shop around for ins. By the way this is only home coverage not even including my vehicle premiums. Stay away from American Family Insurance!!!

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Original review: May 19, 2016

And we would like to state for the record that I asked my agent time and time again on how to present the list for your review. Because I have never had to compile a list such as this of inventory for personal property is the only reason why the before list that was sent of items was not compiled in such a way is because no one wanted to walk me through on how to place the items on the list as far as the categories are concerned.

The first time I did a claim on my home what was asked of me this time around was not asked of me the very first time. I asked my agent and claims adjuster on how to place the list and not one person from the company wanted to take the time to assist me in creating the list. Now I am not the smartest apple from the tree but if someone have done their job the correct way then I feel I would not be at this point. Only american family is aware of how the list is suppose to look when the claim is filed. I asked my agent was there a company that could assist me in forming the list and I was told that they knew of no one. I have had to teach myself everything I know today about how to handle a claim with my insurance company.

I thought I was paying for the policy and for someone to be my agent and work alongside me regardless to what the situation has been. Yes I have lost my cool with my agent and claim handler but only because no one wanted to assist me in any type of way. Instead of telling me that the list was not the way the insurance company would like to see the list, they instead send me for an IOU because of thought of fraud because of the lists that was sent to them because of lack of help and knowledge for my own knowing. No one has went over the policy once again with me to make sure I am aware of the knowledge and steps that are taken when going to the CLAIM process.

No one explain the steps of the IOU or information of why they were sending to do the statements under oath. I feel like the blind leading the blind. I am a first time policyholder and I feel like I been rooted into a scam to pay for something every month to having to do all the work to handle this claim as a whole. You want the consumer to do what has to be done when processing the claim like calling the police at the touch of a button, gathering receipts and pictures and all of the above to prove proof of purchase then place a list together stating where you purchased and how the items were purchased, when the items were purchased and item cost at the time of purchase as well as date of loss then to turn around and show where the item can be bought again.

Now because of the mishaps with the first claim and how horrible I was treated as a first time consumer. I got angry because once again I am back in the same boat and have show all the information I can totally share with my insurance agent after being told by my agent that I am basically not important to be given a call stating that she was sorry for my loss. But instead she says she basically didn't have the time to reach out to me. This should have been the time for my agent to go over my policy with me making sure that I understand what is suppose to be compiled for the claims handler. I feel my agent hung me out to dry then the claims handler who continued to take his time in doing anything for me and not going over my policy with me or asking me do I understand what the company is asking of me. If everything would have been explained to me then we would not be at this point once again.

I had the same issue with my agent and claims handler last claim that was submitted and because the company can deny me made me feel more on edge about it all. Yes I was consistent in knowing and understanding about this claim. But every time I would reach out to my agent or claims handler I would hit a road block and get nowhere.

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Original review: May 8, 2016

Last month I filed a claim for damage to hardwood floor due to a break in refrigerator line. AmFam declined my claim referring to an exclusion in the policy due to continuous or repeated seepage that occurs over 14 days period. The leak discovered in few days and the line was immediately fixed. But the American Family claims, without any proof, that the leakage was over 14 days.

Original review: April 27, 2016

My husband and I downsized and moved north after our youngest child went off to college. We bought an 1100 square foot ranch with an attached garage for $110,000. Our agent came to the property, took pictures, etc. Our premium was about $600/year when we purchased the house. The next year upon renewal I opened our bill and the policy had gone to $700/year. When I looked at the policy I saw I was insured for a 1400 square foot L-shaped ranch for $250,000. I called my agent and told him this was incorrect and our house was not 1400 square feet and he had seen the house. I was informed this is what the underwriters had decided and the reason for the $250,00 was because I had the "gold" policy that would pay for everything new, not just replacement.

I then several months later got a letter from AmFam stating that, because my roof was in "poor condition", if something happened to it, we would not be given full value to replace it, but partial. I called and asked why I was paying for the "gold" policy on a 40-year-old house when everything is aging? I might add, we had the house inspected upon buying it and were told the roof was in very good condition.

I got my bill this year and my rate is now $800/year, a $200 increase in 3 years. We have NEVER made a claim against AmFam and I have been with them for approximately 25 years. When I looked at my latest policy, there is a "dangerous dog" charge. We have a Sheltie and a Beagle. When I called my agent, I was told this charge is on there because we "might" in the future get a dangerous dog. Whatever! Also, for instance, if my daughter (who is 22) was bitten by a cat, her medical bills would be covered?! What a scam. I would definitely recommend shopping around for homeowners' insurance.

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Original review: March 14, 2016

On 2-28-16 I called All American Family Insurance in Benton Illinois to file a claim. Then three days later I called the Mt Vernon Illinois office and I was told that they had no record of my claim. Then two days later I received a call back from a field adjuster. The field adjuster said that he would come look at my storm damage when he could get some free time. Finally two weeks later All American Family Insurance in Mt. Vernon Illinois called me and said that the field adjuster estimated my damage $2000.00 and they said I had a $2000.00 dollar Wind/Hail damage deductible.

All American Family Insurance said that I would be responsible for the $2000.00 in damage. The contractor gave me an estimate of $6200.00 to fix the roof on my garage and my house. First the agent at that Mt. Vernon office told me that my deductible was $500 then I was told $1000.00 and now I have been told $2000.00. $2000.00 is a very high deductible but I would pay it if they would pay the other $4200.00. I would not recommend All American Family insurance to anyone. I am going to switch my home and auto insurance to Allstate.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: March 2, 2016

On Jan 27 my husband and I woke to water coming through our bedroom ceiling and down through our living room window and walls. The water was also coming through the walls and ceiling upstairs as well. Naturally I called my local agent Pete **. He started a claim, the adjuster showed up 2 days later with a mitigation company, they tore out all my insulation in the upstairs living areas and put fans and dehumidifiers in. They said they would be back daily to check on them. The very next day we waited for 4 hours, no show by ERS "Don" or Troy the owner, however they did document RH % for the day they were not there. The crew was completely unprofessional. Our adjuster assured us that we had the best policy on the market--an HO5 for water damage and that she would get us put back together as soon as possible.

As it turns out 5 weeks later, many phone calls on our part a structural engineer later, there is an exclusion, in fact it's in all homeowner's policies. They are denying our claim on a "design issue" which I might add was designed long before either I or my husband were born. They don't have to pay for any repairs, they don't even need to put the insulation back in they pulled out. The adjuster Sharon was even delighted in telling me they don't have to pay for anything. Best part, we got 2 days notice we needed to be out of where are currently residing, and only because I called. American Family Homeowners is like legal fraud.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Jan. 30, 2016

Been with AmFam for 40 years... then we had an accidental house fire. DO NOT USE CRDN or SERVICE MASTER to restore your property. AmFam brought them to our damaged home and urged us to use them... AmFam said they would pay them. These 3rd party companies gave us no estimates, no rates... Weeks later, after they had our property removed from the home, AmFam then begins to explain the process to us... We are the ones who will pay them. The cost of their services reduces the compensation for our losses... all the invoices were sent directly to AmFam so we had no idea what the cost of using them was... we only got copies of the costs after we demanded to know what the were.

The cost of their services vastly exceeded the value our possessions... by using their services to "clean" our old, worn, out of fashion clothes we could not turn them the lost into AmFam to be replaced with brand new fashionable clothing as part of the property replacement cost damages. CRDN is not working for you, they are working for the insurance company but you have to pay them for that. CRDN advertises to the insurance company that they will save them up to 84% of the cost to replace clothing... that is the new clothing we could have gotten by NOT using CRDN and you have to pay CRDN the other 16% from your reimbursement by the insurance. For example: instead of you getting $200 to buy a new pair of shoes, pants, shirt... then insurance gives you $30 to CRDN to clean your old worn items... you get $0 in value, insurance saves 85%, CRDN gets 16% of what should have been yours.

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American Family Insurance expert review by Matthew Brodsky

American Family Insurance has operated for over 80 years, and it offers a wide range of insurance policies. The company offers homeowners insurance in more than 19 states across America.

  • Long history of service: The company has been around for over 80 years, and they have decades of experience offering homeowners insurance policies.

  • Awards: American Family Insurance has been the recipient of several awards over the years, including an Overall Outstanding Participation Award from the National Association of Women Business Owners, a Top 50 Employer from the Readers’ Choice Awards in disABLED Magazine and a Gold Level Award from the Wellness Council of America.

  • Customer service: American Family Insurance offers a wide range of customer service options, including phone or online.

  • Location: American Family Insurance is not offered in all 50 states, so it’s not a convenient or feasible option for everyone.

  • Processing time: Be sure to check American Family Insurance’s reputation for claims processing time. If so, it could be inconvenient for policyholders who need money in emergency situations and do not want to wait a long time for their insurance claim to be handled.

  • Best for: Traditional homeowners, condo owners, farm owners, mobile home owners

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Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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