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Last updated: Dec. 28, 2017

773 Allstate Homeowners Insurance Consumer Reviews and Complaints

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Original review: Dec. 28, 2017

As a cancer patient on disability I have to live within a very constraining budget, of which I personally explained numerous times in the office to my agent’s rep that was writing my policy. I had disclosed I price shopped using the same coverage with their competitors. Having had State Farm since initial construction of this home we were fully aware of replacement costs. September 27, 2017, I paid in full, coverage for our home and two vehicles. December 26, 2017, I received an email they were going to electronically withdrawal an additional $653.00 from our account (We had paid in full for one year homeowners insurance and 6 month vehicle coverage). This withdrawal was to be initiated January 2, 2018. I called the rep who had worked with me in September and she recalled my numerous visits to their office prior to purchasing said policies.

Now, three months later, I’m notified that my home is underinsured by over $40,000 dollars. She told me I needed to pay or cancel when I explained I did not have access to said monies they were requesting and that I felt they should have notified me much earlier and waited for the adjuster before offering me services and collecting said funds. An ironic note to this, the extra money they claim needs to be paid to insure my home is approximately the difference between Allstate and the other companies I was shopping. Now I have 20 days to pay their demanded increase, of which I do not have.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 21, 2017

I selected Allstate Insurance for my mobile home insurance company going through RideNow Insurance Company located in Tempe AZ. My payments were supposed to be $39 a month. I paid 3 months of payments in advance which I paid through RideNow Insurance Company. After they received my money I received an email from Allstate raising my premium to $62 a month. I called my insurance agent Jordan at RideNow to call Allstate to see what was going on. Jordan from RideNow called me back to tell me a Inspector came out and I had more steps going up to my front door, and a front covered porch and a carport by the back door.

If Jordan had done her homework she would have known this. I found another company with a much lower price with better coverage and had an inspector come out. When I cancelled Allstate with Jordan at RideNow Insurance I was told that Allstate would be issuing me a check for $5... although I still had a $60 credit per Allstate's email they sent to me. So Allstate decided to keep my money. I will never use Allstate again. And Jordan at RideNow Insurance is not very good either. What a RIPOFF! Unless you like giving your money away... all I can say is beware. I paid 3 mos in advance so I could have some breathing time after Christmas. I guess Allstate Insurance and RideNow Insurance thought I was making a donation to their company when I wasn't. Nothing like stealing from the disabled.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 4, 2017

Recently received a card from the agency in Kalamazoo. I went there to get a better rate on my 4 home insurance policy, which were all insured previously by other insurance companies. Got the quote sounded great. Then started getting cancellation notices from each home they insured. Every time I try to call no one answers and no one returns my calls. I can't get any money back from them. Paid 3 months in advance for insurance on a home they never insured, yet still will not give me my money back. They have a poor way of running their business, I feel that they shouldn't have said they would insure them if they had no plan on keeping their word. As I said, all were insured with other companies before I moved to Allstate. They are horrible.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 27, 2017

I selected Allstate after they gave me a quote on my home insurance. I paid my premium in full one week before it was due. Two months later they came back with another bill stating my square foot was changed. I disagreed, but no one returned my calls. Now after I went with a different company, they sent the bill to a collection agency. No one is will to help me either from the local Minneapolis agent or the main office. I would stay from this company at al cost.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 21, 2017

I own a condo in an apartment complex and had a leak from an above unit destroy my bathroom. I immediately reported it to my management company and they advised it was a toilet leak from above unit. Shortly after I was contacted by the above tenant's Metlife insurance policy that they will cover me. After waiting for a few weeks Metlife said they aren't covering me. Allstate told me that since they have admitted guilt to file a claim and they will reimburse me for the damages and then pursue Metlife. An adjuster came to the property whom hated his job and his life. Basically said they won't cover me because the damage is worse since it first occurred and I didn't report it in time. So I was trying to pursue Metlife so Allstate wouldn't have to pay and got screwed because there is apparently some type of time frame to report a leak. Now they are both getting sued.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 15, 2017

On 11/5/2017 a macroburst (straight line winds) caused siding, gutter, roof and window damage to the exterior of my home. I called Allstate the next day and an adjuster came out on 11/14/2017. He gave me a check for $2,100 to cover the cost to replace (4) windows, gutter, siding fascia and 25 shingles. Labor for the roof was estimated at $12.58, siding $206.09, and gutter $30.29. I wonder what contractor would replace the shingles for $12.58? No labor was given for the window replacements. I have only been with Allstate for one year. The previous 34 years I had been with State Farm. You are definitely not in good hands with Allstate.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Nov. 14, 2017

I purchased a loss assessment rider from Allstate Insurance as part of my condo policy. My agent said this coverage had no exclusions and covered all legitimate loss assessment claims. Our condo community was hit with a huge hail storm and it damaged all the roofs. Our association levied a $5000 assessment against all 100 owners. Allstate denied my claim, and the only other homeowner that also had Allstate that filed a claim. They denied the my claim because as part of replacing the roofs, gutters and flashing had to be updated to current code in our city. The code improvements are required and less than 5% of the total repair cost, but Allstate still denied the claim. My agent told me that Allstate has been denying all loss assessment claims that she has seen in recent months.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Nov. 1, 2017

When Hurricane Sandy hit, a large tree fell on our home. The people we spoke with on the phone were polite and courteous, but that was the only part of the experience that was good. The adjuster they sent was by far one of the worst, unprofessional people I have ever dealt with. Only gave us half of amount of money we needed to repair our home. After being a customer for over 25 years, and never filing a single claim, that's how we were treated. Definitely not in good hands, no follow up, no returned phone calls. I would never recommend Allstate, extremely disappointed. The adjuster was from Texas and was completely clueless. Don't use Allstate, they are absolutely the worst. My home is still not finished, I needed, by multiple estimates over $20,000.00 to repair the home properly. They gave us just over $10,000.00. What a ripoff.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 27, 2017

During the course of my homeowner's claim filing, I had 4 different representatives, 3 different adjuster, spoke with 2 managers to report my slow and unprofessional claims processing after 1 month time frame to receive 0 dollars. Guess what Allstate you need to remove your ad about great claims service or money back guarantee on WHAT...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 24, 2017

I have been an Allstate customer for 34 years and I have never filed a claim. In March of 2017 we had high winds and damaged our roof. The inspector came out and filed the report. The claim was denied because the roof is old. I have been grandfathered in with replacement insurance and they will not pay for the roof. I am looking for a new insurance company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 23, 2017

The heat exchanger in my Lennox pulse furnace, junk, developed a hole in it. I was told it was from a design defect in the casting process. I called Allstate, explained the problem, as it was explained to me, and was told, by four different agents, that I would be covered, so I authorized removal & replacement of the furnace. Two hours after I told the furnace service people they could begin work Allstate calls me back and tells me I'm not covered, now I'm out $5000 dollars.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 15, 2017

As a senior citizen, I am stunned at the dismissive Allstate has treated my storm damages. Hurricane enforced winds & rain on 9/11/17, caused garage roof leaking water in walls and ceilings. Ceilings and walls, floors saturated then adjuster shows up 17 days later and speculate that roof damage probably wasn't from rainstorm that had last for over 16 hours. I am beyond disappointed. 34 days later still have blue tarp on roof, wood floors darken, ceiling and walls cut open. My house looks a wreck. So depressing. Paid my premiums on time for over 17 years, then mistreated when I am need. Can't imagine what other Senior Citizens are experiencing nationwide.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 4, 2017

We have been customers for many years now. Our first agent that wrote our ins gave us special assessment ins as 10K then the other person that took over kept it at 10K or what we thought was 10K turned out to be 1K, so I blame the ins agents as I was always asking about HO6 and how much and was always told it was 10K.

We got a special assessment letters in Sept. 2017 in the mail about hail damage and having the roofs replaced, Allstate will not cover a thing for the 14 of us that live in the complex, they say it is not a special assessment. In March we upped everything on our homeowners that is when we found out that either the agents we had didn't put it on the paperwork correctly as 10K or someone higher up had fat fingers.

When we have asked for copies of old policies we get the run around that they don't keep that paperwork so far back! So the complex that I live in everyone else that has different ins companies got paid with no problem whatsoever. Looking for new insurance. No more chances for this awful ins company. You pay and pay and always on time never a claim but when you do have one you shouldn't ever have to fight with your ins company to get something covered. The commercial on TV that states, "You're in good hands with Allstate", that is a false advertisement. I have not seen a whole lot of good reviews. I have spoken to people that had this ins company in the past and they had to go through the same thing with hail damage and they still wouldn't pay.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 29, 2017

Two weeks ago my son wanted apartment insurance for his apartment in Florida. He called their 800 number listed on the website. After he gave his social security just for ID purpose to get a quote and his zip code they said in his zip code they do not insure his area. Yesterday he received a letter stating a credit check was run! And he doesnt fit in with their guidelines. I called them a few hours ago. Got this rude, vile, nasty person on the phone who yelled at me telling me they always run a credit report and I said, “This is not what your commercial says and this is not what anything on the computer says before you put in a quote.” She kept yelling at me and over talking me. The company was caught and this is how they handle things. I am not saying not to use them but I am saying read all the complaints others have to say on Allstate’s rip off and scams and complaints. I feel they are a questionable company.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 26, 2017

We had documented hail damage in our area a few weeks ago. I work for a roofing contractor and immediately had our guys come out and look at our roof which has sustained visible damage. My vehicle was also parked at the property and a separate claim had to be filed for that. Once we confirmed the damage we filed a claim with our homeowners insurance through Allstate. They sent a 3rd party adjuster out (who was actually a disgruntled ex employee of our contractors) and he denied the claim stating there was not enough "granular loss" where the hail hit. So considering the conflict of interest we asked for a re-inspect.

Allstate came out with an adjuster who never got on the roof but had yet another 3rd party adjuster get on the roof. They noted damage on the ridge vent, gutters, drip edge, and fascia. However, denied the claim because there was 8 hits in a square and not their desired 14. Per their words "this house got smacked with hail" but they still denied the roof. This to me is outrageous. There is clear hail damage which over time it will cause leaks and result in interior damage but they will deny that claim because the roof was damaged and we should have gotten it fixed... But it wasn't enough damage to warrant a claim!? Ridiculous.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 23, 2017

After a hail storm, an adjuster came out to check on my claim. To start, she asked me to go back in the house as she did not need me to tell her what the damage was. After getting her report, I told Allstate my siding couldn't be matched, they said it could and sent me an envelope to put a piece of my siding in so they could prove it. Of course they couldn't. Next they said that Iowa is not a line of sight state, so they only had to pay for actual damage. I called them and gave them the Iowa code that showed they were wrong. They came back with the fact that I had a little siding which did not match the other, which meant they didn't have to pay. We had made upgrades to our house, go back to fact that our siding can't be matched, and we were forced to put on different siding. Also we had painted all of the siding. Gentleman from Allstate said matching 6 year old paint wasn't their problem.

They are a joke of a company. I will get the last laugh. Luckily my job gives me contact with many people. I will go to my deathbed telling people to not get their insurance from Allstate. I have filed a complaint against them with the state of Iowa. Please stay away from Allstate insurance. The only thing their hands are good for is taking your money.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

I made a claim to my Allstate Homeowners policy last spring for hail damage. I live in Denver Colorado. During the hail storm the siding on the west side of my home was severely damaged. I was told by the adjuster that came out that only the damaged side of the home would be replaced per state guidelines. I told the adjuster, because the siding had been painted previously it was going to be hard to match colors. Lifetime the siding contractor advised me that the siding on my home was discontinued and would be hard to replace, so Allstate sent a sample of the siding to a forensic lab for determination. The Lab determined that there was a suitable replacement available on the market.

I was advised by Lifetime that the siding the forensic lab suggested would not match the existing color currently on the home. I told the supplement adjuster Vo ** on 9/20/17 that the contractor stated they could not match the existing color of the siding on the home, he suggested to replace it anyways with mis-matched colors. I understand that state guidelines only require Allstate to replace only the siding on the home damaged by hail but, was told by Allstate representatives that Allstate would make repairs so that the home would be in the same state it was before the hail storm. The problem I have with Allstate's adjustment is the color of the siding on my home all matched prior to the hail damage and should all match the same after the repairs.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

My wife and I have had Allstate Homeowners and Auto Insurance for over 14 years. We had never made a claim for our home. This year literally hundreds of homes in our neighborhood had their shingles replaced due to hail damage claims from many other reputable insurance companies. Every home surrounding our home had their shingles replaced... many even had their gutters replaced also. We asked two different contractors that replaced roofs throughout our neighborhood to inspect our roof. They insisted that we had the same hail damage as everyone in the neighborhood. When Allstate sent out adjusters and inspectors (they hired) we were told that we did not have any hail damage to our roof at all. They said "You have the best roof I have ever seen (with a chuckle).

When we complained to the assigned Allstate adjuster they said "We can send out a Structural Engineer" to inspect your roof. They sent out two different engineers on two separate occasions (that Allstate hired) that also reported that we had no damage at all from hail. The only other person in our immediate neighborhood that got refused was a guy that owns a roofing company that also has Allstate!!! The same adjuster that refused us refused him!!! All homes in this neighborhood are less than 14 years old. Prices are $650,000 - $1000,000,000+ in Dominion Valley Country Club, Haymarket, VA. Literally every home surrounding us (several deep) and hundreds in our neighborhood had their roofs replaced due to hail damage claims.

Several different roofing contractors stated that Allstate was known to deny claims working with "inspectors" and "Structural Engineers" that they hire. We were told that if those inspectors agreed that there was hail damage Allstate would not use them to inspect other homes. We actually had two separate claims. The second claim was made after the first was denied. We had another hail storm and the last neighbors on our street are having their roofs replaced. I am looking at a roofing crew through my office window as I type this warning about Allstate Homeowners Insurance!!! DO NOT USE ALLSTATE!!!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 13, 2017

I've had Allstate for 5 years, paying top dollar on a policy, house valued @ 250k and I was sold into a policy double that amount. Heavy storms hit the Houston area over the past 6 months and water started leaking into my house in all areas of my home. The ceiling started to fall and mold buildup was everywhere with all kinds of interior damage from water leaking from my roof. I made a claim with Allstate and had my General Contractor present at the inspection. My General Contractor informed me that all the leaks are coming from 9 roof vents that where the wind had pushed the shingles around the vents back, exposing the vent and allowing water to enter my home. WIND DAMAGE!!!

The Allstate Adjuster denied my claim saying it was damage due to poor Installation of the roof vents. Here's the kicker, the Adjuster used a 3rd party inspector to inspect the roof and that person told my General Contractor in confidence that the Allstater Adjuster denies all claims regardless of type of storm damage. The Allstate Adjuster had the nerve to accuse my General Contractor of mechanically damaging my roof. My General Contractor had never been on my roof prior to the Allstate Inspection. Also I found out that the Allstate Adjuster is a 3rd party independent adjuster as well who wears an Allstate shirt but drives their own personal vehicle (that's how you're able to tell). You are not in good hand with Allstate.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 5, 2017

Presently, I live in Arizona and renting my home in Euclid, Ohio. On August 6th a drunk driver rammed into my home and my renters were in bed w/ baby. As of today, we still have not heard from the claim adjuster that inspected the claim nor have they contacted our contractor to start work. In the meantime, my renters are very unhappy and have withheld their rent payment until the house gets fix. We have had Allstate for over 37 years and this is the first time we have had these issues. We had two other claims in the past and result were done very quickly. Very upset with how this has been handled. Claim# **. Very upset with Allstate - your motto is hard to believe after this experience.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 1, 2017

Allstate Agency owned by Rafael ** cancelled my insurance and attempted to charge my mortgage company without my knowledge. All workers in his office denied this, yet they did admit that a worker had called my number and informed my wife that we were past due when in fact we owed nothing. Changed services to another Allstate carrier. They gave me the details of attempted charges to mortgage company.

Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 27, 2017

Been a Allstate customer for 10 years auto and homeowners insurance. They made a quick inspection about a month ago and today I get a letter in mail saying insurance is being cancelled... Reasons being Trampoline frame is warped... porch had a appliance... and my rear steps are missing (because we was taking out brick step and about to build deck). Never called to see what's going on just decided to cancel my insurance. I mean do they not at least give you a certain amount of days to get these things fixed? Had a mother employee had the same thing they cancel him because he had a English bulldog I mean come on...

They suck. After 2011 tornado in Tuscaloosa should had taught me a lesson but I stuck with them. But by the reviews it seems they love you if you make payments and never have a claim but when you have a claim then you’re a liability to them... Allstate sucks I do not recommend them... Oh and my local office here want return our calls to resolve the issue about a new inspection... Cause trampoline been gone steps built and the pressure washer is put up in shop so I need answers and they don't respond.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 23, 2017

We had hail damage on our two year old roof in November. The first adjuster agreed to settle on an amount. His supervisor decided he was wrong and rescinded the offer. They claim the 30 year warrantied roof was defective. Well, 10 houses right around us have had their roofs replaced due to the storm. Literally, 10 houses. After going back and forth between Allstate and GAF (for the warranty) nothing has been accomplished. The last correspondence from Allstate was that we had to hire our own inspector (that had to be approved by THEM). They can still disagree with the decision. BTW, this is after 40 years with Allstate and one major claim 20 years ago. We will be finding another insurance company. I can only imagine what would happen if God forbid, our house burned down. I am very disappointed in Allstate and GAF also.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2017

I am a homeowner with Allstate Insurance also my occupation as a contractor. I currently hold 10 licenses in five states. I filed a claim with Allstate Insurance for storm damage to my roof, hot water heater and guest house roof. Initially talking over the phone to the claims agent I was very satisfied who spoke about the repairs needed and came to an agreement and he said in a few days he would cut me a check.

All of a sudden the day you were supposed to issue the check Wendy notified me that he would not be doing the claim for me and that they do not replace the damages caused by the storm over the phone and adjuster would have to come out and see assess the damages. Two weeks later and adjuster came out obviously with no prior knowledge from the pictures and descriptions and the documentation than I originally gave Abe the first person that I spoke to. The adjuster was very smirky and took a look at my damage and I thought that it was odd that he asked me if I was going to do the work myself.

To my surprise he assessed damages at $2,400. I have $1,000 deductible. I had an awning go through the sheathing of my flat roof and then crushed the venting on my hot water heater tankless dismounting and pouring water into my house. Also my rear house and the ventilation ripped off along with almost half of the shingles down to the sheathing and water was coming through. Of course I complain to everyone that I could and they appointed me to the claims manager Nick **. Where he had I tried to prove that the original assessment was totally wrong due to the materials involved in the repairs. The monies would not even cover it.

So I wrote down an assessment of the damages and he agreed to pay for the materials. My assessment was over $8,000 in Damages in the beginning. He said it was a conflict of interest so I decided to get other estimates on the damages. Starting with the hot water heater. When it came back at almost $6,000 for replacement he then called and harassed the contractor and became unprofessional calling the tech stupid. Then I could not find a roofing contractor to agree with his fix saying they could not warranty it. Then one month later he is still harassing my contractors and he has not funded a significant amount for the damages so I can repair them in. My roof is still leaking in. My hot water heater is malfunctioning at 140-degree, water when it works endangering my children.

He is saying now I have to sign a contract with a contractor to do the repairs and he still won't give me a figure on what he's covering. I've had several people look at the damages and they range from 15 to $30,000. He wants me to pay that out of pocket before he will do anything. It wasn't until I started speaking with him about my mediation that I realized what he was doing from the beginning. He had said in his email correspondence that he could not pay me as a contractor because I was the homeowner in his rate was minimum wage for labor and reimbursement for Home Depot materials. I finally confronted him on what he was doing and he could not reply straightforward. He had to detour from the question. To me that proves what he was doing is intentional. From the beginning I would not speak to him over the phone. I have all of our information over email to document everything. That was the smartest thing I ever did.

I've had several claims in my day and none of them have been this difficult even though some insurance companies didn't pay for all the damages but they were at least reasonable. Allstate claims adjuster Nick ** is who I was speaking to. I saved all of the email correspondence that I have with them and confronted him with everything that I was saying and then some and he admits to the ** business. Immoral business practice I believe is very unfair and endangering people with mold and dangerous hot water heater malfunctioning. I am continuing my fight with Allstate. This and their unethical business practices needs to stop. I would never use Allstate again. Nor would I ever recommend them to anyone. The bottom line was they were trying to push me into making the repairs Myself by dragging everything out so long so that they could pay me minimum wage and reimbursement for Home Depot materials to repair my own claim.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2017

Claim Process - This is by far the WORST insurance I have ever dealt with and don't think that I will give them anymore of my money or time. Someone broke into my home and I feel that I am the one being interrogated. I am the victim but yet I feel like I'm the suspect. All I want are my kid’s things and my things. This happened on July 21st and I received a letter today from an insurance defense attorney and have to go through a 2 to 3 hour Examination under Oath process. What kind of foolery is this. I have never ever felt so uneasy about something like this.

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Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer
Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

STAY AWAY from insuring your home with Allstate. IF and WHEN you have a claim they will penny you and not pay the full amount of the claim, IF they don't just DENY it all together. They are happy as long as you pay their absorbent fees and don't need to use them BUT when you do THEY THINK EVERYTHING YOU OWN IS WORTH A PENNY AND NO MORE AND ARE UNREALISTIC OF THE FEE THEY THINK CONTRACTORS WILL INSTALL OR FIX YOUR HOME FOR. Then you are left to pay the rest out of pocket. They said they would go after our home builder to get our $1000 deductible back, even sent us a letter in the mail saying they were getting an attorney. Two weeks later we get another letter stating "Oh well they didn't respond, we are not going after them now. You have to pay the deductible." BEWARE, use another insurance company. IF you read this YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Customer increased Rating by 4 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Aug. 12, 2017

The main head office followed through today would like to retract yesterdays complaint. They officially approved the inspection and official documents were sent to my mortgage company with proper dates. Again the local office was wonderful.

Original review: Aug. 7, 2017

I purchased Allstate Homeowners Insurance and did not pass the inspection because of plants we had along side the garage and some exposed tar and algae on the roof. We purchased a new roof and took out the plants (detached garage is not even covered). The local office is wonderful but the main office refused to extend the deadline but we made it by the deadline. We had second inspection and passed but still, no documents and results on second inspection were posted after the deadline even though inspection was completed before the deadline. It is now 4 days pass the deadline and home insurance on my Mortgage has lapsed and they stopped my loan for second mortgage, a late fine and possible expensive insurance mortgage company with reinstate. I have called them several times but still no documents. This company is unprofessional, uncaring and deceitful. I am changing insurance.

Customer increased Rating by 3 stars!
Verified Reviewer
Resolution response: Aug. 9, 2017

After working with a customer service representative, Ryan, who was diligent in resolving the issue fairly and to my satisfaction.

Original review: Aug. 2, 2017

I've had three homeowner policies with Allstate insurance for many years without filing a claim. After a bad storm in May 2017 I filed first claim. The first three insurance adjusters did not climb roofs, had no ladders or did not show up. Finally on August 1st, 2017, the 4th adjuster did show up and brought a guy that owned the ladder. All the adjuster did was hold the ladder for owner of ladder to climb ladder up to eve of house who took a few photos. Neither one of them climbed the roof and the adjuster stated that he was afraid of heights and did not climb roofs. After 35 minutes of writing his report the adjuster claimed that I only needed to replace some shingles and other minor repairs and gave me a check for $300 plus dollars. He also wanted me to sign a paper which I didn't. He also said that I should file a dispute to have someone else take a look at it and Allstate may honor the claim, 'that is how we operate', stated the adjuster.

I had two roofing contractors climb the roof to give me estimates. Both said they would not repair the roof since the underlayment was compromised due to hail and storm damage and the work could not be guaranteed. They said the roof needed to be replaced and that the insurance company should cover it. After repeated calls and messages to Allstate a lady called and said the photos were not taken from roof, indicating that the adjuster had not climbed roof to make his assessment and that she was going to send a fifth adjuster and tell him to take photos from the top of the roof but that she already had an idea of what the report was going to read.

Meanwhile many of my neighbors insured by reputable insurance have already had their roofs replaced months ago. Allstate should not be allowed to sell any more insurance policies since they only take hard working peoples money with no intention to honor their commitments. I will be pursuing legal counsel on this matter.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 1, 2017

We had noticed that our living room furniture was covered in mold, then after searching all areas in the home found more issues with mold, so we called our local agent to see what coverage if any we had for mold. They then told my wife they would have to call headquarters to look into it (YES THIS IS OUR LOCAL OFFICE HERE IN MAGNOLIA TEXAS) while waiting 24 hours on them to find out information that they should already know, I had a mold specialist out to take samples to send to ATM to be sure it was mold and what type, seems our daughter was already very sick from this.

We got our Mold Spore results back faster than our answer on coverage. YES PATHETIC. Long story short it was caused by a roof leak that created water in our attic which then created humidity to the AC unit and created extreme levels of mold to spread throughout our only 5 year old home. We had to evacuate our home due to the seriousness of the mold spores and go to a hotel at $100.00 a night, the adjuster called 8 days into the claim telling my wife that by reading the claim it doesn't look like this is going to be a insurance claim. This was before coming to the home or knowing any details.

My wife told him "Really and you made this determination HOW." Seems how we don't know any facts yet. So the day comes for him to come and he didn't let us down. He right off the bat says "YOU KNOW I'M THE MONEY MAN. I MAKE ALL YOUR DECISIONS." Real professional. He got on the roof said he doesn't see any damage. Didn't even have a clue what he was looking at or for, he then comes in the attic sees the wet plywood and the mold in the attic and says "Ok I'm done. You don't have a claim."

So let me recap this for all you that are considering Allstate as your insurance company. We have had them for 6 years, have never filed any claims and their web page says ALLSTATE WHERE YOU ARE IN GOOD HANDS. LOL what a joke. It also says "When filing a claim we are there for you to help you solve the issue in a timely manner and make sure all your needs are met." We are out of pocket $15,000.00 so far and don't have everything fixed yet and they haven't and are not helping us with any of it, due to the fact this was created by a hair line crack in the air-hawk on the roof which then allowed rain to get in the attic and create this nightmare.

Allstate claims that by looking at the pictures of the air-hawk the crack was not created by wind or hail, so they aren't covering anything. They have no professional degree in determination that this was or wasn't created by wind. They are not in the business for you as the customer. They are only in it to steal from us and make sure their wallets are padded. Please consider all these reviews before throwing your money and home down the drain to Allstate where you are not in good hands.

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Original review: July 27, 2017

Been with co for 15yrs. Premium went from 1700 to 2500 per year. Well behind basement wall leaked and blew out a door and flooded my basement up to 3 inches during a storm... I called claims dept-denied!!! Any water below ground seeping, gushing, leaking into my basement is not covered. (NO, didn't know that) So I asked how about structural-nope again not covered. So I said only half my house is covered? My roof caves due to rain-I am covered. Someone breaks in I am covered. Someone breaks my window I am covered. Sy stove starts fire I am covered. But anything below ground level concerning water I am not covered unless I have flood insurance.

I do not live in a flood zone and my agent said I do not need flood insurance - so basically I pay 2500 per year for the top half of my house to be insured. If my basement leaks water or floods and blows out my furnace, water heater and water softener and has black mold or even crumbles I am screwed... ** company!!! Lost my business-I already have calls in to Farmers, Geico, American Family, and a couple others. Been quoted 1000 a year for better insurance. Did I mention my original agent quit 5 years ago and I have never met my current agent. Just phone calls from his assistant and letters when I didn't pay on time (I was out of town). Oh and there was a service request on my property (they came and inspected the property without notice). Just found that out too. In 15 yrs I have given them $38000.

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Allstate expert review by Matthew Brodsky

Allstate is one of America’s largest and most popular insurance companies. The company provides many types of insurance, including auto insurance, life insurance, homeowners insurance and more.

  • Accessible: Allstate offers insurance across America, making it a convenient choice for a homeowners insurance policy no matter where a person lives.

  • Reward programs: This company offers helpful programs for people who pay for protection but don’t need to use it, such as the claims-free rewards program,. Even if discount programs aren’t advertised, consumers should call or email their insurance representatives to ask about discounts, since many companies award them without publicizing them.

  • Convenience: Allstate has an excellent Web presence and convenient online tools. Potential customers can request custom quotes via tools on the company’s website.

  • Customer service: Allstate is a huge company, but it operates with thousands of local agents around the country.

  • Best for: Traditional homeowners, condo owners, mobile home owners

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Matthew Brodsky is an established expert on insurance, having written hundreds of articles and other pieces of content on the subject, interviewed countless practitioners, and attended dozens of conferences and events. He served as an editor at industry magazine Risk & Insurance for six years.

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