My parents moved to Cyprus 10 years ago and from that time have been paying $50.00 per month each for health insurance. Everything was great, they were happy to take your money, and then when my father (62) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, they refused to accept any claims and cancelled his insurance and premiums. When he tried to renew with the company agent, they sent his money back.

My father is now without insurance. My mother (63) was diagnosed with cancer 12 months ago (May 2010) and they accepted the claim for her chemotherapy and radiotherapy and her operation. Then they cancelled her premium and wouldn’t accept her paying her premiums again. Nonstop calls, visits to the office. Unbelievable! She is due to have an operation on the 17th of May 2011 and they have told her that she is still not covered and they won’t pay for it. Then all of a sudden they told her agent to take $150.00 from her and they would re-insure just her, not my father. They gave her a new policy number and said all is okay, and to go ahead with the operation. When my mum called on the 16th of May just to make sure all was okay, they advised her that no, she is not covered for any new treatment! I have spent hours on the phone, the distress this has caused is catastrophic. We are still fighting as is my mum.

We have to find £8000.00 to pay for the operation. They won’t return any calls. They have taken money and made broken promises time after time. There has to be something we can do.