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About Automobile Club of Southern California

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The Automobile Club of Southern California offers reasonably priced car insurance policies to drivers in California. As part of the AAA network, Automobile Club of Southern California provides access to nationwide benefits and coverage while maintaining the perks of a small business.

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  • Reasonable membership fee
  • Several discounts
  • Part of AAA’s nationwide network


  • Typical auto coverage perks
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Automobile Club of Southern California (ACSC) is part of the nationwide AAA network. Its auto coverage includes roadside assistance, towing, travel planning, identity theft protection and various discounts.

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Original review: Aug. 23, 2010

I was involved in a hit and run accident on August 19, 2010. The party that rear-ended me ran after she had rear-ended my vehicle. I called ACSC reporting what had happened and they asked me if I wanted to make a claim. I proceeded to file a claim to get my vehicle repaired (claim number xxxxxxxxx) and the representative that I spoke with said that an agent would be contacting me the following day (August 20, 2010). I did not get a call at all from the agent that was in charge of my claim so I waited until Monday (August 23, 2010) to get a hold of someone regarding my claim. I was unable to directly get a hold of the agent that was taking care of my claim so I spoke with an operator and he was finally able to connect me with her.

Once I spoke to her, she said I was able to take my car to the repair shop but a few minutes after we hung up, she called me back saying that my car was not covered. I told her that I changed my policy a few weeks prior to this conversation and that I was told that the coverage was immediately effective. She even stated that there were notes of that fact that it was on there. She stated that she had to speak with her manager regarding the issue and I have no heard back since. I have called several times and left a few messages without any resolution.

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Original review: July 31, 2010

First of all today the date today is 7/29/2010. I was a insurance customer with AAA for over 10 years and had never filed a claim with this company. My insurance premium with these robbers last year was over $5,000.00. I gave them $1,000.00 down and I still had a monthly payment of $604.00 per month!

I was involved in a fender bender on 3/19/2010 when a young pregnant teenage girl was in the right lane and turned into my lane hitting my 2008 Shelby GT. I called the police and they took a report.

Witnesses' were kind enough to stop and give me phone numbers, etc. I gave all of this information to Kevin ** my claim adjuster. He assured me that they would investigate the accident and take care of my repairs quickly. He said he would send me a list of their approved body shops so I could proceed with getting my repairs. One week later, I received a police report in the mail and was the last I heard from Kevin ** for 4 Months.

Every time I called, AAA claims Kevin was never available so I got the run around and burned up my minutes on my cell phone, (no sweat for AAA because your time and personal cost is of absolutely no importance to them). They believe and treat you like you are bothering them with intelligent questions. About 10 days after the accident, I was contacted by an agent named Matthew ** who informed me he was investigating the accident. What he failed to tell me at the beginning of our conservation was that he was investigating on behalf of the teenager who was also covered by AAA. Mr. ** was very rude and kept trying to put words into my mouth.

While the accident was happening, I was doing my best to avoid this teenager from hitting me as we approached the intersection. He kept demanding distances and rates of speed, and information I did not have. When I would reply with, "I was driving and had my hands full trying to avoid this immature driver from hitting me or causing me to involve another vehicle", he would reply, "so were you, 100 feet, 200 feet from the intersection? Then he would say something like, "So you are saying you were 200 feet?" I felt like I had done something wrong and was being questioned by a storm trooper. I told him to quit putting words into my mouth and finished my conversation with him. He also said he would contact the witnesses and let me know his decision. This never happened either!

Today I contacted "my claims adjuster" Kevin and asked him again to send me a list of approved body shops and asked him who was going to pay for the rental car. All he could tell me that my policy did not have a rental car included. When I reminded him that I was not at fault, He told me that he could not tell anything about their decision regards to who was at fault because it was a conflict of interest! When I asked him if he had interviewed the teenager who hit me. He told me that he had. Then he told me that her father would not allow him to actually talk to the teenager who hit me. Their story was that I hit her in the rear of her car. He told me that if I wanted her to pay for the rental car, I would have to take her to small claims court, which I fully intend to do!

I have canceled my policy with AAA. I found a new agent who reduced my insurance premium by over 50%. My monthly payment has gone from $604.00 per month down to $175.00 a month with better coverage. I would advise all AAA customers not to believe their false claims of great customer service and low rates. They need to be sued for false advertising. What a scam!

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Original review: July 17, 2010

Insurance AAA didn't want to pay me for the repairs one of their customer did on my business. I paid for the Repairs and AAA rep. want to pay the landlord for something that I paid from my pocket just to put me in a bad situation and damage my relationship with my landlord.

Claim # ***. This situation is getting me sick and I being short on the money that I'm waiting.

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Original review: July 7, 2010

In a request from a receptionist, Andrea refused to provide any information to assist an AAA member with the name of a regional manager assigned to supervise employees. Andrea's unfriendly disposition as she modulated her vocal tone discourteously with an contemptuous verbal pitch was an abysmal experience. Andrea's behavior may be a potential reflection of the insignificance of members with AAA.

A telephone call to the manager, Lisa, was not answered. However, a voice recorder was offered. A negligent business environment has obviously affected AAA's Clairemont office location. One would pray AAA's insurance claims are not effectuate with similar inaptness.

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Original review: June 11, 2010

On June 4, 2010, I contacted AAA about my premium. At that time, I was advised that they had overcharged me for my car insurance. Since my premium was now due, I asked if they could apply a credit to reduce the amount I had to pay. I was told they could not, because they mailed me a check two days earlier, on June 2. So, I sent in my premium. I never received the check from AAA. When I called to inquire on June 7, having not received the check, I was again told the "check was in the mail" as of June 2, but that it "must've gotten lost".

The AAA customer service representative then stated that he would issue and mail another check, and stop payment on the one mailed on June 2. I was told I would receive it by Wednesday, June 9. When I did not receive either check on June 9, as promised, I called again. This time I was told they sent it by overnight mail earlier that day, and that I would receive it the following day, June 10. However, when I did not receive any of the three alleged mailings on June 10, I called again. This time, I was told that they did not owe me any money.

When I asked if that meant they lied to me about mailing the check on June 2, mailing another one on June 6, issuing a stop-payment on the check mailed on June 2, and finally, that they again lied when they told me they "overnight-ed" the check on June 9, they could not offer any response, other than to say they investigated and determined. They did not owe me any refund. In summary, AAA repeatedly, on at least 4 separate occasions, lied to me to cover up their own incompetence. The issue is now less, whether they owed me a refund in the first place (remember: they advised me it was due), and more about how they simply fabricated this entire course of dealing, with an insured to whom they owe a fiduciary duty! The public needs to be aware of such blatant fraud, and unscrupulous conduct!

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Original review: Jan. 8, 2010

I have been a member of Roadside Service for years. I currently went online to see what discounts were offered for a new battery. The list of discounts offered shows $25.00 off retail of a AAA battery. I called AAA twice. Finally after being left on hold and transferred 2 times, a customer service agent for AAA came on the line.

I gave her the information on my car and was told this would go through one of their approved companies in my area which is Dana Point, Ca. (Pacific Coast Towing was their choice of a preferred company.) I was then told that they could not give me a price of a battery over the phone. I asked how would I know what I would be charged and if I truly would receive a discount as AAA website states. The AAA customer service agent said the website was new and still had glitches in it and said she could not offer me any more assistance. I asked to be put in contact of the management department at AAA. I was put on hold again, and no one came on the line.

AAA has the worst customer service and doe not stand behind discounts they offer. I would tell anyone reading this to go with another company if you want to have what is promised to you and what you're paying for.

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Original review: Dec. 17, 2009

Auto Club of South Calif. is the worse auto insurance company I've ever had to deal with. If you're ever in an accident, even with a police report that states the other driver ran a red and with zero liability and $12 to 13K med bill, don't count on Auto Club of South Calif. With under/uninsuranced motorist coverage with this company, look out, because they'll do anything to turn the tables on you and make you an adversarial enemy so they don't have to pay out any settlement money to you. It doesn't even matter if the med bills are extensive. This has been my experience with them. They should be rated "F". Auto Club of So. California, as per my experience, is as good as having no insurance at all! Don't count on them to protect you, because they'll go out of their way to abandon you.

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Original review: Nov. 18, 2009

i was expecting aaa to take out my insurance payment at the beginnning of month in october and it was already 10-09-09 and the payment wasn't taken out. so on 10-12-09 i went to the aaa office and told the cashier my concern and the reason why i was there. she went into her computer and saw that it was my last paymet on the year and she took a check payment of 168.82 from me. well on 10-13-09 two payments of 168.82 were taken out of my b of a account. aaa and b of a did me wrong, but mostly aaa because i should of been told not to worry and to give it another day so my payment would be taken out. i can't believe how fast that check was cleared. when aaa took out these two charges, i had another 10 small transaction clear also causing me to be overdrawn 248.67. i went to the aaa office and told them what happened and they told me there was nothing they could do for me and that it would take an x amount of days for them to return my over payment. i needed the money asap is what i told them. also on 10-14-09 b of a charged me 35.00 ten times. i would have prefered for one of the 168.82 amounts not to be paid and to be charged one 35.00 fee instead of being charged the 10 times for the small transactions. again i went back to the aaa office and told them what was happening and they turn it around on me and b of a and said they would only pay 35.00 or 70.00. i told them i needed this fixed before the end of the month because i had direct deposit of my payroll check and that i did not want money taken out of my payroll check for that. on 10-27-09 aaa put back in my account the 168.82. on 10-30-09 over 300.00 were taken out of my payroll check and till this day aaa has not given me any money for the fees b of a charged me because of their doing. i told them that it was not fair that they charge me to be a member to have the insurance, that i have to pay a fee to have the money taken out of my account, that there is a fee i have to pay because i move and for anything could charge me but it was their mistake and they don't want to reimburse me.

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Original review: Oct. 19, 2009

On the 30th of Sept around 4:00 AM a neighbor informed me that my rims and tires had been stolen from my vehicle. Immediately I contacted the local Police Department(REPORT # 2009-8002270)and the officer adviced me to contact asap AAA and have the car removed from the area. When I called AAA the dispatcher said that because the car no longer had any tires they could not provide me with any assistance. In a few words in spite of a current membership they denied the service. Later that day while I was still trying to find out why AAA couldn't provide me with assistence the Police department had my car towed. That day, when I was finally able to speak to an AAA supervisor I recieved an apology and learned that the dispatcher had misinformed me. AAA failed to provide me with the service and ultimately caused me the loss of my vehicle. Since that 30th of Sept my case has been under investigation. On several occasions I have contacted AAA, my complaint number is 18806 and they have not yet returned my call. Today, once again I contacted AAA around 12:00 PM. The representative promised that "Tisha Davis, who is handling my complaint, is going to call me and provide me with the necessary help". According to a previous Supervisors this person was suppose to contact me weeks ago and she hasn't contacted me at all.

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Original review: Aug. 25, 2009

On July 30, 2009, my son, Scott **, was in an automobile accident which was caused by a male driver by the name of Michael ** who is insured by AAA. Mr. ** was making a left turn from a business parking lot into the main street and struck my driver side front bumper. I filed a claim with AAA with whom I spoke with Lynn **. After playing phone tag with Lynn ** for roughly two weeks, I then spoke with her supervisor, John **. Now what's amazing is that before my son, the driver, hadn't even given his statement as of yet or seen the damage to my vehicle, Mr. ** had already made a decision of covering the damage only 50% while all along I disagreed with his decision and asked him how he could make a decision without even taking a statement from the other party, yet along assessed the damage of my vehicle?

He then asked to speak to my son to hear his side of the accident and the other witnessing parties. After that phone call, Mr. Rick (last name unknown) called me to set up an appointment with an adjuster to inspect my vehicle. The reason why I'm writing you today is because Rick, the rep from AAA, has called and confirmed to me that AAA will only cover half of my vehicle damage which is about $291. I then informed Mr. Rick that I disagree and that I believe AAA should cover my damage in full. He then stated to me that they will side with the insurer statement regardless of who was at fault.

AAA totally leans on the insurer side, and they encourage their insurer to go after my insurance for the remaining damage to Mr. **'s vehicle. Rick also stated that they disregarded the witnesses' statements that were in my vehicle because they were my witness. I know that the AAA insurer was at fault in the accident, and that AAA auto insurance is totally at fault at not paying for my damaged vehicle in full; not to mention Rick even stated AAA made their decision by their insurer statement. He stated that upon inspecting the damages of the vehicles, his insurer vehicle has more damage than my vehicle money wise; yet, he can't determine by looking at the pictures on who caused the accident. I have pictures of both vehicles if needed.

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Original review: June 23, 2009

My annual policy was expired, so I was told to get my car towed. I would need to sign up for a new policy at $197.00. As soon as the charge went through, I was told my car wouldn't be towed, as there was a 48 hour waiting period. I was held waiting by a supervisor Kym for 48 minutes and three seconds and then disconnected. I ended up paying an $85 card to have the car towed privately.

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Original review: June 8, 2009

I called in need for roadside assistance at 8:00 p.m. One truck came by at 8:33 and said he would be back in a half hour. That one never returned. At 11:15, another truck came by and towed my vehicle to my mechanic 3 miles away. A had a friend follow me who drove me home afterward. I got home at 12 midnight. The AAA ticket said the call came in at 8:00 pm, and the tow truck arrived at the vehicle at 8:20 pm. This is a lie. A club member should never have to wait over 3 hours. This is absurd. (AAA Cal number 2603 Cupertino, CA, Homestead Road and Rte 85, 06/07/09). I was told the first truck on the scene went to another call and towed another vehicle to Hollister, CA, about 60 miles away. The driver reported I wanted to be towed home which was about 9 miles away, though I never said any such thing. I told the first (unknown named) driver I wanted to be towed to my mechanic about 4 miles distant, not home. There is some lying going on here, or gross mismanagement.

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Original review: June 1, 2009

I paid twice on a MasterCard and they are still leaving me on the side of the road stranded when I need service! I was stranded on the side of the road out of gas. I had to make other arrangements!

3 people found this review helpful
Original review: March 23, 2009

Member's Preferred Homeowners Insurance Rate Quotation

2 people found this review helpful
Original review: Feb. 18, 2009

I have been a member for nearly twenty years of AAA and have primarily paid the annual fee to be a member to take advantage of Roadside Assistance when necessary. I estimate that my husband and I have used Roadside Assistance less than 10 times in those 20 years.

On December 22nd, 2008, our family went to the Balboa Peninsula in Newport Beach to look at Christmas lights. When we returned to our car at 9:00 pm, the battery would not turn over. Because we had left our cell phones at home, my husband walked several blocks to a store to use a phone to contact Roadside Assistance while my kids and I huddled in the car (they are 10 and 12). It was very cold that night I believe in the low 50s. My husband gave Roadside Assistance the cross streets of Medina and Balboa Blvd. He returned after a few minutes and told us a tow truck from Pepes? would be there by 9:30 pm. He waited outside the car with the hood of the car up and the kids and I stayed in the car. Neither my husband nor I ever saw a tow truck. Finally at 10 pm, a man living in an apartment building near where we were parked offered to let us use his phone. My husband again called Roadside Assistance and this time gave the exact address on E. Balboa Blvd. of his apartment. It was 10:00 pm, give or take one or two minutes. Roadside Assistance told us that the tow truck would be there in 8 minutes. At 10:20 pm, another man in the neighborhood offered to jump our battery and did so. When we left the area, our clock said 10:25 pm. We never saw a tow truck of any kind and had been waiting in the cold for nearly 1- hours, with our kids! When we returned home that evening we called AAA again and told them what happened and this time the person at Roadside Assistance had the gall to argue with my husband implying that it was our fault and saying that the tow truck driver was there at 10:06 pm and that no one was in the area. Mind you, we had been parked with the hood up so even if he did not see us, he should have spotted a car with its hood up. If indeed the tow truck driver said he was there at 10:06 then he was lying. I called Roadside Assistance the next day (December 23rd) and filed a complaint. The person on the line was nice and said it would be investigated by AAA and that someone would contact me in 5-7 business days. Finally, on January 12th, I wrote a letter to Auto.Club of So. Cal, detailing the above info. In the mean time, the company continued to send me reminders to renew my membership along with the questionnaire from AAA Insurance to renew our auto insurance with them. I asked them in the letter: why would I continue to pay $71.00 for roadside assistance, which provided no assistance, and for lousy service from the company? Why would I continue to use them for our auto insurance (approx. $1000 per year for my husband and me) when there are all kinds of companies willing to give us a lower price? I always felt as if AAA was at least trustworthy and reputable and so I willingly gave them our business but I no longer feel that way. In the letter, I told them I wanted the following: 1. Someone from the company (a manager or higher) to call and discuss this issue with me and to apologize for the lousy service. 2. In addition, I wish to be refunded my membership fee for 2008 since I did not get what I paid for or for 2009 to be given to us for free. Approximately a week later, a customer service manager called and apologized but said that was all they could do- she was unable to refund or credit anything. I asked her then to please do me the favor of stopping all the communications that they have been sending out to renew our membership and to renew our insurance. Yesterday, Feb. 17th, I go another one in the mail. What is wrong with these people? I am currently looking for new auto insurance with roadside assistance included.
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Original review: Dec. 30, 2008

I talked to so many people on this I don't remember all the names - Leon Tillas was the supervisor that was suppose to call me back but never did. On Friday night, December 26th I had my Suburban towed to my home instead of the repair shop 47 miles away because it was 1 a.m. before they could get to me.I waited 3 hours.On Saturday, I called to have it towed into the shop and was told that the tow company would call me back in 10 minutes. No call. 2 hours later I called again, same story 10 minutes - no call.Made repeated calls throughout the day. Called all day Sunday, AAA said no truck was available.Asked them to call another neighboring city - which they had done before - refused. Called Monday morning, Monday afternoon, Monday evening finally a driver called to tell me a pick-up was scheduled at 4:25 p.m. - no show. Called AAA two more times asking for a supervisor. Her excuse was it was snowing.Asked her how she knew it was snowing if she didn't live there because I was standing on my deck and there was plenty of stars above without a cloud in the sky.Our roads are clear, the school buses are traveling up and down this mountain without a problem along with several other tow trucks.I drive this road every day to work and the rep at AAA pretty much called me a liar.So 4 days later my car is still parked on my driveway - my 3 boys have had to walk to work and now my daughter needs to leave for the airport to return to U.C. Davis and I am without a car because of their incompetence.All I got was excuses - too busy - snow B.S.I have been a member for 18 years and have never been treated like this.

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Original review: Dec. 29, 2008

I recently got in a minor accident and had Anna Rogers as my claims representative. She was not only rude and abrupt each time we spoke, but she was incompetent in her job. One example of her behavior: without going to the accident scene, she argued with me ( even though she is working for me) about how the lines were single yellow and that you could make a left turn, when I told her that you are not allowed to make a left turn because they were double yellow lines. I went to double check, and I was right they are double yellow, she had no idea what she was talking about, so why throw out the attitude and be rude about it.

I was so appalled by her behavior, that I wrote a formal letter of complaint and asked to have a new representative, only to have her supervisor call and speak to me with the same type of attitude. No apologies, no attempt to rectify the situation, or let me know that Ms. Rogers would be reprimanded, instead was just as abrupt and rude. I understand that they work together and probably have a close relationship, but customer service is still customer service. Because of this experience, I will no longer be a member of AAA as soon as my year is up.
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Original review: Nov. 12, 2008

This is the letter i sent AAA and what happened...

My name is Hillary Daignault and i have had AAA for probably about a year. I am VERY disgusted with the service that i have recently had. About a month ago i was involved in an accident. My first accident ever. I figured that AAA would walk me through it and my car would be fixed. I was very naive for thinking that. I called the claims department and made my claim. My car had been sitting on the side of the road next to my house because my starter had went out and it was hit.I told the lady ( Joyce Staton i believe)what was going on (( my car was NOT was sitting on the street next to my house because the starter had went out and there it was hit))well, she told me that i would have to wait two weeks to get a full police report and for us to go any further with the situation. i waited my two weeks and no one called me. so i called her back,checking up on my situation. She received the police report and she said she had taken care of everything. A rental car was not covered but she had faxed the shop and repairs would start shortly. Well i call the shop before taking it down there and they didnt recieve anything from you guys. i waited about a day and checked again... NOTHING... so i called back and talked to someone else. They said that the guy who hit me (( also a AAA member)) was in a different division and i would have to talk to them. so they transfered me. i explained my situation and they told me a rental car was covered. I told the person that the other lady said it wasnt covered but they reassured me it was. So they faxed the Hertz car place and i recieved my car. They also said they faxed the body shop but again i waited and had to call again to get it faxed. finally it all worked out. i had a rental and my car was getting fixed. YAY right? NO... now i have a lady from the claims department telling me that the car was not covered because the car was not running. I am very disappointed because this is my fist time in an accident. i expected AAA claims to walk me through the situation and instead i was thrown around and confused about what was going on. i was told numerous different things and i feel i was lied to. As of right now i do not feel that AAA is the Insurance for me and i will not give AAA a good name or refer it to any of my friends. sincerely, Hillary Daignault **************************************************
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Original review: Sept. 24, 2008

I am a home owner in Sacramento that experiences a home burglary on July 7, 2008. I have been paying for home owner coverage though triples A insurance company and have not been compensated I believe due to my race and demographics of my home. It has been over 90 days and I and my children have been sleeping on my couch do to the smell of the break in and have called my the company numbers time for resolution. I have been moved to over 3 adjuster, and now I have been told that they now have moved my case to a lawyer. I just want to get back to normal and feel I am being treated unfairly.

I am low income, African American single parent/ College student, who currently reside in a low income area due to the montage crisis. I have informed then that the damage cause to my home is very unbearable due to defecation/spray paint/ dirty and smoke fumes which have not been address. The property damage has rendered me from feeding my family and I have lost days of work trying to reach a resolution.

All my funds have been redirected in replacement for windows my family is not effected by whether conditions and due to triple A failure bad faith. I have lost out on new job opportunity due to not being able to pay all utilities bills including telephone and cellular phone cost, so I may I could afford second hand clothes for me and my children.

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Original review: Aug. 19, 2008

Yesterday I had an outrageous experience with AAA Interrupted Trip Service. I was travelling with my four year old and out van died. They towed our vehicle from Yosemite to 200 miles south, Lebec. At 8:30 in the morning I told them that we would need a rental car to get back home in Los Angeles-which they told me they provide for free to Premier members- and that it would be there waiting for us. When we get to Lebec the car was not ready.

They told us that they could not provide it because our trip started in Northern California and Lebec was Southern California. I told them that my 4-year-old daughther and I were stranded on the road. They did not care. They did not provided us with what they had guaranteed in the morning. I spent two hours on the phone during the whole day. They ask travellers if the place they are at is in Northern/Southern California. They do not seem to have a map in front of them and have a lot of trouble determining whether a given place is here or there.

My daughter was in fear. Somebody had to pick us up. They had to come get us all the way from Los Angeles. In all 170 miles. I am going to cancel my faithful membership with AAA, after 11 years with them.

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Original review: Aug. 14, 2008

After receiving our first billing, we decided to cancel our auto insurance policy due to additional charges that were not disclosed at the time of issuance. These came in the form of finance charges.? Unbeknown to us, we had applied for a loan through AAA for a full year of auto insurance coverage. Admittedly, I should have known something was wrong given all the paperwork that my wife and I had to fill out. Never in my life have I ever had to fill out and sign so much paperwork to get auto insurance. Nevertheless, thinking we were going to save money in the end, we went ahead and went through the process. Two weeks after cancelling our auto insurance policy, I received a bill form AAA for $122.95. When I called to ask why in the world I was being billed for a policy that I cancelled and for which I had paid a $440 down payment a time of issuance less than two months prior, I was told that our policy clearly states that if you cancelled your policy within the first year, an 11% charge would be assed.? I told the representative that this was news to me, but given all the forms that we signed, I would not be surprised if it was in there somewhere. Nevertheless, my complaint is this; from start to finish, the agent did not clearly disclose the major points of the policy, I do however take full responsibility for the poor choice I made in going with this company; however, I felt the need to advise those shopping for auto insurance to use caution when dealing with AAA Auto Insurance Dept.

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Original review: July 31, 2008

I went to AAA to buy a PLUS membership on 8/25/08. Then I went camping on 8/28/08. My truck broke down on 8/29/08 and I call Roadside assistance but they told me that the PLUS plan was that active until 7-10 days of my purchase I was only entitle of the CLASSIC which only give 7 miles of towing. I was never inform by the sale rep. of that policy and did not sign any paper of the policy.

I was forced to pay $400.00 of towing.

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Original review: July 11, 2008

As a loyal customer of AAA for over 9 years, paying over $4,000 - $5,000 a year on AAA automotive insurance, home insurance, and roadside services (plus member) I thought I was valued customer. HOWEVER, taht was until I actually had an accident...after my Range Rover's shaft broke in the middle of the freeway, I had AAA tow my car from Burbank to Marina Del Rey. On the course of towing it, the AAA dolly had a flat tire which ended up dragging my car on one tire causing it to melt. Another AAA truck comes to reload my car towing it to my home though the service was rough and my car was dropped in a acute angel causing my front light cover to crack.

The following day, the AAA roadside recommends that I take it to a service station right across the street called "Villa Marina" and charges me for a tow even if it's only a 2 minutes ride. THIS service station then leave my doors and windows open with all my personal belongings right on the street where anybody would be able to throw stuff into or take things from my car. I then have to tow my car for the 4th time in a row to Land Rover since the issue may have been a recall which NOW they tell me that they cannot work on if I want to be reimbursed when they recall the car.... so after 4 tows in a row, I have my car fixed by land rover and when I get my car back, my sensors are broken, front light case has a crack, left rear tire is melted, and I have a scratch on my hood from I don't know where.

I contact roadside service since I felt it was due to the towing. It took me from mid- february to end of June to have the road side service rep. tell me that he cant do anything about it and that I should call a 1800 number for claims. Over the past few months he had been telling me that I will most likely be covered and taken care of so I should go get a quote from a autobody shop so I spend time to go to a body shop to get a quote as well as having to drive a broken car for so long to have him tell me that I'm back at square 1. I was very upset and called claims tohave them tell me that they are a separate entity from Roadside and they do not share information with them. So I start from scratch by explaining everything that happened and they come and inspect my car AGAIN just to take pictures AGAIN to tell me that I need to get a quote AGAIN so they can determine the cause of the sensors.

In order to determine the cause of the sensor I will need to pay a few hundred dollars though the assistant manager Lucy M. coldly just push through without listening to me that they'll only pay if the cause was 100% determined that it was due to the tow. How can anyone determine that teh cause was 100% from the tow or an electric malfunction? There may be some ratio (e.g. 60% possibility of it being a malfuntion & 40% unknown) but nothing will come out 100%. So I ask her to tell me what would happen if it's split though she just tells me in a very rude manner that "we can go on and on about this but our bottom line is that you need to get it diagnosed and if it's not due to the tow, then we wont pay for anything." What I was trying to get at was what would happen if there's a possibility that it could have been caused by the tow but she could care less about my question and was just simply trying to avoid any commitment on their part.

I gave up and currently looking into other insurance companies to move my account. I really liked AAA and have recommended it to many of my close friends. I feel that AAA doesn't care for their customers and though they reassure you that you will be taken care of in a situation, I was let down. I hope that AAA (management) do not feel the same about treating their customers the way these reps. have treated me and wanted to make sure that they understand that their low quality customer service will cost them by losing loyal customers such as myself.

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Original review: May 29, 2008

On May 28th I called AAA for towing service since I'm a member and have been for a long time. I put in the call about 6:55 pm and waited until 8:20pm and still no tow truck. So I canceled the tow truck and left my car parked on the side of the street. On May 29th I tried again this time a tow truck arived fairly quickly about 30 mins. Since I recently had a sergery I'm unable to lift, pull, or push heavy objects, the tow truck driver asked me to help him push my car to the middle of the street, I told him that I would stear while he pushed, we finaly got the car towards the middle of the street started to hitch the car on and then asked me to sign a waiver in case he damages my bumper. Since I've been a member I've never had to sign a waiver so I told the driver that I would check with AAA to see if this was normal prosedure. As I was with an attendant the driver detaches my car and leaves without any words he was gone, my car in the middle of the street and I'm left there standing telling the attendant what just happend. Soon after that I recive a phone call from an attendant who was pretty rude so I asked to speak to a supervisor who was no help and offered no confort. I am soo disapointed.......

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Original review: April 24, 2008

insurance fraud.

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Original review: March 6, 2008

March 1st my car blew a head gasket. I pulled off the freeway and stopped in a really bad part of town, and called AAA Roadside Assistance for a tow. They assured me a tow truck would arrive in 30 minutes or less. I was referred to a AAA auto shop 3.5 miles away from my location, which fell within my 5-free miles of towing ($12 per mile thereafter). So after 45 minutes, a AAA non-tow truck arrived and left. The area where I was stranded had a homeless encampment on the corner, concertina barbed-wire topped fences, and some gangster looking guys kept strolling slowly by. I was very nervous and concerned for my safety, and called AAA a couple times to ask that they hurry it up. Well over an hour passed before a real tow truck showed up. The car was towed to that AAA shop, which was closed. Didn't they know that when they referred me?

So it was towed another 2.5 miles to a non-AAA shop. That's a total of 6 miles, which after my free 5 miles, should have cost me $12 for the 6th mile. However the tow driver insisted on payment of $72. I have requested AAA to reverse the credit card charge. They refused and offered to send me a claim form. What this means of course, is that I will have to spend lots of time and phone calls fighting for a refund of the money they fraudulently extracted from me. I'm trying to remember WHY I'm paying AAA? Remind me: I benefit how?

AAA left me stranded in a dangerous place, didn't know their own shop hours, didn't show up within their time limit, and stole my money.

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Original review: March 3, 2008

At approx 4:45 in the afternoon, my daughter's auto broke down on Interstate 75. Traffic was stop and go due to an earlier accident just north of her location. She called AAA. Our family has three memberships, and she is on my membership as an associate. The person who answered her call told her that she could not send anyone to help her due to the road traffic because of the accident (traffic was still moving). My daughter then waited for 45 minutes and called again, and it was unfortunate that she got the same AAA representative. Once again the AAA rep told her that she couldn't send anyone due to the road conditions. My daughter told her that traffic was moving, but it didn't make any difference. By now my daughter is cold and scared. It was getting dark and she needed to use bathroom facilities. She had no power which meant no flashers with semi trucks moving past her at and above the 65 mph speed limit. She once again called AAA , her mobile phone battery low, and thankfully that call was answered by a nice AAA rep who was concerned and said there was no report of her two previous calls!

Our daughter called us hysterical, cold, needing to use the bathroom and terrified of being in complete darkness with traffic whizzing by. By this time she had been waiting for hours. Her father and I took off for her location. (We were about 35 min away.) We arrived about the same time as her tow driver at a AAA car care center and feel lucky that she was alright. Today, Monday March 3, 2008, I called AAA Northwest Ohio to lodge a complaint. They said they would review the tapes and call me back. I received a call back from a Ms. Ester Mosley who did offer an apology and said she would waive my daughters fee for next year. She told me that the person who did not take care of my daughter was trained on future calls! BIG Deal. She assured me that if we had an emergency in the future we would be taken care of. That 's what I thought my membership offered in the first place.

The damage is that we did not receive timely rescue service and this was physically painful and mentally painful. I am not looking for money; I just want more than a slap on the wrist.

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Original review: Feb. 19, 2008

I had locked myself out of my car at a service station and had waved down a police officer for help. All he could do was call Triple A for me. They came, and before the guy did service I was concerned if I would be charged. I am a member but had used up all my services in the prior year. It was the new year, I had received a new card, but the payment was in the mail. I had the service guy call to let me know before he did any work. He was on the phone with dispatch and gave me the news that I did not have to pay. To say the least I was very relieved. Then about a week later I received a bill, and so I called. I spoke to a woman named Carolyn. I explained to her what had happened and that I was told I would not be charged but then received the bill. She looked things over while on the phone with me, then put me on hold to double check something; and when she came back on the line she said that I don't have to pay. Why I received the invoice was probably because they hadn't received my new membership payment, that they probably crossed in the mail, but they had it now and could disregard the bill.

I asked her how I could verify this in case another situation came up, and she said that she would note it in my file and again reassured me that it would be disregarded. Again, I was relieved. Then about 10-15 minutes later she calls me and says that she made a mistake and that I had to pay it. I told her that if this was the case in the first place I would not have accepted service from them and that I was told two times by two different people that I did not have to pay--and now they say I have to. She then said I could fight it and faxed me a form which I filled out and faxed back. I have not yet heard anything. But because I was told on two different occasions by two different people that I did not have to pay, I don't think that I am obligated to. Can you let me know what my rights are in this situation?

The cost of the service was supposedly free with my membership; then they sent me an invoice for $60.

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Original review: Feb. 10, 2008

I have just attempted to make an online payment for my AAA Automobile Insurance Policy on the AAA Bill Matrix Payment Processing Website. My policy payment amount is $42.68. I have $63.00 in the bank account of which I used to make the AAA payment. Upon clicking on the process payment I was directed to another page informing me that my payment had been declined. I immediately went to my bank website to verify that there were sufficient funds available in which to make that AAA payment and noticed that the $42.68 had been deducted from my bank account. What is happening here is that Bill Matrix makes 2 deductions for my policy payments anytime I go to make a payment. In this case the 2 deductions came to $85.36. Since I only had $63.00 in my bank account, then Bill Matrix would not process the payment; however, they did deduct $42.68 from my account and will no doubt reverse the payment sometime in the future, usually 1 to 2 weeks.

My last payment took 2 weeks for them to reverse the one deduction. The other amount was applied to my policy. Although I had sufficient funds to make my automobile insurance payment this time, it was not applied to my policy. However, Bill Matrix did deduct the amount ($42.68) of which I will not get back until they feel fit to give it back. I have no access to that money now, and they will use it in some way, probably to collect interest for 1 to 2 weeks on.

I am very angry at this practice and feel it should be illegal. It amounts to theft, in my opinion. I will now need to go and personally make the same payment amount at a physical location, all the while Bill Matrix is sitting on this same payment. The damage is that I am out this money while they are using it. They have taken this payment and NOT applied it to my policy. What is being done with it? How many people does this practice affect? How many other people's money do they have without permission?

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Original review: Jan. 27, 2008

My family and I were in a Ford Expedition in Mountain High ski resorts where there was a storm, and an avalanche could kill us anytime. It was at 4 PM on Saturday, January 26, 2008. We called AAA because we ran out of gas. They told us they would be there from 1 to 1 1/2 HOURS. I saw a bunch of AAA tow trucks passing, and none of them came to help us. We called again, and they said they already had helped us, but they didn't! We placed ourorder over and over again because they kept doing the same thing. I was right next to the SAN ANDREAS FAULT IN WRIGHTWOOD, CALIFORNIA. So anytime now there could have been an earthquake or something. They came to help us at almost 10 PM.

We almost got in a car crash because they weren't there.

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