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500 Bi County Blvd, Suite 400, Farmingdale, NY

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This company is a scam! This company feeds off the un-experienced consumer. They train their sales people to double talk and avoid the elephant in the room. That elephant is the overpriced food and products they sell. There is a very good reason they try to avoid the actual cost of the food. Ask for an actual price breakdown and they will not provide it. Even if they tell you during their 3 hour presentation, or you're smart enough to figure this scam out, they continue to confuse the situation with adding the purchase of some "top of the line" product or multiple products.

This company feeds off of late payments and super high interest along with WAY overpriced food. And when you think you're done, they come back to get you in some other product they are pushing. Be informed and get price per pound without any appliance or extra groceries. This company is skilled at confusion and misdirection. Do not be shocked to find out the positive comments on this site came from someone who works for the company.

If you don't mind overpaying for something, then this company is for you. I don't know why anyone would submit themselves to this company's tactics or be bothered by their financial institution. It's too bad this company conducts business in the manner it does. Even with decent products you couldn't pay me to use this company because of the back end shady tactics they pull on their customers and their own employees.

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Bought an Austria knife set. It cost $1000.00 and guaranteed for life. Well a few years down the road, one of the knives break, so I call Colorado Prime and tell them one of my knives broke. The first question from the rep was, "Are you a customer still?" "NO," I said. She said, "Sorry, too bad. If you are no longer a customer, you have no warranty." WHAT A LOAD OF CRAP! If a product is warrantied for life, it should have nothing to do with whether or not I buy beef and that I have to stay a customer for life to have life time warranties on products, such as my $1000.00 knife set. So in conclusion, do not buy a product from this company if you think it has a lifetime warranty. It will only as long as you are a lifetime customer! No more of my money will ever go to Colorado Prime.

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I have been a long time satisfied customer with Colorado Prime. However, the same doesn't go for their banking partner. They are rude and unfair. They are constantly charging me late charges. The last time I told them that I wasn't paying the late charge, they said that they received my payment the day after it was due. I asked them to prove it to me--of course, their response is "we don't have to." I told them to close my account and that I would not be paying the late fee.

I then received a call from Colorado Prime asking to reorder. I declined and when asked why, I told them of my difficulties dealing with their bank. Colorado Prime informed me that they would take care of the $25 late fee if I reordered. I reordered and placed the charge on a credit card. Three months later and three phone calls later to Colorado Prime, I am still receiving bills from their bank--now, the balance is $85. I am about done with this whole mess. The food is good but not worth the headaches.


I have had a Colorado Prime account for many years and have enjoyed their products. On October 12, 2009, I received an opt-out notice from TD Bank, NA (WHO IS THIS?) stating that I have a Colorado Prime credit card (NOT!) and the interest rates in my cardholder agreement (NEVER RECEIVED!) is being increased to 21.74% over the US Prime Rate, and the default rate (NEVER BEEN LATE EVER)to 26.74% over the US Prime Rate, and was given the right to opt out of these changes which will then close the account to future purchases.

I placed a call to TD Bank, NA at the number on the notice, and got a recording requesting the account number (WHICH I DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT NUMBER), and pressed 0 for the operator to question the notice, after holdingfor 30 minutes, was disconnected--this happened three times. I then called Colorado Prime and informed Jennifer of this practice and asked her to look into this abusive practice by their finance company.


On 2/2/09 I was billed $94.27 interest on a food order of $2,164.30 and $44.98 interest on a purchase of cookware which was $1029.99 for one month. When I contacted the company they said I hadn't paid a previous bill . I did not get one. The company representative said they could not help me. I had to put it in writing. I faxed a thorough letter and sent it through the mail. I got six of the same reply letters saying they were working to resolve the matter.

Today I received a letter that made no sense. It gave me the interest I had paid in 2006. Totally irrelevant reply. I called the number listed to speak to a rep. She said she couldn't help me. I asked to speak with a manager. She came back and said the manager said your request is denied and she is too busy to come to the phone. I told the rep I would be addressing complaints with proper agencies and she said I already told you, shes too busy to come to the phone.

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While I see that some have had troubles with Colorado Prime, I'd like to relate our good experience with them. We signed up about a decade ago and got a Ducane gas grill and a standing freezer. This got us a 60% discount on our food bill which we're still getting. We were a little sad when they stopped delivering food in their own trucks and including dry goods on their list of items you could order. They currently deliver through a well-known third-party shipper in well-insulated containers that arrive with contents cold enough that you need to wear gloves to unpack the frozen items. Because we're using the freezer we got through them to store our food, they guarantee the freezer and all the food you store in it, even food you purchased separately.

Last year, our original freezer gave out and all the food went bad, but they replaced all the food and the freezer for free, even ten years after we first started buying from them. They also guarantee and replace anything that goes wrong during shipping. I'm sorry to hear they didn't work out for some, but my wife and I (and our four kids) are still satisfied customers of Colorado Prime.


I was reading some of the experiences about others at this Home Food Delivery Company, that I felt compelled to relate our experience, so that others may read and stay away from this company. They use fraudulent sales tactics to sell you 10x overpriced goods you dont really need in order to supposedly secure more discounts on the food you buy. Which if you do the math after you are billed, you will find you are being overbilled on your food comapred to actually shopping at the local grocery store. This was about 1999, 2000 when we signed up for the service.

There was a gentleman that came to our home to give us a spiel about the service and what we can get and how it works. We declined purchasing a freezer because we already had one, but boy, I tell you, if you are weak in any way, they push buying a new freezer like nobodys' business. And after hearing some of the horror stories about other freezers, Im glad I said no, even though this person with no obvious expertise in appliances, is trying to tell me my freezer may not be adequate and could spoil all that expensive food. Even though the food is not supposed to be that expensive with this great service. So the first delivery comes, and the guy comes in with the hand truck, and actually stocks the freezer for you. Big experience, and was very nice. Included in those packages was not only meat, but some premade frozen meals, specifically shephards pie. I remember this, because we had two packages.

Any way a couple weeks into the service which we thought was great. I ate one of the shephards pies. Immediately after, I got sick, and later on exhibited classic signs of food poisoning. Non stop wretching, extreme chills, then extreme sweating. I was put off a little, but because of the delivery I passed it off as a one off. Usually if you dont change your order or if you dont need to, your current order carries over and they deliver the same things. Makes things simple. Needless to say we got more Shephards pies. And months later, decided to eat another one. Well the same exact thing happened, and I called up Colorado Prime explaining what happened.

They told me that anytime we arent happy with something they will pick it up and will replace it with something else. What that meant in english is. We already paid for them, they got our money, when the sales person comes back in another few months, you can just change your order. Anyway, I wasnt home for the next order, and my wife did it alone. She was pressured into buying a 2000.00 sony stereo system that would supposedly give us a deeper discount on the food. We didnt buy those stupid pots, but what she told me was they described a hifi stereo system. ( Described because apparently there was no picture or brochure ). Well, when you think sony stereo, and 2k, I figured, oh well, we never had a really good stereo before, so this will be nice as long as we are getting a better discount. Imagine my surprise when several weeks later, our 2k sony stereo system was finally delivered. It was actually a 2 hundred dollar boom box. Was I ******. I called to complain, and got the usual runaround about how its opened, cant return it, have to speak to the representative, You should have known from the brochure or picture ( Note, I said before there was no brochure or picture, just a piece of paper with a description).

That was the last order we made with Colorado. Im happy to say a lot more people in my neighborhood started to feel the same way. And eventually I never saw or heard from them again. That is until I stumbled across these complaints. Im hoping this serves as a warning and keeps you from using this company. There is no cheaper way to get groceries than in your home town, and these days they have delivery service for you much cheaper than Colorado Prime. Their food is suspect as far as Im concerned, and their products, and selling tactics are suspect. That is not the mark of a good company that can survive off their own service record. I imagine their model is to just keep moving on to the next person. Basically you are required to give them names of your friends and family so they can also harrass them.

Well we overpaid for bad food, and I had suffered food poisoning from their product, which I had explained to them, but I was dismissed, and being a busy professional its hard to keep on the ball with people like this who are so good at delay tactics. Also we were out several grand on rudely over priced products that were sub par as far as quality or price on the basis that if we purchased these products we would receive further food discounts.


I once had an account with Colorado Prime back in 1996. The account was closed sometime during 1999. Colorado Prime billed me from 1999 to 2003 unknowingly. I'm currently retired Navy and work on a Military Installation, during my 5 year backgroun Investigation Concord Capital showed up on my Credit report with a judgement around 10,000 dollars. I can assure you that my family did not benefit from 10,000 dollars worth of Colorado Prime products. I have contacted Concord Capital and Colorado Prime for clearification of this matter. To this date no knows or seems to care to contact me. I will pay what I owe, I just dont feel like it should be 10000.

I'm 70% service connected disabled, my current employment is lending on the outcome of this matter.


The food is overpriced. The pots and pans are really nice until they start sticking. They are warrantied against sticking, but what a joke for $2500.00 pan set. I paid off the account and never missed a payment, yet it is on my credit as derogatory credit. Now I cannot contact anyone.

I have damaged credit when I never missed a payment. They were disappointed when I cancelled any further deliveries.


We were referred by a friend (this is how you get your promo products and lower pricing from Colorado Prime) and made an appointment with a salesman. After an endless sales pitch wherein we were assured that a freezer was included in the cost of the food, we signed up and paid a deposit.

Shortly after, we received the food, the freezer and then two bills in the installment payment for the food and one for the freezer. We paid the bill for the food and contested the one for the freezer. Colorado Prime insisted we needed to speak to their billing company Concord Financial. Concord Financial insisted the problem was between us and Colorado Prime.

After numerous conversations and no resolution, I decided that my choices were to go get a lawyer or let the $2,539.00 go to collections. Now I find myself in a situation where I am refinancing, two days from funding, and the underwriters are insisting that any charge off on my credit over $2,500.00 must be paid in order to fund the loan.

So here I sit trying to decide whether to donate $2,539.00 to a crook or tell my mortgage broker to pound sand. Either way, I lose in a big way.

My credit is trashed and I am left in a position wherein I need to give up on a loan that has been in the works for the last month or give in to a fraud and lose $2,539.00


I had a Colorado Prime agent come to the house to tell us about their services, we told them we were not interested and they hounded us calling with discounts until we said okay. We asked for a partial shipment so we wouldn't need the refrigerator. We were very disappointed. They claimed the food was vacuum sealed but if put in water the vacuumed area filled with water and the water was able to get into the meat. Also the meat began to get frost and ice on it within 2 weeks, when they told us that was not possible. A month later I received a bill for $1420 for a full shipment with 2 months of finance charges for not paying. This was the first bill I received and we only received $370 worth of food. We called and tried to resolve this with a manager who said they would look at it and call back. They never did. We called 2 weeks later and they said they haven't looked at it yet. We also cancelled our second order because we were so disappointed and we being unfairly billed. The manager got on the phone and proceeded to argue with me about cancelling and finally yelled, then hung up on me.


Dwight came to my home and gave us his sales pitch about the food and freezer. My wife and I thought it too good to be true. He told us that it wouldn't cost us anymore than we were spending now. His main selling point was that it was all interest free. Dwight lied. 19.8% interest. I refused to pay. Concord financial began calling me at work at home and on my cell phone. I told a supervisor to come get their freezer. She told me to sell the damn thing and pay my ** bill. I have reported them to the FTC.


The sales rep told me I could eat quality meat everyday for $295 per month with a 3-yr contract and I would receive (a barbecue grill) also (Italian Pots) and an (upright freezer) and I have 3 business days to cancel if not satisfied. I would get $100.00 cash if I refer someone and if they sign up. I signed up on 12/22/01. I did not receive the appliances until 12/28/01 and my first food order was not until January 12, 2002 so I did not have a chance to cancel within 3 business days. My first order was not complete so I ran out of food within 30 days. I called sales rep and customer service to notify. They said they will send me an adjustment of food which should last 6 mos. On March 9th, 2002, I received the food order which lasted 2 more weeks. I have not received another shipment of food.

I referred a customer and they signed up. I did not receive $100.00 cash. I signed a contract for 3 yrs and when I received my first bill, I noticed there was interest accumulating. When I called customer service, they told me it was a 5-yr contract. I live in Broward where the sales tax is 6%. I was charged NY sales tax 7%. When I call customer service, they are not making any notes in the computer of me calling and I am not receiving any calls back. I called the sales rep (Rene **) and he tells me the Sales Manager is going to call me (Robert **). I have not received a call from the sales manager. I would have canceled within the 3 days if the product would have been made available to me on a timely manner. The contract has 3 yrs circled on it but the billing on it is 5 yrs. I feel the sales rep used deceiving tactics and complete false information. He delayed me on my orders so I would be bound to a contract. Please help.


My husband and I signed up for the food service with the understanding that it can always be cancelled if for any reason you do not wish to continue. This portion was not a problem for the most part except that the prices they promised were doubled by processing fees so we therefore cancelled the program. That and the fact that the products were not of the quality they were represented to be. The real problem occurred when the sales manager tried to talk us into buying a Ducan gas grill for $3600. We were hesitant and told him that we wanted to shop around. He said if we signed the contract and found another grill like this at a cheaper price or were not happy with the grill, that we could cancel at any time. I made him write on the contact that it COULD BE CANCELLED with no time limits or anything.

A week or so later we found that we could purchase the grill for less than half that price and called Mr. ** and told him that we wanted to cancel the contract as provided. He continued to put us off and said he would get back to us with a better offer, more discounts, etc., we continued to call to cancel but were constantly put aside or he would not take our telephone calls. I started calling customer services and talked to several people in the company, basically all of which told me there was nothing they could do and that someone would call me back. I have since found out that Mr. **t tried to "white out" the "can be cancelled" amendment on my contract and that he has been fired from the company, however, the company now tells me there is nothing they can do about it and have not come to pick up the grill. I did find out today (3/15/02) from Concord Financial through whom they do their financing, that my account has been put on hold for the moment. I want the grill picked up by them, I want the money refunded I have paid on the grill, and I do not want my credit damaged because of this whole ordeal.


I signed up for Colorado Prime's service. I paid in full. The sales rep named above had me make the check out to First Citizens Bank. I started receiving bills from Concord Financial Services. I confronted the sales rep. who admitted to depositing the check in his own account and turning in the credit application with my information on it. (I had signed this application only because I was told it was part of signing up for the service). I called the Colorado Prime office and was told by John's manager, Bruce **, that what John had done was wrong and that he would be dealt with and the problem taken care of.

He said that I would not be responsible for the bill. I called Bruce ** after several days and he informed me that John would continue to make payments on the account that he had illegally opened in my name. I told him that this was unacceptable and that I wanted the account paid in full immediately. I asked Bruce ** who his supervisor was and he refused to answer.


I have ordered from this company before. Less than one year later, a salesman came to my house to fill out another order sheet. I decided not to buy any further meats from the company when they called because I still had some meat left. I was called by the company three times in which I stated thank you but no thank you. On the fourth call, a woman called with a good personality and stated that she did not want to sell me anything but she was calling to find out why I no longer wanted to purchase from Colorado Prime. I told her that I lived in Florida and the electricity goes out frequently and I was nervous about the meat going bad. She assured me that the meat would be replaced. We had a long conversation in which we discussed the weather and the upcoming holidays.

She was from up north because it was cold where she was. I believe her name was Joyce. I also told her that I received way too many products and that I didn't need that much food. She again assured me that it would not be a problem. I received another phone call from a man to give me a 35% discount and a smaller order. The food was delivered. I was billed 530.00 for 25 pieces of meat, 12 of which is hamburger meat. I was not at home at the time of delivery and did not sign. Two weeks later, my electricity goes out and the meat spoils. I call the company and I am told that I did not have insurance so the meat is not covered. I haven't paid for the meat yet. Please instruct me as to what to do. I have requested to speak to the manager but have not received a phone call yet.


The above mentioned salesman came to our home to tell us about the company and what services they offered. We went through a presentation that sounded great and we were promised prices that were better that supermarket prices. Mr. ** told us that the meat they offered was used in places like Outback Steak House and other comparable restaurants. He also told us that the food was vacuum packed and could be thawed in water in about 10 minutes if we ever forgot to set something out for dinner. This sounded great and very convenient for us and Mr.** then worked up a food order for our family of 4 that would last us 6 months. We knew that our freezer would not hold that much and Mr. ** said that they offered a commercial freezer and that if we purchased the freezer they would give us a 40% discount on the food. It all added up nicely with his fuzzy way of figuring.

We specifically asked the salesman at that time if the freezer was a frost-free freezer and he assured us that it was. When the freezer came, we refused it because it was not a frost free like we wanted. This put up a red flag and my husband called customer service. We wanted to cancel the entire order and the lady (Diane) assured us that we would love their product and went through another high pressured sales pitch. She promised us the 40% discount if we would just take the food and try it. She also told us that if there was any problem or if we were not satisfied that we could return the food. Well, we are not satisfied! We were told by Mr.** that the price list he gave us did not reflect their real prices that we would not be paying anywhere near what was on that sheet that he was required by law to give us the sheet but not to pay it any attention because we were definitely not going to pay that much for our food. Well, it is exactly that much!! Now we are trying to deal with their "customer service" and getting nowhere. This is the condensed version. There is so much more. I just don't have the time to write it all. Please help!! We have really been ripped off!


I had a very similar situation to one that Jerome of Los Angeles submitted about his experience with Colorado Prime. Unfortunately, I did buy the freezer and now "owe" a balance of $1620.78. I have been threatened with legal action, called at home and work and urged to make very aggressive payments (as much as $500 a month). The latest offer is to make a payment of $1134.25 or 9 payments of 180.09 ($1620.78). I have gotten recent copies of my credit reports and I don't see, nor have I ever seen any listings for Colorado Prime on any report. After receiving these enormous bills, I requested to have the Freezer taken back by the company and was told this was not an option. This has been a true headache but a definite learning experience. Colorado Prime is a rip-off in their door to door sales.


A salesman named Julian came to our house to get us to purchase their food. He told us that we get to pick a "gift" and that it would lower our payments. We decided on the grill. We were under the assumption that it would be one payment. I asked him if we were not comfortable with the decision we made may we give the grill back? He said absolutely. So we said ok. We got the first bill of 130.00 which comes monthly and called the salesman immediately. He said I would have to talk to the manager and he would have him call me. He never called so I DID and when I finally got through to him he said there is nothing he could do for us. We also got 2000.00 dollars worth of accessories and we now have to pay 5000.00 for a grill and utensils. We DID sign a contract that we DID not understand and explained incorrectly and he lied to our faces saying we could give it back.


This company delivers food to your home. They figure out a dollar amount of food they're going to charge you and then try to sell you appliances included in the price. When you finish paying the appliances off, you receive the food (if you continue to order) at a "discount". They also guarantee the food for spoilage (if you buy their freezer) and any other appliances for life, so long as you order at least $900 of food/year.

I signed up for the freezer and the big screen TV. The prices for these appliances were $1700 and $5000 respectively (I know, about 3 times the price) but I figured, we get the food, there is no penalty for early payment on the appliances (they charge 18%) so long term, it turns out to be a good deal. The food shows up and it's as good as advertised. The freezer is also okay. The TV is not. It had a scratch on the back and the dark colors didn't look so good. The company sent out another one. Here's where the fun starts. The initial food order didn't last the six months that the salesman promised; they had to do an "adjustment"; fine, they did. The second 6-month order arrives and it is even smaller than the first order; it ran out in a little over 2 months (right around the end of September).

The TV breaks about a week later. Herein begins the problem in earnest. The first company they hire to fix the TV takes 5 days to tell me I'm too far to come out and service. Colorado Prime sends out another company; AAA Electronics. They say they can't fix the TV in my home; they have to take it. Fine. I call them a few days later (because Colorado Prime didn't) and they tell me that they need warranty info to fix the TV. When I fax it to them they take another few days then tell me they are getting nowhere with the manufacturer and there is a possibility the TV is refurbished! Later test showed it wasn't though.

Long story short, the company finally sends me a new TV about 7 weeks later. This one they claim is an upgrade to a Philips Magnavox. When I look at the model number, it is the same as the TV still sitting in the repair shop! Now I'm just pissed off and I've contacted my lawyer to sue them for fraud (Believe me, there is so much more to the story; I been all over with this company and they've made all sorts of misrepresentations). I've complained to the BBB, now you guys, and I've contacted the people from Dateline NBC to explore the possibility of a "follow up" interview and have them expose the fraud.


This food company lied to us by telling us that they didn't have a price list, which is a crime upon the consumer. They use high pressure tactics to sell, their prices are inflated. We were told that they would provide us with a "free" freezer, when in fact that "free" freezer costs us over $1,800.00, which by the way, sits in our basement not working. I've made several calls to have them come pick up this bad freezer, they refuse to come take it away. It has a yr warranty on it, it started going bad within the first couple weeks. After calling 4 times, they finally promised to have a new freezer delivered, the next day. I sat and waited all day, no call, no one showed up, I was very angry by then. I called the next day and left 4 messages for Patrick **. He never has returned our calls, that was 2 wks ago.

I called headquarters, they refused to take this bad appliance out of our home. The 1st shipment of food had bad food in it. They wanted to make me wait 6 mos to replace it. After complaining profusely, they finally delivered the replacement meat 3 wks later. We were told that the meat was of superior quality, and it's not, told that is was cheaper than the stores, it is not. They are deceptive, and high pressure sales people. Can something be done about our problem with them? All I want is for them to take this freezer away. I want to cancel the contract on the piece of junk (which has a yr warranty), and refund our $300.00 we already paid towards it. "Date Line" did a report on this company, and it's our scenario exactly.

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