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We had a dormer, garage, and master bedroom put on our house in March 2001. The builder warentees his work for five years. After all this rain we just had for 8 days straight, I had leaks all over my house (the new part). We contacted William S and he didn't seem to care telling us we owed him money when I have the contract in front of me and everything is documented paid in full. We had a roofer come in and basically said your roof is shot. The whole thing is lifted up and water bubbles under it.

I proceeded to contact Mr. S again as well as my husband did, and he proceeded to call my husband names with foul language and hung up. I as well got nowhere, and told him he is binded to his warranty and he should come check out all the damage done to the inside of my house as well as the roof, since he didn't lay it down properly. He as well proceeded to hang up on me.

We got nowhere with the builder. He refuses to take our phone calls or come see all the damage to my house.

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