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My hardwood flooring is messed up within 3 months from date we moved in. (It is still under warranty on papers) But Standard Pacific fails to replace it. They asked the manufacturer to look into it. Manufacturer rejected the claim saying that they don't cover moisture related issues. (Took more than 6 months to get me this info.) Builder doesn't want to take responsibility even though the concrete moisture caused this. Worst part they ripped my floor 5 months ago to take moisture tests and didn't even care to cover it. Knowing that manufacturer will not cover it. Just waste of my time. Only good part in this whole 6-month saga is Customer Manager was really fast in responding, providing updates time to time.


I purchased a model home less than 1 1/2 yrs ago from Westfield Homes/Standard Pacific Homes. I recently run into a problem with my a/c unit - the capacitator had blown and there is a leak in my refrigerent. I contacted the emergency number for Standard Pacific Homes. A Ted H. had called me back within the same day (7/4/08). I advised him that the home I purchased less than 2 years ago was a model home, advised him of my closing date and that model homes have a different warranty than that of a new construction purchase. Ted advised me that I was still under warranty for 2 years and that Standard Pacific will pay for the service call and labor.

Mike from ADS (Air Design System) came out the next day (7/5/08), in which he stated that there was a leak in the refrigerent and a blown capacitator. I showed him the warranty book that Standard Pacific Homes gave to me when I closed, and he agreed too that leaks in refrigerent are covered for 2 years. Then on 7-7-08, a Leon J. from Standard Pacific Homes had called and advised that nothing would be covered, that I signed a Model Addendum and that this paperwork makes all other warranties null and void. I advised that his employee advised me of something different and he should stand behind his employee and honor what he stated. Leon was very rude, unprofessional and just kept saying no to anything and everything I wanted to talk about. Leon also kept cutting me off when I was advising of the warranty books I had, advising again, all of these costs are on me. Leon then checked in with Ted H., who stated something extremely different than what he told me, and that Standard Pacific Homes would absorb the cost of the service call on 7-5-08.

In my closing documents, I located a Validation Warranty Form from Professional Warranty Service Corporation (the company that writes the warranties) which states I have Section B coverage through January of 2009. I called PWSC and spoke with Kim, who stated that I was covered for leaks in refrigerent through January 2009. I called Leon back at Standard Pacific Homes and advised of my findings, in which he quickly dismissed stating I signed that form. I tried to explain that I had a policy number from the warranty company and a validation form showing otherwise, and he completely dismissed all of this, stating that I shouldn't have bought a model home then.

Then after all of this, it came to my attention that 3 other homes within the same community had a/c problems within the last 2 weeks. That's 4 HOMES with a/c problems within 2 WEEKS and Standard Pacific Homes - Leon J. - gave all of us the cold shoulder and brushed every single one of us, stating that they were not going to pay for anything. For a company that states that they put customers first, they have a funny way with it. I am still not done with dealing with Standard Pacific Homes and currently have a voicemail pending a callback from the President of the local office.

If none of the a/c is covered, I will be out $1200! I will have to pay $1200 to repair an a/c unit in which I have used less than 1 1/2 yrs!


I purchased a model home from Westfield Homes in 2004 in an area called Fishhawk Ranch. Recently I discovered mold in my bedroom and in my garage. When there is heavy rainfall, water gets into my bedroom and soaks my carpet and also my garage gets partly flooded. I've notified Trinia M, the customer care rep. in charge of my community. She said that I only had a one year warranty on the home and they can't do anything. I called a field rep. from Westfield and had him come out to my home to see what occurred, which he did, but just said my problem was minor and it was the homeowners' responsiblity. Westfield pretty much does not want to take any responsiblity and was not helpful, nor concerned and pretty much looking for the quickest way to get ride of me.

I filed a comment on the builders' website expressing my disappointment. Trinia called me a few days later saying they can probably do something for me, since I purchased a model home in 2004 and I may still have coverage on the home. I mentioned that one of her guys came out to look at the damage and haven't heard from her since. She's pretty much giving me the run around and no one at Westfield wants to help. Since I discovered the mold, I haven't slept in my bedroom, my carpet is pretty much ruined in that room because water has gotten into the foundation and into the room as well as the garage. Also, when I purchase the home I was suppose to have a lake front view and after moving into my home, a house was built by westfield in my backyard without any notification..myself as well as my neighbors were all furious that westfield did this...and because of this house being built in the backyard, everytime it rains heavily, my yard as well as my two neighbors yards get flooded. Westfield is not assuming any responsiblity and says it's the Homeowners Association's responsiblity to fix the flooding. Because of Westfield being so inconsiderate, I am very regretful of ever buying a home from them and very disappointed in their service. I want future home owners to know what kind of a builder they are.

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