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In only a year's time, Signature Property Group has proven to be poorly run and a detriment to our community. Staff changes on a regular basis as well as contact information. Residents are not kept in the loop with regard to ongoing issues and their responsiveness to inquiries or requests is non-existent. In the short time they have managed our town home community, they have raised the monthly maintenance fees by 41%... YES, 41% EQUATING TO $102 MORE PER MONTH THAN RESIDENTS HAVE PAID FOR ALMOST 10 YEARS.

Signature has been accepting the lowest possible bids for landscaping, snow removal, general maintenance, etc. and just one visit to our community will reflect that in appearance and the damage that has been done. Signature set up a bogus online system where the residents could access their statements, review meeting minutes, submit work order requests and impose transparency / accountability. The system is rarely used by the management company staff and is basically useless to the community (most of which are senior citizens). This is a terrible management company who blames everyone but themselves and constantly gives excuses as to why the basic necessities of the community are not being fulfilled.

Satisfaction Rating

I am a condo owner and Signature Property Group is our management company. My personal point of view - it's very expensive and poorly run, corrupted and dysfunctional company, completely opposite to what is being advertised. As usual, talking on the phone with representatives about ongoing issues, I felt myself a complete idiot so I've decided to ask President and CEO of Signature Group, Ira M. Cantor, a couple of questions.

On March 18, I have received notice about another maintenance increase, as well as expenses sheet for the period February to March. For the same time period, many unit owners' maintenance checks were not cleared by Signature due to unknown issues and owners have been penalized with late fees. Mr. Ira Cantor, don't you understand if some of the checks are not cleared, the statement total income will be lower than maintenance expenses? The letter has also stated that the company needs money for future property innovations. Mr. Ira Cantor, can't you be more specific about the innovations we are talking about? You have recently and without notice to the owners, installed high density cellphone antennas on our rooftops. Don't you think that property owners had to be notified in advance about such innovation that leads to loss of property values? What about unit owners' health issues, dying from cancer in 20 years?

Maintenance statement for April finally state that the checks must be addressed to Eleven Eleven and the account number has been changed. Hey, Mr. Ira Cantor, don't you believe unit owners had to be notified in writing at least one month before such changes take an effect? It's like we are going to mislead our clients with maintenance increase and make them guilty for not paying maintenance on time and charge late fees! Let me also ask Vice President, Jonathan S. Cantor, and Chief Operator, Cynthia A. Pirrera, do you sleep well at night by being part of this scam?

There are many efficient management companies for fewer fees out there, who are caring for their clients. Compensate yourself for damages, receive proper care, lower maintenance fees and stop feeling yourself being **. Get this scammed family-operated business, Signature Property Group, out of the door! Do you believe the same? Contact me. Together we can make a difference!


I was using the Signature Group for property management for the past two years. To make a long story short, after months of not returning emails and phone calls, I have found out that they have either gone under or skipped town with my money and I'm sure other people's money as well. Has anyone brought charges against these people?


My home builder or their contracted laborer purposely hid a defective/damaged copper fitting attached to my exterior garage wall by installing a PVC adapter with putty surrounding it to contain the fact the threads were stripped on the fitting. This resulted in several tens of gallons of water wasted, as well as time off from work, and my wall needs to be torn down to install a defect-free fitting.


The Signature Group did not properly screen the tenant before allowing them to rent my property. No credit bureau was pulled as is the standard practice when choosing a tenant. This is because they do not care about the quality of the tenant, because they get their money regardless as long as they get someone to pay the first month's rent. My tenant fell behind in their rent. When they went to court, my tenant arrived at the court with a money order for the back rent. The Signature Group talked to them before the case was heard and told them to not pay the money because I wanted them out of the property immediately. I never said this. The Signature Group should have accepted the rent money. I did not want the tenant out if they were paying the rent.

I was alerted by BG&E that the tenant had moved from the property. I alerted the Signature Group and told them to inspect and change locks. They claimed that they went over there and that there was still a dog in the house so they assumed that the tenant was still in the property. The truth of the matter was that the tenant left 2 dogs in the property with no food or water for a week. One dog jumped through the second story window and died in the backyard. The other one was rescued by the neighbors. Animal control was called to the scene and they removed the dead dog. If Signature had followed my directions, this tragedy and the damage to my property could have been avoided. They did not enter the house until nearly 2 weeks after the tenant had left.

The Signature Group charged me for repairs to the house that were never completed. I did not realize this until I visited the house last week. The repairs were to be done in Jan 2009. I feel that they have stolen my money. Since I have approached the Signature Group about these issues, they first retaliated by threatening me. I have since emailed and called them numerous times. They are ignoring me and refuse to answer any questions.

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Complaints regarding the Signature Group management in 409 North Curley Street, Baltimore City.

1. House was un-rented for over one year. Signature was not able to deliver a renter since we hired them on June 27, 2008. They were slow and unresponsive to our inquires and gave us the impression that they were not very interested nor effective in getting our house rented.

2. They failed to work in our interest for the rent amount. We were asking for $1100/month. Signature (Erica **) stated that because our house had many amenities, she was confident we could get the full amount as a section 8 house. However, recently she wanted us to lower the rent to $900/month. A couple of weeks ago we agreed to lower the monthly rent to $950.00. Shortly afterwards, we learned of section 8 houses on the same street that are currently renting for $1,200 and another house very nearby was rented for $2,400. Why couldn’t Signature find a section 8 family in that rental range? Our house is much nicer than the others on the street.

3. There was no advertisement of the rental property. Signature Group never posted a rental sign on the house.

4. They failed to properly register the house. Recently, while checking with Baltimore City Housing registration, I discovered that we could not have rented the house anyway because the registration was lacking the required assigned agent in the city. The house was supposed to be fully registered by Signature with the Baltimore City Housing registration. They scheduled inspections and collected fees from us and we felt assured that they had it ready for a section 8 tenant. I corrected this problem myself on 8/4/09 with a visit to the registration office.

5. House was not on multiple listing. Upon checking a month ago, we saw that the house was not on multiple list service as they promised they would do.

6. They are unresponsive to phone calls. Almost every phone call made to Erica ** was never returned, except after repeated return calls by me. The company was consistently slow or unresponsive.

7. Poor workmanship. The back basement door needed a Bilco style metal cover. I was going to get it myself, but Signature said that they could get a better price and have it installed for the same amount of money than I would spend on buying one myself. They assured us that they had a tenant and we needed quick repairs to pass section 8 deadlines. They promised us a metal basement door cover. They could not find one soon enough for the deadline to get the work down and agreed to let them build it with wood. They gave us a plywood lid that is already warping because it does not have a brace frame on it. The screws are only fastened into the plywood not a frame - a few uses of the door and they will pull through. We were charged a high price. When I commented on the charge, they became very defensive stating that they do not over-charge for their repair work.

8. They are threatening us. They threatened us in an e-mail saying that they are charging us $1,000 for ending the contract early. This is not in the contract that we signed.

9. There’s no response from Signature. Signature has completely stopped communicating with us after Erica ** sent her threatening e-mail regarding a $1,000 fee and the credit bureau. It is very obvious that they are avoiding us and will surely continue their plan to fine us $1,000 by the next statement in September.


My fiancé and I attempted to purchase a home on June 6 2005. We were asked to put $10,000.00 down to hold the house. We were told we need to go through their lender to qualify for the loan. In addition they made an appointment to visit their design center to select any upgrades. We were told we need to pay up front for any upgrades we select. We were very nervous to make a purchase but we were convinced that it is best for us to do since the price of the houses is going up. We were assured by Diane we have nothing to lose and if we change our mind for any reason we will get our money back except any upgrade we select which we had to pay up front for them anyway.

After meeting with Nicole at design center, we were reassured by Nicole as well that even though we select any up grades and our purchase does not go through we will get our deposit and up grade charge that we had to pay up front will be refunded to us one hundred percent. Since we did not received professional service from Nicole at design center and we felt she was looking down on our selection and rushing us for our decision on upgrades, we lost our fait and did not select any upgrades at all. We were forced to select the basic standards so they can go on with their project. Although we were extremely nervous about the whole situation since we were not approved for our loan yet but we were reassured by Nicole that the builder will refund our deposit and any upgrade fees we had to pay. She also stated that we are not in the business of keeping clients money. The builder is "very good about that."

One other reason that we did not select any upgrades because the house was already built and we had no choice on some of the upgrades because the staged of the projects had passed the dead line. We were at the mercy of the Signature Properties and their staff for our loan to be approved so we could move in to our new home. After discussing with the loan officers, we discovered we can not be approved under the federal guidelines. We were coached by them to falsify our income just to qualify. Not having any mercy on us, how we are going to manage to make the payment on the mortgage. Since all they care for, was to get us approve and collect their fees and commissions. It seems like they work very closely with the builder and exchanging incentives between themselves. We were broken heart that we found out that we can no longer purchase the house.

They are still holding our deposit of $10,000.00 since July 6, 2005. I am out of funds and forced to borrow money.

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