On January 10, 2006, while Stationed in Afghanistan, I closed on a duplex in Copperas Cove, TX 76522. The closing was completed and funding was issued. On the closing documents it clearly stated that 2 washers/dryers and mini blinds would be installed on both sides immediately after closing. Nancy C (Sante Fe Designs) had specifically told my wife that they did not want to install them prior to the closing because no one was living on the property and she had concerns of them being stolen.

The day after the closing the builder, Nancy notified my realtor, Kathy H (Flood Realty) that the washers/dryers and mini blinds would not be installed until they received an additional $1076 from us due to a mix up on their end. After consulting my lender, realtor and after having a lawyer review the paperwork I was advised that I should not have to pay the $1076. Because of this I had to hire someone to purchase and install the washers/dryers and mini blinds on the property. This cost me $1547.31 for which I am seeking reimbursement. After consulting with my lawyer and being advised that because I am a soldier stationed overseas, it will be extremely difficult for me to settle this via the court system. Alan G., Staff Sergeant, US Army.