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Original review: July 21, 2011

I had signed up on their service last year and all the leads were dead ends. I returned them and told them that I wanted to cancel. Right after that, I had some tragic events happened in my life. I was attacked and beaten and I almost did not get away from my attacker then my husband passed away a couple of days after that. Because of all the stress I was under, I was not even monitoring my charge card for several months.

I began putting together my tax information for my business and came across approximately $800 in charges from Reply Real Estate. I called them and tried to get them to remove it but they would not, stating they needed proof that I cancelled and I took too long to notify them of the charges.

I had to rate them but they do not deserve any stars at all!

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Original review: July 1, 2011

The company promised solid leads and replacement for leads that were invalid (wrong number, realtor, etc). I received three leads that were invalid and NEVER received replacement leads yet was still charged. When I wanted to cancel, they kept trying to get me to commit to other programs. When they finally took no for an answer, they wanted to charge me for another month.

Per their contract, you have to give them 30-day notice. But since I signed up on the 26th of the month, they considered the 26th-31st one month. Therefore, my 30-day notice would take me into another month and more charges.

I was furious with this company. They omitted details that cost me a lot of money plus the leads were BOGUS! When I complained, they acted innocent and just tried to get me to buy more leads! When I filed a complaint against them with my bank, they told the bank they had tried to get a hold of me numerous times to settle the matter, which was a lie.

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Original review: Feb. 3, 2011

J.C. called and offered me warm leads for $55 each. I put him off until I could research the company. My research indicated a lot of problems with their service. When he called back, I declined the offer at which time he became very belligerent and would not take "no" for an answer. I finally had to hang up on him, after which he kept calling me back to harass me. He caused me to lose valuable time that I could have devoted to something productive. He also caused me to get emotionally upset.

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Original review: Dec. 31, 2010

In response to a complaint from Jeri of North Hollywood, CA November 8, 2010. I wish that my name had not been mentioned in anything from this company. I was hired as a collector there and then laid off shortly after because this company does not want any complaints from the BBB or any other source due to them applying for a IPO, I was told the day I was laid off that they would no longer have any collections until the IPO had been approved and that any complaints from the Attorneys General Office or any other medium of complaint.

If I ever contacted anyone, I want to be clear that I had no training on the leads that I was collecting from, once I found out what was going on I begin to look for a new job due to the fact that I knew that the leads that were being sold to real estate agents were bogus and I knew that the sales reps who sold agents the leads lied about the program as well. It was my job to collect on these non paid for leads.

I knew that once your credit card was given that Reply Real Estate would continuously attempt to run your card for the leads that were provided. I also learned that American Express would instantly refund money to anyone who had disputed charges from Reply Real Estate and that Amex was threatening to disallow Reply from any charging activity if they disputes didn't stop.

I am so upset that my name is mentioned in this forum to a company that clearly rips off hard working agents in the market. If I ever contacted anyone, I am very sorry because I know that Reply is not honest and forthcoming company, they hire and fire many people with in a month of hire be cautious of any company that has such a huge employee turn over rate.

I want to be clear that I harbor no bad feeling towards this company because if it had not had been for them laying me off I would have never found the awesome job I have now. At the current time, I hear that if there are any BBB complaints that you will get a call from a Dalita and she will tell and do anything for you to drop your BBB complaint in order to protect Reply Real Estates Interest. I can not believe that when I goggled my name today that is showed up on this site and has this company done anything to rectify this no - Shame on Reply!

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Original review: Dec. 22, 2010

Total scam. They sell you on the idea that they are going to send you valid real estate leads. Then they charge you $54.00 for each lead they send you. Then you find out the leads are bogus and they won't issue the credit for the lead charged to your account. This caused charges to my credit card that I have asked them not to pay. May have to cancel card and have another card issued.

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Original review: Dec. 8, 2010

A representative from this company contacted me one Saturday. I decided that I would try it for 3 reasons:

1. They would waive all start-up fees.
2. They would only charge me for the leads that I could use.

3. They would bill me weekly.

I started receiving leads that day. The only problem was I could use none of these. All leads had a bogus email address, a bogus phone number, or they told me that they had no use for my services. They said that they were told that no one would call. I sent all of these leads back. I received an email stating that they were investigating these leads and I would hear from them within 24 to 48 hours. Something told me to check and I checked my bank balance and found that they had withdrawn $329.80.

I immediately emailed them for a statement since they said that I would be billed weekly. I never heard from them at all, not even the 24 to 48 hours they had promised. I have emailed them asking for my money back since I do not feel that they have earned this money. No reply. They were supposed to charge me $59.95 per lead. The $329.80 doesn't even make sense.

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Original review: Nov. 20, 2010

I was contacted by Paul **. He said that he had a buyer who was interested in buying a home in Northridge and that he had more buyer and seller leads to send me. He told me that I only had to pay $25 for initial start up fee and then $55 for each lead. If the lead is no good, I needed to let them know within 72 hours and they would give me credit. Well, I email them on every lead, but they would not give me credit because my reason did not fit their guidelines. I told them that I wanted to cancel right away, but was told that I could not do it for 30 days.

I was charged $384.65 for 7 leads, but none of the 7 leads panned out. I was sent more leads. I called American Express today and told them that I was disputing this charge and they told me that this company actually charged me twice. I now owe them $769.30. None of the leads were any good. The people I spoke to said that they were contacted numerous times by other realtors, and that they were not interested in selling or buying. It was real scam. Another realtor in my office had the same experience except he made the mistake of giving his checking account. After he cancel his account with them, still debited $275.00 from his checking account. He was not able to get his money back from them.

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Original review: Nov. 12, 2010

I was contacted by Gaya. The spiel she gave was so convincing and simple. I was super busy when she called and ramping up for summer market, and ready to do even more business, so I signed up. It seemed great. The biggest draw for me was, (according to Gaya), "you get credited for invalid leads, you fill out a quick online request and get instant credit, no problem." I immediately received 2 leads, then 2 leads the next day at $54.95 per lead. I quickly found out these so called "leads" were false, erroneous, invalid leads.

The few people that I did get to speak with had no idea why I was contacting them, and were not buyers or sellers. They were pretty upset as to why I had their information, and said they didn't make any sort of online request to be contacted and were not moving. In fact, one woman felt so sorry for me and told me this was most likely an online scam. I instantly requested credit which Reply, which they said they would do, but didn't. I have requested written credits for the leads, and was told they were credited until I found them on my credit card statement. I finally had to cancel my credit card to stop the charges. Complete nightmare. How is this company still in business?

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Original review: Nov. 10, 2010

We had the exact experience as the other real estate agents. People were surprised by our calls, did not want our calls, did not return calls, had bad credit--you name it. We actually did get credit for some of the people, but others we did not. We ended up paying about $440 for some real questionable leads.

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Original review: Nov. 8, 2010

I was contacted by Candice. She explained these leads were asking to be contacted by a real estate agent and were valid buyers and sellers. I was told I could turn any lead back in for credit per their policy. After several days of working these leads, it became clear they were bogus. Most had erroneous information. Others had no idea what I was talking about. Two of them told me specifically that they were told that no real estate agent would ever call them. This is fraud, pure and simple.

I turned every single lead I received back in, following their instructions and policy. I have the emails to prove it. They refused to cancel my account, saying I had agreed to a 30-day cancellation policy. I continued to go through the hassle of turning back every lead for credit. There was not one chargeable lead on my account.

I cancelled my credit card since they refused to cancel my account. Then I get collections emails from Lavelle Loggins stating I had a $439.60 bill and that I'd be turned over for collections and my credit would be affected. I am interested in filing a class action suit. Any other parties interested, or attorneys, please contact me at **. This has caused harassment, lost productive business time, and a potential loss to my credit rating. I am now looking at legal costs to pursue a lawsuit.

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Original review: Oct. 25, 2010

Reply! Inc. is a service that offers warm (motivated) real estate leads to listing agents like me. When the sales rep. Gaya called me to offer me the service, it sounded like a great deal. They promised to send me motivated sellers' contact info on my email. I contacted them within 72 hours and made the appointment. These were supposed to be really interested leads, but in the event these leads were not acceptable, I could contact Reply! Inc. and explain to them why they are not good, thus they would credit my account, since Reply! Inc. charges per every lead sent.

The leads this service provided were no good. Not one lead was near the promise this service was suppose to render. I followed up, reported to them and ask for my credit per every lead, I thought not suitable for business as per their policy. For example, some leads would not call me back, others would not know what I was talking about when I contacted them and others said they were just curious to know how much their home was worth but would never sell their property. Reply! Inc. charged me $54.95 for each one of these leads. I did what I had to do, according to their policy, in order to have them credit my account. But this did not stop them from charging me for a service not delivered.

I contacted their financial department to have this charge removed, and the kids on the other side of the phone told me that I should have followed their policy and that is not their fault if I did not know how to do it. This was funny, because this kid didn't even know what my case was. The kid was obviously following a script. After grinding him and asking him to let me talk to a supervisor, he said he was it. So I was pretty much talking to a wall. After lecturing this kid on business ethics and morals, he suggested I call my credit card servicer and dispute the charge.

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Original review: Oct. 22, 2010

On 08/02/2010 I was contacted by this lead generation company because there was no monthly fee and it sounded inviting in a depressed market. I jumped into it too quickly and checked it out online and found many negative reports. The next morning (less than 24 hours) I called to cancel and was told there was a 30-day notice required. I told them I was giving my notice and not to send any leads. They of course sent several, which I returned.

They started charging my credit card so I cancelled the card. I sent numerous messages not to send any more lead but they continued. I then blocked my e-mail. I never accepted any leads. On 9/02/2010, my cancellation became effective with an e-mail stating I owed $494.55 for leads but they would be willing to work with me and accept $248 and avoid the account being escalated. I said I wasn't willing to pay anything since I accepted no leads.

On October 18th I received a call from NRH & Associates P.O Box 45 Picayune, MS from a Jacquelyn ** stating that someone would be coming to my office in the next hour to take my picture, other employees and vendor picture and to call them for more information. I also received a letter stating that they had checked my assets and they were sufficient to warrant legal proceedings. I received another call today asking If I had made a decision to pay the amount due. I left a message and said my attorney wanted a copy of a signed contract and an itemized bill of what the $494.55 covered.

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Original review: Sept. 19, 2010

The only "lead" I received was from another real estate agent who looked up the value of her home on Zillow. She had no interest in selling. I sent the lead cancellation in writing within 24 hours and was told I would be credited for the lead charge. No credit was ever received.

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Original review: Sept. 10, 2010

Beware of Reply Real Estate! David ** with Reply Real Estate solicited my business by phone on 11/13/09 and sent an email that outlined the program in which he said that the leads were high quality, prescreen leads; however some of the first leads that were sent over had poor or fair credit ratings which would make the person ineligible to get a loan to purchase a home. I signed up on a Friday afternoon on 11/13/09 and sent a cancellation request on Monday, November 16, the first business day after signing up for the program.

My initial agreement was for no more than 5 leads per month at $54.95 each, for a total of $274.75 and a separate charge of $25 for setup. According to the email from David ** these leads were supposed to be prescreened for timeline, price, credit worthiness, no monthly service fees, no contract obligation, could cancel at any time for any reason with no penalty. I received 2 more emails that afternoon from Dalita ** that detailed a different program than the one I had signed on for.

My American express card was charged $329.70 and another separate charge for $32.97 for setup fee instead of the $274.75 and $25 for setup. I was sent a total of 7 leads with 1 credit even though I only agreed to 5 leads. I was also denied access to my lead log so I could not send any bad leads back for credit. This company not only overcharged me for the lead program and the setup fee as quoted, but continued to send unqualified leads even though I had no access to them. I disputed the charge with American Express who ruled in my favor; however almost a year later Reply Real Estate is turning me over for collection. This is a predatory company! The stress continues from Reply Real Estate; they will stop at nothing to get money for a bogus service. Pure and simple harassment.

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Original review: Sept. 9, 2010

REPLY offers bogus leads to real estate agents. My experience is the same as the other posters on this site. Everyone needs to file a complaint with the California Attorney General's Consumer Complaint Division. We need to stop this company from extorting hard earned money from real estate agents. I was able to cancel my credit card and stop this company from charging my account. They stated I would be turned over to a collection agency. I'm still not going to pay their extortion.

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Original review: Sept. 7, 2010

I attempted to cancel with their company, but was told I had to fulfill the next month, as there is a 30-day cancellation policy. I don't like it, but fine. Then I came to find out that they have overcharged me by $329.70. I have had numerous attempts on my part to get my money, but no reply (pun intended). I finally got someone to pick up the phone and was told that the refund had been processed, but I have yet to see anything. This company is a total scam, and waste of time and money. They need to be shut down.

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Original review: Aug. 30, 2010

This company contacted me and asked me to join for $10.00 and would receive 5-7 prospects a month for selling or buying houses. If the names were not valid, I could be credited the $54.95 per transaction if I refused within 72 hours of receiving name. I received 12 names within 4 days and all were either wrong names, telephone numbers, email addresses or were not interested in being prospects. They were not aware that their names and information were being sold to real estate agents. It was a big waste of my time and money to sign up with this bogus company. My husband has bone cancer and congestive heart failure and I have to take him to Veterans Hospital every week for treatments and tests. I do not have time for such fraudulent transactions. This company should be shut down immediately to avoid more problems for trusting agents.

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Original review: Aug. 24, 2010

What a terrible scam! I signed up with Reply Real Estate for leads. They assured me, I could return any lead, if it was not valid. Little did I know, that they have a person who's sole job is to keep you from returning leads. Almost every lead I returned, was sent back to me saying "you cannot return this lead" for one reason or another. After reading about them on Consumer Reports, I shut off my credit card. Another thing, I was sent 15 leads in the first 3 days. That's $750 in 3 days, for crappy leads! Watch out! I was lucky & shut off my credit card before they could charge me more than $10.

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Original review: Aug. 16, 2010

Scam. They take advantage of their clients. They promised exclusive quality leads and out of 15, only 2 answered the phone and told me they were not interested. Do not sign up with them. I am still disputing the huge charges they did to my credit card. Not a single good lead and they charge $550 from my bank account in 2 weeks.

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Original review: Aug. 4, 2010

It is a total scam. I signed up for 4 seller leads and 1 buyer lead per month maximum. That is what it clearly states in our agreement. I got 11 leads in the first 4 days, 9 buyer and 2 seller, and was promptly charged $550!

The one seller lead was another realtor looking to test the system. Six of the buyer leads had a price range below $200,000 but picked Beverly Hills area zip codes so they are junk. I couldn't return any of the leads I mentioned because price range doesn't count! Also you only have 72 hours to return a lead. Out of the 11 leads, nobody responded except the other realtor. They have sent me 4 leads already in the 2nd week. I just called the bank to cancel my credit card.

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Original review: July 30, 2010

On 6/22/10, I got multiple calls from Reply and I smartly said no, but made the mistake of believing them on 6/22/10. I told them that I only wanted 5 leads, did a 30-day trial, and I was told that I could pause my account and cancel any time. I also was told they had a buyer needing an agent in my area immediately. On 6/23, I got 4 leads, 6/24 I got 4 more leads and the next day 4 more. The only correspondence was to correct the overage. I also found the leads to be worthless and I also discovered they sell them to everyone not just you.

I cancelled my credit card to stop them from charging me. I want to encourage all of you to file complaints with the BBB as I did and your state attorney general. We need to get this company stopped they are using deceptive business practices and most states have laws against such companies. Did you know that when you put your initials on the form and clicked, I agree, that you just signed the agreement because at the bottom of the page was a link to the terms. They only got $1.00 but are wanting $385, seems to be their magic number.

I have spent hours investigating Reply now, I should have done it before. I also have the aggravation of this injustice for me and all of you at a time when the housing economy is in the tank. Here we are trying to improve our circumstances and we get this kick in the **.

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Original review: June 30, 2010

The following email was sent to Elliot H. last week and I have had no response from anyone:

"Elliot, thank you for your help this morning and thank you for agreeing to cancel my account. Here is the rundown of events: on June 4 Priscilla contacted me to sign me up for Reply Real Estate. We went over the details. She said someone from customer service would be contacting me on Monday to review the agreement because when she tried to call to connect me, it was after 5:30 and no one was there. No one contacted me on Monday or any day since.

"I began receiving leads and emailed each person and called. The results were as follows: no return email from any lead. Prospect #** said I have the wrong name and wrong number. Prospect #** said they have no interest in selling their home at all. Prospect #** has answering machine but no name so I don't know that it is even the right number. Prospect **, I talked to them and they told me that they are new in the country and they talked with a lender and can't buy a house because they only have one year tax returns. Prospect #** was the right phone number but never a return call or email which leads me to believe that she has no interest in selling her home.

"On June 7, Monday, I realized immediately that this is not a program I want to be affiliated with and it did not work the way Priscilla described. I called her twice and left messages with no return call. I was also hoping to hear from customer service and thought that it was mandatory that they confirm with me before they charged my credit card. This is when I sent you the below email. Your email stated that a client specialist would be calling me in 48 to 72 hours and today is June 15 and I have never been contacted by anyone.

"On June 11 I was charged $384. Even if these were legitimate leads, how do you justify $384? I was told I would be given a maximum of 5 leads and your company continued to send me additional leads and charged my credit card. I do believe I'm entitled to a full refund. I will pay the $25 fee that started it up, but I believe, I'm entitled to a full refund of the rest. Kind regards, Leslie"

I was told by Reply Real Estate that I would receive a refund for that additonal leads that should not have been sent to me and the leads that were not legitimate. No credit has been issued. Over $400 charged to my credit card for bogus leads!

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Original review: May 28, 2010

I was contacted by a representative from Reply Real Estate who advised me that I could sign up to receive real estate leads and that there was a 72-hour return policy if I received any valid leads. After questioning the representative over and over to find out if there was a catch to the 72-hour return policy she assured me there was not. She even lowered the sign up fee to $25.00 and I was to be charged $55.00 per lead. Needless to say every lead that I received was invalid. There was either a wrong name or wrong number or they were not interested.

When I sign up for leads the Reply representative advised me that all of the leads that were sent to me where people who want an agent to contact them. Well none of the people I was able to contact were interested. After trying to return all leads I was then notified of the "catch", which is if Reply can verify the lead themselves, then they will not issue a credit for the lead. I was charged for 3 leads that were not valid. I then decided to cancel my account. About 2 weeks later I received another lead and email right away to cancel my account and get a credit for the lead. Reply cancelled my account but still charged me for the lead. This company is a scam. The leads that are sent are sent under a false pretense. Do not use Reply Real Estate. I have damages that total about $250.

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Original review: Jan. 22, 2010

I was contacted by phone by a salesman from Reply about a lead service with no contract and no monthly minimum of leads to buy for $54.95 each. I was told that if the lead was not a good lead, I simply request a credit, and within 72 hours, I would be issued a credit and a replacement. I was told that an invalid email or invalid phone number is an underage person, or a realtor testing the system was among some of the reasons for a credit. The monthly fee was permanently waived as evidenced by an email confirming that "no hassle" on returning leads for credit was guaranteed!

However, once I gave them my credit card number and was allowed to view the standard terms and conditions, some of the perks he offered were there, which were: no credit allowed for invalid leads if the company can determine that merely the name and either an email address or phone number of the prospect are correct. The "pre-screened" leads are therefore accurate only as to the name and one allegedly correct way to contact the prospect.

When I began contacting these prospects, none of them were legitimate except one that said she was only "curious". I returned each one with long explanations from Reply that these prospects would not be credited because they had to have both an invalid email and phone number! When I signed with Reply it was to receive 5-7 leads per month. I was sent 11 leads in about a week and only given a website credit for 4. My credit card statement, however, was billed and never credited for any leads! I used almost 1000 pages of copy paper to print off all of the emails between Reply and myself that took place in a 2-week period. I was also told by the salesman that I could pause my account anytime for up to a month at a time.

I contacted Reply after being rejected for the first several credits and told them to pace my account on hold till I resolved the credit issue. Reply said they could only pause it for 7 days and continued sending me leads! Now I have been charged with 7 leads all that are invalid at a total price of $384.65 plus the one time $40.00 sign up fee. This company is a scam trap and should be sued! I have applied for a charge back through my credit card!

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Original review: Jan. 18, 2010

It was agreed that Reply Real Estate would charge $55.00 for each referral lead that was given, with a limit of 5 per month, which would be a total of $275.00 per month. Reply Real Estate charged my account $274.75 on 1/04/2010 and 1/11/2010, charged me another $384.00 for what, I don't know. Most leads are bad leads, and the contact number given seems to be a bad number Reply Real Estate. I lost $659.40. Real estate associates, beware!

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Original review: Nov. 26, 2009

I was called by Reply Real Estate on 11-26-2009 at approximately 4:00 PT regarding a subscription to acquire real estate leads. I was told the monthly fee would be waived and the set-up fee of $35 would be reduced to $10. I didn't want to agree to the terms without having documentation of this verbal offering. I was promised them as soon as I signed up, I would receive and email acknowledging the new terms immediately. I did not receive an email immediately. I cancelled via email and fax within 24 hours of signing up to the service. The purpose of this complaint is to document my cancellation within the 3-day rescission period that is allowed me.

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