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Please make the correction on the complaint from Shirley in Huntington Beach. She has a complaint against Prime Building, Inc. Not Prime Builders! Prime Builders is not a plumbing contractor. Your site states a complaint against Prime Builders. It should state complaint against Prime Building, Inc. Thank you.

on 04/29/08 prime building inc agreed to install a shampoo bowl and water supply lines which jose said would only take one day. on 05/05/08 they began work they said they were finished on same day. they didn't install a seperate drain for shampoo bowl, they used soft copper to run hot and cold water lines to sink and left them exposed. they didn't add any seperate shut off valves for shampoo bowls. the soft copper pipes were prodruding from the wall with caps around them. because he used soft copper the pipes were unstable and began leaking immediately upon use. he didn't add a p-trap to the shampoo bowl for sewer gas safety.

all of the connector pipes leaked. i told him that the sink was leaking and he argued with me that it wasn't. the leaks were visible. he said a part on the sink was broken although the sink was taken out of the box the day he worked on it. i ordered another part he put it on and the sink and pipes continued to leak. this continued for a month because i wanted to give him every chance to correct the problem.

on 05/28/08 i had another plumber come to do the job and he completed the work.he had to start from scratch. i had to pay rescue rooter to complete the work. 800-776-xxxx sunny. i have photo's of the job that prime did and how awful and negelent it was. after wasting a month of my time preventing me from doing work prime still insist on charging me $900.00 for a job not completed. i missed appointments and out of several thousand of dollars

I recently saw a complaint concerning my company. I feel that my side of the story should also be available concerning this complaint. The complaint has numerous discprenecies.

We purchased a new home and closed on 9/03. We did not move in until 4/04. Since are move-in we have had leaks in our basement which the builder refused to take care of. A plumber informed me that there was building code violation re: a toilet installation. During our 1 yr warranty period we complained of cracked grout in our masterbath, this was fixed in a makeshift manner and then in 3/05 I came down in the morning to fine water cascading into our kitchen from the master bath shower. The builder will not and did not return calls re: this since we were passed our warranty period.

A repair was initiated and it was found that the shower was improperly installed and was leaking for more than 1 yr.The project to repair will cost in excess of 10 thousand dollars. I find it reprehensible that a home which cost over 900000 dollars should have these problems.

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