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Last updated: Oct. 6, 2017

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Original review: Oct. 6, 2017

I've been renting from Middlesex Management at their Sun Valley location for 5 months, and really had no major issues. Any small repairs were addressed immediately. However, we started noticing a significant amount of bees in our apartment, and knew something was wrong (killing at least a dozen a day). I called to report it so it could be addressed immediately since I have a 5 month old & a 2 year old (who has a significant amount of allergies--we are required to have an epi-pen on us at all times). When I explained the issue, and provided context why was concerned about my children--they acknowledge that they would address it... But they didn't. I called 5 times, and still have not done a single thing.

Each time, I expressed my concern since we are literally finding bees under their toys... And it seems to fall on deaf ears. I'm frustrated & appalled how they can ignore this issue knowing children are involved. I will now have to see if I can find an exterminator myself, and deduct from the rent, since they continue to ignore this issue. My only hope is that my children do not get stung, and if they do--don't have a reaction. Based on this, I would avoid renting from this place--I ignored the bad reviews thinking it was people exaggerating, and believed that I just needed to follow the management's process. Now I see how foolish I was...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 20, 2017

AVOID renting with Middlesex Management NJ! I am a current resident with one of their properties, and have had to break my lease due to unavoidable circumstances. When contacted the Middlesex Management to discuss about the lease break payout option, they took 5 working days to reach back to me. In these five days I kept on calling daily to check if someone was ready to speak to me - but in vain. Finally when someone was ready to speak to me - she was terribly rude and I wouldn't mind adding - she was a complete racist! She was speaking to me like I am some kind of beggar!

Moreover the lease break payout that they calculate is not even possible for a salaried employee to pay off. They won't even accept card payment - so it means you are expected to hold a cash value of 7-8K at any possible time in your account to handle the tantrums of Middlesex Management. Also as per the definition of its term - lease break payout is an amount agreed by both parties, not just the Middlesex Management! But in my case the lady who spoke to me said - "Miss it's not my problem if you are breaking your lease or moving out or you can't pay the amount we are asking for. The amount is non-negotiable. You should have thought of this when signing the lease."

How would I know when signing the lease that my job will be terminated. I am not moving out because I want to. I am moving out because I have no job now and I am being sent back to my country! Very very rude behavior, inconsiderate and not even ready to speak to you as a customer. I will strongly advise not to rent with any of their properties ever!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 25, 2017

I rented under Harbortown Heights for 3 years. In those 3 years I had no idea I was under Middlesex management. The leasing office never informed me that I will have to deal with Middlesex with any issues. I received an eviction notice the first year for them choosing to raise my rent without notification. I hurried and paid them. I got a second one on my last month which I did pay. It states that Middlesex doesn't no deal with consumer affairs. That's a lie. They dropped my credit in a heart beat. I followed steps to get out my lease due to military service, a week later they decided to inform me that I now have to pay for a years worth of rent. Clearly they have never heard of civil service relief act. Do not rent from these people and if you decide to rent in New Jersey check check and triple check to ensure that apartment complex isn't being ran by Middlesex management. I'm a service member with family and no place to live now!!!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: July 17, 2017
I've lived at Wilder Manor for a number of years now. They sold us on the location, the amenities, and the "great service." However, that was never the truth.

We are supposed to have heat/hot water included with our 1br/1bth $1000/month apartment. We have yet to have heat during the winter months. The Super has come out numerous times to "repair" the issue, but ends up blaming it on other issues in other apartments. We finally gave up and ended up buying space heaters, which now makes our electric bill shoot through the roof.

We have a dishwasher included, that completely flooded our kitchen because of another apartment, we were told. It took 3 days for them to come and repair that.

So now the vent from our bathroom is leaking water, called a few weeks in a row about it, and the Super showed up once. He said that it was because the people above us were cleaning their bathroom. WHAT!? Never did anything about it.

The water leak has now moved to the actual ceiling and it's starting to curve and customer service tells me someone will be out within the hour (12:53 pm). Of course, that doesn't happen. I call back, like they told me, another girl answers and tells me her coworker sent the "urgent" email at 1:49 pm. So, I'm given the runaround, being told someone will be out within 48 hrs, being lied to, and they don't care one bit. Unfortunately, we stayed so long because it was convenient for work and we are trying to buy a home. Poor service and unprofessional. DO NOT RENT WITH THIS COMPANY!!! It is a sham!

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 23, 2017

I have been living here since 2012. Other relatives have been here since 2010. The place was nice at that time. I am warning you and do not say that you have not been forewarned. Do not let its outward appearance and boasts about the beautiful amenities and great neighborhood and schools fool you!! Yes, it's an excellent neighborhood and your kids will have access to one of the best learning environments in NJ. *Clears throat.* Now ask yourself is it worth it?! Maintenance response time no matter what your problem is??? You can forget it!

I put in a request 6 weeks ago to date for 4 small items. Shower door, screen, deadbolt, closet door. Today I'm locked in my home due to the deadbolt. My teenager hops out the window to get to the bus. I call emergency maintenance number, some idiot answers and tells me there is a $50 charge for a lockout. I am locked IN and you want to charge me to come out and fix the issue I asked you to fix 6 weeks ago?? Who does that?? I call the so called call center to complain and she tells me, "Well you can dispute the charge if they charge you for it." Meanwhile my mouth was left open as I was speechless and still am.

Don't expect to get anything fixed. Even though maintenance is supposed to be an amenity it is not! Pool? What you have to go through in order to get an access card every single year is getting ridiculous!! And gets worst and worst by the year. The place has gone downhill people. Don't try to get out of your lease, wait until it's up and run like hell.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 15, 2017

Communication from property management is awful. Property management considers putting papers on tenants' front doors with only 24 hours notice as adequate communication for parking lot cleaning. The papers noted that any cars in the parking lot would be towed as owner's expense. Luckily, this did not impact us, but if this had occurred one week earlier, we were out-of-town and would never have known about this "communication" from property management. Middlesex Management does not believe in communication via email or phone.

On a separate maintenance issue, a heavy rain damaged the ceiling in our unit. We logged a maintenance request with customer service but never heard back from customer service or maintenance. We came home after work one day to see that maintenance had gone into the apartment and started cosmetic repairs to the ceiling, with some paint and tape but not addressing the damaged (and obviously weakened) drywall or checking for wet insulation. We subsequently triple-locked our apartment to ensure that maintenance could not continue with the inadequate repairs, and called customer service to report we had no idea what was going on with maintenance.

It took over a week for customer service to connect us with the maintenance manager, who did eventually meet with us and agreed to a plan that the damaged drywall would be replaced. After that, the proper repairs were completed. if we had not locked them out of the apartment, only cosmetic repairs would have been performed. Through this entire 3 week affair, I called customer service daily to request that somebody in property management (not customer service or maintenance) contact me to discuss the legal implications of the damage and repairs according to the lease. Property management never contacted me.

Finally, this past winter, it only snowed once, but maintenance did not even shovel off all the sidewalks in our complex. The sidewalk up to the apartment was shoveled, but sidewalks along with parking lot parallel to where cars park was never done. Tenants were forced to either walk through snow or the slushy parking lot to their cars. I put this mostly on property management, which obviously does not provide maintenance with the funding to get the proper tools for speedy snow removal. Overall, the communication from Middlesex Management is terrible.

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Original review: March 16, 2017

This place is a joke. They change you got EVERYTHING and give you NOTHING. The complex is brand new but Middlesex Management is not so you would think that these people would know how to run an apartment complex. The people in the leasing office aren't nice, the property manager isn't even on the property and he just dismisses your concerns. The parking is terrible you pay but others don't. The way they remove snow is GOD AWFUL. The guys play in the snow all day and then the complex emails and texts you to be careful in the parking lot. Are you serious? Don't tell me to be careful cause you know the people you hire to clean up are terrible. I pray that I can find another place to live so that I don't have to renew my lease with these people.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 13, 2017

We recently moved in to the apartment. The apartment in Edison Woods. Kitchen sink is leaking. We didn't even use the kitchen. Some rooms and living areas walls are not painted. Master bedroom have some issues. Kitchen woods patches have not completed. Kitchen stove fan is not working properly. And we just moved in to this apartment 5 days ago. This has taken one month to complete this apartment. After one month of work and still have these issues. Unacceptable.

Original review: Dec. 26, 2016

I've been a tenant here in Carteret under Middlesex Management and I've read a lot of the reviews, now I guess I'm going to sound like the black sheep of bunch but here is my take. I'm on Abbi Rd, my unit from first rent ten years ago was clean, thank God my neighbors are quiet and 99% of the time I've always received quick and courteous service from the supers. Now on to the maybe not so good. I have noticed that some spy's have an infestation problem from talking with some neighbors but now I've been in and seen some of these neighbors and how they keep their place. For an example, about 4 or 5 years ago, when I first moved here, there was about 6-7 people staying under me, they weren't loud and they kept to themselves but I noticed every now and then I'd see a roach or two in my unit. Now I have OCD to the 10th power. lol I don't even walk in my place with shoes on.

One day my water heater tank malfunctioned, water dripped down stairs into the unit, I was awakened right before work and went down stairs to observe the damage. Thief place was filthy, stinky & remember I said it was about 6-7 people staying there, mind you I'm on an end unit which is a ONE BEDROOM APT & so was theirs. So I say all this because if this company cleans out the units after people move (which they do because I've watched from the many years of being here) and you get nasty dirty folks who for the most part from observation move here in a family of 5 or more jamming into a one or two bed room apt and add other family members along with the 'don't care it's not mine' dirty attitude then hey!!!

Now I've read a lot of the move out scams that people have went through and I can't comment on those because I'm still living here but I'll just speak on my encounters to shed light on some issues I'd read. Also, of your walking on carpet continuously with dirty shoes every day and never have your carpet cleaned, how do you expect to get any type of money back from moving into a clean new carpeted place to a carpet that looks like it's been in Grand Central Station!!! If you've been in an apt for over 5 years and has never had it cleaned from walking on it with dirty shoes you need to get charged!!! Now again, I understand wear & tear. I get it...

Now on to other matters, take a look at some of the garbage bins on the property. I've noticed a change in where time ago the bins were pretty decent. Now new people have moved in and they don't aim for the inside of the garbage bin. They leave bags on the ** ground!!! How would you imagine they keep their apt??? Now on to the Mgt team in question, that's a shady area because I've never experienced rude or disrespectful people in the office. Now DON'T GET ME WRONG. I'm not saying they aren't there. I'm simply saying I've never experienced it!!!

Now I think if issues aren't being addressed in one's complex is because of their complex's super!!! Our super here on Abbi Rd in Carteret in the past has attended to every need (for the couple I've had) in the book. My central air unit failed about two years ago. My super two days later fixed it and it worked like a new one!! I'm not here to badmouth those who've had bad times with MM. I'm just here to give my take on my experience and for those who are reading this and have experienced all those unfortunate mishaps then yes, take them to court, write your reviews but I will add this, any time you stay in a unit, take under consideration that it's never yours.

You're a renter and keep that unit as close to the condition as you found it. Also for your protection, take pictures of any repairs made while during your stay & most important TAKE PICTURES WHEN YOU MOVE OUT!!! Again I'm not saying you'll never have an issue but make life simple and hopefully you'll come out on top and don't be afraid. Report those nasty dirty neighbors. Remember, you pay for a clean environment. Don't let people who don't care ruin that for you and hey you live there. I won't kill you to sweep front of your unit, sometimes where your door is or even call a carpet cleaning company. Again you live there, make the best of it..

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 13, 2016

We stay in Gill Lane apartment for 1 year. Continued with another year lease but unfortunately had to break the lease as to move to another state. The management won't understand the problem and forces to pay the rent till the lease ends. You cannot sublease the apartment. So we decided to pay rent till someone else rents the apartment. Now we have a few friends who are willing to rent the apartment with a fresh lease but the management people won't pick the call. When they received the call after constantly trying for 3-4 days, they said the apartment is not ready still they need 15 days. Our friend rented somewhere else. So now our other friends who are willing to rent want to know if the apartment is ready or not and these management guys won't bother to receive the call. They say they are there till 5pm but nobody receives the call. No one bothers to call back to the voicemail or respond back to emails.

How will a person possibly clear his queries if the management won't respond. They only contact when we don't pay the rent. With them everything is just money. They don't even have the courtesy to respond to a mail. This whole management is fraudulent, never rent here. I don't know why there isn't any action taken against them even after people posting so many bad reviews. How will we even know that our apartment is still vacant or occupied but some new tenants. There is no way we could get in touch with the management. And these guys even if by mistake they pick the call they are rude as hell. They have a broker in the apartment who takes care of the rental business. Even he never receives the call. How on earth can people like us contact the management?? I just wish some serious action is taken against these people.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 9, 2016

I made a simple mistake. Coming to Pike Run and Middlesex Management. I misunderstood/Mistakenly shorted $50.00 from rent and they take you to court for it!!! I really don't understand why they are so ridiculous about it and calling their customer service or legal department is no help. You have to pay it all or else. Can't wait to move.

Original review: Oct. 19, 2016

Middlesex Management is horrible. They are so unorganized and lazy. You MAY (VERY SLIGHT CHANCE) get someone that is helpful and professional. Their maintenance crew are lazy. They would take days (if at all) to come fix anything that wrong in your apartment. There have been holes in the foundation which leads to mice. Oh and don't let winter come around, they would not shovel. You would be outside shoveling your own car and sidewalk. They continuously go up on the rent, and it definitely does not show for what around my community. My community have all these bad kids coming loitering within the community, and when you complain to MM, they just send a security that drives on the weekend (sometimes), that are afraid to stop within the complex. They just speed in and around the apartment. Everything is totally wrong with this company. Save yourself a headache by spending it somewhere else.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 15, 2016

First of all the Middlesex Mgmt. is the biggest scam on the face of apt. renting. I wonder if state of NJ is responsible for this. I wonder why nobody ever questions Middlesex Mgmt. why they are so reckless in providing service to the renters. I have been staying in one of their rentals in Carteret called Meridian Terrace for 3 years, always paid rent on time but only once in my entire stay of 3-4 years needed to talk to the mgmt. (super) of the apt. for bed bugs problem in their apt. and guess what nobody picks up. They make us raise service request tickets for any issue and that is never addressed or closed. The super will never ever call you for any resolution. The phone numbers they provide for emergency maintenance is never picked up by anyone. It seems the entire machinery is sitting idle and collecting rent. I am so frustrated with this mgmt. and the only recourse I see is stop paying rent and put it in an escrow account and go through a legal recourse.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 22, 2016

Terrible customer service!! They make you wait up to 30 minutes when you call and then when your call finally gets answered the customer service representative are irritated and rude for no reason at all. They do not know the ins and outs of the organization and pretty much just follows a script that they will repeat no matter what you ask them. This is not the way to treat one's tenants. Please do not go through the hassle to try and move in!

Original review: May 8, 2016

They do nothing about it. Various people have complained. Now we are going to see a lawyer. Children are not allowed to live there. My friend lives there. It's unbelievable.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Feb. 15, 2016

I request statement copy of damage, by in person twice and by phone twice. Every time they assure to mail my address, but still I didn't receive. They took 2300$ from deposit. I didn't damage anything and cleaned my before leaving.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 8, 2015

So... lived in a Middlesex managed condo (Edison Glen) for 21+ years. Always paid on time and never called them with issues. Best possible tenant you could ask for. Recently, I was forced to move out because they would not do anything about the noisy low life neighbors upstairs who were keeping me up at all hours of the night. While looking for a home to buy, they forced me to pay 200.00 twice while extending my lease until I could find a house.

Fast forward, I bought a house, moved out and left the place in extremely clean condition. I expected 100% of my security back and to my surprise they held back 600.00. Their reason, damaged carpet and damaged counter in kitchen. Keep in mind the carpet is 21 years old as well as the counter. They would be replacing both, regardless of its condition, yet they still tried to STEAL 600 from me.

To add insult on injury, my move out date was Oct 31 (Saturday), which I did. I returned the keys on Monday the 2nd and they charged me for 2 days, $100. What a crock! I challenged their charges and they reversed their decision. Great! I will get my money. But I should not have had this issue in the first place. I wonder how many people this company actually takes advantage of and gets away with it. I was prepared to go straight to small claims if they didn't give me the rest of my security. Long story short, do not rent through this company. They are not human. Rent privately if at all possible.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 10, 2015

I have emailed Middlesex Management concerning our super slow internet connection on numerous occasions. I received 2 replies back. The first one stated that my issue was forwared to the district manager. When I didn't hear from anyone in over one week, I emailed them back and was told someone would call me on Tuesday, but they didn't say what year. The problem is still not rectified. I WOULD NOT recommend anyone move into any buildings that is under the control of Middlesex Management.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: June 17, 2015

New tenant and will be not renewing lease. Leasing agent ** lied informing there were no fees for the pool and gym to get me to sign a lease. I attempted to use the gym and was stopped because I had to pay a calendar year fee halfway through the year. The fee isn't an annual fee from the date you sign up. They use the amenities as a ploy to get people to rent when they do not own the club house, gym or pool. My unit is a new unit and after construction Middlesex Management/BestRentnj.com did not have the apartment cleaned prior to me moving in. There was tons of construction residue left over and they never sent anyone to clean it. I had to clean up the construction mess myself. My HVAC system did not work and maintenance advised because it was under warranty, they couldn't fix the issue and had to make an appointment for the company that installed the system to come out and fix it.

They came out once and didn't fix the issue. They had to be called out again. In the interim Middlesex Management maintenance team put an air condition unit in my window. A few days later I received a notice to cease letter from Middlesex management harassing me and wrongfully accusing me of violating my lease due to the air conditioning unit being in my window and if I didn't stop they would terminate my lease. I contacted the person who sent the letter only to be speaking with a rude individual **, legal department telling me she's not concerned that maintenance put the unit in my window. It shouldn't be there and if I continued to have it there they would terminate my lease. The leasing staff at Harbortown Sails have a very nasty, bias & discriminatory attitude toward individuals that are not latin descent. There are plenty more issues. This is the most horrible place to live and to have to rent with.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 12, 2015

DO NOT RENT Delaware Heights (see their list of complexes on Middlesex Management website). Been here 6 weeks. Have not received my lease copy. Did NOT clean the apartment from the previous tenant. No key to the laundry room. No key to the outer door. Were belligerent because they had to fix it. Tub does not hold water so I cannot take a bath. DID NOT PAINT. Were belligerent when I asked (more than once to paint, then didn't paint complete bedroom wall). Food and dead bugs in kitchen cabinets. Bath fan so filled with dirt could cause a fire and dirt on floor, so much that it filled the grout lines. Maintenance guy extraordinaire ** told me to clean it! Filthy is too mild a word. # weeks ago the toilet broke and no one has come to fix it. AC units was covered with black spots. Mold?

Gave them a 6 item list 5 weeks ago. 1 thing was done -- the door knob was not attached. The best part is that I waited 3 weeks for this unit to be renovated and I am paying higher rent for it. No one was in here for the 3 weeks except to change the toilet seat. I paid the lower rent for a non-renovated unit and my rent check was sent back. Went to the state's Building Dept. and Consumer Affairs 4 weeks ago. Nothing has been done. I even sent pictures. Sent a letter to management office. Someone answers you, then you reply back, then someone else answers you, then round you go. No one DOES anything.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: May 8, 2015

I lived in WoodHaven Terrace in Old Bridge, NJ for a one year lease. Our lease ended on December 3rd 2014. We moved out on November 26th 2014, switching all our utility bills to our new location. The third of December was a Wednesday which their offices are closed. The lady in the office (**) was very helpful to us throughout our whole lease. I contacted her to make sure we would not be penalized or charged for bringing our keys in on the 4th or 5th, only because their office was closed on the due date and we did not feel comfortable just dropping them off. She informed me that we would not be penalized and that it would not be an issue to bring the keys in the following day or two. She also walked us through the process of sending in the notice to vacate and completing all appropriate paperwork on time.

Ever since that conversation she went missing and we did not see her. After multiple attempts to contact her she told us she was in the hospital. Middlesex Management then sent us papers saying that we did not get the notice in on time and that they would be charging us for the month of December (which we did not spend one day of December there), along with a late fee. Then we received more paperwork detailing numerous "damages", stating that we are being charged $1,240.00 for these said damages. I took it upon myself to google "Middlesex Management security deposit scam" and found that many people were having the exact same issues, even down to the exact damage charges of "spotted carpet stains". To make a long story short; after the "damages", being charged for December's rent and the late fee for December's rent they are claiming that we owe them almost $300.

Keep in mind that our security deposit was over $3,200. They are not, but even if the "damages" were accurate we would still be receiving some money as our security deposit was more than double the damage amounts. How do we owe them money? We do have pictures of the apartment along with all the paperwork mailed/sent to us. I also have every email from my dispute to their responses. Also keep in mind that May just started and like I said our lease ended on December 3rd 2014. I am aware that places usually give you a time frame to contact them with a dispute so I did indeed contact them right away. Every single one of their responses were extremely delayed and did not come until I followed up at least once or twice.

**If you have had similar issues with this management company please contact me as we are going to court and will have better odds if multiple tenants stick together vs. just one household claiming that they are being scammed/over charged. Serious inquiries only please. This is a serious issue and we all deserve what is rightfully owed to us. Nobody should be scammed out of money, especially by a fully established management company as big as Middlesex Management. **

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Original review: Jan. 7, 2015

Maintenance is terrible. Heat broken - they don't fix it. Charge unnecessary fees.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Dec. 30, 2014

I rent in Perth Amboy a brand new apartment for 2 years. I gave them 25-day notice that I was moving out at the end of my lease and left the apartment nice and clean and they stole my security deposit. They charged me the whole month of December because I did not gave them 30-day notice plus the charge me 100 dollars for cleaning the carpet. They are thieves. They will steal your deposit. Be aware and don't rent from them especially in Harbor Town.

Original review: Nov. 21, 2014

I applied for two apartments through Middlesex M... First I was told that I was denied due to lack of income. Then the second time I applied for another apartment they told me it was due to my credit. Mind you, you have to pay $100 for every apartment you apply for. I spoke to a lady named Carol who works in the leasing office and she was EXTREMELY RUDE... She told me they sent my deposit back on 11/19/2014 but yet they ran my credit again on 11/20/2014 after telling me I was already denied. When I asked to speak to someone higher than her she became even more rude saying, "DO YOU WANNA SPEAK TO THIS PERSON? SHE WON'T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER"... She didn't try to help me at all... She wasted my time and money... Don't ever rent from Middlesex Management. They are thieves, unprofessional and rude people. Not to mention that all of their properties are infested with roaches and mice.

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Oct. 8, 2014

The Middlesex management is worst and they charge the tenant with lot of charges which they don't even know. I was charged with 20% of carpet fee which was never told and not as part of the agreement and when you ask them, they say it's a policy. Does not provide pictures for the charges they make. Worst of worst and I would not recommend or stay with these idiots in future. Also when requested for a letter of my stay with them they took a month to respond and when asked for adding a new member to lease, they say they are vacation and I have to approach them before. How the hell I would know when they are going for vacation?

Original review: Sept. 17, 2014

I've lived in the apartment for 2 years. When I moved in the apartment it wasn't clean and the thing that gives heat during winter time was extremely filthy. The whole apartment is infested with roaches, mice and bugs. My bathtub is clogged for 2 months and it's so uncomfortable to take a shower. I've reported it to the management but nothing has been done. I don't know why the management treat their tenants like that. Meanwhile, every month I pay my rent. At least, the management should treat us as beings. This is ridiculous. People should be cautious, when renting apartment from Middlesex Management...

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Sept. 12, 2014

My bathroom ceiling got mold and leaks. I've reported this several times. There is a hole in the ceiling which they covered with a plyboard. Water leaks from the bathroom upstairs. I still pay my rent. We got 2 little ones.

Original review: Dec. 26, 2013

I have rented ** in 2002 and have lived here for past 12 Years. During the time, I had to paint the rooms myself as the Middlesex Management was not willing to keep it tidy. I have fixed the floorboards and cleaned the bathrooms and replaced all the light bulbs with Modern CFLs and left them where they are, when I vacated at the end of November 2013. I have faced major issues with the maintenance, throughout my stay for 12 years and finally I have to give up on this mafia like management, which is ripping me off with rent, but not providing any amenities.

I cleaned up all the utilities and rooms and left it clean. I have returned the keys on a Monday as the emptying was done on a Saturday and no office was open on Saturday/Sunday 30 Nov, due to Holiday. I have been illegally charged these amounts - 2 Days Additional Rent for December $107.60, Illegal damages for a 30 Year old Bathroom Sink whose enamel (Yes it was enamel on a cast Iron base) has chipped in a couple of places - $30 (This Sink would not fetch a penny if sold), Grill Not clean - $100 - This is how they steal your money folks. Total rip-off management. Please do not promote any properties managed by Middlesex Management. This is my appeal.

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Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 26, 2013

We signed a 6 month lease in Yorkshire Meadows in Lawrenceville, NJ. About 1.5 months before end of lease we sent Middlesex Management document stating our intention to move out at the end of the lease. That is the information on their website and customer service confirmed 30 days notice. They came back to us saying that we owe them 1 extra month of rent because we were supposed to send that notice 2 months before end of lease. Liars!!!! Fix your website and your customer service reps!!! Ripoff!!!! Outdated apartments, that is why nobody wants to live there! Fix your rentals - that is how you should make your money!!! Not by misleading the customers to collect extra months of rents that you don't deserve! We are taking Middlesex Management to court!

Verified Reviewer
Original review: Aug. 14, 2013

Death Traps. Middlesex M "no comment". Arrogance. Our children's blood is much cheaper than a protective fence. Help.

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